Is it possible to cut the blinds to the width

How to shorten vertical blinds in length?

Cloths of such curtains can also be made of plastic, aluminum, fabric, bamboo. Of course, you can shorten them at home. However, if the product is made from a certain material, then it is unlikely that a person will be able to cut it correctly without spoiling it without special skills. These types of blinds include those made of aluminum, plastic or bamboo. You will need:

  • A hacksaw for metal, which can be replaced with a fine-toothed saw;
  • Crosshead screwdriver;
  • Painter’s knife or regular scissors;
  • Ruler or tape measure;
  • Matches;
  • Iron;
  • Pencil.

To some, such a set of tools may seem a little strange, but if you do everything according to the instructions, then you will not be able to do without the listed items. In order for shortened blinds to please the eye, you must adhere to a certain algorithm:

  • Remove the side cover;
  • Dismantle the runners;
  • Measure the length of the curtains;
  • Cut off the panels;
  • Fold up the edges, fixing the folds.

It is worth remembering that a bar is attached to each canvas, after which the entire structure is attached to the cornice. For this reason, we must not forget that in the middle of the canvases you need to make holes for the ears.

How to shorten (cut) blinds

How to shorten horizontal blinds in height?

When performing such a procedure, do not forget that the lamellas can be made of both aluminum and plastic or wood. Before starting work, you need to measure the required length of the panel. It is worth mentioning that it is better to carry out such operations on your own with cheap curtains, and it would be more correct to entrust the adjustment of expensive models to professionals. In order to correctly do all the actions, you must keep at hand:

  • Scissors;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Roulette;
  • Pencil.

These are the main tools, without which the procedure for decreasing the height will be impossible. Such devices are in the arsenal of every owner, so all actions can be performed at home, without resorting to specialists. When everything is ready, you can start working:

Cut too wide blinds (shorten). Trim width to fit window size. How DIY WITHOUT SPECIAL TOOLS

  • We measure the required length;
  • We open the bottom plugs;
  • Untie the bounding knots;
  • Remove the clips;
  • We remove unnecessary lamellas, return the clamps to their place, tie the knots.

If you follow the described algorithm, then everything will turn out beautifully. However, in order to do everything correctly, you need to have a minimal idea about the device of the blinds.

Ways to shorten the blinds

Such a procedure must be performed with special care, with maximum attention. There is a certain sequence of actions that must be followed if there is no desire to spoil the product. They are of different types and the procedure is unique for each.

The need for it appears when, after purchase, it is found that the curtains do not fit the window in width or height.

How to shorten roller blinds in length?

  • Measuring instruments such as a ruler or tape measure;
  • A writing device that can be used for marking, such as a pencil;
  • Hacksaw for metal;
  • Sharp construction knife or scissors;
  • Double-sided tape for fixing.
possible, blinds, width

Using the listed set of tools, you can cut roller blinds at home without the help of specialists. In order to reduce the length to the size of the window opening, you must:

  • The first step is to measure the length. In this case, you need to spread it out on a flat surface;
  • Next, you need to carefully and evenly cut off the unnecessary part of the product.
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The process is not difficult and can be performed by anyone who does not have special skills and knowledge.

How to cut roller blinds to width?

Like the other procedures mentioned above, this must be done carefully and at the same time follow a clear algorithm or instructions. It is best to call another person for help, who will make sure that the blade is level and the mowing line is at the correct angle.

It is worth preparing the necessary set of tools in advance. In order to fully carry out the procedure, you need to keep at hand:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • Pencil or other writing object for drawing lines and making marks;
  • Tape measure to measure the required width;
  • A hacksaw for metal or a saw with fine teeth;
  • Construction knife or well-sharpened scissors.

A person who decides to shorten the product at home cannot do without the listed tools. When performing work, you need to adhere to the following algorithm:

How to trim faux wood blind width.

  • First of all, it is necessary to trim the roller blinds shaft. To do this, subtract the thickness of the brackets from the total width of the product, which must first be measured. Then you should measure the required shaft length and cut off the excess with a hacksaw, install a special plug, and then saw off the lower rail of the same size;
  • The next step is to trim the width of the canvas. To do this, you need to spread the canvas on a relatively flat surface, mark it using a pre-cut rail to the desired length. Then the canvas is cut with a construction knife or sharpened scissors.

