Is it possible to cut a laminate with a grinder. How can you cut the laminate if it is already laid

How to cut a laminate worktop cleanly.

Is it possible to cut a laminate with a grinder?

In order to correctly lay the laminate on the floor, it is necessary to be able not only to connect laminate panels, but to correctly cut them. In another way, “fit” into the area of ​​the room, and in addition, observe the usual chess sketch of the coating will be unrealistic. Because you can’t take laminated boards with naked hands, they are entrusted to one of the manual or electronic tools.

The main properties that should own the tool for cutting the laminate yourself is:

The last point, the meaning of which is not to spoil the type of laminate board after cutting, for most home masters is a decisive. But its meaning is still exaggerated. In any case, chips up to 5 mm in size on the finished coating will not be noticeable. The shortcomings along the edge of the panels will hide behind skirting boards.

What is needed, which tools are more suitable for cutting laminate?

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The best result in the cutting of the laminate is achieved by applying an electrician for this. This is a light, very successful tool in the process of applying, to which the approach will rapidly find at least any master. Even a lady as he is called a child. The cut with an electrician is carried out at high speeds, which makes it possible to avoid damage to the structure of the fiberboard. If you act with all this is rapidly, confidently, then the cut will be actually impeccable.

The main thing in the process of using an electric grip is a choice of a file. Modern tool is usually first supplied with special files for cutting laminate. They are distinguished by a special form, pitch and method of wiring teeth. In general, at a good level, ordinary files for metal. Narrow, with small teeth, will also be managed with this business.

An unusual way to cut a laminate without chips. Fill of tiles and laminate.Subtleties of work.

For the opportunity not to destroy the decorative surface, the cutting line is applied (with a pencil as it is also called chalk) on the wrong side of the laminate board. It is laid on the table (chair) upside down so that the part that is planned to be cut is in limbo. One hand is fixed with a laminate lying on the table, and the other is rapidly cutting the extra part.

You always get a cautious cut along the edge of the laminate using a circular saw with a metal disk. It is more difficult to work with a circular saw than with an electrician, because it asks for some abilities. If you have them, then cutting the laminate is possible rapidly, exactly, in fact without chips.

The laminate board is laid on the hard surface with a pattern upward, fixed. It is necessary to cut carefully, with a small pressure, moving the disk along the drawn line, trying not to slow down in one place.

Bulgarian. A successful tool unbearable in the box of a home master. There is an option to cut everything, in private and laminate. For the beautiful edge, without cracks and chips, when cutting, it is necessary to turn the laminate board with the front surface. In this case, the discs for metal, concrete or on clay tiles are used.

Shortcomings of the use of a grinder (and circular saw too!) call a lot of dust that will be released during laminate cutting. This action is also accompanied by the smell of a burnt tree. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in a sharp one on an open balcony differently just outside.

Laminate of course successfully saw an ordinary hacksaw on wood. However, what you have to spend strength, since its teeth are quite large and will bite into the laminate, and not cut it. Smaller teeth in a hacksaw for metal. It must be used for sawing.

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How to cut a laminate

Scabbard is often used for cutting with small volumes of work. This method does not apply to the system of brigades, due to high temporary costs and labor costs.

The cut for the laminate, on the contrary, allows you to create cutting at a high professional level. In most cases, this common hearing tool works in the manner of guillotine. A knife, which, using a handle, lower the laminate to the surface and cut it. The cutter acts simply, without chips and noise. For its use, you do not need to use strength and own abilities. Perhaps this is the easiest tool in operation, which allows you to get a beautiful result at least where.

Because such a cutter is used only for a laminate, then it makes sense to take it only with vocabulary. For the decoration of several rooms of the apartment, this option is considered impractical.

An ordinary construction knife can also be used for laminate cutting. For example, if you have actually graduated from the flooring device, it remains to cut one board, but at one moment the Bulgarian broke. There are no other tools side by side, and the cutting must be urgently. Then a construction knife will come to the rescue. Put the ruler on the front side of the laminate board, follow it with a knife the deepest cut. Holding the board a positive moment in that cut, press on the second side. The laminate should be broken, exactly like clay tiles under the influence of a tile.

The choice of tool for cutting the laminate is quite large. Although, it is excellent to cut laminate boards, if you have experience, you can actually be all that you like. Only the amount of time spent and labor with all this will be different. Therefore, making a choice in order to obtain one book from tools, FOCUS only on your own preferences and needs.

How to saw laminate? How to do it right? Figure and straight cuts.

It is known that in the production of lamella cutting is carried out using special machines that are equipped with two pieces:

  • The first is called trim, it is small and rotates in the direction of the part of the part, removing the lower layer;
  • The second produces the main cut of the boards, rotating in the opposite direction.

Such a machine is always characterized by accurate work, as a result of which lamellas without chips with straight angles are obtained. But, what if you do not have such a tool when you lay a laminated coating of the house? How to saw laminate? Achieving the maximum result is possible even in everyday life if you use the “correct” devices.

