Key Malfunctions of Lawn Mowers Gasoline Four-Stroke Engines

Gasoline lawn mowers are convenient due to their complete autonomy from electricity, which allows them to be used far from current sources. Low fuel consumption allows you to be content with a fuel tank without additional tanks. Some units are self-propelled, so the operator only needs to direct them to the mowed area. We have prepared a rating of the best gasoline lawn mowers, which will help you choose the best models for grass care in the park, a spacious area of ​​the enterprise, the lawn at the end of the yard or garden.

Key Malfunctions of Lawn Mowers Gasoline Four-Stroke Engines

The best gas mowers for small areas up to 1000 m2

This technique is used to care for private parks and gardens, as well as children’s playgrounds, a large adjacent area around the cottages. Motor power varies from 2 to 4 hp, which is enough for mowing soft grass and hard stems.

Makita PLM4620 – with American engine

The lawn mower has a long service life thanks to Japanese components and an American-style powertrain from brand B&S.

Motor Power 3.1 HP with a volume of 190 cm3 allows you to develop revolutions up to 2800 per minute and confidently cut grass of any stiffness. If the operator has released the device from his hands, then the engine brake is instantly activated, which is important for safety.


  • The device sifts a shallow layer for mulching;
  • Grass catcher volume 60 l;
  • 5 positions of cut height are set from 25 to 75 mm, which allows combining lawn mowing by levels;
  • Separate oil and fuel filling facilitates use;
  • Folding handle;
  • Full steel deck body;
  • The long plastic cover at the grass catcher gives it a little stiffness and straightens to prevent entry clogging;
  • 46 cm of mowing in width in one pass;
  • Silent work;
  • Copes with high growth.


  • No autorun;
  • It is delivered without oil in the engine;
  • Have to push the mower on your own;
  • Weight 28 kg;
  • Soft grass catcher;
  • The cost of 25,000 rubles.

Hyundai L4300S – Highly Maneuverable

This gas mower has proven to be one of the best on a difficult terrain due to the large diameter difference between the front and rear wheels, which are 15 and 20 cm. This makes it easier to guide and rotate the self-propelled device.

To collect grass there is a soft bag with a hard top, which holds 55 liters. The button from the manual pump for pumping gasoline into the carburetor is located on the front and is easily accessible.


  • Folding handle, where you can set the height for the growth of the operator;
  • The cost of 19,000 rubles;
  • Power 3.4 hp and a volume of 139 cm3 is sufficient for quick operation for a long time;
  • Engine brakes separately;
  • Convenient brackets for opening the throttle and locking the brake;
  • Cutting width in one pass 41 cm;
  • Cutting height is set from 25 to 75 mm with a switch on the side;
  • Self-propelled system with rear drive wheels;
  • No rattling while driving on the grass;
  • Protection of knives when hitting a stone;
  • Starts up quickly after prolonged downtime
  • Mowing speed of 10 acres per hour.


  • Weight 30 kg;
  • Fuel tank only 1 l;
  • Brief instructions, where there is a lot of important information on the operation;
  • Handle cover is weak and may burst;
  • No mulching;
  • When working on wet grass, the entrance to the hopper is clogged and does not allow to fill the grass catcher;
  • No electric starter.

Champion LM4627 – Side Emission

This is a stylish black and yellow gasoline lawn mower with the possibility of throwing grass back, into the bag or to the side without touching the operator, which allows you to mow without stopping to empty the grass catcher in areas where you can leave a mowed layer.

This helps to fertilize the soil, but is only suitable for a slowly growing lawn, otherwise the coating will clog quickly. The fuel pump button is located in front, and just press it 3 times for the first start.


  • Low price from 16,000 rubles;
  • The cable for the engine plant through the starter is attached to the handle;
  • Convenient neck for filling fuel;
  • The handle mount is completely detached, which facilitates folding and transportation in the trunk of the machine;
  • The deck extends widely on one level with the side line of the wheels, which gives a good grip and leaves no gaps;
  • Self-propelled function thanks to rear-wheel drive from the power unit;
  • 46 cm cutting width for high productivity over a large area;
  • Grass catcher volume 60 l;
  • You can customize the mulching with an additional nozzle;
  • Setting the cutting height of the grass from 25 to 75 mm;
  • Central adjustment in 5 positions;
  • Engine power 3.5 hp .;
  • Steel deck protects against cracks in a collision with a curb;
  • Easy to start;
  • Separate filling of oil and gasoline.


  • No automatic start;
  • A soft grass catcher may not wrinkle and fill up to the end;
  • A tank with a capacity of 1 liter of gasoline;
  • Turns and changes in direction must be carried out with the drive off;
  • Weight 35 kg.

The best gas mowers for areas over 1,000 m2

This gardening technique is used on vast areas in spacious parks, golf courses, caring for urban squares and roadsides inside the village.

