Installation of a disk on a corner grinder for metal. Cutting moldings

How to properly and safely remove (install) a disk from a corner grinder?

When rotating at idle, it is difficult to encounter such a problem. Especially when working with light circles and tools with a smooth start function. However, after increasing speed and contact with the cut surface, the following occurs:

  • In the event of the resistance of the material in the circle, the angular speed of rotation is sharply reduced, it inhibits.
  • The inertia engine continues to work at the previous speeds for several moments, carrying the gearbox and spindle.
  • The fixer nut inertia is more tightened along the thread of the spindle head, thereby impressing the detachment disk.

Everything, the process of delaying the fixing flange is completed. an abnormal situation on the face. The following factors influence its occurrence:

  • Large circle.
  • High tool power.
  • The massiveness of the rotor.
  • Sharp increase in cutting depth, t.e. Increased resistance.

In this case, it can be very difficult to remove a disk from an angular grinder. It is necessary to take additional measures.

How to play it safe

If the problem of excessive self.tightening of the nut has already occurred, then it is possible to prevent a repetition of this situation, you can in three ways that have a different degree of effectiveness:

You can also simultaneously apply several of these methods.

Owners of low.power (up to 1800 watts) and light angular grinding machines should not worry. Such a problem does not threaten them.

How is it correct?

Dry, after the next dispute. from which side to put the disk on the “corner grinder”. I decided to speak out on this subject in writing, in my opinion this question is quite interesting.And to the same in the future, than once again breed demagogy, it is better to just throw a link to this entry.I work in the workshop (mainly power tools) and I see that quite often they wear corner grinders with “jammed” disks. It happens so that you have to disassemble the gearbox and holding the driven gear in a vice to unscrew the nut with a healthy gas key.It is interesting that the nuts seize only on cars, which have a disk installed on the right, that is, “spark” from the machine. If we take into account that under the normal load the moment on the spindle is small, then such a bad self.fitting should not occur in any way, but it happens, why?. due to shock loads that when installing the disk on the right is generally a common phenomenon.Why is this easier to explain on such an example (laziness to draw). we start a motorcycle, and, holding it behind the wheel, try to arrange a slip of the leading (rear) wheel. So the most full analogy with a sharp ear with the disk “from ourselves” will be if we hold the steering wheel standing in front of the motorcycle. Try it, you will definitely like it. If you like to cut “from yourself”, then you will like it for sure.Here is an important reservation. the higher the support and shorter the base, the more interesting the effect.And yet, the center of the masses of the Ushmki and the hands that hold it is above the cutting plane (or rather a vector of power), this is what leads to strong jerks, and as a result, often to breakdowns and trauma, it turns out that the work of a corner grinding “from itself” is something that is something Type of dangerous driving with slipping on the verge of “getting up on a goat”.

Now how it will be if the disk stands on the left and “spark” under the ear: we take the front.wheel drive motorcycle, fuck it fuck it, turn on the program and, holding the trunk we admire how wonderful the front wheel skills. It is the beating (cuts in the analogy) and not “sits” to the point of support, increasing the clutch and trying to raise the steering wheel, as with the rear.wheel drive.That is, it turns out that as a “front.wheel drive option” system is more stable and predictable, even if we click on the steering wheel from above.Well, somehow maybe idiotic, but figuratively.

I cut somehow a couple of months ago a rail sticking out under the ceiling, cut one standing on a stool with a hefty corner grinder on 2.2 kW, to the same with a protective casing removed (well, there is no way with it!).If it cut “from himself”-he would kill him, and more than once.

How to change a disk on a corner grinder? Step-by-step instruction

To work with the corner grinder, you must first install, and after that, if necessary, change the disk on the corner grinder.

Often with this simple procedure, some beginners and not only beginners can arise of various difficulties.

Below is a detailed instructions for replacing a disk with a corner grinding machine.

To change the disk on the corner grinding, it is necessary to unscrew the fastener.

The fasteners, as a rule, goes with special grooves, and you can unscrew it only by the corresponding key, which is usually included in each corner grinder.


On some corner grinder, ordinary nuts are installed as fasteners, which can be unscrewed with an open key.

