Installation of Lifan engine on a single-axle tractor Cascade

Chinese models

Not all engines made in China are badly assembled. On the contrary, some options are able to surprise users with efficiency. It is also important to understand that in most ready-made devices there is exactly a Chinese motor. There are several reasons for this popularity:

  • Not bad reliability;
  • Low price;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Some models are distinguished by their versatility;
  • If any insignificant part will break, it can always be replaced.

So if a person is limited in the budget, you can buy a similar version, there is nothing wrong with it.

Engine for the Neva MB-1 motorblock

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Applying the technique in agriculture, you can significantly reduce energy and time costs. The most popular and functional modification remains the MB-1.

Release of the engine dates back to 1984, but even today the motor does not lose its leading position. With its help, you can plow, cultivate, loosen the soil, cultivate rows, mow the lawn, remove snow and perform many other works.

The engine is equipped with a gearbox with high traction capability. This technological move allowed to achieve an excellent level of performance with minimal power consumption.

Independently separate left and right wheels, which allows separate disconnection of torque. This increases the maneuverability of the power tiller.

The Ural single-axle tractor

The Ural-UMP-5V first began to be sold in the country just before its global redistribution at the dawn of the 1990s. Since many people needed power tillers as a convenient and cheap technical tool, so it became very popular in the USSR. Just a few years its sales have reached the figure of 150 thousand. units. Such popularity of the power tiller was promoted by the optimal combination of its characteristics.

Developers have been able to combine the high performance of the power tiller, which has been achieved by a 5 hp gasoline engine that accelerates it to a speed of 15 km/h, combined with enough battery power to handle up to 2 hectares of arable land. In addition, the unit could carry loads weighing up to half a ton.

The power tiller has a wide adjustable ground clearance, which allows operating the device on different types of plots. But it is worth noting that the base model of the “Ural” is not particularly versatile. It can only be used for carrying loads and cultivating the land. It is impossible to mow grass, remove trash or snow with such equipment, because such features are not provided. But if you independently remake the design, adding the necessary fasteners, you can expand its functionality.

The model is implemented by the scheme of power transfer to the wheels by means of a differential. Some versions use foreign high-powered engines, but the most popular are local versions because of the availability of spare parts, proper documentation and durability of operation.

Chinese engine on Cascade | author of this topic: Nikolay

Good day to all! I install the new engine Lifan 168 on my old Cascade shaggy year, but what I can not figure out how to connect the throttle cable. Help me out here.

Xenia Not all gardeners understand mechanics I still don’t know what a Cascade is? Tractor?

Gregory When my Texas Lilli engine broke down, I had to send it in for repair, and I had to plow. The plot was catastrophically overgrown with weeds. I was suggested to install Chinese TG engine. The repairman had to connect the throttle cable in the opposite direction so the throttle was maxed out when the throttle trigger was in the “stop” position. When the BriggsStratton was repaired and the TG, on the other hand, started malfunctioning. I put the BriggsStratton back in its original place. How to hook up the cable. I didn’t remember, and now I just move the throttle lever on the engine, not with a cable, just with my hand. It doesn’t cause much inconvenience. is not a car, there is no need to smoothly regulate the throttle during operation, the regulator comes in only two positions. it’s either “full throttle” or “stop”.

Ivan. if you give it full throttle, you just won’t catch up with it. We’re in 2nd gear at idle on the Neva with the Subaru engine

Cascade single axle tractor: main technical characteristics

The basis of any modification of Cascade motor-blocks are four main structural units. the power plant, undercarriage, steering and transmission. The power plant includes the engine and systems dependent on it. As previously mentioned, all models of Cascade motor blocks are equipped with local and foreign-made engines (more details about them below).

Rigid frame, wheels (optionally available with pneumatic or steel wheels with ball-bearing shoes) and couplings. An undoubted advantage is the possibility to adjust the track width. For ease of use and storage a special support foot is installed at the front of the power tiller.

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The drive train includes an reinforced chain reducer, clutch and gearbox. Gearbox is a four-speed gearbox with two forward and two reverse speeds. This positively affects the maneuverability of the machine. Gearbox is robust and resistant to vibration and mechanical damage thanks to its output shaft mounted on large diameter bearings.

