Lawn Mower Gasoline Self-propelled Champion Lm5347

Lawn Mower Engine Type It is divided into several main categories: gasoline, battery, mechanical and electric. Each of them has a unique structure.

In gasoline ICE the fuel mixes with air until it enters the cylinder and then ignites from the spark of the spark plug. The power is regulated by the amount of mixture supplied, using the knob or gas pedal. A gasoline engine has a high speed and specific power with relatively low noise. Differs in simplicity of design. The main disadvantage. fuel consumption.

Electrical engine It is issued not only by environmentally friendly work, but also by significantly lower noise level. For the electric motor to work, it is necessary to connect it to a power source, for example, a voltage of 220-380 volts to the mains.

The advantage of the battery type engine is that you do not need a permanent connection to the mains. The tool allows you to carry out intensive work until the battery runs out.

Engine volume (working volume) is one of the most important characteristics of an internal combustion engine (ICE). In motors for lawn mowers measured in cubic centimeters (cm³). ICE converts the energy received from the combustion of fuel into mechanical. This process takes place in the combustion chamber (cylinder) of the engine. Further, mechanical energy is transmitted to the wheels using various components and assemblies lawn mowers. The cylinder volume or the sum of the cylinder volumes determines the engine capacity. Its power largely depends on the volume of the engine, since when a larger volume of the fuel mixture is burned, much more energy is released. With a larger engine capacity, the engine resource is higher, since it does not have to work to the limit.

Fuel tank capacity important characteristic for the engine lawn mowers. A fuel tank is a container for storing and returning fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel) to an internal combustion engine. In the manufacture of fuel tanks are mainly used steel, plastic or aluminum.

If the tank volume is too small, then there is a need for frequent stops of work for refueling. The more powerful the engine, the greater the consumption of the combustible mixture, respectively, the greater the volume of the tank must be in order to continuously process the necessary territory. Tank capacity is measured in liters.

Lawnmower Electric Starter Designed to bring the engine to working condition. This start-up system is the most modern and convenient; it allows you to start work by pressing the electric starter button or by turning the ignition key without resorting to physical force. The main components of this system. This is an electric motor (starter) and a battery. The electric motor, having received an electrical impulse from the battery, starts and, having created a torque, through various mechanisms, betrays it to the main components of the internal combustion engine, bringing it into working condition.

Lawn Mower Engine Speed. this is the minimum or maximum possible number of shaft revolutions that can be allowed for normal engine operation. It is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Exceeding this parameter or a long operating time at maximum or minimum speed, leads to rapid wear of engine components. At high speeds, power and fuel consumption increase.

Engines internal combustion are divided into. four stroke and push-pull. In the first case, the working process in the cylinder occurs in 4 cycles (mixture inlet, compression, expansion (ignition), release). In the second case, inlet and outlet occur during compression and expansion. Two-stroke engines have small dimensions, greater power per unit volume, but at the same time lower efficiency and less economical. Often used on mopeds, small boats, chainsaws and other garden tools. Most gardening equipment for lawn care equipped with 4-stroke engines.
Two-stroke engines are lubricated by mixing oil with fuel. Four-stroke internal combustion engines are equipped with a classic lubrication system (pump, filter, valve, line) that does not mix oil and fuel. These engines have two main cooling methods. liquid or air. On the lawn mowers and other lawn equipment, 2-stroke engines are mainly used.

For lubrication with motor oil of moving parts of internal combustion engines mounted on lawn mowers, the design provides oil tank or sump. Depending on the volume and power of the power plant, the oil tank may have a different displacement. Two-stroke engines are lubricated by mixing oil with fuel, in which the oil burns. Four-stroke internal combustion engines are equipped with a classic lubrication system that does not mix oil and fuel.

For ease of understanding, power internal combustion engines is usually measured in horsepower (l.with.) powerful engine lawn mowers, the greater the amount of hard work in less time he will be able to perform. But for heavy work, it is worth considering the torque achieved at certain engine speeds, since the pulling force depends on it and the higher the torque (measured in Newton meters), the easier it will be for your machine to cope with hard work.
When choosing lawn mowers with a certain capacity you need to consider: the type and amount of work performed, the size of the site, soil properties. If the area is 6-15 acres, then the engine power should be approximately 4-5 l / s, which is enough to perform simple work.

Type of moving lawn mowers divided by self-propelled and non-self-propelled. In the first case, the translational movement occurs due to the engine, which with the help of various nodes transmits torque to the drive wheels. On non-self-propelled lawnmowers, the muscular effort of a person acts as a driving force, and the motor transmits torque to the working tool of the machine.

Non-self-propelled consume less fuel or energy, as it spends its power on a specific job. Self-propelled spend additional fuel on moving around the territory, but the operator needs less physical effort to perform various tasks, since such a machine does not need to be pushed in front of him all the time.

Lawnmower Drive. it is a combination of units and components (engine, transmission, etc.) that are driven by installed wheels or mills. For example, the torque from the engine of the lawnmower is transmitted to the wheels and they begin to rotate. Thanks to this mechanism, you will not spend a lot of effort to move the lawn mower around the cultivated area. Drive controls are usually located on the handle. The drive is front, rear and the most passable is four-wheel drive. It should be noted that models equipped with a drive emit a certain part of the engine power for their own movement.

Cutting height adjustment on lawn mowers carried out by levels. This is a very important indicator for proper lawn care. Most professional models are equipped with a special mechanism that adjusts the cutting height. The change in height is due to the lever or rotating the center slider. The lawn will be healthy and look beautiful if you mow the grass for the first time by no more than 1/3.

Cutting Width lawn mowers. the width of the mowed grass in one pass. The larger the cutting element, the correspondingly, the more the treated area it captures during operation. For example, lawn mowers with a large mowing width allow you to quickly process the lawn, but it is worth considering that the larger the mowing width, the greater the size and weight of the lawn mower. The large mowing width is great for processing large open areas, all in a few passes you finish the job. If you look on the other hand, then large lawn mowers do not allow the lawn to be processed in narrow, inaccessible places.

Regulation mowing heights on lawn mowers Designed for proper lawn care. There are several types of mowing heights. Mostly on budget options lawn machinery, As a rule, manual cutting height adjustment is set. The most popular and convenient option is the central adjustment of the cutting height. The change in height is due to the lever or rotating the center slider. The lawn will be healthy and look beautiful if you mow the grass at a time no more than 1/3.

Usually lawn machinery, mimicking a lawn mower, mowing the grass in one of several ways: throwing the grass to the side, mulching, or collecting grass in the grass catcher. Mulching. the process of mowing grass, followed by automatic spreading on the lawn as fertilizer. Most lawn mowers do not have a special mulching nozzle in the delivery, but they allow you to use a nozzle that is purchased separately (suitable for a specific model). With such a nozzle, you enrich the poor barren soil. The mulching process develops the root system well.

