Husqvarna 128r lawnmower does not revolve

Husqvarna 128 Grass Trimmer Doesn’t Revolve

This widespread problem has a number of different circumstances. In his time with the device there is a chance to encounter as evident problems, signs of which are true to track, and with asymptomatic options. The first option is more simple in terms of finding the problem. If the grass trimmer does not develop, and the exact signs of failure are absent, it will be necessary to check the more common cases of problems, and if you find a prerequisite. to remove it.

The trouble when the lawnmower does not mow is mostly with gasoline engines. The technique of different models, for example, Husqvarna, Champion, STIHL, suffers from this problem.

Such problems are less common with high quality products than with cheap ones from unknown manufacturers.

Parts that cause problems are visually inspectable, but to check other parts it is necessary to disassemble the brushcutter.

The grass trimmer does not turn if filled with low-quality fuel. Therefore, the engine may not start at all, as it is also called to work “jerkily”, changing the speed of the knife or fishing line.

That without helping others to find the quality of gasoline used, do the following actions.

  • With a special key to remove the plugs.
  • Inspect their working contacts for the presence of plaque reddish brick color: if it occurs, then the fuel used contains significant inclusions of additives.

Glow plugs in general are often act as indicators to find problems with combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine, as they certainly remove quickly and ogle.

If there is a deposit, you need to drain the fuel in the tank and change it with high-quality fuel. The lawnmower used must be filled only with the petrol brands that the manufacturer specifies in the owner’s manual. It is also absolutely necessary to clean the plugs from plaque before installing.

Husqvarna 128R brushcutter repair loss of power

Another common reason for the low RPM on the trimmer is a clogged air or fuel filter. At first, the discrepancy is that the fuel-air mixture entering the combustion chamber is not oxygenated enough, and therefore the gasoline burns not all. That prevents the brushcutter from producing its maximum power.

If you want to check if the air filter is responsible, it is necessary to remove it (before unscrewing the lid for this purpose) and turn on the lawnmower. If it operates normally, instead of a clogged filter element should be plugged with a new one.

If the situation remains unchanged after the performed actions, it is necessary to note the fuel filter. The essence of the difficulty is similar to the previous case, but instead of lack of oxygen is not enough gasoline for the normal operation of the device. This problem is also solved by the usual change of the filter element. Air and fuel filters are cheap. It is not difficult to change them without the help of others, and the entire work does not take extra time.

Note that the operation of the trimmer for grass without the fuel filter is forbidden annotation, otherwise suitable after a coupla time to repair the piston unit.

With constant use of the lawnmower, the spark plugs will become dirty and worn over time. To check this, they are removed and inspected for the presence of carbon deposits. The problem is sure to remove by 2 methods: if possible, return the old candle, or simply install the newest candle in its place.

  • Unscrew and wipe the spark plugs from the fuel;
  • Dry it without burning;
  • Using a nail file or another small sandpaper, remove the soot from the plug and inspect the gap between the electrodes (sometimes 1 mm);
  • Assemble a grass trimmer;
  • Start the lawnmower.

If the spark plug does not give out a spark after restoration manipulations at a suitable distance between the electrodes, it will be necessary to check the quality of connections of parts of the electronic circuit of the device. When the wires are all right, it is absolutely useful to install the newest part.

Replacement of candles. it is an easy process, which is inexpensive, if you get to return the old ones, then at no cost at all. Only a spark plug wrench and a nail file are needed to do the job.

If there is a constant, sharp contamination and wear on the plugs, then it is necessary to find the cause of these abnormal phenomena deeper.

If the fuel, filters and spark plugs are okay, then the next source you like internal combustion engine. It will have subsequent mechanical breakdowns:

In the carburetor department there is a small cable. It can save and lead to the dilemma in question. Therefore, when operating the carburettor, you should mainly check the condition of the cable and if necessary tighten (but not to the maximum). The main thing is not to overdo with the tension, so that under load it does not crack.

After you need to check the operating options carburetor, which must be consistent with the characteristics given in the annotation. If they are installed correctly, and there is no suitable effect, you should disassemble the part, wash, clean, purge with a pump what is left for our customer to do its course and assemble it back. The carburetor itself is without mechanical damage.

If it is impossible to restore the performance of the carburetor itself, it is better to replace it with the newest part or resort to the services of experts.

If the passage when adjusting or changing the carburetor does not produce the desired result, you need to clean the drive mechanism and lubricate the cable inside it with oil.

Problems related to the engine can be removed at home if you have the necessary abilities, but it is better to use the services of a service center for this purpose. His experts will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis grass trimmer and establish the exact cause of the fall in rpm.

