Lawn mowed Patriot gasoline what gasoline. Why do you need engine oil in the lawn mower

How to conduct maintenance of a gasoline lawn mower

Preparation, mixing and replacing the fuel-air mixture are the main procedures for maintenance of garden lawners. The durability of not only rotating details, but also the engine depends on the quality and composition of the used fuel and lubricants.

Oil for the lawn mower covers the rubbing parts and the gaps between the spare parts with a thin astringent film, as a result of which the wear and appearance of scuffs and scratches on the surface during operation decreases.

The best electric lawners Patriot

In the line of electric lawn mowers from the Patriot model with electric drive and battery. The first as simple as possible in use: just connect the extension cord to start the unit. But such versions are not so convenient when used in complex areas where there are many flower beds, scenery, bushes and trees. The cable will certainly cling to all obstacles, complicating the mowing process.

Batteries are completely wireless, it is convenient to maneuver on any relief. At the same time, they are powerful and relatively light, and all service is reduced in charging and connecting the battery. To work in large areas, you can take an additional battery, which will increase the battery life, but all this affects the cost.

One. Patriot CM 435XL

Light and maneuverable CM435XL operates from a 40 v battery. This is a high.Quality lawn mower, which stands out with a thoughtful constructive part: wide startup keys, understandable central adjustment of the height of mowing with a lateral lever. The battery is protected by a plastic lid, there is protection from a random start. The model is more suitable for small or medium sections, because the processing width is 37 cm. The height, on the contrary, is in a wide range of 25-75 mm. An important advantage of the lawn mower is the presence of LI-Ion batteries and charger in the kit, a low price for its class and a hard-piece collection of plastic. By the disadvantages, users attributed a small battery capacity. 2.5 a/h, but on sale there are always interchangeable for 4 a/h. Also, according to experts, there are not enough steps of height adjustment. Only 5.

  • Light, maneuverable and ergonomic;
  • Battery and charger in the kit;
  • Wide range of cutting heights;
  • Independence from wires;
  • Good equipment;
  • Reliable inaudible engine;
  • The availability of interchangeable and additional batteries.

Patriot PT 1634E

This is one of the best lawn mowers of the Patriot brand operating from the network. Firstly, she has good technical indicators, secondly-high power of 1.6 kW and, thirdly, a large number of revolutions. The lawn mower can work in uneven areas with slopes, it perfectly cuts off small lawn grass, burdocks and even branches. Hard grass collector with a volume of 30 liters, according to owners, it is very convenient to remove and clean. Light weight endowed the model with high maneuverability, and moderate dimensions facilitated storage and transportation. The owners also noted a low noise level, despite the declared 94 dB. Of the minuses, users revealed only the average quality of a regular knife.

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  • Powerful;
  • Good technical characteristics;
  • 6 steps of adjusting the height of the cut;
  • Light and maneuverable;
  • Not noisy;
  • Suitable for use by women, elderly faces.

Patriot Pt 1433 E

The PT 1433 E model is the cheapest Patriot electric lawners in our review. Economicity was somewhat reflected in the technical characteristics, but the capacity of 1.4 kW and a cut width of 32 cm will be enough for garden and summer cottages. The height is regulated in the range of 25-65 mm and is fixed on one of the five steps. Like the similar model 1634e, this rating participant is distinguished by a small mass of 10 kg, which allows you to easily control with it without the use of physical strength. It is simply maneuvering in the most complex areas, it is convenient to transport and clean up for storage. A good Patriot lawn mower came to love most users for good quality, convenient design and endurance when the thick grass is running, for easy processing of sliding sections. The list of advantages is complemented by a low price and the availability of consumables for sale. The owners attributed the low quality of the standard knife to the minuses of the lawn mower.

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  • Low price;
  • Stylish design;
  • Convenient hard grass collector;
  • Light weight and maneuverability;
  • Acceptable technical characteristics.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 49

Motoblock “Mole” I feed 92. Although 76 used to digest well. For 15 years I have never prepared for wintering. Similarly, with a saw and a trimmer. Our country season ends very sharply and unexpectedly, and therefore I can’t prepare. Today, last year’s mixture of liters is 5, everything starts up and works.

