Is it possible to mow with a lawn mower in the rain

How to mow with a lawn mower?

How to mow with a lawn mower?

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Owners of summer cottages, private houses and country cottages often ask the question of how to mow with a lawn mower so that the tool effectively performs its utilitarian functions and serves for a long time. Household trimmers equipped with an internal combustion engine are focused on cutting grass and small shrubs. The configuration usually contains several cutters, each of which is aimed at working with:

  • Soft grass. In this case, a cutting element is used in the form of a fishing line wound on a drum, moving at a speed of 9 thousand revolutions in 60 seconds.
  • Rough thickets. Here, preference is given to metal knives, each of which is equipped with a different number of cutting teeth.
  • Thick reeds and young shrubs. The ideal option would be discs with 40-80 teeth or four-blade cutters.

Before mowing with a lawn mower, it is recommended to carefully study both the device of the unit itself and the manufacturer’s recommendations for operation. By mowing the grass correctly, you can not only achieve the desired result with minimal effort, but also extend the service life of the garden tool. To make the trimmer easier to operate, be sure to use the supplied relief system with protective pad and length adjusters.

How to mow with a lawn mower and safety

The first step is to install the cutter, which is attached to the gearbox, followed by fixing the shaped washer. Next, a knife is put on by aligning the hole with the protrusion of the washer and further mounting the upper figured washer. Before properly mowing with a lawn mower, you need to prepare a working fuel mixture, which is a combination of high-quality gasoline and oil in a ratio of 25 to 1, respectively.

All surfaces on which there are traces of spilled liquid must be wiped off after refueling. After making sure that all fasteners are fully tightened and that the adjusting tightenings are securely in place, place the tool on a hard, flat surface, set the throttle grip to the “OFF” position, and the knob on the handle to the “I”.

Before mowing with the lawn mower, do not forget to pump the fuel mixture into the starting system by activating the valve located under the air filter of the tool several times. Hold your garden tool in one hand and pull the recoil starter cord with the other. When activating the powertrain of the tool, reorient the throttle grip to the “ON” mark. Let the tool idle for a while. Having fixed the equipment with a carabiner to the unloading system, pull the trigger and get to work using the movement of the tool from right to left, keeping the plane of the cutting set parallel to the ground.

When performing the above manipulations, be sure to follow the technical safety rules. We are talking about the use of special goggles to protect the eyes, shoes with textured soles that provide good grip, textured gloves that protect the hands and guarantee an ergonomic fit to the handle, as well as noise-absorbing headphones.

How to mow grass with a lawn mower

At the moment, there is a lot of textual information and video material on the Internet on how to mow grass with a lawn mower correctly. Summarizing various sources and recommendations of professionals, the main points can be noted:

  • The correct mowing of grass begins with the choice of the cutting part of the tool in accordance with the volume of work planned.
  • The trimmer spool as well as the disc must be compatible with the technical parameters of the garden tool.
  • Safety rules require the use of personal protective equipment (goggles, gloves, shoes) and does not allow any unauthorized actions when the tool is turned on, except for the mowing process itself.
  • The mowing technique is performed by gently moving the tool from right to left. This is due to the counterclockwise rotation of the cutter.

If we are talking about working on large areas, it is recommended to conditionally divide the space into rectangles or squares, while the terrain with a slope is processed by the tool from the bottom up, moving parallel to the slope. To avoid mechanical damage to the head, do not touch the bobbin to the ground surface and contact the bobbin with curbs and other hard objects.

Cutting wet grass, plus Bermuda Grass tips

How to mow with a disc or line

The chainsaw equipped with a disc is accentuated on mowing tall and thick grass, as well as young bushes, as it provides good performance. By the way, the disc does not grind the grass, but mows it entirely, which is especially important when harvesting hay.

But when you need to cope with small, but in need of mowing shoots, it is recommended to use a trimmer with a fishing line. In addition, mowing with a garden tool equipped with a fishing line is significantly safer than using a knife, since in contact with stones the functionality of the unit is preserved and the likelihood of injury to the operator is eliminated.