The control system is represented by the steering wheel and the actual control levers (clutch, throttle, brake, gearbox). The Cascade steering wheel is adjustable in the vertical plane, which guarantees optimal adjustment for the operator’s convenience. Comfortable steering wheel placement provides stress-free operation and improved maneuverability. The steering comfort is further increased by the fact that all control levers, except for the gear lever, are placed directly on the steering wheel.

Repair and maintenance of power tillers Cascade is not difficult, because spare parts for it are freely available. To avoid damage and prolong the life of your machine, follow these simple rules

  • Carry out running-in in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual;
  • Monitor the condition of the ignition system, carry out its regular adjustment and cleaning;
  • Monitor carefully the operation of the gearbox;
  • Keep an eye on the level and quality of oil and fuel;
  • Do not exceed the permissible loads on the machine.

And, of course, do not forget to refer to the instruction manual. the manufacturer is always accessible and informative gives them all the necessary information.

Design features

Cascade” motor-blocks have 4 main components for control and movement. These are:

Устанавливаю на минитрактор двигатель Lifan с КПП ВАЗ. #1

The undercarriage consists of a frame and drive wheels. There are also additional units that transmit torque from the motor to the wheels. The unit is equipped with powerful wheels with large tread, which allows the use of the device even on heavy soils.

The transmission is reliable and transmits torque from the engine to the wheels, being an integral part of the turning unit. The torque is transmitted by means of gears and chains, and the box itself has four speeds and is mounted in a special unit on the frame. A large number of models also have a rear speed, which allows you to increase the maneuverability of the machine.

This is controlled by the clutch handle, with which the choke on the carburetor can be adjusted, increasing or decreasing the engine rpm. Also, the clutch handle is used to lock the wheels when it is necessary to turn to one side or the other. The steering wheel can be adjusted to the user’s height and other parameters.

With these features it is easy to operate the tiller, even when working continuously on the patch.

To ensure that the machine runs smoothly for the entire period of use, it is necessary after purchase to make a running-in and constantly add fresh oil to the box and engine.

Using high-quality fuel is also important. If these rules are not followed, the machine can fail over time and becomes unsuitable for use.

Installation of the Chinese engine on the Cascade single axle tractor

Modern tillage has very different characteristics from a century ago. Now it’s hard to imagine plowing soil without specialized equipment. The most common attachments are power tillers. Among them, a special niche occupied units Cascade. The engine on a single-axle tractor Cascade consists of several important components:

Motor DM-1, which is equipped with motor blocks Cascade, has a number of differences in different variations. The main difference is the use of compulsory lubrication of the connecting rod head to increase the life of the motor. After understanding the design, you can assemble a Cascade engine for a power tiller with your own hands. But this requires the right knowledge and, of course, equipment.

Engine assembly

To understand which engine for a Cascade power tiller is better, you need to decide on the tasks and the amount of load to be performed. The volume and power of the unit will depend on this.

Before you start assembling, you need to remove dirt on all parts and components. Also it is necessary to lubricate the main elements. Then follows the installation of the cylinder block in the working space. For this purpose it is necessary to insert the crankshaft into the bearing of the block support.

You will need a mandrel to crimp the rings while installing the piston. If you don’t have one, you can use tin strips and pliers. It is important to make sure that the piston rings do not jam in its grooves. To do this you need to put the compression rings with a key deflection of 180 degrees. But the wiper ring needs to be at a 90 degree angle.

The next step is to follow this sequence:

  • Engage the bottom head of the connecting rod on the crankshaft journals;
  • put the connecting rod cap and oil splitter on;
  • put on the lockwasher and tighten as follows: 155 Nm (at the beginning) and 252 Nm;
  • (at the end);
  • then it is sufficient to tighten the tabs on the lockwasher;
  • tappets must be installed in the cylinder block. You need to turn the cylinder sideways to prevent them from falling out.

Further craftsmen are interested in the question. how to put a mark on the engines of power tillers Cascade? To do this, just place the camshaft so that the mark placed on one of the teeth of the crankshaft pinion aligns with the same mark on the camshaft pinion socket.

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When cranking the shaft, you should make sure that the spinning of the centrifugal regulator pinion occurs easily and without hitches. Now it’s time to put the cylinder head in place, not forgetting the gasket. Gradually you need to tighten the bolts on the cover. The final step will be the installation of the key on the cone of the crankshaft, as well as the connection of the flywheel and its washer.

