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TOP-15 best jack hammers: 2022 rating

Since the jackhammer is a highly specialized tool, when choosing it, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics. It depends on this whether the tool will cope with the chopping of asphalt, stone, tiles or concrete. We will tell you what criteria it is worth paying attention to when choosing a tool, and the rating of the best jack hammers according to the 2022 version in the price/quality rating will help to choose the right model.

Place name price
TOP-3 best jack hammers for price/quality for 2022
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3 TZK MOP-2 Find out the price
TOP-3 best electrical jack hammers
one Makita HM0870C Find out the price
2 Patriot DB 460 Find out the price
3 Bosch GSH 11 E Professional Find out the price
TOP-3 best pneumatic jack hammers
one Metabo DMH 30 SET Find out the price
2 Fubag HRC 4500 Find out the price
3 Metabo DMH 290 SET Find out the price
TOP-3 best manual jack hammers
one Makita HM1203C Find out the price
2 Stanley Sthm10k Find out the price
3 Caliber Master OM-1700/30m Find out the price
TOP-3 best budget jack hammers
one Mighty Seven SC-0617C Find out the price
2 Onnesway Jah-683h Find out the price
3 Stanley Sthm5ks Find out the price

How to choose a jack of a hammer and what to pay attention to?

In order for the jamming tool to successfully cope with the dismantling of various coatings, you should choose it according to the basic technical characteristics.

  • Type of power. All jacks are divided into electric, gasoline, pneumatic and hydraulic. Pneumatic models are considered the most expensive and powerful: they are able to hammer even the hardest materials, so professional builders choose them.
  • Power. The thickness of the material, which can break the junk hammer, depends on this indicator.
  • Frequency and power of impact. These characteristics are closely interconnected. The higher the frequency of the blow, the greater its strength. The speed and efficiency of the tool depends on these indicators.
  • Type of cartridge. It can be fast.packed or hexagonal. Professional builders prefer models of the first type, since fast.sounding cartridges allow you to change equipment without using additional tools.

You should also pay attention to the equipment of a particular model. Nozzles for jack hammers are called peaks.

They are selected depending on the alleged type of work. For example, peak-zubilo is used to cut the reinforcement or work on perznoye soil. Picu-luminaires are used for detachment of concrete or bricks, a shoulder blade-for aligning and stripping surfaces, and peak-cutting-for soil compaction and seal seams.

The division of pneumatic chips is almost similar to the power tool:

Class. weight Main characteristics
Light. up to 7 kg Easily cope with solving household problems
Average-7-10 kg Used for everyday life and construction sites
Heavy. from 10 kg Also called “concrete”. At the expense of high cost, they are classified as professional equipment. The feasibility of such a purchase for apartment repair is not even subject to discussion

The mass of the chipper can be associated with its power. As weight increases, power value increases. Although lightweights can be useful in solving complex problems, but with significant time costs than this will require the middle weight category. In fact, the destiny of medium and heavyweights are complex work. These units belong to highly specialized technology. For example, with their help, concrete structures are dismantled.

Attention. The power of the jaws affects the thickness of the material with which the tool is able to cope, as well as the continuity of the working cycle. The power range in various models is in the range of 500-2000 watts. The necessary indicator for the work associated with the finish does not exceed the mark of 1200 W. If an impact on a brick (other stone) is assumed, a powerful unit is required-up to 1600 watts, for asphalt-group work this indicator should be even larger.

What else to be guided by when choosing besides weight and power:

  • Shock force. It is dependent on the powerful potential of the chipper, affects the amount of the broken material through one blow, that is, the effectiveness of the tool. The minimum is 2.8 j. Maximum. 62 j. By the way, the category of technology is also determined by shock force. 15/35/60 J corresponds to light/medium/heavy equipment.
  • Shock frequency (speed). In fact, the number of impacts made for determining the time. This criterion is inversely proportional to the shock force. For example, heavy jack hammers in 60 seconds hit 1100 times, lightweight 3500.
  • Type of cartridge. Quick.packed variation due to a slight change in the working element contributes to labor productivity. The hexagonal cartridge requires a special key.
  • Equipment. The presence of a stroke frequency regulator, smooth descent, an additional side handle, anti.vibration system (especially relevant for pneumatics).

Advantages of pneumatic units

The reliability and quality of pneumatic concrete.ribs and powerful jack hammers is due to the fact that components for them are made on special high.precision equipment. Due to this, even strong monolithic constructions scatter under the force of their blow. For the mechanism to work without problems, you need a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. For example, Makita offers a lubricant complete with a tool.

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chipping, pneumatic, which, better

Lubrication from the manufacturer Makita

chipping, pneumatic, which, better

The advantage of a pneumatic instrument is also that it provides ample opportunities:

  • long work without overheating of the tool;
  • maintaining the health of the operator due to the low magnitude of the vibration;
  • operation in conditions of increased complexity due to the lack of electronic boards and small parts in the design;
  • Connecting several compressors to the tool for economical work.

