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Hydroabrasive machine is equipment for super.quality cutting of leafy materials with a thin super.speed stream of water. To increase the cutting force of the water jet, particles of high hard material. abrasive are added to it.

You can purchase hydro.carbrane cutting machines with delivery at all at a favorable price and at individual conditions.

The process of hydro.carbonated cutting of metal, porcelain, stone and other materials is based on the principle of erosion exposure to the water jet and solid abrasive particles on the processed material. Cutting soft materials (foam, polyurethane, plastic, leather, cardboard, etc.D.) is carried out without adding an abrasive. only with water.

For this type of processing of materials as a cutting tool, a jet of liquid and abrasive material is used, produced under high pressure at high speed using a hydro.carbrane machine.

The Civil Code of the Element offers a wide range of hydro.carbonated cutting machines from leading Chinese manufacturers and profitable cooperation, as it provides installation and service of hydro.automatic equipment, post.warranty support, as well as delivery by the CIS countries. You can find out the cost of hydroabrizal installations by the numbers indicated on the website of our company.



Thin porcelain extremely side cut with Montolit Masterpiuma P3 Tile Cutter



The price of hydroamber cutting


Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles cutting angle 45 degrees

Black metal, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and its alloys, copper

Fiberglass, paronyte, rubber, linolium, foam

A special discount system is designed for wholesale orders.

The minimum order cost from 4500 to 5000 ! For partners and regular customers, the cost of manufacturing test or control batches is discussed individually.

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Production of Fantasy in Stone is equipped with modern CNT Sutting Machine machines. This equipment forms a pressure of 400 MPa or almost 4,000 atmospheres, which, in turn, allows you to create a stream with an abrasive (garnet sand), which goes out at a speed exceeding 1100 m/s or 3960 km/h/h/h. Being directed to the processed surface, it allows you to cut stone, steel or any other material up to 300 mm thick.

The working area of ​​the machine allows you to cut the workpieces (in t.h. pipes) in size 2000 x 4000 mm. Which is equally important, using the GA machine, experts can cut materials along a complex contour or even with a curved surface with high speed and accuracy.

For customers, we are ready to develop a layout for cutting photos, sketches or perform cutting directly on the basis of your drawings presented in DWG, CDR, DXF formats. You can also order the manufacture of a trial or experimental batch at a minimum price from us.

Assortment of porcelain products.

Hydroabraseic cutting allows a large number of decorative elements from porcelain tile:

They can have both complex and simple nature. The first means figure processing, which is perfectly provided by cutting water. These are roundings, geometric shapes, smooth transitions. The second involves linear cutting, without bends. It is in demand when laying porcelain tiles on the floor with a tight fitting of plates, which guarantees the perfect surface in bathrooms and bathrooms. Thus, the moisture will remain on the floor and will not penetrate inside. In our catalog you can choose the most suitable option. Highly qualified masters will exactly work, providing impeccable forms of product. Therefore, porcelain stoneware will look harmonious and beautiful, regardless of the form used. All this is the result of hydro.carbonated cutting of the material that you can order from us. Cramping of ceramic tiles (porcelain tiles) at home is difficult, tiles do not give such a quality of cut as after hydro.carbonated cutting, leaving strokes and irregularities at the end of the cut. Hydroabraseic cutting allows you to start a cut anywhere on the tile and gently with high quality make cutting along any artistic trajectory. If it is difficult for you to prepare drawings in electronic form, you can simply draw a fishing line for a trimmer on the tile and we will cut with high accuracy.

Hydroabraseic cutting of stone and tiles

Our company provides all of the above hydro.carbonated services and guarantees that our price will suit you. We use modern equipment and high.quality grenade sand itself.

Hydroabraseic cutting of porcelain tiles

It is hydroachandic cutting during cutting porcelain tile that provides reliability and speed that are necessary to perform modern construction and finishing work. Hydracks allows you to take on the most complex and expensive projects, allowing you to create original and beautiful decorative elements from porcelain tiles.

Diamond cutting of stone

If you work with thick porcelain tiles, then the diamond cutting of porcelain tile is advisable, which is performed using laser discs with the supply of coolant in the cutting zone. Another method of cutting porcelain tile is the usual stone.cutting machine. Machines with a large saw of saw, get a higher cut quality. However, when using this method, the formation of small bullying is inevitable, and small experience in this machine can lead to the formation of chips in the places of exit of frizes from porcelain tiles. The price of diamond cutting is indicated in our price list below.