A disturbance in the normal circulation of fuel on the trimmer also leads to the fact that the lawnmower does not pick up working speed. You will like it better caused by these main reasons:

  • air suction, which is caused by the presence of cracks in the hoses;
  • clogging of the gasoline pump, which is due to the injection of bad fuel or because of the sludge formation on the tank’s day and its ingress into the system;
  • contamination of the muffler, as it is also known as the catalyst.

Without the help of others to fix the problems discussed, you need to do the following:

  • to rebuild the gasoline pump by removing impurities;
  • Change the tubes and hoses through which the fuel circulates;
  • clean the muffler and its mesh;
  • to supply a new catalytic converter, which is expensive because it contains precious metals.

All work to fix problems in the fuel circulation system is performed without the help of others. However, it should be done carefully, in order to retain the parts, or after the assembly of the grass trimmer there is no “extra”.

When using a trimmer for grass, which has an electronic engine, there are also difficulties with the recruitment of revolutions. But they are caused by entirely different eye problems, compared to fuel braids. The electric motor does not develop the required rotation speed in this variant:

  • if the effective voltage in the mains is more than 10% below the nominal value for the electric motor;
  • if there are problems in the soft starter system (if this unit is installed);
  • when there are difficulties with the brush assembly;

What to exclude the case with voltage, you need a multimeter, as it is still called a tester to check its value in the outlet, from which took power taps electric. If it is less than a small allowable value, then to increase it is useful to turn off the power to our client to do appliances or install a regulator.

Imperative prerequisite, necessary for the normal operation of the grass trimmer, is the introduction of an extension cord with a cross section of conductors suitable for the power of the motor grass mower.

To repair the soft starter, it is useful to have the necessary knowledge in electronics, so it is better to contact a service center. There we will determine if it is repairable or if it needs to be replaced. Without assistance, of course check the button or find a circuit block and test to understand here.

Husqvarna 128R

To read the manual, select the file from the list you want to download, click on “Download” and you will be taken to a page where you must enter the code from the picture. If the answer is correct, on the place of the picture will appear a button to get the file.

If the field with the file has a “View” button, it means that you can view the instructions online, without having to download them to your computer.

If the material is not complete or if you need more information on this device, such as drivers, additional files such as firmware or firmware, you can ask questions to the moderators and members of our community, which will try to respond quickly to your question.

You can also view the instructions on your Android device


Type weed trimmer
Blade speed up to 8000 rpm./min
Sound level 114 dB
Mulching no
Engine type gasoline, two-stroke
Power 1.10 л.с.
Engine location top
Working volume 28 cc.see
Fuel tank at 0.4 л
Handle adjustable height
boom straight
Anti-vibration system no
Wheels absent
Accessories shoulder strap, spool with fishing line, blade/disc
Weight 5 kg

Installed a new piston 33 when the original one was 32.6 and the trimmer does not pump gasoline itself. Carburetor is native with a hole of 11 mm. Maybe the new piston needs a different carburetor for 14mm now?

Hello. I bought a HUQQQ118p just a month ago. It was used 3 times maximum (the grass without thick rigid stalks in front of the country house, in the garden, less than a hundred square meters). Father mowed it for the 4th time, turned it off. the mower wouldn’t start after a break. In the service center said that there was a non-warranty malfunction due to overheating the mower (not enough oil was poured). While operating my father (pedantic to the point of creepiness) poured oil in the gasoline according to the instructions. ratio 5l x 0,1l (corrected for 1l of gasoline). advise if it’s possible to overheat the mower while following the norm and using a low load? Or all the same is a factory defect?

the weed trimmer starts well but stalls at high rpm during work.I get the feeling there is not enough fuel, but it won’t cut off at idle for a long time.

Hello! Please advise. We own this unit since the end of June 2017. I have mowed grass (without hard woody stems) near the house and in the garden (area less than a hundred square meters) three times at most. The 4th time my father mowed a little in front of the house, he took a break for about an hour, after which the mower would not start. After calling the service center they told us that it was caused by a technical defect, not covered by warranty, caused by overheating of the mower (supposedly not enough oil was used). But I know for sure that my dad poured the right amount of oil (according to the instructions, 100 ml of oil for 5 liters of gasoline, he mixed 20 ml of oil for 1 liter of gasoline), measured with a syringe, the capacity of which is 20 ml. Consequently, since the addition of oil was according to the instructions, overheating, in theory, should not be. Can you tell me if it could be a factory defect?? And what expertise is needed to prove this fact?

Grasshopper 128r began to heat up quickly, in particular, the candle gets very hot. What is the problem? How to sharpen a scythe in general?

Hello! Tell me please, and before each start (pulling the handle) to turn the slide on and off?

