Lawn Mower And Trimmers Brand Zubr. Model Range Review

The Zubr brand is Russian, the Zubr OVK company develops and produces tools and various equipment for construction, gardening, and repair work. Also, the manufacturer is engaged in the production of spare parts for manufactured devices and maintenance of its own products.

For more than ten years, the Zubr brand has been known among farmers for its high-quality mowers, walk-behind tractors, trimmers and other garden equipment.

Advantages of the Zubr brand over other companies, both domestic and foreign:

  • the presence of a series of professional and household appliances (Master and Professional);
  • adequate price;
  • a set of technical characteristics of the equipment (more functions for a low cost);
  • An extensive network of service centers throughout Russia and in neighboring countries;
  • long warranty period (3 years), the possibility of obtaining an extended warranty on electric and gasoline powered tools;
  • availability of spare parts;
  • interchangeability of some parts;
  • convenient design;
  • ergonomics.

The Zubr brand is known not only, but also in the nearest countries. Ukraine, Poland, Belarus. Reviews of farmers about this technique are mostly positive. Among other things, the manufacturer provides detailed information on fuels and lubricants, work and operational safety in the instructions for the manufactured equipment.

All manufactured equipment carries out verification directly at the production site. in a special testing workshop. Testing is done by engineers and mechanics, specialists in their field, which is why the buyer gets a decent, well-functioning product that is pleasant to use at the exit.

Manufacturer lineup

Technique "Bison" is divided into several large categories. The manufacturer produces the following types of equipment, machinery and tools:

Bison Trimmers

This category includes electric trimmers and scythes, as well as gas trimmers of various capacities. For all Zubr equipment in this model range, an extended 5-year warranty is provided.

The difference in the guarantee for different series of products is as follows: the “Master” series is provided with a basic guarantee for 3 years on condition of domestic use.

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It is very simple to recognize the master series. all products of this series have a gray-red case. The Professional series is painted blue and also receives a 3-year warranty for its intended use. An extended warranty, according to the information in the instruction manual, can be obtained by registering on the manufacturer’s website for 4 weeks from the date of purchase and proper use of the Master and Professional series devices.

For a detailed clarification of the conditions of the guarantee, you should contact the supplier directly or the Zubr manufacturer through the contact form on the website.


Petrol trimmers and motor-scythes "Bison":

  • KRB-250 (0.6 kW / 0.82 hp);
  • KRB-350 (0.8 kW / 1.1 hp);
  • KRB-430 (1.25 kW / 1.58 hp);
  • KRB-490 (1.35 kW / 1.84 hp);
  • ZKRB-250 (0.75 kW / 1 hp);
  • ZKRB-350 (1.15 kW / 1.45 hp);
  • ZKRB-430 (1.25 kW / 1.58 hp);
  • TB-250 (0.6 kW / 0.82 hp);
  • ZTB-250 (0.75 kW / 1 hp).


Electric scythes and trimmers "Bison":

Top Models of Bison Trimmers

The most popular models of trimmers and motokos:

  • master krb 430 (gasoline Lawn Mower, power 1250 W);
  • ztb 250 (gas trimmer, power 750 W);
  • electric braid bison 1500;
  • electric braid bison 1200;
  • benzokosa zkbr 350 (1150 W).

Instruction manual, garden trimmer maintenance

Rules for maintenance and operation of the Zubr garden trimmer:

  • while mowing, hold the trimmer bar so that the cutting part of the device is at an angle of 60 degrees to the surface of the earth;
  • to avoid damage to the body and face, use protective equipment. a mask or glasses, a cap, long trousers and outerwear with a sleeve, put on special gloves on your hands to make it easier to hold a motocosa;
  • with prolonged use, the use of headphones is recommended, since the brushcutters make a loud sound;
  • the electric braid is quieter, but the use of headphones is also desirable;
  • shoes should be closed and tight;
  • do not mow immediately after rain or early in the morning, wait until the grass dries, this recommendation is also relevant for lawn mowers;
  • do not allow the line to come into contact with solid objects, for example, stones, tree trunks, buildings. this will lead to quick wear and increase vibration of the trimmer;
  • after work, clean the scythe shroud of grass residues and any debris;
  • when working with electrical devices, monitor the integrity of the cable;
  • Do not operate the brushcutter without a protective cover!

Oil and fuel for trimmers Bison

Since Zubr petrol trimmers are equipped with two-stroke engines, the principle of engine operation differs from the engines of large equipment, for example, lawn mowers. Unlike the mower, the trimmer’s motor does not run on clean gasoline, but on a mixture of fuel and oil.

Use type 2T oil, either from the Bison manufacturer or from another manufacturer.


The best mixing ratio: 1:50 (20 g of motor oil is required per liter of gasoline).
Type of gasoline for refueling: AI 92, it is possible to replace it with AI 95. One refueling of a gasoline scythe ensures operation for about 40 minutes.