August 6, 2019

Insulate A Doghouse To Cold

Insulate A Doghouse To Cold

And rightly so, because who wants his pet to freeze in the cold? You can learn how to insulate a dog house for the winter in this article.

What materials and how to insulate the dog box for the winter?

If you decide to build a dog kennel and insulate it, it is better to use environmentally friendly natural materials, such as wood. But in the case when using plywood, you can build a booth with insulation. Make a frame under the outer skin of the kennel and put a heater inside it. You can insulate the booth, to which you can connect the electrical network, with the help of panel or film heaters.

Proper insulation of the dog house for the winter

In the winter booth it is necessary to eliminate leaks – to eliminate all the cracks in the roof and take care of the waterproofing of the roof before insulation. Before you sheathe a mineral wool booth it is necessary to cover the walls with film waterproofing. Arrangement of a warm floor in a dog booth means laying insulation and litter. The easiest method is to lay hay in a dog house. Sawdust dog in the booth is better to choose from cedar or pine. The material is soft, well absorbs moisture and drives away fleas. You can perform partial replacement of sawdust. How to close the entrance to the doghouse for the winter? To solve this issue, curtains and canopies of tarpaulin, rubber and thick woven materials are usually used.

Warming doghouse felt

Why should a dog be insulated booth? Do you hang the door to the booth? And inside, I steal an old baby blanket for the night, but I clean it for a day, because during the day the dog pulls it out. Booth can be covered with hay, as an option, with straw. You can also make a curtain on the passage to the kennel (but personally my dog ​​tears any curtain). Initially, her husband inside the booth beat up with foam.

Consider a few options and start with felt.

The main thing is to lay a vapor barrier and waterproofing.

Warming of the floor in the dog house

Minvatoy can be warmed dog kennel. Two-layer structures can be insulated with anything.

Turn the booth upside down and handle the material with special means to protect against moisture and parasites. Make the legs of thick boards to lift the building above the ground. Lay a layer of insulation on the roofing material, and then make a finishing hard floor of boards or plywood.

Polyfoam unlike mineral wool is not dusty and does not shrink. It can be laid on single-layer walls and floors, even without finishing. It should be borne in mind that the foam is afraid of the sun, from them it collapses.

The existing old dog box is not difficult to warm according to the above principle. Further, the old booth will serve as an internal contour, and a layer of insulation and exterior trim will be installed on top of it.

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The booth was made with two windproof walls and a small canopy. To prevent water from flowing into the walls between the boards, the gap from above is closed with a strip of suitable width. When facing the wall to which the windproof wall adjoins, the boards used whole ones – so the construction is more rigid.

Entrance to the dog booth

Shorthair dogs can winter in a booth, if the designs do not let the heat. Therefore, to reduce heat transfer, they are supplied with insulating material (insulation). Both can be used in the insulation of the booth. The first – brittle, combustible, absorbs moisture. It is used as a heater insulated in the cavity, covered with waterproofing. When insulating the existing large booth from the inside without disassembling it, just removing the roof, it is better to use expanded polystyrene. Before the cold, a cover of canvas or burlap is attached to the dog house outside. If snow falls from the sides, it doesn’t matter. Laying hay inward is not practical – replacing it with a non-removable roof cover will be a problem.

Make the entrance opening as small as possible. If necessary, reduce it with boards. Cover the entrance with a thick cloth curtain that attaches to the board nailed above.

Insulate A Doghouse To Cold

To, by the way, the dog box turned out without cracks, use a cut board, sometimes even grooved. Warm up with foam plastic, do not overdo it: it does not let air through, and if you hang a curtain on a manhole, the dog will stop sitting in the booth: there will not be enough air for it. This is how it turns out that the wind does not blow the dog’s box, and the entrance / exit is free.

Will the dog freeze in his kennel or does he have enough wool to keep warm? Of course, it is freezing, especially if it is not a long-haired breed, but also its dwelling (booth) also risks freezing, leaking or too airing.

If you insulate the booth with your own hands, then protect the device from moisture. The water in the booth gets from the snow, which the dog puts on its paws and wool.

Even the best quality insulation for dogs will be useless if the hole through which the animal enters its apartment will be open. Hanging the curtain is easiest. To do this, take a dense weave or thick polyethylene and fasten it over the inlet to the doghouse. It is possible to warm the dog box by building a vestibule – this is a much more efficient method. If there is a vestibule and a thick layer of scrapping, then in a warm winter you can do without additional insulation of the dog box.

To build a dog house is easy. Most often, the owner knocks a box out of the board, cuts a hole, and the doghouse is ready.