Lateral lawn mower. ejection of mowed grass to the side. Typically, lawn mowers mow grass in one of several ways: throwing grass to the side, mulching, or picking grass in a grass catcher. Lateral discharge is the simplest and most common way when processing a lawn. Some models allow the installation of special devices that increase the functionality of the mower.

Mowing height adjustment. the ability to adjust the position of the knife above the ground. Wheel lawn mowers most often have a central adjustment on all four wheels. The range of regulation also depends on the personality of the model. This characteristic is advisory in nature. You can independently choose the model of interest, depending on your desires.

For mowing a lawn in a personal plot, lawn mowers equipped with grass catcher. With big grass catcher volume, significantly increases the working time. Many models are equipped with a filling indicator, which allows you to always empty on time, which is very convenient during operation.

Grass catchers lawn mowers differ in softness and rigidity. As a rule, the hard type of grass catcher is made of plastic, soft of synthetic fibers with a dust filter. Thanks to the cutting element that forms the air flow, the mowed grass is pulled into the grass catcher. The size of the deck significantly affects the occupancy of the grass catcher, the higher the side, the stronger the air flow. Most often, high-power lawn mowers are equipped with soft grass catchers, as they have good traction and freely allow air to pass through.

During mowing, a special compartment called grass catcher. When using it, the mowed grass falls directly into a special container, and not onto the lawn. Empty the grass catcher as it is full. Grass catchers lawn mowers differ in softness and rigidity. As a rule, the hard type of grass catcher is made of plastic, soft of synthetic fibers with a dust filter. Thanks to the cutting element that forms the air flow, the mowed grass is pulled into the grass catcher. The size of the deck significantly affects the occupancy of the grass catcher, the higher the side, the stronger the air flow. Most often, high-power lawn mowers are equipped with soft grass catchers, as they have good traction and freely allow air to pass through.

Type of grass catcher lawn mowers differs in softness and rigidity. As a rule, the hard type of grass catcher is made of plastic, soft of synthetic fibers with a dust filter. Thanks to the cutting element that forms the air flow, the mowed grass is pulled into the grass catcher. The size of the deck significantly affects the occupancy of the grass catcher, the higher the side, the stronger the air flow. Most often, high-power lawn mowers are equipped with soft grass catchers, as they have good traction and freely allow air to pass through.

All lawn mowers have calibrated dimensions (length, width, height), which affect the usability on the site, as well as the optimality of transportation and storage. The more powerful the technique (depends on the engine), the larger the structure should be, since the machine’s functionality is growing, the load on the structure will increase accordingly, and proper weight distribution affects the control.

All lawn mowers have calibrated dimensions (length, width, height), which affect the usability on the site, as well as the optimality of transportation and storage. The more powerful the technique (depends on the engine), the larger the structure should be, since the machine’s functionality is growing, the load on the structure will increase accordingly, and proper weight distribution affects the control.

All lawn mowers have calibrated dimensions (length, width, height), which affect the usability of the site, as well as the optimality of transportation and storage. The more powerful the technique (depends on the engine), the larger the structure should be, since the machine’s functionality is growing, the load on the structure will increase accordingly, and proper weight distribution affects the control.

Weight. this is the mass of the machine in the assembled state (measured in kilograms). Despite the apparent insignificance of this parameter, it is worth paying attention to this important property of garden equipment. Weight affects mobility and quality lawn mowers. Too much weight can cause difficulties when unloading and loading into a car. A more heavy-duty vehicle may be required. Larger weight requires a more powerful engine with high fuel consumption. However, with a small mass, problems may arise, for example, with the quality of mowing the lawn.

To move around garden plot, lawn equipment is equipped with wheels. By the number of wheels divided by two wheeled, tricycles, four-wheeled. The number of wheels used depends on the purpose of the machine and ease of use on certain surfaces, and under various conditions. Usually, the more wheels are installed, the more stable the equipment is during operation, as it has more support points.

Mower Wheel Diameter. This is a very important parameter, because too small wheels will not allow the car to move comfortably along the uneven and overgrown with grass surface of the park or garden. Therefore, when choosing a lawn mower, you should take into account the quality of the site where the main work will be done and to select the wheels with the required diameter. The larger the wheels, the easier it is for the car to cope with impassability.

Rear wheel diameter lawn mowers. This is a very important parameter, because too small wheels will not allow the car to move comfortably along the uneven and overgrown with grass surface of the park or garden. Therefore, when choosing a lawn technique, one should take into account the quality of the site where the main work is to be done and to select wheels with the required diameter. The larger the wheels, the easier it is for the car to cope with impassability.

Lawn Mower Noise Level measured in decibels (dB). Lawn equipment equipped with internal combustion engines (ICE) during garden work emit a certain noise, which has an adverse effect on the human body. Therefore, it is recommended that the operator working with the equipment use special anti-noise headphones. Diesel and gasoline engines make a lot more noise than electric engines, but they do a better job of hard work.

Self-propelled lawn mower petrol from the manufacturer Champion LM 5347 with quick-mounted handle. The mower is for amateur use, with the main emphasis on simplicity and lightness, both in operation and in maintenance. Specially designed for cutting and collecting grass on flat areas of garden or household plots. The Champion LM 5347 is a great buy!

›Adjustable cutting height
›Quick-release handle
›Mulching function and side discharge
›Minimum engine starting effort
›Effective mowing of grass on small plots of land.


Lawn Mower Gasoline Self-propelled Champion Lm5347

Utility knife Oregon ONE FOR ALL 47.6 cm

4-stroke engine oil Briggs & Stratton SAE-30, 0.6l

Husqvarna 4-stroke engine oil, summer, 0.6 L

Oil for 4-stroke engines MTD SAE 10W-30, 1 l

Arsenal AR-323 grease (carburetor cleaner)

Arsenal AR-325 greasing (universal cleaner)

Graphite grease Arsenal AR-320

Spark plug F7TC

A7RTC-B Patriot Power Spark Plug

Additive Champion min., TSC-3 (0,1l)

Additive Champion semisynt., JASO FD (1l)

Multifunctional spray for the processing of rubbing parts and rust, 0.3 l

McCulloch Canister 1 L

The candle key Echo combined 130-37-24 (10/19)

Husqvarna Yellow X goggles, scratch resistant yellow lenses

Gloves Gardena 7 / S (Pepita)

Gardena 10 / XL gloves (work)

Lawn-mower petrol self-propelled Patriot PT 52LS

Self-propelled lawn mower Oleo-Mac MAX 53VBD ALUMINUM PRO

Lawn mower petrol self-propelled Patriot PT 53 LSI Premium


September 14, 2018

The most important thing. quite repairable! On the first day, the launch cable stuck. Hand, a set of keys, 30 minutes and everything works. There are no fillings.
Power enough to chop small twigs, molehills and bumps!

