Husqvarna 142 Does Not Receive Gasoline In Carburetor

DIY repair of “Husqvarna” and “Stihl” chainsaws: video

Simple in design and reliable in operation, chainsaws are very popular among owners of private houses and summer residents. With proper handling of this tool, it works for a long time and rarely breaks. over, eliminating the cause of the malfunction of the chainsaw will not be difficult with your own hands, especially if you know where to look for the cause.

Husqvarna Chainsaws. Major Malfunctions

The tool of the Swedish manufacturer is able to turn hard work into a simple task. Husqvarna 137, Husqvarna 240 and Husqvarna 365 chainsaw models distinguishes three features:

  • high engine power;
  • improved engine filtration system;
  • the ability to absorb excessive vibrations.

If the tool is operated strictly according to the instructions and its problems are timely eliminated, then it will delight reliable and stable operation. Correctly carried out repairs with original spare parts will allow you to use the saw for a long time.

The main cause of chain saw breakdowns are most often engine failures, which can manifest as follows:

  • do not start;
  • unstable idling;
  • start and immediately stall;
  • not have enough power.
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In this case, the malfunction should be sought in the ignition system, piston group or fuel system. Often, the cause of poor tool performance can be related to the clutch, brake system, lubrication mechanisms, and tire.

Ignition system

Do-it-yourself repair of the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw, and of any other model, should begin with troubleshooting the ignition system.

First of all, experts recommend get out and inspect the candle. The condition of this element will indicate defects in the operation of the fuel system.

A malfunction in the ignition system may be due to the use of bad oil or to the wrong ratio of gasoline to oil.

Fuel supply system

If fuel does not enter the chainsaw tank, then this may be two reasons:

  1. Filter clogged.
  2. The lid is clogged.

In this case, the fuel is not supplied in full, and the tool does not start or starts and immediately stalls. Repair consists in cleaning the air filter and cover.

Video: Husqvarna 142 Does Not Receive Gasoline In Carburetor

The filter must be removed very carefully so that the dirt that clogs it does not get into the carburetor. It is cleaned and washed with ordinary detergents.

Carburetor repair

Do-it-yourself repair of this assembly consists in disassembling and cleaning. If the damage is serious, contact a service center for help.

Most often, instrument malfunctions are associated with the use of low quality gasoline or oil. To protect the carburetor from damage, it is necessary to observe some preventive measures:

  1. Start the chainsaw strictly according to the instructions.
  2. It is not recommended to store gasoline in a plastic container. This will help to avoid strong soot.
  3. The fuel mixture cannot be stored for a long time, as over time it loses its quality.
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Do-it-yourself Stihl chainsaw repair

This brand is very popular among both individuals and professionals. This easy-to-use and reliable tool can last a long time without repair. There are situations when the Stihl chainsaw does not start or stalls immediately after the factory. What to do in these cases can be found by watching the video instruction.

If the chainsaw does not start

First of all necessary check fuel availability and pay attention to its preparation. The mixture should consist of high-quality gasoline and oil, the brand of which is indicated in the instructions attached to the saw.

Husqvarna 142 Does Not Receive Gasoline In Carburetor

The saw may not start due to the fact that at the time of launch the candle is filled with gasoline. The problem is eliminated by drying or replacing the candles, and draining the excess fuel.

Quite often, if there is poor contact between the tip of the plug and the high-voltage wire attached to it, there may be no spark. In this case, the connection should be restored. If even after this a spark does not appear, then most likely the electronic ignition unit is faulty. It must be replaced with a new one.

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You can not count on the easy start-up and operation of the chainsaw if its filter is clogged. It must be removed, cleaned and washed well, paying particular attention to the mesh.

Sometimes the saw engine does not start due to malfunction of the piston group. In this case, for repair you will need:

  1. Remove bolts and remove cylinder from block.
  2. Check the integrity of the piston and cylinder.
  3. If the cylinder is damaged, then it must be replaced with a new one, or repair by boring a mirror to the size of the piston.
  4. Find out the wear of the piston rings and replace if necessary.

For a tool that worked on relatively normal fuel, such procedures are quite enough. Now you can saw reassemble.

Some parts of the Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws must be changed after the passport service life. These terms are spelled out in the instructions attached to the instrument. It also indicates how to properly start the tool. Acting according to the instructions, distinguishing between cold and hot start and using the chainsaw strictly for its intended purpose, it will be very rare to repair it.