Afternoon! Husqvarna grass trimmer 128. Starts well, runs when cold, should be put on the grass immediately rides the drive and the engine as a load works. What can it be?? Thanks.

Hello! How to fuel a Husqvarna 128 r grass trimmer. How much oil to add a liter of gasoline?

Starts up, but rpm fluctuates, has trouble getting up to speed or doesn’t get up at all, suddenly and sharply cuts off, Help me determine the cause. Special. There’s no repair shop in the area. Help solve the problem! Husqvarna 128R grass trimmer. Thanks in advance to all who will respond to my problem.

During start the cord is pulled out freely without starting. What is the possible cause?

Hello! I get a lot of heat on the spark plug (the part of it that goes out with the contact) when I work, and the grass trimmer goes off. Does not start right away. After it cools down, you can start it. But runs until “shut off” about half of the tank. I used to run two tanks. I changed the spark plug. Thank you.

Good afternoon! Please tell me how many milliliters (exactly milliliters, not the proportion and not in tenths of a liter) to add to 1 liter of gasoline for a lawnmower Husqvarna 128 R? Thank you in advance. Regards, Tatiana.

Husqvarna gasoline. I step on the gas can hardly gain speed, and if the grass is not overcome the effort loses power what may be it.

Help, the boom on the 128R is broken, the original is very expensive. Where can I get cheaper oil that will fit all my needs??

Hi all! I start the braid. Only works when the throttle is closed! I put the throttle on. stops, with the throttle open. Stops right away too! Who had this problem??

Can use this oil? TR154196 Ed 0 Eni i-Ride Racing 2T. Top synthetic grease for two-stroke masters outfitting motorcycles. Top synthetic grease for 2-stroke motorcycle engines. High-tech synthetic motorcycle grease with 2-point linkage contains a blend of (bis (2-hydroxy).5-tetrapropropenylphenylmethyl) methylamine), dicalcium dioxide (tris (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphenylmethyl) methylamine), tri-trihydroxide calcium ((2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphenyl) methylamine), polycyclic hydroxide. May cause an alien reaction. Use appropriate gloves for handling the product. Take used/unused product and container to appropriate collection centers. Protect the environment. GB. Contains dicalcium (bis (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropropenylphenylmethyl) methylamine), tricalcium dihydroxide (tris (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphenyl) methylamine), polyalkalcium trihydroxide ((2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphenyl) methylamine) hydroxide. Can cause an allergic reaction ion. Use suitable gloves when handling the product. Dispose of used/remaining products and packaging appropriately. Protection of the environment. Contains mescl-de (bis (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropropenylphenylmethyl) methylamine), dihydroxido-dicalcio (tris (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenyl) phenylmethyl) methylamine,) trihydroxido-tricalcium pol ((2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropropenylphenylmethyl) methylamine), hydroxido calciol Puede Provocar Una Reaccén Alérgica Utilizar Guantes Conventes to Manejar El Productso. Correctly Removed U.S. Product. CNIT Environmental Emergency. National Toxicology Information Center, tel. 39 0382-24444 (open 24 hours). Product certified by Livora Refinery (Italy). ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS eni 8 003699 013100 Eni SpA certification. recycling and marketing Viale Giorgio Ribotta, 51-00144, im, Italy, tel. 39 and 1 L.

General, Safety Precautions

carbon monoxide. Therefore, never run the engine indoors. Exhaust gases are hot and sometimes contain sparks which may cause a fire. Never run the machine in an enclosed area or near flammable (combustible) materials.

to mount cutting blades or iron knives.

During assembly, tighten the nut in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the cutting units. When removing the cutter bar, unscrew the nut in the same direction as the direction of travel of the cutter bar. (

The nylon gasket inside the self-locking nut must not be so worn that it can be tightened by hand. Nylon gasket must be able to withstand an unscrewing force of at least 1.5 Nm. The nut should be replaced

after approximately 10 times its tightening/unscrewing.

This section indicates how, with proper maintenance and using the right type of cutterbar, you can:.

Get the best performance.

Only use cutters with our recommended blade guard! See. See “Technical Specifications”. Refer to the cutter instructions to make sure that the line is wound correctly and that the correct diameter is selected. Make sure that the teeth of the blades are properly sharpened! Follow our recommendations. See. and also the instructions on the packaging of the blades. Make sure the blades are mounted correctly! Follow our instructions and use the recommended file size.

Stop the engine before carrying out any operation on the cutting units. They keep rotating even after you let go of the throttle lever. Before you start working with the cutter, make sure it has come to a complete stop and disconnect the high voltage wire from the spark plug.

Use of inadequate cutting attachments or improperly sharpened blades increases the risk of rebounding.