It doesn’t come out of the factory. Adjustment of clutch cables and engine stop is required.
Mower for men, as 45 kg all the same.

Not prepared plot of 15 acres in 2 hours put in order! A bag of 70l stuffs in 2-3 minutes with tall grass! THOSE. 5 minutes. garden car with a hill of mowed grass. Tired of taking out.

August 25, 2018

Blade width
Wheel size

Warranty Issues

I turned out to be unlucky: the brand new lawnmower worked for 30 minutes and after standing for a week in the house it did not start anymore under any circumstances. I had to personally climb into the candle, and then disassemble the carburetor, in which, as it turned out, the float sticks. "And so it was repeated 37 times". It is impossible to use, I really regret that I sold the previous Hammer, which worked for 5 years as a watch. This says a high percentage of defective devices. Adds that when trying to contact one of the service centers indicated on the guarantee, they were refused there because "I didn’t buy a gas-carrier from them", which of course, to put it mildly, violates the concept of "service center guarantees". Accordingly, the experience is disgusting.

August 10, 2018

There is no unnecessary for my 8 hundredth drive on wheels. Very quiet compared to my dead mtd. Large wheels on bearings. Convenient mowing height adjustment. There is mulching. It is easy to get the engine cold without troubles with the air damper of the carburetor. Convenient kickstarter with handle on "steering wheel". do not bend over again to start. Nice design.

For the bushes, the lever for adjusting the height of mowing and the kickstarter cable clings to the right. Left scared about the bushes to damage the gas tank, which is not covered by anything.

Passed in, changed the oil, very satisfied. For about 10 hours the steering frame did not loose. The sensations are the most pleasant. The layout, in which the gas tank is left and not protected by a casing, is not the most successful. you have to carefully cut the bushes. The knife steel is quite decent, the knife did not deform and did not become very dull after several collisions with concrete on the tracks. Refueling is enough for two mowing plot of 8 acres with numerous obstacles in the form of bushes, trees, arbors and other things. So far, satisfied.

Price. Good engine.

Low quality hardware.
Lame assembly.
Bad service.

In general, an excellent lawn mower, even with a Chinese engine company Loncin.
If all the other parts and accessories were normal, then she had no price.
Weaknesses are the throttle lever, deck flushing fitting, belt cover. Everything falls off and breaks. Find parts in the service is very difficult.

April 27, 2018

I haven’t worked yet, but it started up easily

September 10, 2017

pour good Motul oil, or American oil, and change at least 25 hours.
knife-consumable if you do not make up stumps, on any mower.
if you take a self-propelled gun to speed up grass harvesting, take it immediately "tractor"

September 7, 2017

Price, large rear wheels, powerful, starts up well, easy to wash. there is a fitting for water.

The prastic trigger is flimsy. The belt cover does not cover the drive pulley and grass is packed into this hole; it is necessary to periodically remove and clean it. As already mentioned, emissions for normal mowing without a bag must be tied. Palpable vibration. The bag is two-layer and a small mulch is packed between the layers, just do not shake it out.

It is really large, compared with a seemingly large 50-centimeter. just a tank. The problem with the rear discharge can be solved by turning the included shield on the other side. Maybe it was intended, but I doubt it) Vibration is a little annoying, I’ll see how it will be after break-in. That black thing on the handle is the cup holders. haha). It starts really easy, my daughter 12 years old starts up easily, took away a ride)) (but under control) Due to the fact that the large rear wheels are conveniently driven into the barn (high threshold), the previous scythe, when lifting the front end, was hooked behind the ground by a basin on the back. It felt like a small consumption, at one gas station mastered hectare 10.

August 4, 2017

there are no obvious complaints

Powerful enough and comfortable lawn mower. Only suitable for flat areas. On a site with stones, pits, it is better not to use it to avoid damage.
I chose champion L5347 for a number of functions: high power, mulching option (very convenient), a simple mowing height adjuster, and of course a self-moving mechanism.
On the go all since last summer, but no questions. It works clearly, without interruption.
Running the mower could be simpler, I think it will be more difficult for a woman to manage it.

Easy to use, start up, mow well

Fails when running over stumps and stones. Bends the knife.

I advise you to be very careful when operating and use only in proven areas, avoid bushes and trees

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Forest Garden Service
Address: st. Lermontova, 9/2
Phone: 8 (920) 974-1509


Score "Piston"
Address: st. Lenin, d.132
Phone: 8-800-200-97-14

Smolensk region

Equipment for the forest and garden
Address: st. Zaslonova, 34
Phone: 8 (929) 083-10-07


Score "Husqvarna"
Address: st. Sovetskaya, d. 57
Phone: (48134) 6-70-73


Score "Husqvarna"
Address: st. Pamfilova, 5
Phone: (4812) 33-88-62

Address: Krasninsky highway, 6
Phone: (4812) 61-82-13, 61-82-14

SC Tool
Address: st. Industrial, 7
Phone: (4812) 68-90-00

Address: st. Andrusovskaya, 2a
Phone: (4812) 54-80-98

Address: Zhelyabova sq., TD Pyatnitsky
Phone: (4812) 69-74-47



Address: st. Gagarina, d. 4
Phone: 8 (920) 335-15-75

SC Planet
Address: st. School, 9A
Phone: (848143) 72-0-14

Tver region

Top tools
Address: st. Efimova, d.8
Phone: (4822) 33-92-06

Score "The world of power tools"
Address: 12 Lenin Ave.
Phone: (4822) 74-03-74

Address: st. Skvortsova-Stepanova, 5a
Phone: (4822) 55-24-30

Address: st. Spartak, 46
Phone: (4822) 42-71-65

Tula region

Score "Forest"
Address: st. N. Rudneva, d.23 / 12
Phone: (4872).35-35-01

LLC firm "ExSer"
Demidov Dam, 13
Address: (4872) 42-58-12

Service center "Loaf"
Address: st. Skuratovskaya d. 121
Phone: (4872) 730-736

Address: st. N. Rudneva, 28A
Phone: 8 (953) 961-48-41

Service center
Address: 8A Loaf Square
Phone: (4872) 30-43-77

Partner Tula
Address: 54 Novomoskovskoye Shosse
Phone: 8 (953) 659-89-29

Service center "Arsenal"
Address: st. Metallurgists, 24
Phone: (4872) 70-22-25


Tool-Service LLC
Address: st. Tregubova, d. 31A
Phone: (48761) 62-964

Yaroslavskaya oblast

Address: Serov ave. 89, building 13
Phone: 8 (915) 965-96-47


TSC "Huskvarna-Yaroslavl"
Address: st. Zlatoustinskaya, 12
Phone: (4852) 30-51-93