Inspect the roof of the booth. It must be sealed. But you need to deploy the booth so that it does not blow the wind. After each snowfall, check if the booth is inside. Entrance to the booth. If it is clearly great for a dog, it is better to reduce it. Putting hay in a booth is necessary so that the dog can arrange a “nest” in it.

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Only the entrance to the vestibule needs to be done on the other side, so that there is no direct entrance. For example, if your entrance to the booth looks to the north, then the entrance to the vestibule should look to the west or east. The body of the dog gives warmly box, and it is delayed.

Insulate A Doghouse To Cold

Mineral wool insulation

How to insulate a dog house for the winter with hay? This is a rather old method. A straw is also put inside, in which the dog makes a nest.

It is also possible to make insulation of a dog house with mineral wool with your own hands. But keep in mind that, compared with the previous version, this is more complex and time consuming.

Insulate A Doghouse To Cold

This material does not pose a danger to human health and pet, is resistant to moisture. It is one of the best thermal insulation products. It is attached to the inner surface of the booth. Usually use elastic polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam with a rigid structure is suitable for mounting on the outside of the kennel.

Warming the booth with mineral wool. Mineral wool is an excellent heater, however, due to the small size of the kennel, the process will be laborious. The layer of mineral wool will need to be waterproofed. Expert advice: a warming layer must be sheathed with a layer of plywood or RSD, otherwise the dog may simply destroy the insulation. Thermal insulation of the booth with felt.

After all, it is tightly closed and prevents the flow of fresh air. But when designing a kennel, a removable insulation must be provided.

Insulate A Doghouse To Cold

One more thing: at the entrance to the dog house there should be a span of 10-15 cm in height. It protects the dog lying in front of the entrance from wind and precipitation, prevents snow and rain from getting inside. The roof in the dog box can be single or double gable. Since it was supposed to make the roof "house", as in a bath next to the dog was warm, made the ceiling. A bar was made in the bar, on which a sheet of thick plywood cut to size was laid. Since the roof is decorative, they assembled the shields, trimmed them with the remains of soft tiles (they also remained from the construction of the bath), then they were joined and sheathed the gables.

Insulate A Doghouse To Cold

Let’s start from afar – with arguments about whether the dog needs insulation in principle. On the one hand, wild relatives of domestic dogs – wolves do not look for themselves for the winter, even in severe cold, warm shelter. Thick undercoat perfectly protects against cold.

The crate is not needed: short self-tapping screws can be screwed directly through the insulation into the boards, as long as they do not stick out inside. Penofol – an advanced version of the roll insulation.

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The selected material is fixed on the roof and inner walls of the booth. The method of installation is different. Felt is usually nailed. Polyfoam and penoplex are fastened with screws or glued. The thermal insulation layer should be sheathed with plywood, OSB board or clapboard.

Insulate A Doghouse To Cold

Selection of insulation for a doghouse

If for some reason you failed to insulate the booth, you can sprinkle it with snow in a snowy winter. The most ideal, but expensive way to warm the booth is to make it a warm floor. Even smooth-haired breeds can live in a booth with a warm floor in winter. Earlier, even when only yard dogs lived with us, we warmed the hay box. Outside, I personally piled the sack with burlap, but not very close, but very loose. And over the entrance they nailed a piece of the coat, cut out by a centimeter 2 more than the hole itself. Thus, when the blizzard of the dog in the booth does not snow snow. At the beginning, the walls were insulated inside the foam, but when the dog constantly gnawed it and shkryabal decided to warm it outside.

When choosing a warming material, one should be guided, first of all, by what the booth itself is made of (it can be plates, wood, etc.). Finally, in view of the small size of the kennel, the isolation procedure will be troublesome and time consuming. Excellent heat insulator for use in a kennel. If you liked polystyrene foam to insulate the booth, then you should know what types of it exist. Another option suitable for warming kennels, is a roll of insulation materials.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the insulation of the box from the inside. To do this, under the outer lining of the inner space, you need to lay a layer of insulation, and you can hide the material by means of plywood or eurolining. If the ceiling of the booth has a convertible top, you will need additional insulation.

Inside the tight booth the dog will not be able to turn around. The height of the kennel is determined by the growth of the dog at the withers, and additionally plus 15 cm. The reserve is needed for winter litter, and suddenly the animal will grow up. The dog should be comfortable to lie even across the kennel.

No, even the most ultra-warm insulation material is not able to sufficiently heat the kennel, except for the door provided with locks and insulation. A canopy or curtain will protect from wind and rain, but not how it will not keep heat in a doghouse, then the question arises, is it possible to warm it?

Likewise, you should not use basalt wool and glass wool for warming the booth. Also, do not use regular foam balls for a doghouse.

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