Highlight → I found the manual for my tool here! #manualza

An American company bought an airplane from the Soviet Union. This airplane was neatly packed in crates, all that was left was to assemble. When the U.S.A. put the plane together, it turned out to be a steamboat. Everyone was very surprised, they took it apart, put it back together again and instead of an airplane it was a steamboat. Nothing to do, they called a representative from the Soviet Union. He came and assembled the plane for them. The Americans ask:. How did you do that??. Here in the manual it says in Russian: “After reassembly, file the lawn mower!”

Husqvarna lawnmower repair, loss of power.

Husqvarna 125R- 12 years of use! Detailed video on finding the malfunction that caused the loss of power.

The specifications of this model are as follows:

  • gasoline two-stroke engine with a cylinder volume of 24.5 cm3;
  • Power 0.9 kW or 1.2 liters;
  • The 0.5 liter fuel tank with a fuel consumption of 0.495 liters per hour;
  • Straight T-handle bar with 1,483 mm length and 24 mm thickness;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • Cutting system consists of a 2.4 mm thick blade and metal blade;
  • Dimensions: 1844 × 270 × 285 × 132 mm;
  • weight 4.5 kg.

On this machine it is also quick and easy to replace the cutting element. Universal blade guard allows for safe replacement of the cutting part on the rod and the mowing process itself.

Model is equipped with an easy-start system Smart start, primer pumping air into the carburetor. Fuel pump pumps gasoline into the carburetor after long periods of inactivity and ensures a quick start.

Ignition switch with return spring. fuel tank is transparent, allowing you to monitor the amount of fuel.

Conical gearbox with high torque up to 9000 r / min with cutting edge parallel to the ground. This ensures the quality of grass.

Husqvarna 128R Trimmer Repair Power Loss

Husqvarna 128R lawn mower repair loss of power lawn mower does not pick up. Online Spare Parts Store.

Chinese lawn mower analog of Husqvarna does not develop revolutions, the reason is very simple ( watch video)

For trouble-free and long life specialists recommend to use Husqvarna oil for two-stroke engines.

Husqvarna lawnmowers can be repaired with your own hands, such as replacing a clogged air filter. All the more so, as it is located in a convenient and easily accessible place under the cover. You don’t need any tools to change it. In the case of breakage it is better to take the machine to service center, because ignorance of the principles of operation of individual parts can only make the situation worse.

The most common faults of the lawn mower Husqvarna 128R are problems with ignition or fuel supply. In the first case, the gasoline grass trimmer either stalls after a few dozen seconds or does not start at all. For this purpose it is necessary to examine the condition of the spark plug. If it is wet, you will most likely need to properly adjust the carburetor. Or the problem occurs due to improper starting, then you should carefully study the instructions.

If the spark plug is dry, it means that the fuel mixture is not coming. Most often it is because the fuel filter or hose is clogged with dirt. The filter should be changed (it is better to do it every 3 months), and the hose only needs to be cleaned.

Gasoline grass trimmer of this model can serve for many years, the main thing is to follow the rules of operation and timely inspection and replacement of necessary parts. The more so that the price of the Husqvarna 128R lawnmower is fully consistent with its quality and performance.

Husqvarna 128R brushcutter Overview. video

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You can also ask a question on this page, then we will prepare a detailed answer (5-7 days), which will be here!

I’ve been working with Husgvarna 128R for seven seasons in haymaking. The amount of work is about 2-3 hectares per year. The positive sides of this brushcutter: it’s clutch design, like a chainsaw. it allows you to overdrive when mowing (throttle reset when backing up). After seven years the circular spring has stretched a little and starts at a lower rpm, but this does not affect the work and safety. The most important thing is that it never breaks and will not jam the clutch (unlike the Chinese). Economy is second to none, no more than 10 liters of AI92 on 1 hectare and depends only on grass density and properly selected blade. Reliability speaks for itself. 7 seasons without repair. even the spark plug is the same as when it was sold. The shape of the hood and its positioning to the disc ensures that the grass is placed in the swath when the handle is properly adjusted and secured to the knapsack suspension. Ergonomic and lightweight makes it a pleasure to work with. Carburetor adjustment is simple and straightforward. When mowing lawns are excellent three-blade discs with sharpened blades with a diameter of 255 to 360 mm (the size is taken depending on the evenness of the surface of the lawn). in this case the quality and performance is not comparable to the work of the fishing line. Disadvantages: Handlebar mount to the boom will make him redo it immediately. does not hold, when tightening the threads come off. Drilled holes through and bolted, but replaced this season with a Stilew. The included Gross 255-4 disc is not worth using on all grass. lawnmower doesn’t rev up.Another cause of Husqvarna 128r lawn trimmer power loss grass trimmer does not pick up speed, what to do. Exclusively on heavy. thick, dense and tall grass. On light grass, it starts like a flywheel, spinning the mower to an unnecessary speed. But there is nothing in the manual about it. Well, there is another point is the growth of the mower, his maximum growth of 180-182 cm. If you’re taller and you adjust it correctly, you’ll be “warming” your back with the engine, or you won’t be able to adjust the right angle of the blades at all. Lawn mower does not develop the grass trimmer revolutions lawn mower stalls when adding. The cutting line on this grass mower is not impressive. When working with a knife on the lawn, the effect is several times better, but to reduce the height of cut on flat lawns instead of the native support cup I put a smaller one from a Chinese brushcutter. Well, that’s actually all the disadvantages.

