Husqvarna 435 No Oil Supply

The Husqvarna 5200 chainsaw is not the original product of the world-famous Swedish company Husqvarna. This is a natural Chinese counterfeit. a miracle of the Celestial Empire, which does not differ in either special quality or assembly, which does not have the guarantee of the Husqvarna trademark. If you check the Huskvarna online catalog, then such a model is not there at all! The Chinese deliberately put up other names that are incomprehensible to the masses of consumers who respond only to the well-known brand logo.

The most attractive and remarkable in these models is the price. The manufacturer did not even bother to attach the instructions to his product, so the Internet is teeming with questions and requests to get a link to this very instruction, which is unknown whether it actually exists.

Husqvarna 435 No Oil Supply

Fake bought, what’s next?

What if you were in a hurry and already bought a Chinese chainsaw called “Husqvarna” 5200? The main thing is not to get upset and get ready for the fact that you will have to do all the repair and adjustment work yourself. Most likely, you will not find the instruction manual in the kit for the saw, therefore, in order to properly start the tool, refer to the video instruction:

As for the carburetor repair and adjustments, lubrication, etc., the design of the internal combustion engine and other systems is identical for all chainsaws, except for some nuances, so you can follow similar devices. The characteristics are also not fully represented, the Chinese manufacturer indicated only the most basic:

In consolation, we can say that this tool also works, with proper maintenance, the chainsaw can work long enough before the first repair. Spare parts are inexpensive. this is also a big plus.

Short review of the Chinese Husqvarna 5200 chainsaw

The non-original Husqvarna 5200 chainsaw is designed for home use: sawing wood, gardening, and logging. The product weighs 5.3 kg. The power of a two-stroke power plant is 3.4 liters. from. The chainsaw is started by a manual starter. Contactless ignition system. Built-in vibration protection. The chain tensioner is located on the side of the unit, the lubricant supply to the chain is automatic. Used tires with a length of 52 cm. And chains of 72 links, which allows you to cut quite large logs. The chain brake will instantly stop a running chainsaw. Hand protection and case are not included.


  • low price;
  • automatic lubricant supply;
  • vibration protection;
  • chain brake;
  • power 3.4 l. from.;
  • long tire
  • side chain tensioner.

Also, you can read a review of the original model of the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw.

Manual for the Husqvarna 5200 chainsaw

And although it is problematic to find the original instructions for the chainsaw of this model, we suggest that you consider the main sections that are present in standard operating manuals:

  1. Equipment.
  2. Security.
  3. Technical details.
  4. Preparing for work.
  5. Engine break-in.
  6. Service.
  7. Malfunctions.

Video: Husqvarna 435 No Oil Supply


The kit includes:

  • 5200 chainsaw with the Husqvarna logo;
  • chain of 72 links;
  • the tire is 52 cm long;
  • key;
  • packaging.

Safety requirements

  1. Fill the saw with fresh mixture.
  2. Start a chainsaw at a distance of at least 3 m from the refueling point.
  3. Do not smoke while working and servicing the tool.
  4. Use personal protective equipment.
  5. In order to avoid kickback, do not saw with the end of the tire, you need to saw only with the whole blade. lowering the chainsaw from top to bottom.
  6. When working, hold the chainsaw with both hands.

Preparing the chainsaw for work

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • assemble a chainsaw;
  • put on and fasten the headset, pull the chain;
  • prepare and pour fresh fuel mixture;
  • fill the oil tank with universal oil;
  • run a chainsaw;
  • check brake operation;
  • make sure that the circuit is stationary at idle (otherwise carburetor adjustment is required);
  • check oil supply to circuit.

Important! The mixture is prepared from unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90 and no more than 93 and synthetic oil (2T) for 2-stroke air-cooled engines. The ratio is 50/1.

Running in

The running-in procedure for moving components lasts about 10 hours. A chainsaw is not loaded during this period, the power during operation should not exceed 50% of the rated power of the power plant.


  • candle service;
  • filter cleaning;
  • chain sharpening;
  • tire condition monitoring;
  • monitoring the filling of containers for fuel and oil;
  • tool cleaning from pollution;
  • carburetor adjustment;
  • grease adjustment;
  • cleaning the channels leading to the headset oil.

Adjusting the carburetor on a chainsaw (video review)

Typical Husqvarna 5200 Faults

Consider the most common.

The chainsaw does not start, starts and immediately stalls:

  • out of fuel;
  • low quality mixture;
  • lost carb settings;
  • ignition does not work;
  • the filter is dirty;
  • the candle is out of order;
  • the piston is worn.

Vibration at work:

Return at work:

  • sawing with the end of the tire (prohibited);
  • the guide is not mounted correctly.

Video review

The video shows the Chinese Husqvarna chainsaw in work

Owner reviews

Eugene, 40 years old

I bought it purely for harvesting firewood, once a year it’s good to work. The price is the same, sawing. and thank God! Husqvarna professional models in my case will not pay off soon. I have already prepared firewood for two seasons, the saw’s condition is good. I think in the future there will be no problems.

Advantages: well cuts even large logs, cheap.

Anton, 34 years old

I bought 2.5 months ago the Husqvarna chainsaw from the hands of a visiting trader. At first I was worried that it could be fake (which was actually confirmed), but then I let go of the situation, because I can not afford more expensive and original. Outwardly, the saw is a little rough, the lid does not fit snugly, but it cuts fine. I cleaned the trees on the site, all that I sawed down was for firewood. The chain is weak, quickly dull.

Advantages: price, cuts well.

Minuses: not found.

Vitaliy, 39 years old

I have had this Husqvarna saw for almost 2 years and still work. When I bought, I knew that it was a fake. Sawing any log, but heats up, you have to stop often and wait until the motor cools down. The starter cable broke at the 4th month. The headset was replaced by Shtilevskaya. All I need is cutting. I do not make claims. There were no instructions in the kit, I figured out everything myself, since I already had experience.

Pluses: Husqvarna cuts everything.

Disadvantages: the engine is warming up, the assembly is so-so, the chain and tire are weak, the starter is broken.