Lawn Mower Electric

User manual

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Grass cutting height

Cutting height adjustment

Grass container volume

measurements were made with a minimum cutting height of the grass

Attention! Before assembly and start of operation, carefully read the operating instructions. Persons not familiar with the instruction manual are not allowed to use the unit.

1. Do not use the mower for persons under 16 years of age.

2. Care must be taken to ensure that no unauthorized persons or children are in the area of ​​the unit. The user is responsible for unauthorized persons in the area of ​​the unit.

3. When turning the engine on or off, it is forbidden to put the mower on the rib, or the knives in this case should be directed in the opposite direction from the user.

4. Before starting work, you should remove foreign objects from the lawn, and make sure that they do not fall into the area of ​​the unit during operation.

5. Be careful when working with the unit, it is recommended to work in sturdy closed shoes.

6. Raise and transport the mower only when the engine is off. When the machine moves outside the lawn, it is necessary to turn off the knives.

7. Before leaving the mower, turn off the engine or unplug the plug.

8. Maintenance and cleaning of the unit, as well as adjustment of the cutting height of the grass, is permitted only with the engine turned off and the knives stationary. Unplug the plug.

9. Before removing the grass collection container, be sure to turn off the engine and wait for the knives to stop. Do not operate the mower without a grass collection container and without a protective flap.

10. When using the mower without a grass collection container, make sure that the protective flap is down.

11. Be careful! With the engine running, there is a danger of injuring your fingers and feet.

12. It is imperative to maintain a safe distance provided by the control knobs. It is allowed to work only under the condition that the control knobs are in the working position, i.e. they are folded back and secured.

13. When working on a slope, special care must be taken and move along the slope. If necessary, support the mower with a safety cable. For safety reasons, do not work on slopes greater than 15 °. Work on the slopes is recommended in shoes with grooved soles.

14. All maintenance, inspection of the unit and knife sharpening should be carried out in strict accordance with these operating instructions.

15. Be sure to check a specialist if, for example, when hitting an obstacle, the machine stops immediately (damage to the motor shaft, bent knives)

16. It is necessary to regularly check whether the bolt securing the knives is tightened. Damaged bolts are replaced only with genuine bolts. With damaged bolts, the safe operation of the mower is not guaranteed.

17. Spare knives and accessories can only be installed on those lawn mowers for which they are designed according to the instructions. Only in this case are the safety and performance of the mower guaranteed.

18. The mower is plugged into an electrical outlet.

19. The extension cord must be protected from water.

20. The power cord must have a rubber or polyurethane sheath and a wire cross section of at least. 1.5 mm2

21. Keep out of reach of children.

22. Check the connecting cord regularly; it must be undamaged and in perfect condition.

23. When replacing, use a spare knife made only by AL-KO and strictly follow the instructions for replacing and sharpening knives!

We are not responsible for malfunctions related to the fact that:

a) the repair was not carried out by specialists of our service station;

b) when replacing parts, spare parts from other manufacturers were used.

The above applies to components.


The mower is plugged into any outlet (220/230 VAC).

Use a connection cable that meets the requirements set forth in clause 20. It is recommended to use a not very long cable (50m), otherwise the electric motor power will decrease.

The connecting wire has a cross section of 3×1.5 mm2. The cable must be intact, damaged insulation creates the risk of electric shock.

Use cable fasteners to the mower housing as shown in fig. 1.

When working with the unit, pay attention to the connection cable, since under certain circumstances it may be damaged.

A wire can be used, although insulation damage is life threatening.

The cable, plug and socket must comply with the specified requirements.

The junction of the wire to the lawn mower is rubber insulated.

The safety sleeve must be made of rubber and protected from water.

1.5 mm2 cord cross-section

Maximum length: 50m

Damage to the insulation cannot be repaired by the usual manual method (insulation tape, etc.). The cord is shortened to the damaged part or completely replaced.

Mounting axles and wheels

Disconnect the stoppers from the gate system (e.g. with scissors, see fig. 2)

Video: Lawn Mower Electric

front axle (Fig. 3)

and 1 axle stopper article No. 511502

b 1 axle stopper article No. 511501

d 2 wheels 130 mm

e 2 lock washers

f 2 decorative caps

the article number is on the middle plate of the stopper (Fig. 2)

Insert the wheel axle through the slots in the mower housing. To lock the wheel axle, fully insert both stoppers into the mower housing. (Fig. 4)

On the axle, put the wheels 130mm, smooth side to the body.

Insert the lock washer into the groove at the end of the axle until it stops. (Fig. 5)

rear axle (Fig. 6)

and 1 axle stopper article N 512006

b 1 axle stopper article N 512007

c 1 wheel axle

d 2 washers 8.5 mm

e 2 wheels 150 mm

f 2 lock washers

g 2 decorative caps

Insert the wheel axle through the slots in the lawn mower (Fig. 7)

To lock the wheel axle, fully insert both axle stops into the mower housing. (Fig. 8).

On the axle, put wheels 150 mm, smooth side to the body.