The power of the power unit is about 4 to 6 hp. Allows you to cut off the hardened grass and cope with the branches that got under the knives. They are purchased by both individuals and utilities.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 45SP – for enterprise site maintenance

This lawn mower is the best for processing large areas and sports fields, as it has maneuverable wheels of different diameters and a powerful engine with 3600 spindle revolutions per minute.

The mulching nozzle provides screening of a small layer of mowed grass on the soil to prevent drying out and additional fertilizer. The remaining mass falls into a capacious bag with a capacity of 50 liters.


  • The device is capable of not only cutting grass, but also transmitting torque to the wheels, which facilitates the use of equipment;
  • Immediately beveled across a width of 45 cm;
  • Cutting height adjustment varies from 25 to 75 mm;
  • Power unit with four-stroke stable operation;
  • Engine braking for a quick stop of knives;
  • Power 4.5 hp and a volume of 142 cm3 allows you to work with grass of various stiffness and have high performance in large areas;
  • Steel case;
  • The handle can be unscrewed to reduce the size or flipped down with a curved bracket for the convenience of the user;
  • Rear wheels with a diameter of 19 cm;
  • 5 adjustment options;
  • The cost of 15,000 rubles.

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  • When there is no need to remove grass from the field, then without a collecting tank it will fly only backward, under the operator’s feet (there is no lateral branch)
  • Tank with fuel only 1 liter;
  • For mulching, you need to buy an additional nozzle, which is not included in the kit;
  • Poorly rides independently uphill (you need to push);
  • May not start the first time (adjustment of the gas cable is required);
  • Weight 28 kg is heavy for transportation.

A well-kept lawn near the house is a natural decoration that will never go out of style. A neatly trimmed grass pleases the eye in any weather – illuminated by the bright sun, in the rain, with drops of dew, even peering out from under the snow. But a real lawn requires regular maintenance, the most time-consuming part of which is mowing and cutting grass.

Hand braids have long gone out of use, you can see them only with real retrograde lovers and antique lovers. Moreover, with their help it is quite difficult to mow grass perfectly on a lawn – skill is a thing of the past with a tool. Replaced by motorized trimmers and lawn mowers – electric and gasoline. Mechanical lawnmowers occupy an insignificant niche, they are not equipped with an engine, but they are not particularly popular.

Despite the huge number of models, the main types of lawn mowers are no different. They can be divided into two large groups – trimmers (lawn mowers) and mowing machines – wheeled lawn mowers, riders, tractors. Most of them use one principle of mowing by a rotating rotor equipped with a cord cutting part or metal blades. When rotating at high speed, they cut grass at a given height, chopping the mowed part.

They differ in design features: size; type and power of the engine; set of features; cost; ease of use.


The easiest to use are trimmers, they are also the most universal. A professional lawn mowing lawnmower can not only smooth grass on the lawn, but also harvest hay for the winter, mow weeds on roadsides and courtyards, and remove shrubbery in gardens and lawns. Individual models of trimmers are called brush cutters – they can cope with young trees with a trunk diameter of up to 3-4 cm, without losing the opportunity to care for the lawn.

But on large flat areas of lawns where grass mowing at the same height is required, they are not very convenient – it is very difficult to achieve a stable position of the cutting part. Lawn mowing, especially powerful, the tool is quite heavy and bulky. It is indispensable in hard-to-reach places, on difficult terrain, near fences, borders, on rocky soil.

By design, the trimmer is a fairly simple system consisting of an electric or gasoline engine (usually a two-stroke engine) and a rotating head, in which there is a fishing line or metal string wound on a reel, the ends of which are extended 15-40 cm on both sides and perform functions knives.

The cutting part can be mounted directly on the motor shaft, with its lower location.

Or connected to it with a metal cable or rod (with the top location of the motor). It should be noted that lawn mowers with a top engine are much more convenient to use – they are balanced in weight and allow you to work for several hours in a row without much operator fatigue.

Wheeled Lawn Mowers

Such garden machines are more convenient and easy to use. They practically do not require physical efforts, a person of any physical constitution can cope with them. The base of the mower is a wheeled trolley equipped with four support wheels that can be connected to the engine by a drive system (two or all four), or rolls freely.

Self-propelled types of lawn mowers driven by an engine are very convenient in large areas of lawns, in parks and squares. If you have to work for several hours or even a whole day, then lawn mowers with drive wheels are indispensable. In small areas and areas of complex configuration, clipping machines without wheel drive are more convenient.

The fact is that they are much easier to maneuver and move forward or backward. Not all models of self-propelled lawn mowers are equipped with a reverse system, their speed is also regulated in a rather narrow range and, for example, for an elderly person, it is sometimes difficult to hold the machine in your hands, even when driving at a minimum speed.

Structurally, wheel mowers consist of:

  • Decks (frames with wheels);
  • An electric or gasoline (two or four stroke) engine;
  • Horizontally rotating blade knives;
  • Handles;
  • Governing bodies;
  • A box or bag for collecting mowed grass.

