Ignition adjustment of the Partner 350 chainsaw

ignition, adjustment, partner, chainsaw

Video review of determining a malfunction using a multimeter

Ignition faults

Most often, we think about repairs after the chainsaw has stopped starting, or there are visual signs of serious damage.

Determination of fault location:

First of all, it is necessary to inspect the spark plug, if or a lot of soot has accumulated on it, then the cause of the malfunction is most likely associated with the operation of the carburetor, piston group or fuel quality. If the candle visually looks good, it is not thrown and it is dry. make sure there is a spark.

ignition, adjustment, partner, chainsaw
  • Unscrew the plug, put the ignition cable on it;
  • Using pliers with insulated handles, press the candle thread to the motor housing;
  • Pull the starter handle sharply and check for a spark;

If there is no spark, replace the spark plug with a new one and test again. After making sure that there is a spark, we start the engine. But what if there is no spark even on a working spark plug? We continue to search:

  • We test the electrical cable for breakage and insufficient contact with the spark plug. We check the serviceability of the spring in the candlestick cap and the presence of contact with the armored cable;

It is best to use a tester to check the integrity of the wiring.

  • We check the gap between the ignition module and the flywheel magnetic circuit. It should be no more than 0.3. 0.4 mm.

You can set the correct gap using a feeler gauge, they are not in short supply and are available for a small fee.

Chainsaw ignition step by step:

  • We diagnose a malfunction;
  • We dismantle the protective cover;
  • We remove the module with a candlestick and an electric cable. We carry out their visual inspection, if necessary, we replace them with a new one;
  • Install the ignition module, but do not tighten the fastening screws all the way;
  • Determine the area with the magnet on the flywheel;

  • We set the gap properly, in accordance with the parameters specified in the instruction manual;
  • We tighten the screws that secure the module to the stop, check the settings with a probe, and, if necessary, re-adjust;
  • Install the protective cover and check for a spark on the candle;
  • We screw in the candle, start the chainsaw;

Important: when repairing the ignition of a chainsaw, special attention should be paid to setting the correct gap between the module and the flywheel.

You should also check if the flywheel is clinging to the module with the counterweight. If this happens, you may have a bearing failure or a backlash on the shaft.

Yaroslav Stembitsky, 37 years old, Zhytomyr region

“The chainsaw did not start after the winter. I pulled the starter for a long time. the hand was tired, but it would not start. Then I guessed to unscrew the candle and check for a spark. it was muffled, there was nothing. He took off the protective cover, looked. the gap is normal. I collected everything, but it won’t start again. The day was digging until I figured out to check the contact on the candle. It turned out that the spring popped out. Why and when. I don’t know. “

Chainsaw ignition

A chainsaw, like any device powered by an internal combustion engine, has an ignition system. It is responsible for igniting the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinder. This occurs through the delivery of an electrical discharge that breaks through the space between the spark plug electrodes.

It is clear that without fuel ignition, no engine will start and will not work. However, the problem is not only this: the quality of the chainsaw depends on how accurately the ignition is set. In other words, fuel ignites on time or at the wrong time. Therefore, the chainsaw with knocked down settings needs to be repaired. The troubleshooting can be entrusted to an experienced mechanic, but you can repair the ignition of the chainsaw with your own hands.

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Important: new chainsaws are supplied with adjusted ignition, there is no need to disassemble and assemble the tool immediately after purchase.

Some Chinese chainsaws come with low-quality spark plugs. it may make sense to have several spark plugs included. In our review, we will introduce you to the device and how the ignition system works, its main problems and how to fix them.

Constructive components

All gasoline two-stroke engines have a similar operating principle, and therefore the ignition system in them has a typical structure and device.

ignition, adjustment, partner, chainsaw

Chainsaw ignition device:

  • Magneto: a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, provides a current impulse to the spark plug of the chainsaw;
  • Spark plug: designed to ignite the fuel-air mixture, through a discharge that occurs between the electrodes;
  • Electric cable;
  • Engine shutdown button.

There are spark plugs, arc plugs, incandescent plugs and catalytic plugs. Chainsaw devices use spark plugs for 2-stroke engines. A schematic diagram of the ignition of a chainsaw is shown in the image.

Video review determining a malfunction using a multimeter

Constructive components

All gasoline two-stroke engines have a similar operating principle, and therefore the ignition system in them has a typical structure and device.