Great machine. Once started to choke, but cleaning the flame-thrower all fixed.

Why does the lawn mower freeze: Causes and solutions?

The reason why your tool sharply stops working, namely, the engine does not pick up speed, breaks them off, or in the popular manner “stalls”, there may be more than one. Often it is not only the engine itself that is at fault, but also the adjacent systems, units of the unit, completely different parts that have to do with the preparation of the fuel-air mixture, its quality, transportation to the engine tool. Let’s consider the most typical situations:

  • Not picking up speed. The mechanics of the engine drive may be damaged or there may be problems with the carburetor, but the main reason should be considered a clogging of the air filter. To change the situation, you need to remove it, clean it, and if the last it is already impossible, then change it for a new one, quickly making an order on our website. Also, the mower for grass will not pick up speed, if the cable from the carburetor is constantly flying off. disassemble the unit and firmly fix it, or buy a new one, if cracks or other types of deformation are found on the element.
  • At high revs. The cap on the gas tank is clogged. you need to clean it or buy a new one. often the cause is a disturbed carb. We give information about the correct adjustment of all screws in the informative articles. Check the quality of the fuel intake hose and replace it with a new one if necessary.
  • When heated. Occurs at the moments when fuel in the carburetor is literally boiling. Can also appear in the variants, if the flap of the carb carb of a more rare, rotary type (not a disk type). The only option is to replace the carburetor with a new one. There is also a variant of a punctured wire or ignition coil. In this case, change the element of the latter.
  • Starts and stops (immediately after starting). An unadjusted or misadjusted carburetor is the main cause of this situation. Distinct vibration will indicate an uneven fuel supply, and a competent adjustment of the unit will help to correct the situation.

We hope you have found the right answer to the question: why the lawnmower stalls, and all the suggested parts in the catalog today, as always, are at your service. Do you need a piston trimmer for grass, a new carburetor, or related to the work of these systems. you will find everything on the expanses of the store “Benzo Zip”.

What to do if the lawnmower stops when you press the gas

Most often, in the periods when the lawnmower stops when adding gas, the cause will be the air damper, or rather, its condition: it is clogged. Structurally, the part is located in the place where the received fuel is atomized, and, accordingly, the product collects all the inclusions in the low-quality gasoline. To fix the problem, you just need to clean it. The same situation can occur with a clogged filter, but it is eliminated similarly. To summarize, let’s specify the reasons that lead to the stalled condition when pressing on the gas of the tool:

  • clogged air valve;
  • clogged fuel filter, and when you give gas. it is especially noticeable;
  • There is air leakage by the crankshaft oil seals;
  • the gasket between the cylinder and carburetor is damaged.

When you have cleaned, flushed and purged the elements, but again, the lawnmower stalls when you press the gas. replace them with new ones, check the quality of fuel, as well as the literacy of the proportions of the prepared mixture. The tool will stall when the air shutter is opened for the following reasons:

  • Malfunction of the carburetor metering system.
  • Cracks in the fuel hose caused an air leak.
  • Occurrence of problems with oil seals.

In the process of operation, there are situations where the lawnmower at high revolutions is subject to a similar abrupt stop. It occurs for the following reasons:

  • due to problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • with air suction;
  • Fuel hose is loose or cracked and no longer operates;
  • the valve in the gasoline tank lid is stuck or clogged;
  • carburettor malfunctions.

In most cases, however, the cause will be the carburetor and associated filters, hoses. If you need cutting gear or trimmer heads, then buy them, too, will gladly offer our petrol tools and accessories website.

Why the chain saw won’t start

If defects are detected, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the components.

If the new chainsaw does not start, you should check the presence and supply of fuel, the spark on the spark plug, the functioning of the exhaust valve, the state of the filters. Can be violated and the work of the saloon built into the fuel cap.

The reason that the Chinese chainsaw does not start, can be poor quality equipment. There may be various faults, improper assembly. Some products come defective. If the inspection does not reveal malfunctions that can be eliminated on their own, you can replace the saw under the warranty card.