Lying for many years good 92.If 2-stroke, then gasoline with butter (it is desirable to strictly pour without overflows and short-legged oil-this is harmful). I pour the mixture only to work. You can’t leave. The mixture does not get drunk for a long time. It is better to bring in small portions to work. If there is not much left, I drain.For the winter. An empty tank only.

In 4-tact, I leave a little gasoline in the winter. But I block the supply of gasoline to the carburetor and wait until it develops the rest.

Oil in a 4-stroke motor block I change every spring before starting work.

The experience is still small, only one winter. All last season, and that has begun this is 92 gasoline. Champion Oil Chinese manufacturer. Then I will switch to “Shtlevskoye”. I read the forums. To preserve for the winter or not. I talked with my grandfathers from the forestry, they said do not score your brain. Finished the season, put the whole tool into the garage. I tucked it in the spring, and drove I tried it. Everything is fine, I started it easily.

Gas in your oil??!!

Do not leave the main thing in the winter, and indeed with a mixture in the tank. Empty and let him modify the rest. The mixture is oxidized quickly.Shtil used oil. Pontent Dear. Better gasoline 92 normal.

I leave 5 years as there is gasoline and leave it and leave ! Both a braid and a chainsaw work with half a turn

Ly 100 from Lukoil) The pancake began to mow)))Of course 92 Huskvarna oil, I don’t drain Benz for the winter, but I pour and fill a new one before the season, I do not do more than two liters of the mixture.To say Benz with butter store for a long time nizya!

I keep with benz, then I fill in the new 92, and I change the candle in the season, it leads with half

The mixture is stored no more than 5 days.Then it breaks down and you can’t use it. It is necessary to produce for 5 days. Mix conveniently in 5-liter bottles. If you need little mixture, then in the Stilevskaya special bottle of a liter-item in a nose-starter for oil.Cosha himself with a parapier and pour 92 but 5 years poured 95 and everything is fine. For the winter, conservation with a complete drain of fuel and filling in a cylinder of a teaspoon of two.Stroke oil is necessarily. And pull the starter several times.

Why is it not to be used after 5 days suddenly? And what is it split into? On atoms or something! In childhood, Bati in a motorcycle, of course, split overnight, to an almost empty tank. And now what suddenly? There will be no Ioi still something else to start?

Split. This is a modern myth of dick quality. If you remember in childhood, Bati/grandfather Moped “Riga” only did not pour there and it went. And right now.- 5 years keep then split, for the winter.

lawn, mowed, patriot, gasoline

Then my gasoline is some kind of wrong, since the technique starts with gasoline month ago!

I’m talking about the fact that they go for the ears. From last year everything has been flooded and in the spring. Chainsaws, drill, benzokos. I do not drain anything if it remains.

Split. This is a modern myth of dick quality. If you remember in childhood, Bati/grandfather Moped “Riga” only did not pour there and it went. And right now.- 5 years keep then split, for the winter.

For the time being. The piston does not wear out immediately. Can ride but it’s better not to take risks. The technique is expensive and I want to save it. An analogy with Soviet motorcycles is interesting and touching. My Carpathians were also refueling. But with Japanese scooters and Canadian snowmobiles this will not pass, upper. I don’t want to try. Also with high.Tech lawn.Cocked equipment. Here is a bottle. Prepare the mixture-minute. Everything is thought out. Is it really so difficult to follow the recommendations?

The lineup

The model range of lawn mowers Patriot includes gasoline and electrical models, which can have self.Propelled and non.Self.Propelled performance. Self.Propelled lawn mowers are as simple as possible in operation. They will require a minimum of physical effort to use them. Non.Self.Propelled models must be pushed independently in order to qualitatively process a section of the lawn adjacent to the house.


Basin lawn mowers are equipped with two and four.Stroke engines that determine the functional potential of the device. Most models are equipped with power plants of their own production. The exception is the non-self-propelled gasoline lawn mower RT 52 RS, which is driven by the 6-horsepower engine Robin Subaru. The nominal volume of the four.Stroke motor is 190 cm3. The component of the power unit is characterized by the maximum level of performance and maximum fuel efficiency.

Photo of gasoline lawn mower Patriot Pt 52RS The housing of gasoline lawn mowers can be performed when using steel or aluminum alloy. Such materials are resistant to negative corrosive influence and can be operated for a long period of time.