Ignition adjustment

People who have a Partner-350 have seen that ignition adjustments are performed quite frequently. At the first start, an idle run must be checked for its implementation, it is necessary to turn the screw, which is responsible for adjusting the idle speed, clockwise. Once it has cooled down, it should be turned counterclockwise 4.5 turns. If, after the specified manipulations, the engine runs without rotating the chain, everything is in order. Otherwise, you need to contact a service center, as working with such a saw can be dangerous.

Signs of a faulty ignition:

  • The chainsaw starts, but works unevenly (troit), sneezes and shoots often;
  • The power of the chainsaw has dropped noticeably;
  • With a sharp press on the throttle trigger, dips in the engine are observed;
  • The chainsaw does not start well on a cold one, strongly troit until it warms up;
  • Fuel consumption has increased significantly;

If such flaws appear in the operation of your chainsaw, then it’s time to diagnose, adjust, and possibly repair the ignition system.

Ignition faults

Most often, we think about repairs after the chainsaw has stopped starting, or there are visual signs of serious damage.

Ignition adjustment

As we have already noted, you can adjust the ignition system both in the workshop and at home. To do this, you need ordinary wrenches, a screwdriver and a 0.4 mm dipstick (you can make a dipstick with your own hands from scrap materials. plain copier paper, a plastic bottle, etc.).

Chainsaw ignition adjustment

Chainsaw Partner 350: malfunctions and their elimination

One of the main features of this saw, its users note the durability of operation with a minimum number of failures. And yet they do happen. To determine why the saw stopped working, you need to make an elementary diagnosis.

If the saw does not start, then:

  • there is no spark on the candle;
  • no fuel is supplied;
  • no air coming in.

First, check for the presence of a spark: by unscrewing the spark plug, connecting it to the high-voltage wire and placing it on the cylinder, pull the starter. If there is a spark, then clean and adjust the spark plug gap (0.5. 0.65 mm). If it is not there, then you need to change: either the flywheel or the coil (magneto). In addition, the candle itself may fail or the high-voltage wire may break.

The next step is to check the fuel supply. To do this, disconnect the feed hose from the carburetor and check for its presence. Absence may mean that the fuel filter or supply system is clogged. And the carburetor itself may become clogged.

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If you have no experience in repairing and cleaning it, entrust this work to specialists.

If the air supply deteriorates, the saw should start, but it will not work well. Remove and wash the air filter. Put it back in place only after it is completely dry.

Partner S55, first run after modifiying the connections to IIDA’s ignition unit.

If the saw starts well, runs at idle speed and stalls when gas is applied, the muffler is most likely clogged. Take off, disassemble, wash, put back and work on.

Easily do it yourself, you can also change the bar and chain, carburetor, starter, oil pump, ignition and clutch.

Here is a video of the complete disassembly of this saw:

And you will be quite capable of replacing the torn starter cable after watching this video:

We recommend that you entrust more complex chainsaw repairs related to replacing the cylinder-piston group or crankshaft with specialists, although if you are familiar with two-stroke engines, then this work will not be difficult for you, and spare parts for Partner chainsaws are not in short supply in Russia.

To enlarge a picture, click on its thumbnail.

We advise you to regularly monitor the health of the safety group: brake and chain catcher. Remember that the saw must be thoroughly cleaned of small chips. It can not only clog the technological holes in the oil pump and other places, but also interfere with the operation of the brake.

Operating instructions for PartnerŠ° 350

In this manual, you will find not only a detailed description of the saw, but also the basic techniques of working with the tool.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this chainsaw can operate on AI95 or AI92 gasoline with the addition of oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 1:50

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Bearing diagnostics

When diagnosing the chainsaw, it is necessary to check the crankshaft bearings for play. To do this, you need to shake the flywheel up and down. If there is a backlash, then the bearings must be replaced.

Also, do not forget to check the crankshaft connecting rod play. To do this, the piston must be locked in the upper position and little by little the flywheel must be swayed from left to right, imitating its natural movement. If there is any backlash, the Partner 350 crankshaft must be replaced.

Diagnostics of the Partner 350 chainsaw

Correct determination of the malfunction is already more than half of the repair. In case of malfunctions associated with the fact that the saw does not start, the essence of the diagnosis is to check the spark and the presence of fuel in the cylinder, since there is either nothing to burn in the chainsaw, or there is nothing to ignite.

So let’s get started!