In the cold

The reason why the device does not start in cold conditions is often the improper starting sequence of the engine.

Read the manual: manufacturers specify how to start the chainsaw correctly.

To enrich the fuel, you must first close the air damper. Then the fuel is sucked in. A special primer is used for this. Then switch on the ignition. Before the first engine ignition, several starter movements are required. The choke is opened and the device is started. If the sequence is not correct, if any step is missed, malfunctions may occur.

If the chainsaw stops starting, a problem with the fuel system is likely the cause. Starting problems may be caused by an improperly adjusted carburetor, clogged line and fuel filter. The quality of the fuel is also important. If fuel is diluted with water, the unit starts badly or does not work at all. Make sure the fuel mix is fresh.

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The possible cause of a problem starting is an engine malfunction. Wear or breakage of the part leads to undesirable consequences: reduced compression in the cylinders and other troubles. With such problems it is recommended to contact specialists, as it is difficult to diagnose and fix the failure yourself.

When hot

If a chainsaw does not start well when it is hot, you should start with the spark plug. You will also need to check the spark plug.

The spark plug must be dry in order for it to work properly. No sparks on the contacts when it’s wet. You can try to replace the part with a new one.

If the spark is there and the spark plug is good, try to look for a problem in the fuel system. If a visual inspection does not locate the problem, remove the carburetor. If the amount of fuel exceeds the allowable amount, the unit will not work. The spark plug must be wet. Turn the spark plug hole upside down. If the fuel mixture is leaking, there is too much fuel, and the chain saw won’t run hot.

Adjusting the Husqvarna 128r Carburetor with Your Own Hands

Lawn mower carburetor adjustment can be done with your own hands

Lawn mowers, like all gasoline tools for the garden, is not a difficult technique to maintain. It is possible and necessary to fix, adjust without the help of others. For example, the adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with their own hands. a matter of 5 minutes.

Lawnmower carburetor is a node in the power system. In it, as in all carburetors, there is a process of mixing air and fuel (gasoline) for the upcoming supply to the engine cylinders.

In this process, the main thing is the correct proportion of fuel and air, which is why the carburetor is adjusted.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Strainer. How to adjust the carburetor, gasoline saw Husqvarna with your own hands. Self-adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with your own hands is impossible without preparatory work, knowledge of the theory, understanding of the device of the fuel system. Adjusting the lawn mower carburetor with your own hands There are two problems with this element more often than not:

To find out what is causing the problem, unscrew the fuel filter cover to remove the strainer. Adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor on our Husqvarna 128R lawnmower. If it is just a dirty accumulation, flushing in gasoline or blowing out the.

In case of visible damage on the strainer it is necessary to put a new one. There may also be damage to the fuel intake spigot (when repairing this element is practiced).

A carburetor starter almost always fails to work because of clogs. Adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor 137. Proper carburetor adjustment is important in the proper operation of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, tensioning the. Husqvarna 55, its specifications, purpose and features. Adjusting the carburetor on your own For example, Husqvarna (Husqvarna) and Partner (Partner). Adjusting the carburetor with your hands. You should use acetone or the same gasoline for flushing.

Blowing out clogged carburetor parts with compressed air is an acceptable and comfortable repair practice.

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– 3. Sergey

Cons: Bought in 2018 winter on the Barabashka.I’ve mowed three times and the last time I had a hard time getting it started.In 2019, the lauded Huska made in America died.Conclusions.

– 3. Edward

Pros: Lightweight, runs quietly, starts well.
Cons: Price, repairs are expensive!
Review: I bought it in 2013, I couldn’t rejoice in it, it works quietly, starts up well, I mowed it for 4 seasons, there were small breakages on the steering wheel mount, I remade it myself, after four years of operation it started (though I mowed a lot, hay forage, mowing for feeding, weeds mowing).) came out of commission (1900 p), broke the throttle cable (1700r), the clutch cup flew (the original 1329), now in 2018, lost the starter (Original 1680r), and do not even know what to do, although it says not for commercial use, probably if I mowed about a hundred weeds bush would be enough even grandchildren!

– 2. Anton Alexandrin

Pros: Makes the grass grow
Cons: Breaks down
Review: On the first day, broke off the plastic attachment of the shoulder belt on the trimmer rod for grass. After a week began to stall at idle, and soon stopped starting. The struggle with the store is a separate story, in the service figured out that the carburetor fastening bolt broke off. Had to drill out, cut new thread. I had to choose between the Stihl and this one. I’ll be smarter now.

– 2. sergei k.