The sequence described above should not be violated in any case, as this may entail the purchase of new blinds instead of damaged ones.

As mentioned above, for each type of blinds, there is a special procedure for adjusting to a specific window opening. Each has its own characteristics, without studying which you can simply ruin the product. For this reason, it is necessary to treat the described procedures with special attention and accuracy.

How to reduce the length and width of horizontal systems

Most often, users do not know what to do if the blinds are longer than the window. This happens if the dimensions of the opening do not coincide with the standard ones. There is only one solution. to shorten the structure. We will tell you in detail how to do it.

Features of the horizontal system

Visually, horizontal blinds do not look like a vertical counterpart. The main difference is the direction of the lamellas. But in reality they have a lot in common. The system consists of several parts.

Step-by-step instructions for shortening in length

  • We carry out measurements. Determine the required length of lamella strips. At the same time, remember that the longest curtains should not reach the floor level by 20 mm. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient to use them.
  • We calculate how much you need to cut each strip. In this case, we take into account that it will be necessary to make a lapel in which the slider is fixed. We will trim the upper part of the plate, since weights and a connecting chain are fixed on them from below.
  • We remove the strips from the eaves guide. We fold them carefully so as not to spoil them. Convenient roll-up of long strips.
  • We take a lamella, measure out the fragment that needs to be cut off. We cut it carefully with sharp scissors. We take out the slider. The edge of the fabric may peel off. To prevent this, we take a lighter and carefully melt the cut. You can try to do this with an iron. Then we put paper between the sole and the material so that there are no traces on the surface.
  • We outline the lapel and the place where the slider should be. At the marked point we make a hole, insert the fastener into it. We turn the edge of the strip, fix it with glue. A potent compound such as “Moment” or “Seconds” will do. It is advisable to first check whether there will be any stains on the fabric.
  • Similarly, we cut off all the lamellas. We fix the trimmed parts on the eaves guide.

Cutting long strips of lamellas is not that difficult. But in some cases, this is not enough. It is also necessary to remove the extra width. The main challenge is how to shorten the curtain rod for vertical blinds. It will have to be sawed off. The part can be plastic or aluminum. In any case, you need to choose the right tool in order to accurately cut it. We offer a detailed description of the process.

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Structural elements

  • Lamels. Strips of plastic, wood or fabric.
  • Runners. Installed on the top of the strips, attached to the cornice. With their help, the lamellas move along the guide.
  • Connecting chain. Detail from plastic and fishing line. Collects strips-lamellas into a whole panel.
  • Weights. Weights are attached from below on each strip, ensuring its even position.
  • Cornice. Carrying part, the entire system is attached to it. Can be made of plastic or metal.
  • Control mechanism with chain and cord. “Responsible” for turning and shifting and expanding the plates.

The vertical system is fixed to the eaves. Lamella plates connected by a chain are suspended on it on the runners. The control mechanism is installed. The chain coming from it turns the strips, the maximum turning angle is 180 °. With the help of the string, they move along the guide.

How to shorten vertical blinds in width

  • Mark the desired length on the eaves.
  • Remove the plug from the eaves guide. We pull up an aluminum rod and a lace from its inner part.
  • We make an incision on the parts. Since it is impossible to damage the stem washer, the cut is made 20-30 mm further from it. The cord cannot be cut either, so a partial cut is made.
  • We take out the stock. Push the filed edge over the washer. Put the stock back.
  • Using the cut made earlier, we saw off the cornice bar.
  • We clean the edges of the cut with a needle file.
  • Remove the extra hooks-runners from the guide. They are fastened with a connecting cord, we carefully cut it.
  • We put a washer on the end of the bar. We pull out the rope, cut off its excess and fix it. We put the plug in place.

If there is a plastic chain instead of a connecting cord, it is not difficult to reduce it. The ball, which is extreme to the plate, is removed from the groove. The part is trimmed to the desired size. The ball located near the cut is inserted into the groove.

How to shorten vertical blinds in length and width

If the structure does not fit in length, it can be shortened. We describe the process in detail.

Tips on how to shorten vertical or horizontal blinds

Many hostesses are wondering how to shorten vertical or horizontal blinds if the length, height and width of the window changes after renovation? The same question arises if their length, width and height are standard, and the window in the house is non-standard. How to shorten horizontal or vertical blinds without the help of a professional, it is recommended to read more.