Address: Leningradsky pr-d, 33, pom. 35
Phone: (4852) 98-83-94

Service Plaza
Address: 3 October Ave.
Phone: (4852) 28-06-38

Address: st. Vystovochnaya, 12
Phone: (4852) 37-00-29, 73-72-91

Service Plaza
Address: Moskovsky pr. 115
Phone: (4852) 28-80-01, 28-06-38

Address: Myshkinsky passage, 10
Phone: (4852) 66-37-50

IP Sinitsyn
Address: st. Suzdal, 27
Phone: (4852) 49-32-58

Service Center Tool
Address: st. Vspolinsky field, 5, building 2
Phone: (4852) 67-11-23


Address: st. Yablochkova d.1B
Phone: (8512) 36-49-36

Address: 3rd Zelenchinskaya, 56 a
Phone: (8512) 45-00-63

SC Specialist
Address: Vorobyov Drive 16
Phone: (8512) 628-346

Address: st. Nikolai Ostrovsky, 134
Phone: (8512) 69-19-82, 8 (905)363-9982

Volgograd region

Shop Avgit-Instrument
Address: 100 Marshal Zhukov Ave.
Phone: (8442) 93-45-45

Building world
Address: st. Krasnopolyanskaya, d.25-A
Phone: (8442) 50-44-96

Ltd "NPF Slavs"
Address: st. Kozlovskaya d. 20
Phone: (8442) 26-91-91, (8442) 90-39-39, (8442) 26-00-35

Standard (IP Prokopenko)
Address: 69A Lenin Ave.
Phone: (8442) 76-55-07 8 (8442) 72-63-05

Gas service
Address: Aviators Highway 11
Phone: (8442) 26-84-05

IP Prokonenko S.V.
Address: 69A Lenin Ave.
Phone: (8442) 26-91-91

Lawn and Technology
Address: st. N. Otrady, 10a
Phone: (8442) 79-33-20

Caliber Technique
Address: st. Mastozavodskaya, 1a
Phone: (8442) 26-91-91

Lawn and Technology
Address: 15 University Ave.
Phone: (8442) 25-14-51

Garden equipment
Address: st. Shkiryatova, 21
Phone: 8 (987) 642-37-42


Gas Tool Repair
Address: 2nd railway crossing letter E
Phone: (86352) 43-985

Profi Service
Address: st. Bazarova, 160/1
Phone: (84457) 5-32-08, 8-906-400-00-29

Krasnodar region

Husqvarna Service
Address: st. Gorky, 152
Phone: (86137) 7-39-12, (918) 68-90-007

Address: st. Mira, 152
Phone: (86137) 7-05-25

Art. Kanevskaya

Address: st. Sverdlikova, d. 24
Phone: (86164) 7-02-50

Address: st. Gorky, 99
Phone: (86164) 7-19-91


SC Kuban-Mototekhnika
Address: st. Stavropol 9
Phone: (861) 239-31-79

Score "Kuban Tool"
Address: st. Uralskaya, 87
Phone: (861) 212-8-121

Gas Service South
Address: st. Machugi V.I. 121 / a
Phone: (861) 266-41-10, 8 (918) 946-28-27

SC Special equipment
Address: st. Ural, 104
Phone: (965) 472-36-36

Everest Service
Address: 50 Schorsa Ave.
Phone: (918) 152-59-70, (909) 466-96-96

IP Bondarenko
Address: st. Ural, 83a
Phone: (861) 275-86-61

SC South-Instrument
Address: st. North, 8A
Phone: (861) 272-88-88 ext. 4

IP Bondarenko
Address: 20 Lomonosov Ave.
Phone: (861) 210-13-77

SC Professional
Address: st. Novorossiysk, 7/1
Phone: (861) 219-59-19, 219-54-20

TSC Intech
Address: st. Grandma 71
Phone: (861) 220-50-00, (928) 432-08-17

Art. Leningradskaya

Shop Technique IP Kitnyukh A.V.
Address: per. Bazarny, d.15
Phone: (86145) 36-04-40


SC Pilot
Address: st. Volgograd, 99
Phone: (967) 960-73-33, 918-995-54-48


Address: st. Plastunskaya, 52
Phone: (862) 268-32-20

Zharkov V.V.
Address: st. 20 Mountain Rifle Division, 16
Phone: (988) 231-81-22


Score "Tool Service"
Address: st. Lyapievsky, d. 78
Phone: 8 (918) 435-19-36

Republic of North Ossetia


Electrical warehouse
Address: st. Kaloeva d. 400
Phone: (672) 24-15-73

Rostov region

SC Toolkit
Address: st. Gagarina, 33
Phone: (8635) 25-11-50


Ltd "Tekho Service"
Address: per. Fortress d.181 k.3
Phone: (863) 2666-101, 2-666-105

SC Ekoland
Address: Bataysk, Vostochnoye Shosse, 17
Phone: (863) 206-79-50

Address: st. Small Green Ring, 3
Phone: (928) 296-07-10


Address: st. Alexandrovskaya 160
Phone: (634) 379-393

Stavropol region

Service center
Address: st. Lenin, 227 A
Phone: 8 (903) 413-22-47; 8 (905) 440-88-11


IP Zakharkin
Address: st. Bypass, 35, Cossack Maidan Market
Phone: 8 (928) 929-930-3


SC Wok
Address: 5A Komsomolskaya St.
Phone: (8652) 26-26-31

Address: Staromaryevskoe highway, 32G
Phone: (968) 262-03-30

SC for repair and maintenance of industrial equipment
Address: 9 Grazhdanskaya st.
Phone: (8652) 28-24-16, 29-80-56


Arhangelsk region

Trading network Forest and house
Address: Timme St., 23
Phone: (8182) 27-00-49


Service center "North"
Address: st. Oshevenskaya, 1
Phone: 8 931 415 08 84


Service 220 volts
Address: pr. Peschaniy, 8a
Phone: (953) 267-78-44

Vologda Region

SC Friendship
Address: Old highway, 2A
Phone: (8172) 28-84-82

SY Beaver
Address: st. Yaroslavskaya, 11
Phone: 8 (921) 141-01-35

Shestakov V.A.
Address: st. Chernyshevsky 128B
Phone: (8172) 54-12-88

Address: st. Summer, 23
Phone: (8172) 58-23-08

SC Sarayka
Address: Poshekhonskoe highway, 48
Phone: (8172) 71-63-82


48 Borsodskaya St.
Address: (8202) 28-32-44

Lekona Shop "Technomall"
Address: Lyubetskaya 2
Phone: (8202) 20-20-78, (8202) 20-51-60