Lawn mowers with and without grass catcher

Lawn mowers are equipped with a grass catcher, but some models of lawn mowers are not equipped with grass catchers – they chop the grass to a state of dust and leave it on the lawn as mulch and natural fertilizer. Many gardeners consider this method of mowing the only acceptable option for lawn care, allowing you to fertilize it without the use of mineral and other fertilizers and maintain the natural state of the soil, without drying out and compaction.

Rotary and drum mowers

According to the design of the cutting part, wheeled lawn mowers are divided into rotary mowers, which have already been mentioned, and drum (cylindrical). The first are equipped with horizontally located blades with sharpened edges that rotate in a horizontal position, relative to the vertical axis, and cut the grass very cleanly and evenly – the rotation speed is high enough so that even soft grass does not crumple but cut off. The height of the knife is adjustable in a fairly wide range, usually from 2 to 7.10 cm.

Cylindrical lawn mowers are equipped with a horizontal shaft that rotates clockwise and a horizontal fixed knife. The shaft is also equipped with cutting blades running along its entire length, their number can reach 12 pieces. Rotating along a horizontal axis running perpendicular to the direction of movement of the lawn mower, the shaft presses the grass against the fixed plate of the horizontal knife and cuts it off almost perfectly evenly.

In terms of productivity and mowing quality, the cylindrical types of lawn mowers are much superior to rotary mowers, but only on low soft grass. If the height of the grass cover exceeds 10 – 12 cm, it is better to use a rotary version of the mower. The possibilities of a cylindrical lawn mower also depend on the number of knives on the shaft – the fewer they are, the easier it is to cope with tall and stiff grass. It is optimal to buy cars with three to five knives for home use. Cylindrical lawn mowers are significantly more expensive than rotary mowers, so they lose out in popularity.

Riders and mini tractors

They can be attributed to the professional class of equipment for mowing grass and lawn care. They are appropriate on areas from 0.5 hectares – in the park area, on stadiums, flat banks of water bodies and other places where working with a regular lawn mower will be very tiring.

Riders and mini tractors are distinguished by the location of the mowing unit – on the tractor it is located below, between the front and rear wheels, and on the rider in the front. In addition to the mowing unit, a number of other equipment can be connected to the power take-off shaft of these machines, which allows them to be considered a fairly universal technique, for which lawn care is only part of the scope of use.

Exotic Lawn Care Machines

Practice shows that devices, machines and mechanisms that seemed unusual, exotic, and even curious a few years ago very quickly become familiar and actively push traditional systems out of use. Perhaps today’s exotic types of lawn mowers will not be an exception, which are increasingly being used not only abroad, but also appear in our country. These include hovercraft mowers and robots.

Hovercraft Lawn Mowers

In this type of lawn mower, knives of a special design are used, which are, at the same time, propellers, creating a directed air flow and raising the installation above the ground to a small height. She hovering there on a pillar of air and mowing grass at a given level. Moving it over the lawn is extremely easy, as well as maneuvering.

Robotic lawn mowers

Robotic lawnmowers operate without human intervention, according to the principle of a well-known robot vacuum cleaner. It is enough to protect the site with ropes stretched at a certain height and run the machine inside the perimeter – perfect mowing is guaranteed.

So far, the spread of these types of lawn mowers has been restrained by some imperfect designs and a high price. But we are already used to the fact that progress is inexorable and there will not be a long wait for the active development of these areas.

Varieties of lawn mowers depending on the powertrain

Types of lawn mowers by engine type are limited by two options – electric and gasoline. Diesel engines in these machines (with the exception of some models of mini-tractors and riders) are not used due to the large weight, complexity of the design and low revolutions of the shaft rotation.

Electric mowers

Electric trimmers and lawn mowers are very convenient in small areas close to home. They are productive, low noise, lightweight, do not require complicated maintenance. In operation, very few requirements are put forward. The main ones – it is not recommended to mow wet grass and not to overload the engine, it should work at stable speeds.

Under heavy loads and a frequent decrease in speed, the engine overheats, which leads to its failure, and repairing such motors is expensive and difficult. In addition, the cable stretching behind the mower or trimmer is not only uncomfortable, but also limits the radius of the working area. If you have to mow between trees, it is better not to find a gas trimmer.

Gas mowers

On the basis of two and four-stroke gasoline engines, a lot of models of trimmers and wheel mowers are produced. For trimmers, two-stroke engines are usually used, as they are lighter, quite powerful and easy to maintain.

Wheel lawn mowers are equipped with both types of gasoline engines, depending on the size and required performance. Gas mowing machines are characterized by a high level of autonomy, a significant resource (2.8 000 hours), depending on the brand of engine, maintainability. They are quite economical – even if you use high-quality fuel and branded brands of oils (otherwise it is not recommended to do otherwise), the cost of operating a gas mower or trimmer will not exceed the cost of one or two trips by car at a distance of 150 – 200 km.