A variety of engines for the motorblock Cascade

The mechanic design of the Cascade motor block is quite complex. Therefore, the best option will be to buy and install a ready-made motor. The motor supplied may be Chinese or other well-known manufacturers. The main thing is to pay attention to the quality of assembly and technical specifications.

Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the tiller. Timely maintenance and repair will allow you to use the engine at full power for as long as possible.

Installing the Chinese engine on a single axle tractor beam

Automechanic, specializes in C / agricultural equipment One of the most common technical devices that help farmers in planting and harvesting is the Cascade single axle tractor. The machines of this Russian brand have established themselves as reliable, durable and long-lived products.

Motorcycles are very convenient to use. They have a steering wheel that is adjustable horizontally and in height. The center of gravity is close to the ground, which reduces the effort of tilling the soil.

These power tillers are one of the most practical

Installation of a lifan motor on a single axle tractor agro

Agro power tillers are widely used by farmers and landowners. They help with plowing, harrowing, mowing unwanted plants, and they can even be adapted to snow removal and transportation of various loads.

These units are made in Ufa since 1999. The main feature is that the engines for the equipment are made in Russia, which significantly reduces the cost. The Agro single axle tractor in most cases is equipped with UMZ 341 engine, the repair of which is facilitated by the fact that the engine is designed right here in the factory. Great reliability and good power is perfectly combined with the simplicity of the process of controlling the unit. Significant weight and high traction provide excellent help in replacing manual labor with machinery.

Motorcycles can save you time and effort

How to choose the engine

To choose the right engine for your Argo single axle tractor, you need to know the basic specifications of the unit for the compatibility of the motor and other components:

  • The body has a length of 180 centimeters, a width of 85, and a height of 110 cm. The ground clearance reaches 25 cm and you can turn within a radius of 1.2 meters.
  • Weight of the device when assembled is about 160 kilograms.

Important! Such significant dimensions make it difficult to transport to the future work site.

Find the right engine for your power tiller. The engines are made from the outset to be of good quality because the machines are often subjected to tough conditions and heavy loads. The lubrication system has been improved. Previously oil was splashed, but now the method has been developed, in which the lubricant is supplied by a specially designed pump to reduce the friction of the main contacting parts. The oil is first cleaned in a filter.

Engine UMZ-341 for power tillers Agro. technical characteristics, instructions, troubleshooting

In 1999. JSC “Ufa Engine-Building Production Association” started production of a new generation carbureted engine UMZ. 341, developed by the plant specialists. This single-cylinder, four-stroke, 8-hp engine has an output of 8.0 liters and an output of 1,000 lb.с. By all parameters it meets the best world analogues, and in Russia it simply has no equals. It was originally created for a power tiller “Agros”.

The official site of the engine manufacturer UMZ 341.

Engine for power tiller Agro UMZ-341. instruction manual download

Engine parts catalog UMZ-341 and UMZ-341E. download

To switch the engine to gasoline Ai-92 it is necessary to replace A11-3 spark plug with A17B one and adjust the ignition advance angle, shifting it by 2 degrees counter-clockwise.

Guidelines for the transfer of the engine UMZ. 341 and its modifications to gasoline Ai-92 / Ai-80 from the manufacturer download (this information from the site of the manufacturer)

Detailed technical characteristics of the UMZ-341 engine

Engines are designed to operate under the following conditions:

UMZ-341 and UMZ-341E engines are single-cylinder, four-stroke, gasoline, carburetor engine with overhead valves, spark ignition, horizontal engine shaft, tilt cylinder, has a centrifugal all-mode rpm regulator balancing the shaft.

UMZ-341 engine is designed to be installed on UMPO Agro power tillers, supplied to the domestic market and for export to countries with temperate climate

UMZ-341 E engine is based on the base model UMZ-341 and designed for a drive of AB-4 motor-generator.

UMZ-341 carburetor adjustment

Adjust the engine carburetor in case of unstable engine operation

1 Start the engine and warm it up without load for 2 to 3 minutes.

2 Turn the idle stroke adjusting screw 8 (Figure 3) to a position, at which the engine starts to run unsteadily slowly screwing the screw in to achieve stable, uninterrupted operation of the engine

3 Turning the stop screw 10 set the throttle to the lowest opening position at which the engine stably operates at minimum idle speed, then turn the adjusting screw 12 to maximize engine speed. Adjust the regulated revolutions by the stop screw 10

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4 If the gasoline overflows through the carburetor float chamber it is necessary to remove the float chamber and check the condition of the float, shut-off needle, valve seat

Valve gap adjustment on the UMZ-341 engine

Adjustment of gaps between the valve and rocker arm should be performed on a cold engine in the following sequence

Reinstall the cylinder head and starter caps, securing them with nuts.