Service center "Chainsaw Tool"
Address: st. Vologda, d.50A
Phone: (8202) 202-102

Leningrad region

Ltd "Power tool"
Address: Kirova Ave. 55, Cor. 2
Phone: (81372) 41-52, 8-921-327-03-77


Score "Sanya"
Address: st. Lenin, 6
Phone: (81374) 2-27-81

Murmansk region

SC Tool
Address: st. Sverdlova, 9B
Phone: (8152) 43-60-18

Novgorod region

Master Service
Address: st. Leningradskaya 40
Phone: (81664) 4-96-90

Azimut Service
Address: st. S. Perovskoy 5 / 16A
Phone: (81664) 4-18-67


Address: st. State Farm, 44
Phone: (81666) 2-42-53

Address: st. Narodnaya 13
Phone: (921) 204-46-43

Velikiy Novgorod

Ltd "Manor Service"
Address: Fedorovsky stream st., 2/13
Phone: (8162) 69-31-75, 69-31-76, (911) 611-35-54

Address: 6, Rabochaya St.
Phone: (8162) 60-19-09

IP Panov S.A.
Address: st. Gzen River Embankment, 5
Phone: (8162) 77-46-62, 77-77-34

Address: 39 Bolshaya Saint Petersburgskaya St., building 11
Phone: (8162) 500-038, (911) 600-10-61


Score "Craftsman"
Address: st. Miklouho-Maclay 44
Phone: 8-921-195-37-18

Address: st. Lenin, 45
Phone: (861657) 22-431

Staraya Russa

Pskov region

Parma Service Center
Address: st. Murmansk, d.16
Phone: (81153) 3-71-20


Address: st. Lenin d.11
Phone: 8 (911) 357-51-52


Gasoline powered tools
Address: st. Karl Marx, 3
Phone: (8112) 66-33-70

Master Motocenter
Address: st. L. Pozemsky, 92
Phone: (8112) 79-34-01, 75-02-28

Republic of Karelia

Score "Car key"
Address: st. Zavodskaya 4
Phone: (900) 456-14-10

Video: Lawn Mower Gasoline Self-propelled Champion Lm5347

Address: 82 Pervomaisky Ave.
Phone: (8142) 77-11-07 (05)

SC STS Center
Address: Lesnoy pr. 51
Phone: (8142) 59-22-02


Ltd "Domostroy"
Address: Bazarny Lane, 1
Phone: (81430) 2-29-88

Komi Republic

Address: st. May Day, 114
Phone: (8212) 28-84-80

SC TC Tool
Address: st. Kurchatova, 4
Phone: (8212) 256-206



Address: st. Mukhina, 110
Phone: (4162) 55-00-05

SC Profi
Address: st. Gorky, d. 163
Phone: (914) 042-51-93

Primorsky Krai

Tool service
Address: st. Kalinina, 23
Phone: (4232) 28-39-04


Score "Husqvarna"
Address: Ave. 50 years of October, 74
Phone: (42373) 27-470, (42373) 27-377


IP Gubin
Address: Ugolnaya St. 61
Phone: (4236) 77-34-39

SC Pochin
Address: 68 Shosseinaya St.
Phone: (914) 728-28-12, (924) 425-74-12


Service Center LLC "Closer to Case"
Address: st. Rakovskaya 23
Phone: (4234) 26-11-68, (4234) 26.11-74

Khabarovsk region

SC Gas technology
Address: East Highway 10A
Phone: (4212) 25-79-62

IP Sokolov
Address: st. Central d. 34
Phone: (4212) 41-44-22, 24-20-84

Address: Amursky Boulevard, d.14
Phone: (4212) 25-63-63

Siberian FD


Address: Tolmachevskaya 19
Phone: (3832) 20-89-41

Altai region

SC "Mototechnics"
Address: st. Malotobolskaya, d.24
Phone: (3852) 69-07-44

Moto World Shop
Address: st. Nikitina, 1111
Phone: (3852) 65-94-31

Compressor Service
Address: st. Novorossiysk, 140
Phone: (3852) 555-810

SC Mototechnika
Address: st. Chkalova, 228
Phone: (3852) 256-866

Address: st. Zagorodnaya, 129a
Phone: (3852) 600-082

Workshop 22
Address: st. 1st Western, 50
Phone: (962) 814-60-44


SC Mototechnika
Address: st. Postal lane 13B
Phone: (913) 264-69-58


Address: st. Pushkin d. 63
Phone: (38822) 2-91-60

Zabaykalsky Krai

IP Kaltakov
Address: 10B Sosnovaya St.
Phone: (3953) 31-35-69

Address: Yuzhnaya St., 39B
Phone: (3953) 45-01-10


Ltd "Baikal Tool"
Address: st. Barricade, d.90
Phone: (3952) 75-75-98

Ltd "Technical and shopping center "Estom"
Address: st. Baikalskaya, d. 239, building 7
Phone: (83952) 22-60-29, 22-87-24

Address: 3 km Yakutsky tract, 3B
Phone: (83952) 691-442


Service center "Gas technology"
Address: st. Pushkin st. 61
Phone: (39565) 574-48

Kemerovo region

Address: st. 50th anniversary of Komsomol house 23
Phone: (838475) 2-90-25

Krasnoyarsk region

"Successful" Service center
Address: st. Klyuchevskaya 13/1
Phone: (391) 288-16-52

Ltd "Service Tool"
Address: st. Parachute, d.15
Phone: (391) 261-98-99, 261-98-95

SC Mechanic
Address: St. 2nd Klinkerskaya, 43 bld. 1
Phone: (923) 573-94-47

Address: St. Aerovokzalnaya, 8V
Phone: (391) 228-35-90, 274-52-33

SC Husqvarna
Address: st.Lesopilshchikov, 163
Phone: (391) 229-68-28

Omsk region

Techno constellation
Address: st. 2nd Solar, 31a
Phone: (3812) 34-07-99

Address: st. Aviation, 56
Phone: (3812) 55-80-50

Repair workshop
Address: st. Saken Seyfullin, 40
Phone: (908) 105-08-08

Address: st. Mill, 130 k4
Phone: (3812) 55-94-10

The Republic of Buryatia

SC Driving
Address: st. Food, d.5 A
Phone: (3012) 42-80-81, 42-11-26

Tomsk region

LLC TK "Market Tool"
Address: Frunze Ave., 236B
Phone: (3822) 26-32-59, 26-45-81

LLC Benzotehservis
Address: st. Shevchenko, 32
Phone: (3822) 999-141


SC Technolider
Address: st. Mechanical Engineers, 23/3
Phone: (3522) 64-00-99

Score "Tool. Centre"
Address: st. Dzerzhinsky, d. 58
Phone: (352) 241-52-82; (352) 241-53-15

