Husqvarna Trimmer How Much Oil Per Liter Of Gasoline

Trimmer, or lawn mowing – a tool that can not be done in the household. At the same time, its reliability, efficiency and long service life depend on many factors. For example, the quality of fuel. This means that you need to choose the right oil for the trimmer, observe the proportions when adding to gasoline and the rules for refueling the device.

Husqvarna Trimmer How Much Oil Per Liter Of Gasoline

Which oil to choose

For the effective operation of the trimmer, it is necessary to select oil for two-stroke engines. This is due to the lack of an oil sump in such a device. The following classification is distinguished depending on the chemical composition of the oil:

  • Mineral – based on petroleum distillate, suitable for low-power equipment and with an air type of cooling, but requires frequent replacement and can only be used in good weather in the warm season;
  • Semi-synthetic – suitable for garden equipment with air and liquid type of cooling;
  • Synthetic – based on esters, do not require frequent replacement and can be used at any time of the year.

Oil for 2-stroke engines is characterized by good solubility and feature of complete combustion. For the trimmer, it is recommended to use a lubricant that is suitable for devices with an air cooling system. Most often on the package it is indicated that the oil is intended for gardening equipment and is marked TA, TV or TS. Moreover, the last of them is most preferable.

If the consumption of engine oil during the summer season is planned to be large due to the presence in the garden arsenal of a chainsaw, brush cutter, lawn mower, it is advisable to buy 5 liters of oil at a better price. If it is necessary only to mix with gasoline and fill a single tool, then 1 liter will be enough.

Often, manufacturers of lawn mowers produce the right oil, so you can make your choice easier if you select the appropriate brand fluid.

What kind of gasoline to fill

Gasoline for the trimmer must be selected unleaded with a stroke number of 92 or 95. As practice shows, AI-80 gasoline can lead to damage to the device, which is a dubious saving.

The fuel must be fresh, that is, after purchase it can be stored for no more than 60 days.

Other factors affect the quality of the fuel, for example, the use of a special lubricant for lawn mowing and diluting it in a separate container. It is also recommended to use special canisters designed to store gasoline.

How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil

It is necessary to breed gasoline for the trimmer in the correct proportion. An insufficient amount of oil can lead to poor lubrication of the lawn mowing elements, which contributes to rapid wear. In the event that the oil is more than expected, soot forms on the pistons and spark plugs. Carbon deposits on moving parts of the engine interfere with normal operation and lead to a speedy engine breakdown.

What proportion is required for a particular trimmer model can be found in the attached instructions. Most often, for 2-stroke gasoline engines of lawn mowers, the fuel mixture is used in a ratio of 50: 1, where 50 is part of the gasoline, 1 is part of the oil. That is, 20 ml of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. The table will help you choose the right ratio.

To measure proportions correctly, use measuring tanks with a milliliter scale. For these purposes, a special canister with a double neck is perfect, it is designed for mixing and storage of oil gasoline. For example, oil can be filled with a medical syringe without a needle. Before mixing liquids, make sure that the tank for the finished fuel mixture is free of water, dust and particles of dirt.

Diluting gasoline with lubricant directly in the fuel tank is unacceptable; moreover, the proportion of oil and gasoline must be strictly observed. If you ignore this rule, then the operation of the trimmer motor may be unstable, because of which it will quickly fail.

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It is not recommended to use plastic bottles or canisters for this purpose. This is due to the fact that gasoline has the ability to dissolve plastic, which means that part of the plastic can get into the fuel tank, which can lead to damage to the carburetor. Although there are special plastic canisters marked “flame”.

This will require:

  • Petrol;
  • Oil suitable for two-stroke engines with an air cooling system;
  • Canister, better metal;
  • Mixing tank, also better metal;
  • Gloves
  • Respirator.

In addition to protective equipment, do not forget about the fire safety rules, because gasoline and engine oil are highly flammable:

  • It is better to carry out work on the street in order to avoid the accumulation of gasoline vapors in the room;
  • Do not smoke and create situations associated with the occurrence of a spark.