The PT48AS model is distinguished by the presence of a drive for all wheels. The moment expands the functional potential of the unit. The self.Propelled model has a special fitting for connecting the hose, through the use of which the procedure for cleaning the internal part of the deck. Many gasoline models are equipped with an option to mulch.

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Technical characteristics of gasoline lawn mowers Patriot:

Model PT 41 BS PT 47 LS PT 52 RS PT 46LS PT 48AS
Speasing width, mm 420 460 510 460 480
Speasing height, mm 30-75 30-75 30-75 30-75 30-75
Total weight, kg 21 35 36 32 41
Engine power, l.With. 5 4.5 6 4.5 6.5
Engine volume, cm3 148 139 190 139 200
The volume of the grass collector, l 40 40 60 fifty 75
Fuel consumption, l/hour 0.8 0.7 0.8 0.7 0.9
Building material steel steel steel steel Aluminium alloy
The number of wheels 4 4 4 4 4
Additional options Folding handle, mulching, adjusting the height of mowing. Folding handle, mulching, adjusting the height of mowing (central), grass release. Folding handle, mulching, wheel drive, adjusting the height of mowing. Folding handle, mulching, adjusting the height of mowing. Folding handle, mulching, adjusting the height of mowing, mechanical transmission, hand starter.

Patriot PT 48AS lawn mower photo


Electric variation of the Patriot lawn mowing is characterized by a minimum noise level, high environmental friendliness and efficiency in use. The components of power plants of such models are not as powerful as gasoline motors, but they also have many advantages. Energy produced by electric motors from the rotor to the drum. The latter is equipped with knives and during rotation, it provides cutting of grass, which falls into the formed gap between the neckline and the drum.

Electric lawn mowers are compact and minimal weight indicators. The small engine size allows the use of the vacant place to install a more spacious grass collector. The moment is somewhat expanding the functional potential of the tool.

In the presented model range of special attention, the non.Self.Propelled lawn mower Patriot Garden PHG 1030E deserves. It is characterized by high maneuverability, high performance and maximum simplicity in managing. The folding handle makes transportation and storage of the product very simple.

Technical characteristics of the Patriot electrical lawn mowers:

Model PT 1232E Garden PHG 1030E Garden PT 2042E PT 2042E
Engine power, WT 1300 1000 2000 2000
Speasing height, mm 20-60 25-55 20-70 25-65
Speasing width, mm 320 300 420 420
Recommended mowing area, m2 300 200 800 500
The volume of the grass collector, l 25 25 45 45
Building material plastic plastic plastic plastic
The number of wheels 4 4 4 4
Total mass, kg ten eight eighteen eighteen
Additional options Moving height adjustment, folding handle. Moving height adjustment, folding handle. Moving height adjustment, folding handle. Moving height adjustment (central), folding handle.

Patriot lawmaker (Patriot)

The American company Patriot, which is producing the same electric and gasoline lawn mowers, was founded relatively recently. The young and dynamically developing company in a short period of time managed to prove itself well in the world communal technique market. In order to lack its own plant for the production of serial products, the company’s management decided to convey its own goods at one of the Chinese factories. Thanks to this, the company managed to expand the existing model range and ensure the supply of its products to various countries of the world. Among the presented list was Russia.

Chainsaws, lawnmands and snowboards are equipped with power plants of their own production. The moment highlights the company against the background of competitive firms. Two.Stroke engines are distinguished by a unique gas distribution design. Four.Stroke variation of engines is characterized by a high level of performance and maximum fuel efficiency.

The manufacturer’s model range presents self.Propelled and non.Self.Propelled variations of lawn mowers, which are capable of functioning when using an electric or gasoline engine.

The housing of electric models is made of polymer of high strength. Gasoline law mmores have a steel or aluminum case. Aluminum alloy is maximum strength with minimal weight indicators.

If necessary, the operator can adjust the height of the mowing, thus creating the most comfortable conditions for work. To select the required height, the central lever is used.

A characteristic feature of components of power plants for the Patriot lawn mower is a unique design of the gas distribution system. Plowing Windows are sharpened at a certain angle. In addition, manufacturers use a special shape of the combustion chamber and a resonant exhaust pipe, due to which we can talk about maximum fuel efficiency in further operation.

Patriot power plants on the lawnmands are additionally equipped with two piston rings that provide stably high compression. A special way to place a carburetor deserves special attention, as a result of which in any position a stable supply of fuel mixture is ensured.