Insert the lock washer into the groove at the end of the axle until it stops. (Fig. 9)

Install the decorative caps on the wheels (Fig. 10)

Mounting the bottom of the control handle

Pull the handle axis of the control handle out of the mower for approx. 25mm, leaving it in the eyes of the hinged flap (Fig. 11)

Rotate the axis so that its bent end can enter the longitudinal slot of the bottom of the control handle. To put the control knob on the bent part of the axis, turning it simultaneously with the axis to the working position. Install the lower ends of the control handle into the slots on the mower body. Pass the threaded end of the axis through the hole in the second part of the control handle. (Fig. 12, 13, 14)

If necessary, knock the axle with a hammer (Fig. 15)

Fasten the axle with the nut M 8 DIN 934 (Fig. 16)

Mounting the top of the control handle

Upper part of control knob assembly (Fig. 17)

and cable holder

with control panel with plug

d cable terminal

a cable holder (Fig. 18)

A1 1 cable holder

b Handle fasteners (Fig. 19)

Lawn Mower Electric

b1 2 bolts with a semicircular low head M6x50

b2 2 spring washers (rings) B6

with control panel with plug (Fig. 20)

When mounting, make sure that the control panel is on the right in the direction of travel.

1 control panel with plug

2 EJOT screw PT-KB 40 x 25

d Installing the cable clamp

Pass the cable through the clamp and install the clamp on the handle. Click on it from below (arrow 1). With your other hand, squeeze the clamp (arrows 2) so that it clicks into place (Fig. 21)

Installing a grass collection container

Mount the top with the bottom in the sequence shown in figures 22-24.

Assemble the container so that the plastic clips engage in the grooves.


Mount container for grass collection

The grass collection container should only be mounted with the engine turned off and the knives disabled

Raise rear guard

Hang the container on top of the mower (Fig. 25)

To remove the container, it needs to be lifted and laid back.

Grass cutting height adjustment

Grass cutting height should only be adjusted with the engine turned off and the knives turned off

The lawn mower is adjustable in 3 cut levels.

The indicated height is valid when measured from a solid, level surface. not from the lawn.

To facilitate establishing the desired cutting height, remove the grass collection container.

Pull both axial stoppers up (until click 26).

The mower should be raised slightly.

Pull out the wheel axle and set it to one of the 3 positions most suitable for you (Fig. 27)

Replace the 2 axial stops (until they click).

Turning on the electric lawn mower

Insert the connecting cord into the control panel with the plug and fix it on the special bracket on the handle. (Fig. 28)

To turn on the mower, press the remote control button and at the same time pull the power lever towards the control handle.

The lever does not lock (Fig. 29)

Hand position during work (Fig. 30)

Release the control lever. It will return to its original position and the mower will automatically shut off.

Operating instructions

Strictly observe the following operating instructions:

Ensure that the mower is not in tall grass when starting the engine.

Attention: after turning off the engine, the knife still rotates for a few seconds.

In the following cases, it is necessary to check the unit with a specialist:

a) after hitting an obstacle

b) when the engine suddenly stops

c) with a bent knife

d) with a bent shaft of the engine

e) with a short circuit in the cable

During the operation of the lawn mower, the cable stretches along the already treated lawn.

Position the cable securely on the road or on a treated lawn.

The mower can only be turned on a mowed lawn (Fig. 31).

(Figure on the left "wrong", on right "correctly")


Nothing does such harm to the beauty of the lawn as timelessly mowed grass, fast-growing weeds, crowding out the lawn greens. It is recommended to mow the lawn more often.

Before starting work, remove stones and branches from the lawn, this will prevent an accident and damage to the mower.

Lawn mowers with a fixed container for collecting grass can be pushed both forward and backward. The cutting height of the grass should be chosen so that the air stream can easily deliver the cut grass to the container. If the cutting height of the grass is set too low, the air flow is too weak and the container fills unevenly, in addition, the body may become clogged.

Airflow is also reduced if the strainer is clogged at the top of the grass collection container. The container fills unevenly. Try to free the container more often from the mowed grass first.

Caution: turn off the engine, and then remove the container. When the grass collection container is full, the mowed grass remains on the lawn while continuing to work. Empty the container and clean the feed channel. Empty the grass container in a timely manner.


Replacing and sharpening knives.

Only use an AL-KO replacement knife.

Before replacing knives, be sure to disconnect the unit from the mains!

The knife should be sharpened before the start of the new season. If, after processing the lawn, the grass blades are split and subsequently turn yellow, it is necessary to sharpen the knife again. Sharpening should be carried out according to the initial outline. Cutting surfaces at both ends must be treated evenly to avoid imbalance. If the knife maintains balance, it is sharpened correctly. If not, the heavier part of the knife should be sharpened. Imbalance of the knife leads to strong vibration of the mower. (Fig. 32, 33)

The knife must not be ground more than 6 mm. (Fig. 34)

Then the knife should be replaced.

Possible malfunctions and their elimination: