Is it possible to drill a brick with a screwdriver

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It would be so convenient not to carry the carrier with you.

Experiment CRASH TEST hardening bit for screwdriver

It is convenient to cut a tin drain (and samovar) pipe with a knife designed to open canned food. First file the pipe with a hacksaw, and then use the knife.

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Work rules

The rules for working with a concrete tool are not complex and do not set a clear framework. Remember safety measures, do not expose yourself and your structure to danger.

  • pre-charge the tool (be sure to follow the charging times indicated in the instructions for purchase. If you do not follow these rules, the tool can quickly become unusable);
  • install the desired nozzle into the tool;
  • click on it, setting the cartridge in motion;
  • use reverse to replace the chuck or drill;
  • try not to subject the weapon to shock, strong mechanical impact, this can spoil its quality characteristics;
  • after use wipe, clean and place in a dry place out of the reach of children.
possible, drill, brick, screwdriver

After you have familiarized yourself with the purpose, rules of operation and the main types of this tool, you can safely start using it. Remember that strict adherence to the instructions and the implementation of safety measures will help extend the life of the tool and protect you personally. Store the implement in a safe box that children cannot access.

Before buying, consult with the seller, indicate to him the purpose of your purchase. The most optimal one will be selected for you. and the model you want. Product vary by manufacturer / mechanical / composition. Under the right storage conditions / following the rules of operation, the tool will serve for several years. Pay attention to the terms of the warranty and possible repair of the warranty product.

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How to drill concrete and brick with a screwdriver,

How to drill concrete: tools, preparation, process technology

The need to hang a chandelier, install wall cabinets, an outlet, etc., there comes a moment in the current life of every owner of the living space. Considering that concrete columns, ceilings are not ceilings. this is quite a common thing for modern apartments, it may turn out that the fasteners have to be mounted on a concrete structure. If you are “lucky”, then quite what will ask the question of how to drill concrete?

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials at the moment. What materials is the puncher used for. Is it possible to drill wood, metal or tiles with a puncher. However, its strength is the main problem here, since it is forbidden to drill reinforced concrete without specialized equipment. With all this, the call of specialists to form several small-sized holes will cost you a disproportionately large amount.

Drilling a wall with a punch drill: photo

If you want to save money, it will be useful to think about an independent solution to this problem. Despite the obvious complexity. the correct approach is not clear adherence to the technological part of the process helps to achieve a high-quality result. Below you will be provided with detailed instructions on what it really is, how to drill concrete in artisanal conditions.

Design and characteristics

Outwardly, as well as in mechanical action, the screwdriver resembles a drill. The difference is low rotation speed / high scrolling torque. In addition, fixed speed indicators are set on screwdrivers (on drills, they are adjusted independently). Speed ​​control is essential for the safe and quality operation of the tool. The chuck stops moving when the screw is fully tightened. Despite the stop of the chuck, the engine is still in action.

For a particular type of work, a certain speed / mode of operation is calculated. There is a function of reverse, twisting, unscrewing screws (as well as nuts, screws, screws, soft materials). Craftsmen use screwdrivers all the time. In some cases (working with drywall, interior assembly, creating a partition), the tool increases the speed and productivity of work several times.

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Diagram of a cordless screwdriver device.

Screwdrivers are designed according to the same principle. Basis of construction:

Power Tools: How to drill into a brick wall

  • pistol grip (for leading hand operation);
  • little weight;
  • start key that starts / adjusts the rotation;
  • power source. mains or battery (note that the battery is more massive and more expensive than the tool itself);
  • capacity is limited by the total weight of the instrument;
  • time of continuous work. about 3 hours;
  • spare battery available (depending on model).

Advantages of impact drills for concrete

A list of the advantages of this class of tools:

It is very convenient that after work the device can be put back into the case with which it was sold.

  • autonomy and ability to hold a charge for a long time (for models without a mains electric cable);
  • easy drilling of durable materials;
  • drilling speed adjustment;
  • energy intensity and power, represented by varieties for each specific type of work;
  • safe use due to low voltage, even in wet conditions and in open areas of the construction site;
  • the ability to work in hard-to-reach and remote places from communications;
  • storage in a special case.

The main parameter that characterizes the device when choosing is the power with which it works and the number of drill rotations per minute. The more revolutions the better.

How to make a hole in a concrete wall with a drill

It is difficult to drill a concrete wall with a conventional drill. It is necessary to install the victorious drills and select low speed. A dowel is inserted in the right place to help the tool pierce the surface. Next, drilling must be alternated with blows on the dowel.

If the drill does not have a speed control, then it will not be possible to make a hole.

Brick drill: how to choose and use?

When a person is faced with the need to take a drill in hand, he realizes that he will have a hard and dusty job. And if you have to work with a wall, especially a brick one, then the first step is to choose the right drill bit for brick, so that during repairs you do not spoil the tool and successfully drill a wall made of brick.

Design features and characteristics

The construction of a screwdriver consists of the following elements:

The device consists of various parts, the well-coordinated work of which ensures the performance of the desired functions.

  • pistol grip (for leading hand operation);
  • Electrical engine;
  • clutch;
  • cartridge for fixing nozzles;
  • limiter. a button that starts and adjusts the rotation;
  • gear (reducer), from which rotation is transmitted from the engine to the shaft;
  • battery for supplying power and constant voltage to the engine.
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possible, drill, brick, screwdriver

The power source of the power tool is of 2 main types:

  • Rechargeable. Autonomous due to internal battery.
  • Network. When using, the mains is required. Such a power tool is much more powerful and cheaper than a cordless type.

The rechargeable type of device must be charged in a timely manner so that it does not fail at the most crucial moment.

The battery type loses its performance when discharged, so each time you should charge the tool according to the instructions before use. Network screwdrivers do not have this problem, since they are cabled to the network. For drilling concrete, the device is equipped with a hammer drilling function with a switch for the direction of rotation of the head. obverse and reverse. The second mode is used for dismantling. To drill holes in concrete, the models are equipped with a torque adjustment function. This is necessary so that the slot and replacement bits do not become unusable.

How to properly drill a reinforced concrete pipe with an impact drill

When using a percussion drill for reinforced concrete, you need to use the “hammer drill” mode and winder drills. First, the hole is made with a smaller volume, then a larger one. The drill needs to be cooled periodically.

Important! When working with concrete, you must not get into the reinforcement, otherwise the drill will break. Using a special device, you can check where it is located.


The puncher is a versatile tool. It can be used to make a hole in a wall made of wood, tiles and concrete.

The tool has several functions. drilling, hammer drilling and hammering mode. To make a hole, you need to select the desired drill depending on the surface and perform the work by selecting the mode.

Which attachments to choose

A specific nozzle is used for each material:

  • concrete, brick, stone. a drill with a carbide plate or a victorious one;
  • tile, glass. cone-shaped drills with diamond dusting;
  • metal. spiral drill with a cylindrical cone;
  • wood, drywall. for holes of different diameters, drills are used: feather, ballerina, screw, saw crowns for wood;
  • foam concrete. victorious drills.