A mixture of gasoline and oil should be made as follows:

  1. Pour 1 liter of gasoline into the container, add half the right portion of oil. Mix thoroughly, do this extremely carefully away from sources of open flame.
  2. Add the remaining oil to the trimmer gasoline and mix thoroughly again. Now the fuel can be poured into the trimmer’s fuel tank.

The mixture can be stored for no more than three months, so it is better to dilute gas in such quantity that it is enough for several uses.

How and how much to refuel

Refilling the trimmer fuel tank is easy. To do this, place the tank so that the lid is placed on top. The amount of fuel depends on the trimmer model. This information is indicated in the instructions, there is also a mark on the tank directly.

This can cause the fuel to spill over into the inlet pipe and fuel filter, which can cause engine damage or ignition of the fuel.

When refueling the trimmer, the following safety precautions must be observed:

  • Try to fill the liquid so that it does not spill, you can use a watering can for this;
  • If the gasoline spills, then immediately wipe it off;
  • Trimmer start should be started after the fuel tank is removed in a safe and secure place, preferably at a distance of more than 10 meters;
  • With a long break between operations, drain the remaining fuel.

The correct proportion and adherence to mixing and dressing technology will help extend the life of the trimmer. In this case, it is recommended to choose only a quality product of the corresponding brand.

Our review – Husqvarna chainsaw oil – is dedicated to the description of the lubricating fluids offered by the manufacturer for its and third-party gas saws. We are based on the official information of the developer company, and when using other sources we explicitly indicate this in the text.

Impression of the availability of official information on the topic

How to refuel a Husqvarna chainsaw

In addition to gasoline, three more fluids are needed for the Husqvarna chainsaw to function:

  • Push-pull oil;
  • Chain oil;
  • Air filter impregnation oil.

Let’s talk about them in order.

Husqvarna two-stroke engine oil

Husqvarna chainsaws are equipped with only two-stroke engines. For all engine models, the manufacturer currently offers one universal brand – Husqvarna HP, – which is often referred to by sellers as Husqvarna 2t oil. It is a brown liquid with the smell of an organic solvent. The viscosity at 40 ° C. Is 57.5 mm 2 / s. It is very slightly soluble in water. The chemical composition refers to semi-synthetic. The company’s engineers emphasize the orientation of their product to operating conditions and declare the content of additives that inhibit the growth of deposits when using low-quality gasoline.

It is delivered in black canisters with a capacity of 1 liter with labels applied on two opposite sides of the container. Note that on the back side of the label, in addition to the classic mandatory information, there is a recipe for preparing the fuel mixture for the Husqvarna chainsaw (and other saws). The canister is equipped with a translucent strip with risks for the convenience of evaluating the remaining volume of liquid. Now, unfortunately, the dispenser is not included in the purchase package, but this is not critical.

It is well known that if you reduce the proportion of the first component, then increased friction occurs in the engine of the chainsaw, which contributes to accelerated wear. If the oil is added above the norm, a soot will appear on the spark plug, which complicates the start of the chainsaw and can lead to the disappearance of a spark, and on the piston, soot can even lead to burnout due to a decrease in the cooling rate.

Before buying, make sure that you purchase a canister with the letters 2t, and not lubricant for lawn mowers with four-stroke (4t) power units. Two-stroke oil in characteristics and scope differs significantly from four-stroke. To reduce the likelihood of an error, the packaging of 2t and 4t products takes place in cans of various shapes.

Husqvarna Chain Lubricant

This type is represented by two brands at once. Their characteristics are presented in the table for ease of comparison.

Obviously, ceteris paribus, Vegoil has a wider range of applications and lower consumption. At the manufacturer, these two brands are sold at the same price, so the younger Vegoil brand is most preferred.

Husqvarna Air Filter Oil

The range is represented by one product Air filter oil. It is a pale yellow liquid with a characteristic odor. It is delivered in opaque canisters of white color with a capacity of 1 l. The product guarantees the efficient capture of particles suspended in the air and prevents them from entering the combustion chamber.

And the rest?

Conclusions of the review