What do you need?

  • First, the instruction manual for the device itself.
  • Secondly, the tachometer. What exactly we need it for, we will consider a little later.
  • Third. a screwdriver.

Oddly enough, that’s all we need.

To get started, carefully familiarize yourself with the construction of your saw. The first thing you need to do is determine where the carburetor jets are, and even more importantly the jets, the adjusting screws. Usually, there should be two to three screws. One of them regulates idle speed, and the other two. low and high.

It is them that you will need to adjust, either twist or unscrew in order to enrich or deplete the fuel mixture.

ignition, adjustment, partner, chainsaw

If you need to deplete the mixture, then simply turn the regulator clockwise, if it is enriched, then accordingly.

To adjust the idle speed, the screw that is responsible for this must also either be turned clockwise in order to increase the speed, or, you guessed it, in the opposite direction to decrease them.

But I want to warn you, be careful when adjusting the carburetor. Therefore, like leaning and enriching the fuel mixture, as well as playing with the speed of revolutions, it has very serious consequences.

And now let’s take a look at the features of adjustment on different models, both more modern and domestic, and more familiar to us.

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Chainsaw device Partner 350

Chainsaws Partner 350 is equipped with a reliable 2-stroke petrol engine with a power of 1.3 kW. The engine is equipped with an efficient forced air system, which enables the internal combustion engine to operate in the most difficult weather conditions. The engine includes an electronic ignition system and a durable fuel pump, which makes starting the chainsaw smoother and faster. The piston group and the engine cylinder are coated with liquid chromium. this protects the internal combustion engine from corrosion and prolongs its service life.

The manufacturer has provided a fuel primer for manual pumping of fuel in the model device. This makes it possible to use the tool throughout the year. The drum of the starter mechanisms of the model is equipped with an impeller that automatically cleans the starter from dirt.

The model is equipped with an operator protection system. It consists of a right-hand guard and a double inertia brake. The chain is lubricated automatically by an oil pump. To tension the chain, an asterisk is provided in the side of the chainsaw, for adjustment of which 2 keys are required.

An improved filter is included in the package for air purification. equipped with CCS system. It extends the life of the filter and makes it possible to save fuel.

All internal mechanisms and parts of the tool are protected by a reliable plastic case. It is able to withstand falls from small trees and accidental impacts on foreign objects.

The Partner 350 stands out for its ergonomics. It is equipped with two rubberized grips at the front and rear. Switches and adjustment buttons are located at the back of the tool, next to the operator’s hands.

When You May Need Adjustment

With proper operation, a good Stihl 180 chainsaw (or any other) should serve you well for a long time. But everything happens.

The most common reasons are:

  • Loose fixing screws
  • The engine was worn out (in this case, adjusting this chainsaw, like Goodluck, or Sturm, will only help for a while, ideally it is better to immediately carry it for repair)
  • The carburetor is clogged (in this case, it will also have to be cleaned).

Chainsaw Partner 350 with Faults and their elimination. Malfunctions and their elimination

The Partner 350 chainsaw gets malfunctions mainly when the rules of operation are violated. Elimination of most problems requires experience with gasoline-powered tools, knowledge of the principles of operation of two-stroke engines.

But, as practice shows, repairing a chainsaw with your own hands is possible even in the field. The main thing is to correctly diagnose the cause of the breakdown before repairing, so as not to do unnecessary work and not aggravate the situation.

Breakage of a new tool is most often associated with the fuel system, and a saw that has already worked for a long time, having worn parts, can make it very difficult to find a malfunction.

Therefore, it is important to make adjustments and preventive maintenance in a timely manner, so that later you do not repair yourself in unsuitable conditions.

Fuel check

The first sign that the cylinder is not getting fuel is a dry spark plug. Having found a dry candle, the next thing to do to more accurately determine the malfunction is to try to start the Partner 350 chainsaw, pouring no more than 5 ml of gasoline into the cylinder through the spark plug hole. If the chainsaw does not start after that, then most likely there is no compression in it or it is not enough to start the engine. Causes:

Partner 351 chainsaw fails,fixed bad starting.

  • CPG wear;
  • heat seizure of the cylinder or piston;
  • seizure due to foreign body entering the CPG.

If, after the gasoline was poured under the candle, the saw started up, then the problem is in the carburetor or the fuel line of PartnerŠ° 350. It is necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of the fuel system.