Husqvarna 137 Non Lubricated Chain

Husqvarna 137 Non Lubricated Chain

Husqvarna 137 chainsaw (Husqvarna) refers to amateur non-professional options. Light weight (4.6 kg without chain and bus) and engine power (1.6 kW) provided it with high popularity among consumers. For this model, 2 tire options are applicable, 13 ”and 15 ″ in length. Their pitch is 0.325 ″, and the maximum radius of the end is 10T. With proper operation and timely maintenance, it will last for many years. During operation, the device emits a noise of 98-108 dB.

Husqvarna 137 chainsaw device

In the assembled state on the Husqvarna 137 saw, you can consider:

  • Handles (front, rear and starter handle);
  • Covers (cylinder, clutch and starter);
  • Chain brake handle;
  • Tanks (for fuel and chain oil);
  • Levers (throttle lock, control and choke);
  • Ignition switch;
  • Muffler;
  • A tire with its guide and end sprocket;
  • Chain with a screw for its tension;
  • Protective shield for the right hand.

Photo of a disassembled Husqvarna 137 chainsaw

Inside the device is a fuel and lubrication system, including a carburetor, as well as an ignition system.

Carburetor Husqvarna 137

Video: Husqvarna 137 Non Lubricated Chain

The carb manufacturer is Walbro. Device Type. WT-660.

Chainsaw chain Husqvarna 137

For this version of the device, the Swedish manufacturer recommended the Husqvarna H30 chain with a guide link thickness of 1.3 mm. The manufacturer recommends sharpening it from a specialist. The degree of tension is determined visually. Its adjustment is carried out using a screwdriver with an adjusting screw in increments of ¼ turn to the right or left.

Specifications of Husqvarna 137

Husqvarna 137 carb adjustment

In the correct operation of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, quality carburetor tuning, chain tension and sharpening are important. To adjust the carburetor, you need to turn the screw on it, which adjusts the idle speed to the stop. Then counterclockwise, turn the screw 4.5 turns. In this position, the chain should not rotate when the engine is running. If this is not the case, contact a service center. Each step of adjusting the screw should be no more than 1/16 of a turn and should be accompanied by another test of operation.

Husqvarna 137 chainsaw reviews

Evgeny: Experience using Husqvarna 137 for over a year

Advantages: saws perfectly, a lot of components, easy to operate.

Disadvantages: yes, actually no

Feedback: I have it for 4 years already, on the whole I’m satisfied, a reliable thing, because of its stupidity (there was no file experience), I completely forgot about the chain oil, sawed for about a year, then I realized that I screwed it up. The oil pump flew, in the service changed. only 800 p. after that the oil began to leak, it turned out that the pump was not completely tightened, tightened, everything is OK. So I advise everyone who writes that the oil is flowing, check how the oil pump is tightened.

Sergey Ivanovich: Experience using Husqvarna 137 for over 3 years

Advantages: Excellent for its characteristics saw, lightweight, comfortable, powerful enough for everyday life, the availability of consumables.

Disadvantages: It does not refuel itself and also does not want to cut it on its own, you have to hold it in your hands))