So, the main advantages of pneumatic tools, of course, are in their resistance to overload, reliability, duration of use and the ability to work in extreme conditions. By acquiring a concrete or a powerful pneumatic jack of a hammer, you become the owner of a practical, effective and reliable assistant.

Comparison of jack hammers and concretelomes

If you compare powerful pneumatic jack hammers and concrete, then they are not much, but still differ. The professional and productive model of the chipping hammer is characterized by the energy of a single blow about 39 J, and for concrete 47 J. this is a minimum indicator. Consumption of compressed air in jack hammers is up to about 20 l/s, in concretelomes. up to 40 l/s.

A pneumatic jack hammer can serve to work with wall vertical constructions, and concrete with a large weight and dimensions. with horizontal objects: road surface, foundation, bridges and so on. It cannot be kept by weight for a long time. The designs of these two units are similar. this is a long case, two handles, a nozzle, most often in the form of a peak or chisel.

The energy of the impact depends on the stroke of the piston and its diameter. But the larger these parameters, the harder the tool, therefore, do not always focus on the force of impact when choosing. It should be determined what task is facing you, it may be better to dwell on the average version between a light and heavy professional jack of a hammer or concreteolom. By the way, the concrete force has a high impact, but the number of blows is small. For working with them, powerful compressors with a hose diameter of at least 19 mm are required.

Type of nutrition of chipping hammers

Jumping hammers can be electric, pneumatic and gasoline. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages that can significantly affect the choice of a suitable model.

Due to simplicity in connecting and reliable work, electric models are the most popular and make up about 80% of all jack hammers sold in unlike pneumatic ones, they do not need a compressor, and they can work at least all day (if there is electricity). But the radius of the action of electrical devices is very limited by the power cord (more precisely, the extension cord). Also, in the process, they cannot work in raw rooms and on the street at high humidity. If you need to work on a “dry”, then feel free to take an electric chipper, for example, an inexpensive model of the OMP-815 caliber.

For a pneumatic hammer, a productive compressor will be required, which will create the right pressure. If you transfer it to money, then the pneumatic chipper together with the compressor will cost more than an electric model. But pneumatics has a small weight with the same impact power. Therefore, it is worth buying a pneumatic jack of launching if “destructive” work will be performed mainly in one place, for example, for the manufacture of monuments and steles.

The main advantage of gasoline models is high power and the ability to work anywhere, in what conditions (even in slight rain). If power supply is not brought to the construction site, the gasoline model is what you need. However, gasoline chipsters are more noisy than the rest and throw out exhaust gases.

Which jack of hammers is better? If electricity is brought to the house or garage. Definitely electric. Otherwise, you can take a gasoline unit. But pneumatics should be taken if you plan to constantly work in one place and have a compressor.

Impact strength

The power of the impact (impact energy) is one of the most important characteristics for the jack of hammer, since it depends on it, the productivity of working with one or another material. The stronger the blow, the easier it is to destroy the material of the high density. But overpaying for powerful devices is sometimes pointless.

For example, if you plan to use a chipper to stroke walls and partitions, there is a tweeter of the device with a blow of a blow of 15. 25 j. By the way, many chipsters with such a force of impact are similar to the peorators. For stroke, we recommend taking the MOE-1300 Stavr with a blow of 16 j.

powerful chipboard can have a hit of 30. 100 j. But it is worth remembering that the larger this indicator, the harder and more expensive the device. Also note that most manufacturers test the impact force on the new ERTU standard, which on the same tool gives lower impact power values ​​(than when testing according to the old standard). Therefore, when you compare different models, check with the manufacturer, according to what standard they were tested.

chipping, pneumatic, which, better

Functionality of jack hammers

For easier work with powerful tools, the manufacturer complements them with important options:

  • The anti.vibration system allows you to perform complex work, reducing the risk of the operator’s health;
  • an additional handle for turning the chipping hammer and holding it from different angles;
  • disconnecting coal brushes in abstract, so as not to miss the moment of replacing them when wear;
  • Installation of equipment in different positions in order to be able to perform detonating in places;
  • The use of fast.and.packed cartridge to increase performance.

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Varieties of nozzles

For each type of work with a jack of a hammer, there is its own equipment. In order for the nozzles to correspond to the parameters of your tool, it is better to buy a set from the manufacturer at once.

Set of nozzles for jackdots

Most often, elements such as:

  • a chisel for creating in walls with reinforcing openings and holes, dismantling metal structures;
  • a crowbar for removing a layer of asphalt, loosening of perzed soil, work with rocks, concrete, brick;
  • a tamping plate for the seal of various building materials and soils;
  • Shovel to remove old tiles, plaster layer, concrete screeds. The width of the scapular chisel is more often from 40 to 80 mm, but it can be 100 mm wide for the removal of solid soil or asphalt.

When choosing a chipping hammer in our online store of building materials “Kuzmich24”-the section “Tool and Equipment”-you should look not only at the page of the Catalog “Jumping hammers”, but also immediately choose the equipment in the “Consumable materials” subsection, where the bats are presented For jack hammers and adapters for them.

Good choice and long operation without repair!