Sverdlovsk region

LLC Pleiades
Address: st. Power builders, d.6A
Phone: (34369) 3-01-46, 3-09-56


Address: Sovkhozniy settlement, Predelnaya St. 57 building 3
Phone: (343) 266-33-56

Address: st. Frunze, 35A
Phone: 8-922-127-71-91, (343) 328-05-11

Address: st. May Day 109
Phone: (343) 365-1755, 374-1365, 383-4451

Address: st. Academic, 24
Phone: (950) 635-13-33

SC Center of Petrol Engineering
Address: st. Siberian tract, 28A
Phone: (922) 147-33-31

SC Gas technology
Address: st. Moskovskaya, 48
Phone: (922) 133-77-00


Address: Parkovaya st. 13A
Phone: (3439) 31-75-65

Nizhny Tagil

Address: st. Sadovaya, 1B
Phone: 8 (922) 183-31-33

Workshop "Tool Plus"
Address: st. Newspaper, 105
Phone: (3435) 41-69-83
Website: www.

Tyumen region

Address: st. Industrial, 29, p. 9
Phone: (912) 932-92-58

Address: st. Lenin, d.16
Phone: (3466) 41-11-88, 41-11-99, 25-11-55

Repair Center for Benzo Power Tools
Address: st. 9P 8, building 8
Phone: (3466) 25-90-08

Electric Gas Powered Tools
Address: st. Lenin 3P, Art 4
Phone: (3466) 67-01-88


Alex Service
Address: st. Friendship 128, building 1, building 11
Phone: 8 (3452) 61-35-69

World of Technology
Address: st. Shcherbakova 213
Phone: (3452) 47-48-10

Service Center LLC "Universal Service"
Address: st. 30 Years of Victory, d. 7, p. 3
Phone: (3452) 549-190

Monolith LLC
Address: st. 30 Years of Victory, d. 113A, building 2
Phone: (3452) 69-60-41

SC Instrument 72
Address: st. 30 Years of Victory, 113a
Phone: (3452) 56-02-07


Address: st. Sosnovaya d. 118
Phone: (3462) 33-60-60

Tool World
Address: 25/2 Industrialnaya st.
Phone: (3462) 22-90-36

Address: Rationalizatorizov St., 10
Phone: (3462) 977-929

Chelyabinsk region

Address: 28 Stepan Razin St.
Phone: (35147) 2-36-25
E-mail: zip_service@bk.runovsk


SC Successful technique
Address: st. Molodogvardeytsev, d.7 / 3
Phone: (351) 267-50-01

ELBY Service
Address: st. Mashinostroiteley, d.1 / 1
Phone: (351) 211-45-05

Neya Service
Address: Sverdlovsk tract, 5 building 9
Phone: (351) 791-38-13, 791-12-84

Real Service
Address: st. Kosareva, 2 building 2
Phone: (351) 793-66-63

Successful technique
Address: st. Artillery, 111
Phone: (351) 211-52-62


Service Center TC "Tool"
Address: st. Kalinina 38
Phone: (8332) 22-01-16

Service center of the Trading House "Stroybat"
Address: st. Pugacheva, 1
Phone: (8332) 563-563

Nizhny Novgorod Region

Address: st. Zagotzernoy p. 2
Phone: (953) 556-22-88


Address: st. Pervomaiskaya, d. 7 A
Phone: (83159) 94-815

Nizhny Novgorod

Address: st. Alekseevskaya 24/27
Phone: (831) 428-77-07

Address: Gagarin Ave. 168a
Phone: (831) 216-15-16

Address: Kashchenko St. 6
Phone: (831) 466-14-33

My house
Address: st. Bogorodsky 5 K. 6
Phone: (831) 463 90 61, 468 99 43

Lumberjack SC №8
Address: Moscow highway 219A
Phone: (831) 281-81-91


Address: st. Kirova 14
Phone: (83130) 6-21-02, 6-35-25, 5-12-11

Orenburg region

Technical tool (Tool world)
Address: ul.Mira d.22
Phone: (3532) 45-02-30

Address: Dzerzhinsky Ave., 2A
Phone: (3532) 52-52-80

Address: pl. May 1, 1G
Phone: (3532) 66-00-40

Address: Dzerzhinsky Ave., 2
Phone: (3532) 27-87-97, 54-02-50

Penza region

Special master reception point
Address: st. Kuznetskogo, 7A
Phone: (8412) 49-01-40

IP Pronichkin G.V.
Address: st. Perspective 3
Phone: (8412) 45-40-12

Benzo moto
Address: st. Pearl 32
Phone: (8412) 49-00-88

Mega Penza
Address: Moscow-Chelyabinsk highway, 624 km
Phone: (8412) 20-24-48

Address: st. Tsentralnaya, 1, Shopping Center Retail Park
Phone: (8412) 93-47-74, 93-46-14


Tool world
Address: st. Builders, 1
Phone: (8342) 29-19-04

Address: Aleksandrovskoe highway, 11 G
Phone: (8937) 515-27-91

Special master
Address: st. Working 103
Phone: (8342) 24-77-47

SC Texas
Address: st. Building, 21
Phone: (8342) 22-35-65

Perm region

SC Stinko URAL
Address: Cosmonaut Highway d.316B
Phone: (342) 254-30-40, ext 312

World Tool
Address: Pushkin St., 113
Phone: (342) 244-65-30, 244-84-11

Address: Reshetnikovy descent 1 (Perm city cargo port)
Phone: 8 (342) 238-58-07

Weapon Tool
Address: st. Dzerzhinsky, d.17
Phone: (3422) 37-15-60, ext 127


Address: st. All-education, d.160A
Phone: (34253) 7-23-31


Address: st. Sovetskaya, 1/12
Phone: 8 (922) 302-95-54

Republic of Bashkortostan

Address: st. Sukhanova, 11 B / 2
Phone: (3473) 23-17-14


Address: st. Krasina, d.15
Phone: (347) 250-15-84, 251-73-27

SC IP Umov
Address: 40/1 Transportnaya St.
Phone: (347) 238-96-75

SC Mechanic
Address: 101 Kirova St.
Phone: (347) 246-31-89

Mari El Republic

ART Tool
Address: st. Voinov. 19 Internationalists
Phone: (8362) 21 53 01

Score "TechnoDacha"
Address: st. Sovetskaya d.101
Phone: (8362) 202-757

Lumberjack SC №4
Address: st. Mechanical Engineers, 2B
Phone: (8362) 41-80-31, 41-97-70, 41-95-42