To unscrew the fasteners in its grooves, you need to install the angular grinder key.

On the other side of the corner grinder, press the stop button to fix the rotor in a stationary state.

installation, disk, corner, grinder, metal, cutting

Next, you need to turn the key against the watch arrows.

So the fasteners are unscrewed, then the old disc changes to the new.

After installing the new disk, first the fastener is twisted with the hands, and in the end it is tightened with a key.

After all the manipulations described above, the corner grinder is “charged” with a new disk and you can start work.

In the case when there is no special key, to remove the disk and replace it with a new one, you can use improvised means, namely, use a large screwdriver or its analogue, for example, a dumb chisel or t.P.

Few people know about this function of the ANGLE GRINDER! Brilliant Invention!

The essence is the next, set the end of the screwdriver in the groove for a special key in the direction of unscrewing, we also fix the lock so that the disk does not spin, and with sharp, not very strong but sufficient force by blows on the back of the screwdriver, we unscrew the disk. Read the details in the article “How to unscrew the mounting nut on a corner grinding grinder without a key?””.

Which side to put a disk on an angular grinder

In most cases, abrasives for angular grinding grounds are installed in only one direction, but in the situation when working with stone or concrete, the process changes. Therefore, you need to consider these cases separately.

Depending on the situation, the disk is put in different ways

For metal

How to properly put a circle on a corner grinder. two factors affect:

  • A special label is glued on any abrasive, which shows the side that needs to be attached to an angular grinder. If the corner grinder works towards the manager, as it should be in most cases, then the disk must be installed with a label inside. When the corner grinder works in the opposite direction, the label is located on the outside.
  • Of course, you can put an abrasive by any side without paying attention to the label. But in this case, you need to expect unpredictable results, for example, disk breakdown.
installation, disk, corner, grinder, metal, cutting

Important! Experts assure that if you do not comply with the requirements of the disk installation, then the corner grinder will once jam, the disk may fly apart by damaging the operator working with the tool.

For other materials

When working with concrete or tree, the angular grinder should rotate the disk towards the person who holds the corner grinder. In this case, the label must be sent out. These are isolated cases, and in most other options, the grinding machine works aside the control.


It is worth immediately making a reservation that the roller and grinding wheels go hand in hand, and in many stores in the “type” parameter, the nozzle can be written: “Grinding disk”. In our article, we will divide this “couple” into two types. The pendants in this context are a nozzle to free the processed structure from the outer layer, for example, from rust. Distinguish such peeling nozzles:

Rittle discs. Rattle discs, like cord.shafts, can be flat and cup.shaped. They are intended to clean up welds and prepare metal surfaces for grinding.

What a carving on a corner grinder?

The corner grinding machine (corner grinding) has become an integral part of both home workshops and large enterprises. This is not surprising. High performance, wide functionality, a high number of revolutions on a spindle and a relatively low weight made an angular grinder leader in metal processing and other materials.

But progress does not stand still. New devices to expand the capabilities of the device are constantly on sale. One of these adapters allows you to install a clamping cartridge on a corner grinder. What will come of this and how to safely use such a tool is proposed to be considered in more detail in the context of this article.

  • The adapter device
  • Installation of a cartridge on a corner grinder
  • What you need to know about the corner grinder to use it together with the cartridge
  • Areas of the use of corner grinding machine
  • Safety precautions

The adapter device

The adapter itself does not represent a special constructive complexity. As a rule, it is embedded from the hexagon for the convenience of fixing with an open wrench when installing, and especially removal. On one side, the internal thread M14 is cut.

It is designed to wind up an outer thread of the corner grinding machine spindle. The other end is protected for the standard external thread M12 corresponding to the thread of the clamping cartridge.

A hole is drilled from the end and the left thread is cut under the bolt for additional fastening.

Attention! The standard of cartridge thread M12, although the most common, is far from the only. When choosing an adapter, pay attention to the marking of the selected cartridge, at least you can come across a couple more standard threads: M12 × 1.25 and 1/2. 20 UF.

There are also conical transitions drill. corner grinding for appropriate cartridges with conical fixation.