Pros: I bought it for 4500. It’s not worth the price of a 10 acres lot. Six full seasons of use, the drive was broken and the repair cost about 5000
Cons: Short life for 15000 is expensive for it
Review: The steering pressure is weak

– 2. PallVanDrey

Pros: Lightweight, powerful, and overall comfortable. A full tank lasts for 7 hectares of mowing.
Cons: I have already invested two for a new grasshopper in 7 years of use. It breaks all the time. Two complete overhauls.
Review: I was comparing it to a neighbor’s dacha and their “chinks”. They’ve had them for 10 years and never had a single breakdown. I got a very broken one. Every three years I change the ignition, once I changed all the guts. It is convenient to mow with it, it is powerful, but in quality it is not worth its money. I will buy something simple and inexpensive to replace it.

– 2. Anton A.

Pros: Mowing grass
Cons: Breaks
Review: The first day the plastic fastener for the shoulder strap on the grass trimmer’s boom broke off. After a week it started to stall at idle, and soon after that it would not start. I had a problem with the store it’s a separate story, in the service center I found that the carburetor fixing bolt has broken off. I had to drill out, cut a new thread. I had to choose between the Stihl and this one. Will be smarter now.

– 2. Anciententity

Pros: Powerful, well-balanced, ergonomic, included disk, not too loud.
Cons: Hasn’t died yet. was not
Review: Lasted two years and then gave up on it. No diagnosis from the service yet, but in the midst of the season failed strongly. The quality of this machine is going down, I don’t want to buy it anymore. Bought a STIHL, see what happens.

– 2. data hidden

Pros: Nice shoulder strap, relatively low price of 8990r., good package (keys, etc.).д.)
Cons: Very weak compared to FS90 by another company, mower was good until 2009 when they still made 125R, agree with everyone very weak starter part and agree with those who write about power is mind not necessary! The starter is as gentle as a pretty girl’s hand.
Review: Read, read the manual! When buying, start it up and check for vibration on the boom, their big joint for 2011-12. If you pull it 5-6 times and it won’t start, you shouldn’t torture it. Change your gas, clean your spark plugs, air ducts, mufflers!

– 2. Lukichev Sergey

Pros: Powerful, balanced, ergonomic, included disk, not too loud.
Cons: Hasn’t died yet. was not
Review: It lived for two years, and then it gave up. No diagnosis from the service yet, but in the high season failed badly. The quality of the varnas is dropping, I won’t buy any more. I bought a STIHL, let’s see what happens.

– 2. The data is hidden

Pros: I have been working for a couple of hours. Comfortable suspension. Availability of blade and grass trimmer head.
Cons: Engine starter system failed after two hours of use. The starter cord remains in the extended position. The instructions in the pictures indicate two types of guards. One for the blade and one for the trimmer head. In fact, there is only one shroud included. The operating instructions are of poor quality and some of the pictures are not printed.
Review: Part on which the starter cord is wound is made of soft plastic. One for the blade and the other for the trimmer head.

What to do if the grass trimmer cuts out when you press the gas?

Why does the grass trimmer stop after stepping on the gas? ? There could be several possible causes.

  • The carburetor was damaged after a bad winter or too much use of the brushcutter. Gasoline grass trimmer works on the air-fuel mixture, which he prepares the carburetor. If not properly adjusted, this mechanism prepares a depleted mixture, which is not able to provide the engine with high enough revolutions. You can tell that there is a problem with the carburetor by the characteristic vibrations of the lawnmower.
  • You will know about a clogged fuel filter by the fact that the grass trimmer starts and stops. In other words, the fuel flow is enough to start the brushcutter, but not enough to keep the engine running. You might be able to solve the problem by loosening the valves on the filter. If not, you should wash the filter in solvents and blow it out with compressed air. If even after that the problem is not solved, then you should buy a new fuel filter.
  • If the engine stalls at speeds close to maximum, there may be a problem with the breather, which regulates air access to the gas tank. If the fuel consumption is too fast, which is typical when you give gas, in the gas tank is formed rarefied pressure, which reduces the flow of fuel into the engine.
  • The engine stalls when the choke is opened. The problem is again related to the carburetor, which prepares a lean air-fuel mixture due to an excess of air that is not able to keep the engine running.

The lawn mower shuts down when hot? There is a solution!

the lawnmower turns off when hot. this means that there is already some fuel in the engine to start the engine, but after 5-10 minutes of operation, it stops working. Such engine behavior indicates problems with the fuel filter.

There are two solutions. preventive and radical. The preventive solution is to try to clean it, which will consist of cleaning the dirt with a solvent, and then blowing out the filter with a jet of compressed air.

But if it is heavily contaminated, you can only eliminate the breakdown by applying a radical solution, which is the purchase of a new fuel filter.