Photo of Patriot Power Plant

All parts of the lawn mower are characterized by the presence of a chrome surface. The moment positively affects the potential of the strength of the entire product.

Patriot lawners are characterized by high assembly quality and sufficient power level. By using such an unit, you can in the shortest possible time to process the maximum area adjacent to the house. In addition, we can also talk about a quite affordable level of price indicators.

At the same time, many users complain that with intensive operation, the lawn mower can fail after half an hour of work. This trend is due to overheating of the power plant and other internal elements that determine the functional potential of the device.

lawn, mowed, patriot, gasoline

Recommendations for diluting gasoline oil

The purpose of the oil composition is to ensure the required smoothness of sliding pistons and motor valves. As a result, the wear of the working parts will be reduced to a minimum. Do not dilute gasoline with oil for a 2-stroke engine for a 4-stroke engine, and vice versa. The composition, poured into a tank for 4-stroke engines, retains its “sliding properties” longer. He does not burn out, but manages to spread through the mobile engine details.

In a 2-stroke motor, oil fraction burns along with gasoline-soot is formed. The permissible speed of its formation is one of the most important characteristics of a 2-stroke motor. This means that the engine should not clog their valves with a soil for several spent liters of gasoline.

The motor is designed for a much longer “mileage”. Especially when it comes to hundreds and thousands of hundreds of grass, mowed over the season. High-quality butter-Benzine fraction also matters when protecting the motor from the thick layer of soot, which it will be impossible to work with.

The accurate recommendation of the manufacturer refers the consumer to the oil from certain firms. For example, this is Liquimoly manufacturer. But such a correspondence is not necessarily.

Do not buy for the lawn mower automatically. Manufacturers produce a special composition. The lawn mowers and snowmobiles are not water, as in passenger cars and trucks, but air. Each model of a benzocystem provides for fuel of certain brands and proportions, which is not recommended to deviate.

Oil replacement in a 4-stroke engine

In a lawn mower with a four.Stroke ICE, pour gasoline in a tank, and oil in a special hole that is in the crankcase. Operational instruction for equipment from the manufacturer contains information about the frequency of lubrication replacement.

It should be taken into account that the effectiveness of the lubricant after about 50 hours of operation of the unit decreases. If you need to pump out small areas, then in one season so many working hours are unlikely to get. In this case, the lubricant should be changed when preserving the device at the autumn-winter period

In this case, the lubricant should be changed when preserving the device at the autumn-winter period.

  • At about 15 minutes, the lawn mowing motor is launched at idle speeds so that the system warms up, and due to this, the fluidity of the lubricant increases (the viscosity decreases);
  • Unscrew the plug of the drain hole located on the crankcase;
  • They include the lawn mower towards this drain, having previously set the container to collect the developed lubricant (as in the photo below);
  • After the development is dragging, the cork is twisted into place;
  • The mower is installed on an even platform;
  • Open the upper hole;
  • The new oil appropriate for a 4-bed engine is poured, periodically checking its level with the probe;
  • Когда смазка достигнет требуемой отметки, отверстие под заливку закрывают, плотно закручивая пробку.

For filling in four-stroke ICE, you can use various oil stamps, for example, 10W40, SAE-30 suitable in their operational properties. For most models, it is suitable lubricant of the class SF and above. It is recommended to fill in the winter frost.Resistant lubricant.

Semi-synthetic oil Yuko Semisynthetic 10W-40

It is not recommended to drain practices directly to the soil, so as not to pollute it. To select a spent lubricant, you can also use various devices. One of the possible options is presented in the photo further.

The process of replacing the lubricant in the engine system of the wheelbreaks is quite simple. Carrying out all the operation usually takes up to 30 minutes of time.

The best option for both two.Stroke and four.Stroke engines is the use of gasoline and oil, recommended by manufacturers. Instructions for suitable brands are given in the instructions for the lawnical mower. The lubricant must have a viscosity not lower than the indicated, otherwise it simply cannot perform its functions normally. The gasoline used should not be a brand higher than recommended by the manufacturer, because the pistons, valve or rings can burn out. Filling fuel or lubrication, it is also necessary to observe their volumes given in the instructions. Especially the proportions should be observed with independent preparation of an oil-banzin mixture.

When spring comes, people often spend their free time in a summer cottage. They try to save their site from such a problem as weeds and grass with the onset of warm days. It is difficult to do this manually, especially if the territory is very large, so the lawn mower will help. Thanks to this technique, you can trim the grass and remove weeds. This is a suitable device to mow unnecessary plants near the fence, at home, between rows in the garden on a flower bed and so on. How to choose a lawn mower that is suitable for your needs read. The cutting element in this device is a trimmer line (strong polyethylene thread), which is wound on a special element. A reel. But over time, the trimmer line wears out and there is a need to replace it. The article will talk about how to refuel a trimmer line in a lawn mower.

Instructions for maintenance

The lawn mower requires regular maintenance to maintain its working qualities, safety and reliability in use. To proceed to any preventive or repair nature actions should be in gloves and with the engine disconnected. It is also recommended to disconnect the spark plugs cap. The inspection begins with the checking quality of tapping of nuts and bolts. If necessary, using the corresponding tool, fasteners should be securely fixed. Then you can proceed to the revision of working nodes and elements. If a malfunction or damage is detected, the details should be replaced. The instructions for the Patriot law mower indicate that in cases of deformation of the fuel tank, mowing knives or damage to the case, the operation of the unit is not allowed. Only updating the problem part in a specialized dealer center will help to get out of the situation.

Spare parts and tools for repairing mowers

The time for repair of the trimmer Patriot will depend on the complexity of damage or breakdown. In any service center, he will take no more than five working days. But if there is an opportunity to carry out repairs with your own hands, then after diagnosis in the same center you can order and purchase the necessary details. Patriot trimmer spare parts are ordering for manufacturers through representatives of this company. Delivery takes from five working days to a month and is carried out without surcharges.

To choose the right car, you need to decide for what purposes it is needed. If with the help of a lawn mower it will need to be put in order small lawns and a lawn near the house, then for these purposes light electric or battery trimmers are suitable. For processing large areas, it is better to choose powerful gasoline self.Propelled mowers Patriot with a four.Stroke engine. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice, so that subsequently the unit does not dust in the barn or garage, and the money does not fly away to the wind.

Self.Propelled lawn mower gasoline. Which is better to choose and which gasoline to fill

When planning to buy a gasoline lawn mower, a person who has not previously had the experience of “communication” with this kind of technique will inevitably face the question: which model is better to choose? The modern market for gasoline lawnmands offers many different devices that differ both in technical characteristics and in the features of operation.

To understand which of the many models of gasoline mowers is better, you need to approach this issue objectively and comprehensively, which is proposed to be done in the course of studying the information below.

Gasoline trimmers with a four.Stroke engine

Trimmers driven by a four.Stroke engine have a more complex device. Gasoline and oil are poured into different containers, from where they are then supplied to the engine. In such models, you can not use a lubricant designed for two.Stroke engines.Gasoline for a trimmer with such a motor should be AI-92 or AI-95 brand. It is not recommended to use fuel with a lower octane number. This will lead to unstable engine operation.

Many manufacturers of trimmers persistently advise using fuel and lubricants manufactured under their own logo. Often they cost more than analogues sold under other names. Is it worth overpaying for branded oil?Monitoring gasoline tools do not produce fuel and lubricants. They purchase these products from firms engaged in the production of oils, and then put grease in containers with their symbols. Therefore, you can safely buy the right oil of any manufacturer. The main thing is that it corresponds to the parameters of the engine.

Differences in engines in lubrication methods

A significant point is the difference in the method of lubricating two.Stroke and four.Stroke internal combustion engines: the former requires refueling with not clean gasoline, but its mixture in the necessary proportion with oil. She, connecting with the air, circulates in the piston node, while lubricating the walls of the cylinder, crankshaft bearings and connecting rods, as well as the pistons themselves. Когда топливная смесь загорается, то масло, мельчайшими каплями входящее в ее состав, также сгорает. Combustion products come out in the form of waste gas. In practice, oil mushrooms with a two.Stroke engine is mixed with gasoline in certain proportional ratios.

When the motor is 4-stroke, The oil is supplied separately. Without mixing with gasoline. Almost lubrication is implemented due to the presence of pipelines, oil pump, valves, filter. The latter is designed to clean the oil from small particles of metal formed during the wear of the parts.