The Republic of Mordovia

Tool world
Address: Stroiteley St., 1
Phone: (8342).29-19-04

Special master
Address: st. Working 103
Phone: (8342) 24-77-47

Address: Aleksandrovskoe highway, 11G
Phone: (8937) 515-27-91

SC Texas
Address: st. Building, 21
Phone: (8342) 22-35-65

Republic of Tatarstan

Service Tech Center
Address: st. Marshala Chuykova, 25
Phone: (843) 525-44-17

LLC TC Active Group
Address: st. Alafuzova, 3
Phone: (843) 231-55-86

Lumberjack SC №10
Address: Siberian tract, 47
Phone: (843) 205-33-32

Address: st. Adoratskogo 63, building 1123
Phone: (843) 245-03-00

Naberezhnye Chelny

SC Instrumentgrad
Address: st. Trunk, 25, p. 1
Phone: (8552) 40-80-40, (987) 400-44-36

Scout (Elsie Tool)
Address: pr. Chulman d37 of 013
Phone: (8552) 53-19-86, 53-19-64

Republic of Udmurtia


Master Plus
Address: Karl Marx St. 23, letter B
Phone: (3412) 670-280

Address: st. Telegin 30
Phone: (3412) 40-50-30

Navigator Service
Address: st. Ordzhonikidze d. 2A
Phone: (3412) 799-199

Address: Zavyalovsky district, Oktyabrsky settlement, 14A
Phone: (3412) 690-333

Chuvash Republic

IP Kharitonov A.N.
Address: st. Gladkova, 10, Market "Fair" (8 row, 18 place)
Phone: (902) 288-34-77

Score "Trading House Garant"
Address: Basic passage, 4z
Phone: (8352) 22-63-39; (8352) 55-03-94. workshop

Address: st. Basic passage, d.8B
Phone: (8352) 57-39-62

Octopus Service
Address: st. Heveshskaya, 1A
Phone: (8352) 28-80-30

Samara Region

SC "BenzoTrade"
Wholesale Trading Company
Address: st. Career, d.5a
Phone: (846) 268-55-57

Ltd "STIN-Service"
Address: Kirova ave., 24, building 3 (Letter E)
Phone: (846) 312-01-19, 211-02-03

Address: st. Liberty 85
Phone: (846) 995-81-00

Techno master
Address: st. Gastello, 43/1
Phone: (846) 373-21-15


Workshop "Special machinery"
Address: st. Communal, d. 32
Phone: (8482) 57-02-21

Address: Primorsky Blvd, 43, TD Elephant
Phone: (8482) 570-090, (986) 958-88-30

Saratov region

Score "Small Mechanization"
Address: Ivanovo highway, st. Industrial, d.26
Phone: (8453) 68-34-94


Trade and Service Center
Address: Tankistov, 17
Phone: 8 (8452) 69-30-16; 8 (8452) 69-26-15

Lumberjack SC №11
Address: 1st Storozhevoy passage, 11/244
Phone: 8 (452) 72-31-71

Address: Krymsky passage, 1
Phone: 8 (452) 39-90-44

SC Alco
Address: st. Biryuzova, 16
Phone: 8 (452) 55-70-75

Ulyanovsk region

Tool World
Address: st. Builders, 1
Phone: (8342) 29-19-04

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Since 1994, AEG, being part of Electrolux AB, a global group of home appliance manufacturers (headquartered in Stockholm), continues to develop its leading position in the home appliance market. A few years ago, Electrolux launched a new AEG brand development strategy, clearly expressed in the slogan "perfection of forms and functions." Electrolux uses this slogan to promote its best German brand focused on customers with high demands on functionality and quality.

Agri-Fab was opened in 1936 in the small town of Sullivan, Illinois. The company is engaged in the production of multifunctional garden care equipment. Products are manufactured on high-precision laser equipment, assembly conveyors are controlled by special programs.

Aiken supplies a wide range of products: equipment for processing metal, wood and stone, tools for industrial and construction enterprises, garden and snow removal equipment, pumps, hoisting equipment, industrial furniture.

Al-ko has over 40 enterprises in more than 30 countries of the world, the company employs about 4,000 employees. One of the areas of production of the company. home and garden equipment, which includes: garden equipment, equipment for water supply and equipment for lawns. Al-ko offers its customers the full range of products needed to care for the garden.

Czech company ALVE spol. s r.o, releasing aluminum stairs, began to conquer the market since 1992. At the moment, it is the largest company in the Czech Republic, producing step ladders, stairs, scaffolding and scaffolding, captivating customers from all over the world with high quality. The main priority in the development and production of products for the company is safety and reliability. All products meet the latest international quality standards.

AquaPro began its activities in the early 90s of the last century in America, then the production was transferred to Taiwan. The production base is located in Taichung, and the central office in Taipei. The AquaPro creed is high quality, reasonable prices and easy installation. The company never stops at the achieved result, constantly improving, developing and releasing new products, systems and technologies that can increase maximum productivity and uptime of manufactured products.

A quaviva has been manufacturing and selling a variety of pool products for many years. The company is one of the leaders in the production of equipment for pools at affordable prices.

ARIENS is rightfully considered the leader in the global market for snow removal equipment. For seventy years of existence, the company has come a long way from a modest workshop to a giant corporation. Snow removal equipment of this brand is characterized by high reliability and excellent quality, the range of products is constantly updated.

Arnetoli Motor is an Italian manufacturer of trimmers and accessories. The company is the holder of a certificate of compliance with quality standards. Arnetoli Motor owns its own production. The entire technological cycle for the production of products is strictly controlled.

Ballu Industrial Group is an international holding uniting the world’s leading manufacturers of the climate industry, the powerful potential of engineering bureaus and industrial design laboratories. The holding specializes in the production of machinery and equipment for creating a comfortable human environment. Talented marketing professionals, designers, and industrial designers are working to create the perfect products, bringing to life the dreams of consumers about perfect comfort.

BCS S.p.A. Italian concern, one of the oldest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Europe. He is engaged in the production of high-quality lawn mowers, tractors and walk-behind tractors. The concern owns three factories and seven branches throughout Europe. BCS S.p.A. such brands as FERRARI and BCS PASQUALI are owned.

BEHNCKE was founded in 1946. Modern technologies, high quality products, know-how and the provision of a high level of service to our customers allow the company to remain one of the leading companies in the field of pool technologies. Unsurpassed quality, nice design, unique developments and patented systems that greatly facilitate the use of products are decisive factors in the purchase, which, in fact, made the company so popular, desired and in demand around the world.