When cutting tiles in half 30% of the cutting cost. Rectification of the edge of porcelain tile. 210 rubles/Pog.m of rectilinear resumes of porcelain tile up to 10mm at an angle. 170 rubles/Pog.m

The minimum order cost. 10500

The minimum order cost. 10500

The minimum order cost. 10500

Setting equipment for size. 300 /Setting.

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Keramomaster. Installation of ventilated facades, delivery of components for ventilations.

Hydroabraseic cutting of tiles

Hydroabraseic cutting (water cutting) is one of the most actively developing methods of processing materials. Combines several advantages at the same time. Works with a very large spectrum of products, providing the high.flow of the cut and the ability to reproduce elements of any kind. In this case, the low temperature does not allow the material to deform. Its optimal thickness can reach 30 mm. There are two types of cutting: curly and linear

Advantages of hydro.carbrane cutting tiles

Water cutting gives many advantages in working with material, regardless of its texture. It can be either tiles of porcelain tiles, or from natural stone (onyx, malachite, marble, etc.). In any case, you will receive excellent products that are precisely corresponding to the idea and the entered program. The basic advantages of water cutting include:

  • economical;
  • lack of thermal exposure;
  • a wide range of products offered;
  • lack of need for finishing;
  • a large number of processed thicknesses and materials;
  • simplicity and accuracy in management;
  • result without chips, cracks, deformations;
  • High speed of work and so.

In addition, the change of materials is quite simple and does not need a separate tool, adjusting work and additional tuning. Hydroabraseic cutting is so convenient and universal that it is suitable for the production of figures, products of any size. The same applies to the texture of materials. That is, water cutting with an admixture of abrasives perfectly works not only with solid, but also with crumbling tiles. for example, with ceramic.

Our company works highly qualified specialists who know all the nuances of processing. The production process is built according to a certain scheme and is distinguished by a strict sequence:

  • After circulation, the customer represents his idea, plan, concept of the future product; If there is. demonstrates plans, drawings, drawings;
  • The following is a joint discussion of the project with the clarification of all the nuances and the appearance of the elements until complete approval;
  • Then our professionals prepare a special program and show it to the customer for final Комментарии и мнения владельцев and clarifications;
  • The resulting result is introduced into the computer to configure equipment;
  • fulfill the order;
  • Give it to the client.

The course of each of the operations carries considerable savings, since cutting water is distinguished by a careful attitude to the material. In the course of work, he is not subjected to defects and has an extremely accurate cutting, which is extremely important for tiles. In addition, the laid program remains in the PC memory and at the first need can be reproduced. at least completely, even fragmented.

Water cutting. a unique technology with a lot of capabilities. It is so universal that it is capable of processing turnkey any type of materials, regardless of their thickness. The essence of the methodology is reduced to cutting the surface of the water stream under the highest pressure. In this case, abrasive substances are mixed to it, which help faster, easier, more conveniently cut products, including tile materials.

Their processing requires increased attention, because the tile most often goes to the lining of the floors and walls. And this is a mandatory accurate fitting of the region, eliminating the penetration of pollution and moisture. Otherwise, the expediency of work will be lost. We will readily fulfill your order, pleasing with impeccable quality and excellent artistic taste!

You can ask questions of interest and get the necessary consultation by phone: 7 977 277-77-83, 7 (495) 767-48-28, 7 (925) 858-47-88 or write a letter: Gar-MSK@ We are always happy new projects and cooperation. Revenge with for r.

Hydroabraseic cutting. Any materials. Material thickness up to 100 mm.

We will not use your data to send advertising messages. We need them only in order to discuss with you the details of your order. Our expert will begin to calculate the estimate immediately after filling out the form and contact you during the working day.

During the production of hydro.carbonated equipment, Yongda, components of Germany (guides), Japan (servo yaskawa), USA (pumping station), Taiwan (CNC system) are used.

Professional equipment under the Yongda brand is characterized by reliability, durability and ease of management, differing nearby competitive advantages:

In low temperature mode, the process of stone deformation is excluded; Aquabs leaves an accurate and thin section, respectively, the loss of the material during processing is minimal; The cutting process is controlled using high.tech computer equipment that ensures the manufacture of a figure of any complexity; Installations are used to process a large number of materials.

Italian machine designed for production:

How to Use a Manual Tile Cutter Beginners Guide

kitchen countertops, floors, facing panels (external and internal), steps for stairs, window sills, and other types of products for construction and decoration. You can be sure. Everything is under control and all work is performed with maximum accuracy. Therefore, this machine can be entrusted even by the most expensive materials. The machine is equipped with a Fotolastra system includes a slab photograph system using a camera located above the machine and a special display program. Its use allows us to optimize the use of slab sizes and perform sawing, avoiding possible defects, and follow the drawing of the stone.