It turns out that in 2-stroke engines the oil burns during operation, but in 4-stroke there is no, remaining a long period to circulate in the system. Because of this, the requirements for its operational properties differ. Two.Stroke engine oil should leave after combustion The minimum possible amount of soot. And for four-stroke units, it is necessary that the lubricant used for a long time retains its original physicochemical indicators.

Suitable oil and gasoline for refueling a 2-stroke engine

Two.Stroke gasoline engines are designed to work on the fuel mixture. Oil replacement in the lawn mower is not separately produced. It is proportionally mixed with gasoline. In this case, only a properly prepared fuel composition must be poured into the motor system.

Pour oil on the principle of “the higher its price, the better for the operation of the mechanism” you cannot. Suitable for 2-stroke ICE varieties of oil compositions according to the method of their production are divided into such groups:

The lubricating properties of the material depend on the basis, its ability to remain in a liquid state when the temperature is reduced, significantly without increasing the viscosity at the same time. The composition of the lubricant includes approximately 5-15 % of a variety of additives. They are designed to increase the practical effectiveness of the tool used. The additives allow:

  • Slow down the course of corrosion of metal surfaces associated with redox reactions;
  • Increase the thermal resistance of the parts;
  • Stabilize the viscosity of the substance at the same level when temperatures in a certain range.

Manufacturers of lawn mowers in the instructions indicate that brand of lubricant, which is the best option for the operated unit. If you get it problematic, it is possible to change the oil for a similar composition designed for 2-tact DIS. Wherein The level of viscosity must necessarily comply with the recommended manufacturer of the product of its value.

Gasoline is the main voluminous component of the suitable fuel mixture. Its brand should comply with the lawn mower recommended in the operating instructions. From the size octane number The time of its combustion depends: the more this number, the longer the fuel burns.

To obtain fuel mixture, motor oil is mixed with gasoline in certain proportions. They are given In the instruction manual. So, mineral lubricants are mixed with gasoline in a ratio of 1 to 35, and synthetic. 1 to 50.

  • Pour the exact amount of gasoline into the canister;
  • Add using a dispenser, the required volume of oil;
  • Close the capacity with a lid;
  • Stir the composition, shake the liquid.

The prepared fuel mixture is simply poured Inside the gas tank. Using a watering can.

The proportional ratios encountered between oil and gasoline in the fuel are presented in the table below. It will allow you to quickly decide on the volumes of mixed materials.

You can store the prepared mixture of gasoline with butter in polypropylene or metal containers no more than two weeks. It is impossible to save the composition in polyethylene bottles. This is due to the fact that gasoline reacts with the material of the container, and the resulting products fall into the working mixture. Because of this, when combustion, the composition will form more than soot.

It is allowed to refuel the fuel mixture only if the motor has cooled down almost completely. At the same time, the tank cannot be poured: you should leave a place for the temperature expansion of the fuel.

What gasoline to pour into a lawn mower with a four.Stroke engine?

Now let’s tell you what gasoline to pour in a lawn mower with a four.Stroke engine, the main difference of which is the presence of a crankcase. It contains oil for lubrication of the motor, therefore, in order for the device of this type to function normally, it is enough to season it only with gasoline. However, there are its own characteristics. Since the technique does not have an oil filter, which means it is not cleaned, it must be changed approximately every 50 hours of operation.

As for gasoline, who need to refill the lawn mower, it should not be a higher brand than recommended by the manufacturer of equipment. Since the higher the octane number, the longer the fuel burns. And this, in turn, can lead to significant problems and premature breakdown of the tool.

Everyone knows well that gasoline is a very easily inflammable substance, and its pairs are explosive. Based on this, we recommend always observing several simple rules that will ensure security for each user:

  • Before refueling, you need to let the engine cool down.
  • Pour only 92nd gasoline (not lower);
  • You can not work with fuel if there is open fire nearby, it is also forbidden to smoke.
  • To avoid poisoning with exhaust gases, pour fuel and launch in the open air or indoors with good ventilation.
  • It is not recommended to refuel the tank completely, it is necessary to leave a place to “expand” gasoline, which always occurs when it is heated.
  • Try to so that fuel does not fall on your clothes and shoes.