How to mow tough grass with a lawn mower. life hack

We combine the attachment with knives and a spool with a fishing line for cutting woody grass with a lawn mower.

Naturally, it is better to mow smooth glades with a trolley lawnmower, which allows you to make a smoother cut and collects the cut grass in a special grass catcher. The choice of such a lawn mower is described in this article.

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Whether It Is Possible To Mow The Grass With The Trimmer After Rain Prepare your own trimmer for work. If you have a petrol trimmer, check if there is fuel in the tank. If you have an electronic trimmer, plug the plug into the electronic network and check if the extension cord is enough for the farthest corners of the area to be mowed. If you have a cordless trimmer. check if the battery is charged.

Hold the trim tab as close to the ground as possible to find the best position even before you start moving.

Turn on the trimmer (press the throttle button) and start mowing, moving the trimmer moderately from side to side and taking a small step forward, thus cutting the grass and moving forward. How to cut grass.

If there are pebbles in the path of the trimmer, this significantly accelerates the wear of the trimmer line, which will require more frequent line changes. How to use the trimmer.

If you see that the grass has become smaller and poorly cut when you mow it, it means the line is worn out, it has become shorter and it needs to be released more from the trimmer head.

Stop for a couple of minutes if even a little lethargy appears. Although cutting with a trimmer is not the hardest job, if you overwork, your back and arms will hurt for a number of days. If you have an obstacle with your back, wear a stanchion so that mowing with the trimmer is not difficult.

Do not use the trimmer to cut the grass to the ground. If you mow the grass like this, the trimmer head will be clogged with soil, there will be a lot of line consumption, and the lawn, yard or area will not look very good. It is necessary to mow so that the stubble has a height of about 5 cm, and the surface is very even. Then you can turn off the trimmer and finish work.

Starting a warm engine

Starting a preheated motor is much easier and no longer requires such efforts:

  • the control handle is set to the “maximum fuel supply” position;
  • the engine starts;
  • the desired speed is selected.

You can get to work.

Startup errors

The most common mistakes when starting a gasoline lawn mower are:

  • Not enough or no gasoline at all. A banal, but quite common reason why the lawn mower does not start. The tank is checked, gasoline is added to the required volume.
  • Poor quality fuel or improperly prepared fuel mixture. In this case, it is very important to study the recommendations and instructions regarding the required fuel quality regarding the used lawn mower model.
  • Incorrect position of the air damper. If the damper is closed, and the number of jerks is more than 5, there is a risk that fuel will flood the candles.
  • Ignition off during start-up. The ignition should be turned on immediately after closing the air damper.

Petrol lawn mower Intertool LM-4545

Feedback from netizens

I do not agree. it is very difficult for a lawn mower, it is difficult and long (for me). I couldn’t get used to it. I myself only mow by hand, for a long time I mowed with a badly broken and blunt scythe. Nevertheless, I can make a 750 kg trailer with an impressive mountain in 20-30 minutes with smoke breaks. Depends on the herb and mood. I did not count the styling time. I mow only during the day, at other times it does not work. I mow wherever I have to. that’s why the grass is different. By the way, I mow in two directions, the roll seems to be called. I do it with ease. For only the third year I have been mowing myself and constantly. the entire herbal season. My husband mowed the trailer in general in 10 minutes. I was just delighted with But a person mows all his life. Yes, and made a scythe normally, how can you compare with me. But, these are two extremes, so I started a topic to find out, so to speak, the average indicators. Н969РВ When mowing with a hand scythe, not so much strength is needed, how much skill. IMHO. How many times have I observed in the village. an old grandfather mowed better than the young and strong. I have not learned how to mow with a hand scythe, apparently I do not have enough patience, but very much even with a lawn mower. Again a plus, manual only on dew is good, but benzo at any time. In 1.5 hours with a lawn mower I will mow and lay down a full car trailer (750 kg). We usually mow together, then one mows, one collects and leaves for less than an hour. With a lawn mower, it is easier to lay 2 rows in one swath, then harvest in 2 times faster. Now lawn mowers are not expensive, even with 1-2 horses it will pay off in 2 seasons for sure, and saving your strength is also worth something.


