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Chainsaw. it is a necessary tool for housekeeping. It is used for professional felling of trees and also for daily care of a suburban area. The saw runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil is not autonomous from electricity.

General characteristics of chainsaws

Chainsaws. portable cars, usually with a two-stroke engine.

The tool consists of two blocks. In one, the fuel tank is not handles, in the second. the engine is not a saw part.

This design is due to an attempt to reduce vibration coming to the user.

Husqvarna 135 Chain How Many Links

The headset of the saw consists of links not closed in a ring. Usually similar oil comes complete with a chainsaw. Chain mounted on the tire, which is a metal plate.

Its standard pitch is 0.325, 3/8 in other words 0.404 inches. The more than just the move, the more offensively the saw behaves.

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There is a pattern between the volume not the engine power of an unused headset.

With an engine displacement of forty-five to fifty-five cm³, chain utilization in increments of 0.325 inches is optimal. For a 3/8 headset, you need a more powerful engine.

The saw bar varies in size. The longer the oil is like, the more is the load on the engine. Therefore, the size recommended by the manufacturer should be used.

The main indicator of a chainsaw is the power of its cylinder. When choosing a tool, evaluate what it will be used for. A household chainsaw is enough for logging without cutting knots. For cutting solid wood that is not large in diameter, choose more powerful models.

Characteristics HUSQVARNA chainsaws 135

HUSQVARNA chainsaw one hundred thirty-five refers to the household type of tool. Similar to oil, it is suitable for occasional cutting of boards without cutting individual trees.

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The machine is sold complete with a chain not a forty cm tire, a protective cover for a saw headset not a set of keys.

HUSQVARNA one hundred thirty-five have the following technical indicators:

Chains for HUSKVARNA compare

Chains for chainsaws

  • The volume of the engine is 40.9 cm³ with a maximum power of 1.5 kW.
  • 3/8 inch chain travel.
  • The size of the fuel tank is 0.37 liters, oil. 0.25 liters.
  • Weight 4.4 kg.
  • The amount of noise is over one hundred and ten dB.
  • The maximum chain speed is 22.9 m / s, which is nine thousand revolutions per minute.

HUSQVARNA one hundred and thirty-five manufactured in the United States does not come with a two-year warranty.

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Features HUSQVARNA chainsaws 135

Light chainsaw for a wide range of applications has several features:

  • Engine with X-Torq technology. Provides economical fuel consumption.
  • Quick air filter.
  • Comfortable rear handle with soft stakes.
  • Air Injection Air Purification System.
  • Side chain tensioning system.
  • Easily removable engine cover. Speeds up the process of replacing a glow plug.
  • Guiding felling marks.
  • Combined start-stop control.

The tool has an anti-vibration system observing the principle of two masses not an inertial brake.

User’s manual HUSQVARNA chainsaws 135

1. General safety tips:

  • Before using the tool, carefully read the instructions for its use.
  • Calculate your strengths not skills, starting a specific job.
  • Use special personal protective equipment.
  • Have a first aid kit with you. Do not avoid situations where there is no one to provide first aid.

3.5. Rules for handling fuel for chainsaws:

  • Use a mixture of gasoline not oil for a two-stroke engine.
  • Do not use four-stroke oil as it is also called boat cylinders.
  • Observe the proportion of HUSQVARNA 1:50 fuel oil mixture, with 1:33 oil principles.
  • Mix in the following order. Pour half of the required volume of gasoline into a clean container; do not add oil; mix; do not pour the second part of the fuel.
  • Use quality chain oil. Do not use waste material.

3. Service tips with HUSQVARNA 135:

  • Before starting work, check that the tool is working.
  • Exclude non-animal dreamers from the work area.
  • Hold the chainsaw with both hands. With the right hand for the back handle, with the left. for the front.
  • When sawing, work on