In general, the maintenance of gasoline engines of the lawn mower is a rather simple business that does not require any special knowledge and skills from you. For units with a two.Stroke engine, you need to learn how to prepare the combustible mixture correctly, as well as to clean the air filter in a timely manner. It is enough to change the oil with a four.Stroke engine to change the oil and clean the air filter so that it serves you for many years by faith and truth.

Replacement recommendations

It is necessary to monitor and quality lubrication. If it has acquired a dark color, it is necessary to drain it completely into a separate container, and pour fresh. It is recommended to drain when the motor is still warm. In this case, the tank will accumulate as much as possible. New oil should have the desired level of viscosity and have a similar API class. Mud is not allowed to get into it.

Fuel tank must be placed so that The cover was on top. After that, the right amount of fuel is poured into it. It is impossible to overfill the fuel tank, otherwise it will happen overflowing into the intake pipe and on the fuel filter, the engine will fail or fuel will be ignited. So that the flooded mixture does not spill, they use a watering can. If the fuel spilled, it is immediately wiped. Canister with fuel remove at least 10 m, only then the equipment is launched.

Gasoline trimmers with a two.Stroke engine

Motorimmers equipped with a two.Stroke engine do not have a separate oil supply system to lubricate rubbing parts. Therefore, they need to be seasoned not with clean gasoline, but by its mixture with engine oil. Remember that the oil should be special, designed for two.Stroke engines. Using automobile motor oil can disable the tool.

Trimmers with a two-stroke engine should be seasoned with AI-92 brand gasoline. Of course, he will be able to work on gasoline with a higher octane number. But when refueling AI-95 gasoline, the engine will overheat and work uneven.

Mix oil and gasoline in the correct proportion. If there is too little lubrication, there will be outlets on the surface of the piston and walls of the cylinder, then the piston ring will collapse, and the engine jams. An excess of oil is not so critical, but will also lead to unpleasant consequences. So far will form on the piston, and the piston ring will be hair, which will lead to a drop in power.

Typically, the proportions of gasoline and oil are indicated in the instructions for the tool. Many manufacturers prescribe a ratio of 50: 1. One part of the oil is poured into 50 parts of fuel. Therefore, 20 ml of oil should have 20 ml of oil per liter of fuel. If the engine is worn out, or the tool works with a high load, the amount of lubricant can be brought to 25: 1, filling 40 ml per liter of gasoline.

lawn, mowed, patriot, gasoline

People’s Prostitsky review for Patriot Pt47LS

Sometimes I thought about the acquisition of this device, but I was always frightened by the unevenness of my site. I always believed that such mowers are designed for perfect surfaces like a football field. However, after watching several videos on YouTube, I realized that people quite successfully operate them in crooked areas and mowers, these cope with their duties quite successfully. Again, I did not know that they were self.Propelled.

The purchase budget was small, so the choice was limited. However, the reviews on the forums said that this mower is very tenacious and non.Problem. Well, and the cup holder on the front panel convinced me to the end that I needed this model :).I bought it on the website www.Vseinstrumenti.Ru. During the purchase process, the manager did not explain to me that the oil in the engine will be “the cat smelled” and that you need to buy it additionally. In the instructions, by the way, not a word about this too. A very strange approach, because when you go to buy a new car in a car dealership, you do not tell you that you need to buy and pour brakes or oil in a box. Well, okay, I bought the oil separately.The braid has a grass collector capacity for collecting mulch, as well as the ability to throw mowing to the side. As practice has shown, if the grass is at least a little wet, then it is thrown extremely bad. The knife scatters it on the case and it sticks. Therefore, a quick and easy refinement in a traditionally Russian style was made: a piece of wire, the side of the side emission is fixed in a more raised state, which allows not only ordinary grass on the site, but also to drive a mow in high grass without consequences.

Of the minuses during operation, in addition to poor lateral emission of grass, it was revealed:1) The gas tank cover closes tightly. The feeling, as it does not go along the thread;2) Starter cord began to get out

The rest of the mower is completely satisfied. No wet back from the harness of the trimmer, no Makhich for the whole day. 95% of the entire territory of the self.Propelled gun now I can digest almost 2 times faster with much less effort. I only finish the trimmer in hard.To.Reach places. Gasoline consumption, maybe a little more, I have not yet calculated. However, as I bought 10 liters of gasoline with the purchase of a mower, so I have been using it for almost 2 months.