Technical features of the milling machine Cutter GQ model

Enhanced axis z. A 32 millimeter plate was used.

Set 2 sensors for aligning the portal.

There is a tray in which you can fold milling cutters and t. D.

Applied profile 120×120, the thickness of which is 6 mm.

The basic equipment includes automatic lubrication.

The Cutter GQ engraving machine is protected. an effective cooling system is installed on it. The device is ergonomic and convenient to manage. With it, you can create inscriptions on signs, drawings, bas.reliefs, etc. D. The result will definitely justify your expectations.

Yes, we carry out the entire cycle of work. from the selection of material to the production and installation of products of any complexity.

We can choose a natural stone. We work directly with the largest suppliers, so we offer our customers the best prices.

Hydroabrasive cutting has a number of unique advantages, compared with more traditional methods of cutting (laser, plasma, autogenic) this is: the widest range of processed materials. metals, alloys (in t.h. high.strength), bimetallic plates, granite, ceramics, plastic, textolite and fiberglass, rubber, neoprene, asbestos, etc. Lack of requirements for the quality of the sheet surface, which allows you to cut almost any material by cutting super.large thicknesses (up to 500 mm.) High quality cutting edge. Lack of thermal effects on the material, which avoids hardening edges, the formation of fledges, soot and grata flowers. This also makes it possible to cut long thin stripes, which, when cutting, for example, with a laser inevitably “leads” from overheating, and complex decorative contours, since the likelihood of a fragment of thin jumpers and sharp ends of the picture is excluded compared to the plasma/gas harsh which is especially relevant for thicknesses over 30 mm., Due to which it becomes possible to cut parts with a minimum allowance

We have our own machine park and a staff of high.class specialists. Therefore, we do not pay intermediaries and provide services directly. In addition, t.to. we ourselves do all the work on our own. We guarantee compliance with the deadlines and the quality of all work.

Features of the process of hydroachase.cutting

The water is pumped to high pressure, and then enters the cutting head. It flows from a narrow nozzle with a diameter of up to 0.5 mm at a speed of up to 1200 m/s and higher, enters the chamber where it is mixed with abrasive particles with hardness from 6.5. These can be various highly hard materials, for example, grenade sand, electric contribution grain, silicon carbide and others.

Next, the already mixed stream comes from a tube with a diameter of up to 1.5 mm and cuts the material. The water layer with a thickness of up to a meter helps to extinguish the residual energy of the jet. The destructive ability of the jet is created thanks to the abrasive, and the water carries out the function of delivery. The size of the abrasive is usually 10-30% of the diameter of the water jet, which ensures the stability of the current, the effectiveness of the effect.


Using technology, you can cut almost any materials. In this case, mechanical deformations of the workpiece, thermal deformations are completely excluded. The advantages of the method include the following:

  • harsh quality, since the thermal influence on the workpiece is minimal, which eliminates the melting, melting or handling of the edges;
  • You can cut heat-sensitive materials, for example, fire and explosive, laminated, composite;
  • The environmental purity of the process, harmful gas discharge are absent;
  • The process of explosive and fireproof is.

Hydroabrisive stream cuts the product with a thickness of up to 300 mm and more. And cutting along a complex contour is highly accurate, it is possible to process volumetric products or the performance of bevels.

The principle of curly cutting

Machines for hydro.carbonated cutting are stationary and expensive, therefore, enterprises and organizations providing such services are engaged in hydraulic cutting of porcelain stoves. For the manufacture of a certain pattern or ornament, the program is laid in the block that controls the work and movement of the cutter.

The cutting of solid ceramic material is carried out by a stream of water mixed in the right proportions with small abrasive particles of artificial diamond. Water is pumped up with a powerful pump into a mixing chamber, where abrasive dust enters another channel. After mixing the two components, hydro.bands under high pressure breaks out of the incisor’s nozzle, knocking out its structural particles out of porcelain stoneware.

Figure cutting of porcelain tile occurs slowly, gradually cutting out the desired pattern laid in the “brains” of equipment from a stone slab. The cutter by the CNC unit without the participation of service personnel. The cut on the tile is smooth, accurate, without damage and chips. The width of the slot in a porcelain layer of any thickness is not more than 0.4 mm, which allows the super.precise fitting of the components of the panel for the floor. In addition to porcelain stove, using hydro.carbrane cutting, the following materials are covered:

  • glass;
  • hard composite slabs;
  • concrete products;
  • sheets of various metals;
  • various types of natural and artificial stone;
  • ordinary tile;
  • Marble slabs.

In any of the listed materials, the equipment for hydraulic cutting will make a given cutting without damaging the integrity of the processed fragment.