Note: For more accurate installation of the piston in the top dead center you must remove the fan cowl and align the mark “E” at the end of the flywheel with the pin “D” on the crankcase housing (Fig. 1 page H).

Here is the first list of possible problems and troubleshooting methods from the operator’s manual.

Engines for power tillers Agro

The power tillers of this trademark can be equipped with engines from various producers, both Russian and made abroad. All of them should have similar characteristics. Let’s look at the most popular ones.

In this video, we will look at the replacement of the engine at the Agro power tiller:

UMZ 341

This motor has one cylinder with four strokes. Fuel is gasoline. The carburetor is assumed to have a carburetor that has an upper valve arrangement. Ignition is carried out by means of a spark. The shaft is positioned horizontally, relative to the installation of the engine, and the cylinder is at a certain inclination. There is a speed regulator with several modes. Basic parameters:

  • Cylinder capacity of 333 ccm.
  • Power, depending on configuration, varies from 4 to 5.5 hp.с.
  • Non-contact ignition.
  • The air is cleaned with a dry filter.
  • Lubrication is carried out by the combined method.
  • Total weight of the engine is 35 kg.
  • Able to operate at temperatures from 40 to.20 degrees Celsius and relative humidity up to 98%.

This type of engine is the best for the Agro power tiller because


This is a more affordable Chinese version of the Japanese Honda engines. Models of this trademark can be perfectly combined with Agro power tillers. LIFAN motors guarantee:

  • Qualitative and tested assembly.
  • Reliability of all components.
  • Optimal ratio of weight and dimensions with machinery.
  • Long life without breakdowns when used properly, according to the included instructions.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

The device has a capacity of 11 liters.с., manual start system, has a large fuel tank with a capacity of 6.5 liters of gasoline. The unit weight is 33 kg.

, But for the money you get a quality and unpretentious helper.

Because the motor has a simple design, it is widely used not only in agriculture, but also for military equipment. This device is manufactured at the Ulyanovsk Engine Factory. Features:

  • Two cylinders.
  • Crank and distributor mechanism in the crankcase.
  • It is supposed to have a system of engine lubrication and cooling.
  • Gasoline with a low octane rating is used as fuel, resulting in a low output.
  • The weight of the structure is large, about 72 kg, which at a length of 55 cm, width. 48.5 cm and height. 55.5 cm makes it very difficult to transport the product.

, Which corresponds to the low price category.


This motor works on gasoline. a single-axle tractor with this device can be used not only for standard work in the fields, but also to help in snow clearing, mowing unwanted vegetation, harvesting potatoes and even transporting goods.

The engine has a capacity of 7 liters.With a volume of 212 cubic centimeters, has 3 speeds (2. front and 1. rear), four-stroke air-cooled.


Reviews about the Agro power tiller

Reviews of heavy power tillers Agro mostly positive. Suitable for small gardens and small orchards, but also for medium-sized farms. Special equipment is easy to operate and unpretentious. The machine requires little physical effort on the part of the operator to till the soil, because the powerful engine steadily moves it in a given direction.

the special equipment perfectly copes with large areas of cultivation and transportation of goods. It is no coincidence that the Agro is considered a professional power tiller. The model may well replace a minitractor.

Wide range of mounted implements helps to considerably expand possibilities of a power tiller. However, some owners still consider it insufficient and complain about the lack of an electric drill, a rotary mower and a grass catcher. True, the Agro can work with homemade equipment, which solves many problems.

A limited-slip differential with automatic locking, together with large ground wheels provides an excellent all-terrain mobility.

One of the few parts in the Agro model that owners have complaints about is the carburetor. The single axle tractor is able to work in a variety of conditions and modes, but the carburetor is not able to support it. At medium speed or idle it works fine, but at high loads the rpm starts to “float”.

With fully adjusted footrest it is hard to attach implements or trailers to the Agro. Again, there are also certain problems with the fuel tank. This element is made with a flat bottom. It is very compact, but in certain operating conditions it does not supply fuel to the engine.