Is it possible to cycle parquet with a grinder. How to polish an electric machine?

How to polish the parquet correctly

Parquet as a floor covering has been used for a long time. Its presence in the house is not the pleasure of cheap, but you can’t find the best material for finishing the floor. He will last more than a dozen years if after him Correctly care for.

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The courtship process itself consists of two stages: grinding parquet and covering it with protective material, usually varnish. Grinding is not easy, it is performed mainly by professionals, but you can try and gradually do everything with your own hands.

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The purpose of the procedure

During the cycle of the old wooden floor, cracks and deflection are eliminated, stains from oil and other stuck dirt, which as a result extends the life of the coating. After the cycle, the floor of any wood looks much better. You can cycle not only parquet, but also simple floors from pine boards.

If the boards are strongly and thinned out (thinned out), rotten, shattered, then they must be replaced. You can carry out a cycle with minimal material costs if you rent a machine and do all the work yourself. We’ll figure out what is the sequence of actions, is it possible to repair the floors with your own hands or is it wiser to invite specialists.

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The most budgetary way is the use of manual cycles, which is a scraper with a metal tip. An alternative is the use of sandpaper sheets fixed to the holder. These methods practically do not require cash costs, but very labor consumption. Therefore, they are usually used for cosmetic point repairs, and with a complex update of a wooden floor, they prefer machine options.

Parquet grinding technology

For grinding, use nozzles with small grain

The grinding procedure consists of several stages. These include:

  • Cycles. With the help of a grinding or ribbon.Type grinder, the parquet is cyclopted.
  • Grinding. For this procedure, it is necessary to use grinding equipment with fine.Grained nozzles. In heavy areas for access, the processing is carried out using corner grinders.
  • Finished grinding. With the help of flat.Grinding equipment, a flat surface is created.
  • Varnish and antiseptic processing.

Processing after the cycle

So that the flooring acquires a rich color, has a matte or glossy shade, it became more spectacular and beautiful, After the cycle, the parquet needs it Cover varnish.

Before applying the varnish, the surface must be sprinkled and washed several times with warm water. Parquet should be clean and dry. When choosing varnish, you should take into account The influence of color on a specific room, so that it does not visually decrease in size or does not become uncomfortable.

Application of varnish produced in several visits. First, the parquet floor is primed to increase the adhesive quality of the coating. Когда обработанная поверхность хорошо просохнет, ее подвергают шлифовке абразивным материалом с мелкой зернистостью. This technique is necessary to remove the pile from the floor.

The wooden coating is once again cleaned of particles of dust and covered with high.Quality varnish composition.

After the first layer dries, the manipulation is repeated. For comfort It is recommended to use a wide roller With Vevelurov pile or A wide brush. Depending on the desired result, the number of layers can reach 7.

possible, cycle, parquet, grinder, polish, machine

If the varnish was incorrectly applied, then it will be required Repeated grinding.

Why use a grinder is ineffective

The process of the cycle itself passes in this way: a specialized tool removes the paintwork, after which the surface is cleaned and re.Covered with varnish. However, in attempts to save people, people resort to the help of a grinder. A hand tool that was created to cut, but not grind. If you decide to use it in your work, in this case, weigh the pros and cons. And we will talk about the consequences of this unreasonable solution. Working as a grinder, you:one. You will cycle the floor very slowly. If you do not remove protection and do not put circles of large diameters, it will take at least a month to work. And if you remove the defense, then the risk of getting an injury that will cost health is very great.2. You cannot do work exactly without deep defects. The small dimensions of the grinder will not allow it to be installed in a motionless state and conducted even grinding. Because of this, the stripping height varies.3. You will suffocate from wood dust. The lacquer with veneer, which is cut off, rises into the air and can clog the eyes and the respiratory system. And this will lead to the defeat of vision and lungs, because particles of wood and varnish will fall inside. All this can lead to poisoning or more serious consequences.

possible, cycle, parquet, grinder, polish, machine

This is only a small list of what can happen with a bell.Handed cyclist. However, not only the person who decided to do so, but also living with him can suffer. After all, they will also have to breathe pieces of wood and varnish, which will clearly affect health. It is also worth noting the high probability of damage to veneer. When a professional uses a special cycling machine, it removes a micro layer without damage. And it is impossible to configure a grinder for a removal of 1-2 mm. And if you forget about protection, a person can injure a flying piece of wood, which can get stuck in the wound and fade. This will lead to consequences, up to amputation of the limb or other surgical intervention.

Tips from professionals

Dust and chips need to be removed as often as possible

Oil-rush impregnation to protect parquet, floors and decks from decay, pollution and give decorative properties

How to minimize the appearance of defects in the future?

So that as few defects can appear during the operation of the parquet coating, it must be correctly operated. In the instruction attached to each package, specific recommendations are spelled out for a certain variety of boards. In the most general case, to increase the service life of the flooring costs:

  • Protect the parquet from the effects of direct sunlight. This will help to make curtains or a carpet laid on the floor;
  • Refuse to wear street shoes in order to protect the lacquered surface from the action of an abrasive in the form of small pebbles and grains of sand stuck in the sole;
  • Timely moisturize air in the premises with the parquet floor during the heating season. The installation of an air humidifier is preferred, which will help maintain the optimal level of humidity and prevent cracking of the boards;
  • Abandon the use of a detergent vacuum cleaner. Preferred wet cleaning using a moisturized, but not wet rag;
  • Timely waxing the surface layer. It is permissible to apply a protective layer by applying oil or polish, which manufacturers offer specifically to protect parquet boards.

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By fulfilling the above recommendations, you can turn a capricious flooring into a rather practical material that can last long enough, without losing its appearance. If necessary, the parquet cycle can be performed on their own. Manual processing will take a lot of time, but at the same time will help to significantly reduce the cost of performing work. A professional tool is more expensive, but can significantly increase the performance of the process.