It is comfortable to cut flower beds, lawns and side paths with a trimmer with a lower engine, because its cutting plane can be placed vertically. For even greater effect along the cutting strip, it is useful to dig a groove of approximately 4×4 cm. Then the line will cut the grass below ground level without touching its surface. The result is a very clean, blemish-free vertical haircut.

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Correct lawn mowing

Here are some useful tips on how to properly mow the grass:

  • Make sure the mower is at the same height on all sides;
  • Remove unnecessary items from the lawn before mowing. These can be branches, apples, fallen from trees and other objects;
  • If it was raining the day before, or the grass fell from strong dew, comb it and let it dry;
  • Lovers of striped lawns should be aware that stripes appear when changing the direction of the mowing, or from changing the mowing speed, if we are talking about a cylindrical mower;
  • For a uniform mowing, you need to move in a spiral, starting with a large radius. First mow the perimeter, then the spiral begins to converge towards the center;
  • Never run over the wire with the mower;
  • If you hear a strange sound from the mower, stop working immediately and make sure that no solid objects have fallen into the mower;
  • If grass remains on the lawn when mowing with the rotary mower and does not fall into the grass catcher. This can happen for two reasons: the wet grass gets into a lump and clogs the access to the collection box or the collection box is overfilled;
  • Bumps and bumps inevitably appear on every lawn. In order not to leave bald spots on them after cutting, you can simply lift the mower slightly by the handle;
  • The torn edges of the stand are a reminder to sharpen the mower’s knives;
  • The appearance of the lawn will be better if you alternate the direction of the mowing. For example, today we mowed the lawn clockwise, and next time counterclockwise.

It is impossible to cut the lawn evenly with a regular grass scythe, so a lawn mower is the main tool for smooth mowing. Lawn mowers are different: self-propelled, with steering, with a handle for control. The principle of operation of lawn mowers is also different: cylindrical, rotary, riders, robotic mowers, hovercraft lawn mowers, manual lawn mower (trimmer). Not only the principles of operation are different, but also the ways of powering devices: electricity, batteries, gasoline.

Fuel mixture preparation, refueling

If the mower is started after winter, the contents of the tank are checked: if there is unused fuel, it must be drained. Then you can start refueling the equipment. It is important to know some of the nuances here.

Petrol lawn mower Oleo-Mas

When using synthetic oils, a ratio of 1:50 is used. for 5 liters of gasoline 100 g of oil.

When using mineral oils, the proportion is 1:35. 100 g of oil per 3.5 liters of gasoline.

Refueling a four-stroke engine does not require fuel mixture preparation. A special crankcase for oil is provided here, gasoline is poured separately. It is important to remember that the oil also needs to be changed, depending on the intensity of use of the mower. Basically, it is necessary to change the oil every 50 operating hours or at least once a year.

Important! Lawn mowers perform well with an oil with an SAE-30 viscosity index. In addition, if the engine was run-in with synthetic oil, it cannot be replaced with mineral oil in the future and vice versa.

As for gasoline, Chinese, Japanese and American lawn mowers work well on A-92 fuel, for European models it is better to use gasoline with a high octane rating.

When refueling the mower, make sure that the gasoline level is 2-3 cm below the edge of the fuel tank.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower and how to do it?

Arrangement of a suburban area (and even a local area in a city) is a very complicated matter. Especially because you have to take care of the farm all the time. Many people also have questions about how to do this or that work, for example, is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer.

Features of the situation

Of course, such a question will not arise for those who live in the immediate vicinity of the lawn. Then you can wait a while and work when the grass dries up. But the need to remove wet grass arises immediately, if you can visit the site only occasionally. What to do if you have to mow the lawn on the weekend, on another day with rainy weather, that’s the subtlety. The opinions of the summer residents themselves differ, so there is no particular point in focusing on their position. You need to understand the nuances yourself.