How to cut a laminate at home?

You can choose one of the most popular and affordable options. Before you pay for the device, learn more about its capabilities and nature of the work:

  • Hacksaw. This is not to say that this is a modern option, but in some cases it turns out to be very helpful. The hacksaw never fails. For the best result of work, it is better to use a hacksaw for metal or wood with a small tooth. Start the cut on the back of the panel to prevent possible chips on the surface of the board;
  • Bulgarian. This is an angle grinding machine with a metal disk. How to cut a laminate correctly? Fix the lamella and slowly lower the grinder so that it does not break out of the hands and does not stalify. Get ready for the fact that during operation an unpleasant smell will appear due to heating the disk;
  • Cutter. Here is another popular device for cutting laminated material. It allows you to cut boards quickly and efficiently. The cutter is without effort to cope with both thin and thick panels. Such a perfect result cannot be achieved either when using a grinder or using an electrician. This is a device with a sharp blade, which is easily set in motion with a handle. Such a mechanism works very quietly, without noise and dust and does not need power supply;
  • A circular saw. What kind of file to saw laminate? This is an option for a neat saw, equipped with a special disk. Put the board on the hard even surface with the front side, securely fix it and apply a cutting line. Then smoothly lower the disk of the grinder and gradually move it along the intended line without stuck in the board. It is this option that requires skills in working with a circular saw, as well as great patience. But, the advantage in a qualitative and fast result. Are there any cons? Yes, if the smell of a burning tree can be considered a minus that appears in the process of sawing;
  • Electric jigsaw. This is quite effective, but a simple option. Make sure the jigsaw equipped with a special wood nozzle. Before starting work, you need to fix the lamella on the floor. Turn on the device and set it up for increased speeds to protect the material from possible chips. Your movements should be smooth.

! At least two people should work with an electrician.

Laminate saw

I would like to pay special attention to laminate files, which are used together with the jigsaw:

  • The goal is a quick cut: if you need to cut many boards at once in a short period, then it is better to choose an option with a large tooth. The fact is that the larger the tooth will be, the faster the work will proceed. The only negative is that the cut will be less accurate, the cut is not hot. For such a purpose, as a rule, they buy a T101D marking tool, since it is suitable even for a thickness of 75 mm. For 100 mm, choose 244D, 200 mm. 344D;
  • Purpose. Clean cut: here you need to use the option T101B. It is characterized by a smaller tooth, the poet cut is more smooth. In this case, chips are absent. Of course, even 75 mm can be cut with such a file, but it will take several times more time.

The laminate saw is equipped with a back tooth, which, when compared with other options, is directed in the other direction. Why is it necessary? This is done so that chips do not form on the front side of the lamella and the appearance does not deteriorate.

! Such boards can be easily cut with a canvas with small divorce and moderate teeth size. In this case, the speed of the jigsaw should also be moderate. So the tool will not introduce and will not break the edges.

How to cut a laminate correctly: straight and curly cuts

How to make straight cuts?

Method 1. You can use a hacksaw or circular saw with a maximum number of teeth to avoid the appearance of chips. First make markings and mark the part of the board you are going to cut off. This can be done both with the help of chalk and a pencil. Erasing chalk then very simple. Well, then just cut the lamella along the marked line.

Method 2. You can also use an electrician. This option is several times simpler than the previous. Fasten the guide on the device, and then make it out the edge of the workpiece. In this case, the movement of the file will be even relative to the edge.

! You work with thin lamella? Be prepared for the appearance of chips on its front part. The fact is that in the first version the tool will move up. To prevent such an outcome, you can place the blank with the front side down. Another way out is the use of anti.Slip lifers.

How to make curly cuts?

Is it possible to cut a laminate with a grinder she is also an angle grinding machine (Ushm)

If you have a grinder at home, feel free to use it to cut the laminate when laying. She can cut almost everything in the world. This tool is always at hand with a good owner. You can find a new Ushm for 25 (this is the simplest). It is important to choose the desired disk here. Ordinary abrasive (black) is not suitable, the board will burn and smoke. It is more difficult to cut a laminate with a grinder for a newcomer without preparation. You need to get used to the tool.

How to cut a laminate with a grinder. Important nuances:

How to install laminate flooring around doors and cabinets.

  • We immediately determine which disk to saw. Best for cutting fitsDiamond disk (by ceramics, porcelain tile). Make markings on the front of the board and immediately cut. It will turn out a very even and clean cut, no chips. It is advisable to hold the sawed part of the board;
  • The grinder saws very dusty. If sawdust flies during the cut, then fine dust here is flying. She settles on Lameli herself and throughout the room. Therefore, it is better to cut a laminate to go outside or on the balcony.

Is it worth cutting the laminate with a regular saw

A simple wood saw of course will cut a laminated board, but. She has large teeth. There will be chips and torn areas if you saw it from the front side. You can try to saw the planks of the laminate with a hacksaw for metal. Her teeth are much smaller and thinner. In any case, using a simple saw or hacksaw is a long, tedious and very difficult task.