Installation of a cartridge on a corner grinder

To install the cartridge on an angular grinder, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • An adapter is screwed on the “naked” spindle of the angular grinding machine
  • At the other end of the adapter, the cartridge is wound
  • Previously dismissing the lip of the slope of the drill, a bolt of additional fixation is screwed up. This operation is convenient to carry out a screwdriver with a magnetized tip.

Note! All threaded connections should immediately be squeezed well. Since the system is “self.settled” during rotation, it is necessary to exclude free thread on the thread during the starting jerk.

The main difference between the two sides of the circle

Two surfaces are well distinguishable on any cutting disk. One of them (back) plain, formed by abrasive material. A label containing basic information about the characteristics of the disk is glued to the second (front). But the main distinguishing feature of two surfaces is the presence on the front side of the metal ring.

A metal washer (ring) is designed to protect the integrity of the disk when it is tightened with a mobile flanger nut, as well as to increase the area of ​​the supporting surface. In addition, the metal washer does not allow to “click” the cutting circle to the surface of the nut, which greatly facilitates the process of replacing it.

Advantages of installing a disc with a ring to an angular grinder

The programmed direction of rotation do not have cut circles. Therefore, it does not matter which side of their installation will be carried out. But as mentioned above, the installation of the circle with the front side faces the process of replacing it (it is much more difficult to unscrew the nut on the abrasive side). In addition, such an installation provides several more advantages.

Warranty of a flat installation on the shaft

The metal ring increases the area of ​​the support. Therefore, when the disk is installed on the shaft and its tightening begins, the pressure is distributed evenly. This guarantees a flat landing of the cutting circle and reduces the likelihood of damage due to distortion.

Convenience to install a disk

The installation of the abrasive circle with the front side provides another advantage. you will always visually see which nozzle (on metal or stone) is installed at the moment on the corner grinder. They are not interchangeable and with an error there is a high probability of serious consequences. For example, when trying to use a cutting disk for metal, it is possible to destroy and trauma the formed pieces of the master. Therefore, the installation of an abrasive circle by the label will provide not only convenience, but also the safety of work.

Instructions instructions

In the instructions to many angle grinders, for example, for Metabo WP 850, it is clearly indicated that “a metal flange for abrasive cutting should fit the supporting flange”. Manufacturers are not in vain give such recommendations, as they provide safe work with the tool, reduce the risk of serious injuries to the master.

Picture up or down: how to put a disk on a corner grinder correctly

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The dispute about which side you need to put on a disk on the corner grinding of, in its acuity and popularity can easily compete with the most acute historical, political, automobile and football issues in the republics of the former Soviet Union. But what the manufacturers themselves think about this? Maybe the answer all these years was hidden in the operating manual, which, as you know, no one reads.

If you look into the operating manual of the corner grinder, then there the craftsman will not be able to find any intelligible answer to the question of which side you need to put the disk on an angular grinder-the picture up or down. Considering how many discussions this fact causes, it is just right to ask the question: why such an important thing was not spelled out in the main technical document for tool users?

In fact, the answer to this question is very trivial. The leaderships do not write anything about how to put the disk of corner grinding, because it does not matter. If the design of the disk allows you to put it this way and that way, then you can do this in any way. The option of installing a disk does not have a serious effect on safety and performance. For the same reason, there is no information about the “correctness” of the installation of the disk of the corner grinder of the corner grinding in the GOST, nor in the TU or in foreign EN.

installation, disk, corner, grinder, metal, cutting

Corner grinding disks manufacturers say that the structure of the abrasive circle is evenly and equally in working properties and composition. At the same time, different companies give different tips on how, in their opinion, it will be better to put discs. These tips change depending on what logic is guided by the master. Most often, they advise you to put the disk so that the employee can always and easily see what exactly the corner grinder is “armed” right now. At the same time, companies add that strict norms and recommendations for the correct installation of the disk do not exist.

installation, disk, corner, grinder, metal, cutting

Manufacturers also recommend putting out the outburst of those considerations that the paint of the picture allows to provide additional protection of the tool from the exposure of the clamping nut, thus acting as a protective laying. However, this does not affect the working qualities of the tool.