The role of equipment

It should be pointed out at the outset that there are two main types of trimmers that “relate” differently to wet vegetation. Some devices are equipped with a gasoline engine, others are set in motion by connecting to the mains or installing a battery. In turn, electric mowers are divided into two subgroups: with the location of the motor in the lower or upper part of the machine. Safe enough for the user to remove wet grass can only petrol trimmers or hand scythes.

In this case, it is absolutely undesirable to use an electric lawn mower. Sometimes one can come across assertions that this requirement applies only to devices with a lower motor placement. Such an electric motor directly comes into contact with water. Due to this contact, you can be afraid of a short circuit.

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However, do not use an overhead mower after rain.

If water does get inside the power plant, there is a risk not only of a short circuit, but also of an electric shock. It is worth noting that these restrictions apply not only to trimmers, but also to full-fledged lawn mowers. The assurances of manufacturers and marketers about safety should not be taken into account. To minimize the risk to yourself and your equipment, you should use a lawn mower. But there are a few more subtleties that must be taken into account.

Even if the mower does not fail and its owner is not electrocuted (let’s say such a favorable situation for a minute), you still cannot mow wet grass with a trimmer. This is a deliberately abnormal mode of operation, due to which the equipment wears out too quickly. Wet vegetation is much more resistant to cutting elements than it should be. Therefore, even very well insulated motors operate with overload.

Due to the sticking of wet grass to the knives and to the spindle, the load on them will necessarily increase. This cannot be avoided, and no skill of mowers, no methods and schemes of lawn clearing help. Not only the motor suffers, but also the shaft, which sometimes turns.

Problems when mowing wet grass can also arise with gasoline machines. Yes, they are more powerful than their electrical counterparts, but the load still exceeds normal values. First of all, piston pairs and other moving parts are “under attack”. If there is no way out other than using a gasoline mower, you need to take care of it. When mowing raw grass, the machine is periodically switched to idle mode without load. 30 seconds is enough to remove excess heat, as well as save trimmer life.

And more about different situations

When talking about mowing wet grass, you need to distinguish between the following possible situations:

  • it is wet after the rain;
  • it’s raining;
  • the cause of moisture is a damp area (lowland or soil water).

In the first case, it is quite possible to take a chance and try to put things in order with a lawn mower. In the second, mowing is impractical. In the third, you will first have to deal with moisture and only then put the lawn or lawn in order. If you often have to mow wet grass after rain or “through dew” in a small area, then it is better to use not a trimmer or a lawn mower, but a simple hand scythe. You need to look not only at the grass that is removed, but also at the one where the power cable is placed.

Moisturizing it can be a very serious risk factor. To mow the grass after rain, you need to wait a little. A few minutes, even with a very big rush, will not noticeably reduce the time that can be allocated for mowing.

Mowing in the Rain. How to Mow Wet Grass!

And the result may be clearly better. Mowing through dew, even with an electric lawn mower or trimmer, is usually allowed.

As for mowing raw grass, there are still the following objections to it:

  • It is more difficult to walk with a trimmer or lawn mower in such conditions, you can easily fall and get injured;
  • you will have to spend more time on work;
  • after mowing, it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the machine itself;
  • wet chlorophyll will leave more stains on clothes, leather, shoes.

Now you need to figure out exactly how to act if you still decide to use a gasoline trimmer to clean your lawn or lawn in wet weather. An important rule is to maintain the optimal length of the grass. By overly shortening it, especially in the summer, summer residents run the risk of provoking early drying of plants. It is unlikely that this will contribute to a good appearance.

Safety requirements are standard: you need to wear goggles and gloves, and take care of the protection of your feet.

Of course, they wear sturdy, waterproof shoes. Headphones or earplugs are used only when working with a two-stroke petrol trimmer. On a large clearing with flat grass, mowing is carried out along imaginary squares, conventionally dividing the entire territory into them. They first move along the perimeter of each square, then mow it from the inside and move on to the next part of the lawn. Regardless of the weather, before starting work, you should do the following:

  • check the serviceability of the equipment;
  • remove all debris and foreign objects from the site;
  • replace, if necessary, worn-out cutting elements;
  • determined with the direction of the mowing, so that the lawn does not resemble a “washboard”.

For information on how to mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower, see the next video.