Furthermore Fressed boards will greatly dull the tool. What a jigsaw or a grinder does in a couple of seconds, you need to suffer for 1-2 minutes with a saw. After the cut of several lamellas. Hands and all sweaty. And also half the room is not laid. Now imagine that you have sipped crookedly. The novice master does not always manage to cut properly the first time.

Which saw is better to use? If you need the perfect cut without chips, we buy a hacksaw for metal. Its price is 5-10 It is not a fact that one hacksaw is enough to lay a laminate in the whole apartment.

Cut the laminate with an electric jigsaw

Ideal for this purpose. And in fact, which he just does not know how to. Any cuts are available to him, not only transverse and longitudinal, but also curved. This tool can cut not only laminate, but also wood, metal, plastic and so on.

Therefore, an electric jigsaw, along with a drill and a screwdriver. An attribute of any home workshop. Electric jigsaws are obtained either from the battery or from the network.

Battery jigsaws have a limited period of operation and require a break for charging the battery, but do not depend on the electric network. Network jigsaws require sockets and extensions. But they are easier than battery and do not require a break in work.

Both battery and network jigsaw are divided into household and professional. The power and time of the continuous operation of household jigsaws is limited. But they are presented in a large assortment, have a small weight and not a high price. Household jigsaw, perhaps, will not cope with the thick board, but with a laminate. Quite.

Professional jigsaws have a large resource, high performance, as well as a set of additional functions. But they have a lot of weight and dimensions, and a high price.

It remains to choose the right electrolobian, choose the right file for him and get acquainted with the nuances of working with it. The laminate is based on wood or its derivatives, respectively, a saw for a jigsaw is needed “on wood”.

If you buy a file for a jigsaw separately, then check if it corresponds to the clamping device. You will have to take into account a number of factors: the material from which the saw is made, its shape, divorce and direction of teeth, step, and so on. There are special files with two rows of teeth, they allow you to cut the laminate very carefully, without chips.

It is universal: you can work with any material.

Saves time and effort: they work much faster and easier than with a hand hacksaw.

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A wide range allows you to choose the model that suits you best.

Laminate Countertop Trimming/Router Trick

Refracted. Files for great strength are characterized.

It remains only to use this wonderful tool correctly.

Take the following requirements:

Cut the laminate at maximum speeds.

Fix the material reliably along the entire cut line.

Do not interrupt and do not slow down the process during sawing: this can lead to chips and laminate irregularities.

Use files that are designed for laminate. In extreme cases, choose files with small teeth.

Electrics, although the most popular, but not the only tool that can be cut linoleum.

#5. Angular grinding machine

An angle grinding machine or a hand grinder is a compromise option when the tool is available, and there is no possibility to look for something else. Laminate can be cut with a grinder, but it is strictly not recommended to purchase this tool specifically for these work.

Hand Bulgarian is not the best choice when working with a laminate

For cutting a laminated board, you can use a disc for ceramic tiles. Cutting should only be performed on the front side of the lamella. In the process of work, the cutting canvas “on yourself” should be carried out and hold the grinder tightly with your hands.

It is difficult to highlight the special advantages of this approach, since this is not a profile tool that requires work skills. If possible, it is better to refuse to use it.

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As a result, it turns out that it is better to cut the laminate with an electric jigsaw, circular saw or hacksaw with a canvas for metal. With the ability, you can use the grinder, but the speed and quality of work will decrease significantly.

Using guillotine for laminate cutting

Real professionals performing repair work use only a specialized tool for each type of finish. When installing a laminate, professional guillotine is best suitable. This manual device has the following undeniable advantages:

  • A powerful bed reliably fixes lamellas in special grooves, which is why cutting is strictly marking.
  • The cutting organ is a long blade that drops to the surface of the plank in one reception with a transverse section. This means that the deviation from the rectangular trajectory is simply impossible.
  • For a longitudinal section in configuration to the tool, special clamps with guides are offered, along which the floor element can freely move without any deviations.
  • The device is as convenient as possible in operation, does not require significant skills in handling it and safe even for beginners.

Rice. Nine. Work with guillotine for cutting laminate

Thus, for the best result in the cut of laminate parts, a specialized professional tool should be used. However, for a beginner, this machine will be unable to immediately after completing the repair, since it is difficult to come up with a different purpose of the guillotine. Based on this, the tool can be rented for several days and not overpay significant amounts in case of purchase.

Features of cutting vinyl laminate

High resistance to erasing the upper layer, similar to commercial panels, makes vinyl coating in demand. In addition, such material creates an original decorative effect. The structure of vinyl panels is different from ordinary, softness and viscosity.

To cut such a material, it will be best to use a construction or stationery knife. This tool will cut all layers of vinyl laminate, subject to mechanical destruction.

After studying all the methods of cutting and the possible use of a particular tool, each selects the required device, depending on the task and the availability of.