And that’s where the Well Part online store can help you. We have all the necessary spare parts for the repair of brushcutters of all popular manufacturers. So, in particular, you can buy a trimmer head at a very favorable and attractive cost.

When to call a workshop

If the device is under warranty, at the first signs of incorrect operation it can safely be taken to a specialized workshop. Repair is free, regardless of the nature of the damage, if it is not the fault of the owner. In case of engine breakdowns, it is better for non-technical people to immediately contact a specialist. In any case, the degree of seriousness of the malfunction with the machine is determined by the user himself.

To sum up. Both gasoline and electric grass trimmers are designed for many years of reliable operation. Most of the problems described above, occurs because of the lack of attention of the owner to his assistant. With strict adherence to the manufacturer’s requirements and regular maintenance, the hand-held mower will run smoothly and without interruptions.

Why doesn’t the STIHL electric brush cutter deliver its full performance?

RPM problems can also occur with an electric grass trimmer. The causes are entirely different from those for fuel spikes.

Troubleshoot the problem yourself

The electric grass trimmer does not develop the required power, because:

  • the voltage in the network is below the required minimum for the device more than 10%;
  • There is a fault in the soft start (if fitted);
  • a brush unit is defective;
  • the motor winding has been subjected to combustion;
  • Sometimes the rotating parts get jammed.

To adjust the voltage, you should first check its power. If it is not up to standard, you need to increase it with a stabilizer.

Have the soft starter system repaired by Customer Services only.

The brushes are worn out and just need to be replaced. When installing new ones, it is recommended that all surfaces they come in contact with be cleaned.

To adjust the voltage, it is worth checking the power first.

If the motor windings burn out, the electric motor has to be replaced.

Clogging of rotating parts can occur for various reasons. In order to eliminate them, the entire drive unit must be reviewed.

The latter problem can also occur with another unit of this company. STIHL pruning shears, and sharpening the disc on the scissors will be the solution.

Frequent malfunctions of Husqvarna 128R Gasoline Grass Trimmer

Husqvarna 128R is a lawn mower designed for regular lawn care for small gardens. The model is equipped with a reliable motor, developed with proprietary E-Tech II technology. The introduction of innovative solutions in the development of the internal combustion engine has significantly reduced its emissions, without the slightest decrease in power.

The Husqvarna 128 R gasoline grass trimmer has an advanced starting mechanism with Smart Start for easy starting. The manufacturer managed to reduce the resistance of the cord by 40%, which minimizes the load on the main parts of the starter.

The brushcutter’s main features include:

husqvarna, 128r, lawnmower, does, revolve
  • Built-in motor power. 1.1 L. с.;
  • The capacity of the standard fuel tank is 400 ml;
  • Maximum cutting width of the brushcutter is 35 cm;
  • cutting diameter of the blade. 25,5 cm
  • The sound pressure generated is 114 dB;
  • operating weight 5.1 kg.

The main parts of the brushcutter are easily accessible so you can quickly replace worn parts.

Possible malfunctions of the grass trimmer gearbox, lawnmower gearbox, brushcutter gearbox

EXHIBITIONS Notation Symbols. 2 3 Before starting up, check the following. 3 WHAT IT IS? What is what. 4 GENERAL SAFETY NOTES Important information. 5 Protective equipment for the operator. 5 Tool guard. 6 Cutting equipment. 10 CONSTRUCTION Handle assembly. 13 Attaching the shoulder strap Attaching the shoulder strap holder. 13 Grass trimmer blade and head attachment. 14 Attachment of blade guard, blade and clearing disc. 15 Installation of guard and trimmer head. 15 POLLUTION MANAGEMENT RULES Safety advice for refuelling. 16 Fuel mixture preparation. 16 Filling. 18 STARTING AND STOPPING Check prior to starting. 19 Starting and stopping. 19 OPERATION METHOD OF OPERATION General work instructions. 21 MAINTENANCE Carburettor. 25 Silencer. 26 Spark plug. 27 Air filter. 28 Angular gearbox. 28 Grinding blades and discs. 28 Maintenance schedule. 29

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Technical data. 31 EC Compliance Guarantee (

Before starting up, check the following:

Please read operating instructions carefully.

Never modify the original machine without the manufacturer’s permission. Always use only original spare parts. Use of unauthorized modifications and/or accessories could result in serious injury or death to the operator or others.

A hedge trimmer or brush cutter used carelessly or improperly can be dangerous and cause serious injury to the operator or others. You must always be aware of and understand these instructions.

husqvarna, 128r, lawnmower, does, revolve

Prolonged exposure to noise causes permanent hearing impairment. Therefore, always wear the recommended noise protection. Husqvarna AB is constantly working to improve and develop its products and therefore reserves the right to change the shape and design without notice.