Device and types of machines

Despite the fact that various manufacturers, the main working nodes and machine tool mechanisms are fundamentally similarly similar.

The cut material is laid in a cutting bath, the depth and area of ​​which can vary on various equipment samples. The reservoir to a certain level is filled with saline, in which porcelain stoneware or other plate for art cutting is immersed.

A nozzle made of carbide material has an internal adjustable diameter of 0.4. 1.2 mm, due to which it is possible to vary the width and configuration of the cutting hydro.carbon stream, which occurs at a speed of up to 1000 m per second. In the upper part of the nozzle there is a mixing compartment, where abrasive and water under high pressure created thanks to the operation of a powerful pump are supplied through two channels.

Cutting the cutting process is remotely. Typically, the movement of the cutting head leads the CNC unit according to the specified material processing parameters. Although cutting is carried out automatically, the operator can intervene in the process (for example, stop, slow down or accelerate cutting of porcelain tiles).

The cutting head in various equipment samples is endowed with a different set of functionality. In simpler models, only a vertical cut occurs. The improved equipment samples are endowed with the ability to cut out various patterns with a beveled edge, which is achieved due to the rotation function of the hydro.carbrane cut at certain angles to the surface of the bath for cutting.

In addition to a bath, cutting head and control unit, all machines for figure cutting of ceramic tiles include such components:

  • Working bath is a part of the equipment where the direct cutting of the coating occurs. In the working area, the material is immersed in water, after which cutting is carried out;
  • The movement system. structural elements that allow you to set the equipment to the specific size of the tile, set the jet thickness and the angle of inclination for cutting;
  • Control panel. a device that allows you to remotely set the necessary parameters for the processing of tile materials;
  • A capacity for an abrasive is a metal tank equipped with a sensor indicating the level of abrasive material that remains in the container;
  • The corner head is a part of the structure, thanks to which you can expand the cutter in two planes;
  • Control sensors. A professional machine for cutting large format porcelain tile is additionally equipped with a scanning system, which allows you to control the quality of the chamfers of tiles;
  • A device for removing an abrasive is an additional pump that cleans the coating after water-abrasive cutting.

In most machines, according to a given pattern, the cutting hydro.carbraise head moves. But there are equipment samples for hydraulic cutting of porcelain stoves, where the processed material is shifted relative to a fixed cutter. Some machines cut the tiles of artificial stone after pre-warming up the material up to 300-400 degrees, which makes the cut even more impeccable.

Among the manufacturers of equipment, the most famous brands are the German Maximator Jet, and the Australian company Techni Waterjet. The equipment of the German manufacturer is distinguished by the equipment of machines with several mobile heads, so it is possible not only to cut plates made of various solid materials, but also to produce spatial artistic processing of all kinds of blanks. The advantage of Australian.made machines is considered high power of the hydraulic monument, capable of cutting the hardest classes of porcelain tiles with a thickness of up to 40 mm.

Popular manufacturers of machine tools

  • Techni Waterjet. The Australian manufacturer specializes in the release of equipment, which can cut coatings with a thickness of up to 400 mm. This became possible due to the installation of high.quality and powerful pumps, from the nozzles of which the jet flies at a speed of more than 1000 m per second;
  • STM. The Austrian company makes portal machines for 3 D cutting porcelain tiles, which allows the artistic cutting of material from any angle;
  • Maximator Jet. The German company produces powerful machines for hydraulic cutting of tile materials with 6-axis installations. This allows you to process not only sheet coatings, but even shaped materials.

Cutting and processing porcelain

Cramping of porcelain tile allows the creation of exclusive decors, enriches the space and gives the final completeness to the design.

  • Direct cutting of porcelain tile. for simple details, large mosaics;
  • Hydroabraseic cutting of porcelain tile. for the manufacture of elements of complex shape and design;
  • All work can be carried out from the customer’s material or at the choice of a porcelain tile catalog.

Hydroabraseic cutting of porcelain tile

Cutting porcelain tiles on high.tech equipment with software management. Processing is carried out using a jet of water and abrasive material supplied to the place of cut under tremendous pressure. CNC machines with particular accuracy repeat straight lines or bends exactly in accordance with the designer project and computer program.

Hydroabraseic cutting of porcelain tile is a quick, high.quality and effective technology for complex types of cutting. In most cases, porcelain tile and natural stone are used to finish stairs, which means that there is a need to manufacture various notches on standard plates, rounding of the ends, removal of the chamfer, etc. In the manufacture of additional elements of the cladding: steps, skirting boards, additional parts, only hydraulic cutting of porcelain tiles is used.