How to shorten vertical blinds

Depending on the type of blinds, their size may need to be adjusted; length, width or height may be shortened. For example, if the product is made of metal, you can use a screwdriver and scissors. If the material of the product is different, you will need other devices in order to shorten the blinds.

possible, blinds, width

How to shorten vertical blinds? And what might be needed for such a painstaking procedure? In order to independently carry out the shortening of the curtains at home, you may need special tools that may not always be in the owners’ arsenal. Therefore, many people prefer to contact those people who know how to do this.

The width of such a product is shortened due to the fact that the cornice is trimmed. For visual harmony, it is necessary that the cornice in length exceeds the size of the window. The required size of the product is measured using a tape measure, the indicated size is marked with a pencil. After that, the blinds previously removed from the window are directly shortened (photo). To shorten the cornice, you will need such devices as a hacksaw for metal or an angle grinder and a sander (with which the edge of the product is evened).

You will also need devices such as a tape measure, a screwdriver. The trimming of the curtain rod should be carried out in the place where the lifting device is located. To shorten the blinds, unscrew the side cover with a screwdriver, remove the cord to the side, cut off the product, the length of which is marked in advance. The cut is neatly trimmed, the hooks unnecessary after cutting are removed and the cord and chains are shortened. After the performed manipulations, they attach the side cover back, hang the blinds on the window. This way you can shorten the length of the blinds.

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If it is necessary to shorten the width of the blinds, the slats must be removed from the hooks. Next, take out the strips with fasteners. After preparation, you can begin the direct shortening procedure. To prevent sprinkling of the fabric after trimming, it is recommended to burn the edges of the strips with fire. Trimming is carried out, preserving the supply of fabric, since you will additionally need to make a fold, fasteners will be hidden in it, so the supply of fabric should be about four centimeters.

The fabric in each strip must be bent, drilled holes for fasteners, and then fix the bar, having previously wrapped it in fabric. Next, the lamella with fasteners is stitched or fixed with glue. After the glue dries, you can already assemble the structure and hang it on the window. So you can shorten the blinds The process of shortening horizontal or vertical curtains differs in its features and execution algorithm; different tools will also be required.

How to shorten horizontal blinds

You also need to know how to shorten the height of the blinds, how to shorten the horizontal blinds. Depending on what needs correction. length or width, the shortening procedure itself will depend. Horizontal curtains are easier to cut than vertical curtains. If it is necessary to shorten the width, simply remove unnecessary lamellas. Such manipulations can be performed without even breaking the structure, without removing the product. First, you need to decide on the estimated dimensions of the product, how many extra slats will need to be removed. To do this, after marking with a tape measure of the window itself and blinds, a mark is placed on the product with a pencil.

Next, the blinds are opened, the rope is freed from the fasteners, with the help of which the curtains are controlled. To perform this manipulation, plastic fasteners are pulled out of the lowest bar, the task of which is to fix the lace. The knots are either untied or simply cut off the rope. To prevent further loosening of the end of the rope, its ends are slightly set on fire.After removing the fasteners, pull out the control cord from both ends of the product.

Excess slats are removed, the height of the blinds is adjusted, while adjusting the position of the slats so that they do not fall down, do not become asymmetrical. The lower bar is fixed to the last slat, the rest of the slats and a cord are passed through it to control the curtain. Plastic fasteners are fixed at the ends of the cord in their original position It is not recommended to throw away unnecessary slats, it is better to hide them, since in the future it may be necessary to replace any slats of the blinds, which may deteriorate.

It takes a lot of effort to reduce the width of the horizontal blinds and may require special tools. To reduce them, for a start, the cornice itself is shortened, after which the blinds themselves are reduced. The height, width and length of the product are adjustable. After shortening, all parts of the product are collected, fixing them, sawn off the unnecessary part, processing their edges. The assembled product is polished, processed, installed on the window in its original position. It is recommended to carefully, after rechecking all dimensions, proceed to the direct shortening procedure so as not to spoil the product itself with carelessly performed manipulations.

You can shorten vertical and horizontal blinds yourself, only this procedure requires a lot of effort and patience. You may also need special tools or tools. Therefore, in many cases, the owners prefer to contact the masters who can cope with such a task.

cutting down the width of horizontal blinds