And here is an interesting video from our channel:

In the continuation of the topic, read about 5 things that should be understood about the battery corner grinder (which they will not be said in the store).

How to put a disk on a corner grinder correctly?

In order to correctly put the disk on the corner grinder, it is worth noting that the disk is installed on the corner grinder spindle using a special clamping flange with M14 thread. Let’s take a closer look at how to remove a disk from a corner grinder. In order to unscrew the disk from the corner grinder, you first need to dismantle the flange. Especially for such purposes, manufacturers complete the corner grinder with a special track key. It has a specific form. The pins located on the horns of this key are inserted into the specially provided holes on the flange.

cutting disc safety basics-How to properly use an angle grinder with cutting disc

To unscrew the flange, fix the spindle. To do this, clamp the lock, which is usually the button on the upper part of the case. When pressing, the codium is placed in the hole of the ledge of the gearbox, and this, in turn, prevents its rotation. Next, we insert the keypads of the key into the specially provided holes on the flange, by clicking on the latch, it is necessary to simultaneously turn counterclockwise and shift the flange from the place. If the manipulations were successful and the flanet succumbed, you can unscrew it with your hand and put it aside.

Now we dismantle the disk. Often, in the process of intensive work with the tool on the inside of the protective casing, a certain plaque of small particles of metal and abrasive material is formed. For optimal, stable and durable operation of the corner grinder, remove the lower part of the flange and clean the casing with a steel brush.

Corner grinder is a simple and useful tool for home or professional use. The most common problem while working with it is the bite of the nut that holds the disk. You can cope with this with the help of mechanical exposure to the mechanism (attacks on mounting, using a lever and stealing a disk), and chemical methods. processing threads with oil or a solvent of rust.

This simple operation sometimes at a standstill of even experienced locksmiths or users of corner grinder. The reason is that the disk is fixed by a special nut. There are 2 or 4 holes on the nut, into which a special key is inserted. This key has always been attached when buying a corner grinder. Perhaps he is still included in the sets.

According to the instructions for the corner grinder, click on the latch, which is located on the back of the gearbox. When the shaft is fixed, you need to unscrew the nut with a special key and change the disk. But it is difficult to promote the nut if it was not squeezed. And pinches it with such a nut almost always. An attempt to unscrew the disk leads to a breakdown of the fixator outside the gearbox.

The old cabinet with the Soviet past turned into a beautiful cabinet in the Scandinavian style!

Good day! I remember well that in my grandmother’s apartment, the subject of special pride was a bulky varnished set of pr-va Czechoslovakia, in the common people known as the wall. In Soviet times, this wall was the subject of luxury, because it, and some owners are completely given to it. In today’s post I will tell you how to give the old tuma of the USSR a second life and “make it” with an interior in the style of Scande.

The first thing we will get rid of. This is a brilliant varnished coating that looks very incurred. First, I completely jumped off all the old varnish/paint from the parts where I was veneer and covered with new varnish in the color of the Oak. I just blocked the varnished doors with chalk paint “Remor” in a graphite shade.

Humpbacked is not only firewood! Profitable and practical material for construction

Today, any building material goes into business with great enthusiasm. And the concepts of “construction garbage” and “construction waste” are less and less found in everyday life. As the saying goes: “Gol to fiction is cunning”. Hump ​​-up is also a waste. And this natural and suitable “woodworking departure” in skillful hands can be an excellent alternative to a trimming board, while winning a lot of cost.

Here we have purchased such a mountain (about 20 cubic meters) several years ago for 7000 now, looking at in our region (p. Khakassia) I found that the cost is held at about 17,000 for the same volume. And not surprisingly: the whole forest took off in price at least twice. However, this is still much cheaper than an uneducated and, moreover, trimming boards.

Most often, heavily acquires for firewood. And I used to be sure that he could not have any other worthy use. When we brought a full truck of such a board, my husband and I began to sort them by size and quality. And the longer we did it, the more packs with business croach became more and more, and there were very thin, broken or too thick specimens on firewood. And there were many very beautiful specimens suitable for both the manufacture of furniture and the creation of various decorative elements for the house and garden, especially if you remove the bark.