Bellon was founded in 1979 in Italy and is currently one of the leading enterprises in the field of agricultural machinery. A successful company is not only the ability to produce quality and innovation, but also the fact that it is aimed at the future, while not losing sight of its traditional values, such as efficiency, reliability and attention to each customer.

BESTWAY Group is one of the largest manufacturers of inflatable PVC products in the world market.

Billy Goat is one of the most famous manufacturers of many types of equipment, including garden equipment. Billy Goat began its existence first as a subsidiary in 1967, and later, in 1969, became an independent company. In 1974, the company moved and to this day exists in the state of Missouri (USA). During this time, the area occupied by the plant tripled and amounts to 7,000 square meters. meters engaged in production.

BlackDecker is a manufacturer of high-quality tools, accessories, household equipment, and mounting systems. Products and services provided by the company can be found all over the world in more than a hundred countries. If you value reliability, feel free to buy equipment from this manufacturer.

Briggs Corporation&Stratton produces over 10 million engines each year. For many years, it has been a leader in the production of engines for machinery. Over 33,000 independent companies have been established for service and repair.

BRISK Tabor a.s., founded in 1992, produces spark plugs and glow plugs, technical ceramics, ignition electrodes, sensors, etc. The products of this company are of high quality and environmental friendliness.

Caiman appeared on the Russian market in 2003. To date, the range presented to the domestic consumer has more than 30 directions. These are mainly cultivators and motoblocks, but the company also supplies trimmers, Lawn Mower, motor drills and other motorized equipment.

CARVER is a brand representing domestic and professional gas powered tools, garden power tools, as well as special technical tools and auxiliary equipment. Buying Carver products, you get a powerful and reliable tool that you want to work with.

Champion has become one of the fastest growing brands in the domestic market. Champion manufactures equipment designed for amateur gardening. The range of the company is constantly expanding and includes portable equipment, related and consumables.

Condtrol is familiar to its customers with high-quality leveling equipment. Condtrol is also a research center that conducts continuous innovative developments in the field of laser measuring technologies of the future and non-destructive testing of physical properties.

Craftsman was founded in 1926. Its main activity was the production of hand tools for home and garden (hammers, axes, files, chisels). Since then, not a year has passed before Craftsman did not create another model of garden or home appliances.

The history of the largest Daewoo corporation began in the spring of 1967. From the very moment of its creation, it played a leading role in the economy of South Korea, as it was the undisputed leader in the segments of production and marketing of high-tech products. At present, Daewoo International works closely with various business partners, ranging from small enterprises to giants. The company has over one hundred offices and representative offices around the world, offering its customers a huge range of chemical products, electronics, household appliances, cars and much more.

DoorWood specializes in the production of high-quality wooden and glass doors designed for saunas, baths and hammams, focusing on the modern needs of customers. The company does not save on quality, offering reliable, durable and ecstatically beautiful products. With the acquisition of DoorWood products, not only you will appreciate the aesthetic appeal!

Echo is a brand owned by Kyoritsu Noki, designed to introduce garden tools and equipment to the global market. At present, Echo is firmly in the position of a world leader with an impeccable reputation.

Electrolux Company is one of the world leaders in the production of household appliances and professional equipment, annually selling over 40 million products to customers from 150 countries of the world. Our efforts are aimed at innovations with thoughtful design, which is based on a deep understanding of the needs of our customers and professional users.

Emak S.p.A was established in 1992. Products provided by Emak S.p.A are for landscape gardening. Particular attention in the development of models is given to the comfort of the equipment, its practicality, maximum safety and reliability. By purchasing Emak S.p.A. products, you can be sure that this is an easy-to-use, practical, and durable equipment.

The ENIFIELD brand is familiar to customers with garden equipment and supplies. The company has appeared on the market recently, but this does not prevent it from dynamically developing and improving. The ENIFIELD assortment includes chain saws, walk-behind tractors, snow blowers, electric and gas trimmers, etc.

ESPA GROUP. Bombas Electricas, S.A. is one of the recognized world leaders in the production of pumping equipment. The company was founded in 1962, its head office is located in Banyolis (Spain). ESPA GROUP products are widely represented on the international market and exported to more than 130 countries.

EXTRA brand equipment is developed taking into account the climatic features of nature. EXTRA pumping equipment will satisfy all needs for domestic pumps and partially satisfy the needs of construction and industrial enterprises. Each product “Extra” undergoes a technical examination for compliance with technical specifications, materials used, and technical solutions.

Feelfree Plant is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. This is a company offering the most innovative brands of kayaks and accessories in the world market. Feelfree employees are a close-knit team of rowers, anglers and people with many years of industry experience.

FIT (FINCH INDUSTRIAL TOOLS CANADA INC) is a Canadian company engaged in the manufacture of hand and power tools for both domestic use and professional construction work. The indisputable advantage of FIT is its undeniable quality, a wide and varied selection, ergonomics in execution and, importantly, affordable price!

The FITT company (Italy) was founded in 1969 (until 1976 it was called Viplast). The company is the largest manufacturer of flexible hoses and pipes made of PVC, which are used in various fields of industry, agriculture, construction, medicine.

Flymo specializes in the production of garden care products. All products that reach the consumer under the Flymo brand are manufactured in English factories. The main advantage of this unique technique is reliability, reliability in operation and the optimal ratio of price and quality.

Fubag is a German company that over the years of experience has successfully conquered the industrial equipment market. Today it produces a wide range of items, such as welding equipment, power plants, hot air generators, compressor equipment, stone cutting machines, diamond blades, garden equipment, etc. The entire assortment of the Fubag brand can be found and purchased anywhere in the world. This is achieved primarily due to the fact that the main mission of the company is to constantly develop and expand. At this stage, Fubag already has 10 manufacturing plants in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Southeast Asia. Recognition is growing every day.

Gardena. A German company founded in 1961 in the city of Ulm. Gardena products, represented by a wide range, are aimed at amateur gardeners and owners of land plots and country houses. It has offices in 80 countries. The Gardena brand, recognized as the leading brand in the European market, provides gardeners from all over the world with high-quality tools.

Gardenlux is a dynamically developing enterprise where the main industry is the production of power, gasoline and electric garden equipment. The company has been offering its products for more than nine years, and during this time it has successfully won the sympathy of customers. The priority activity of the company is still improving quality, improving models, and lowering prices.

G.F. An Italian company engaged in the production of irrigation products of a high technological level. G.F. supplies the world market with ground and underground irrigation systems, micro-irrigation (or drip irrigation). All products of the company have certificates of compliance with environmental standards.

Gianni Ferrari produces professional gardening machines. A wide range of equipment includes lawn mowers, sweepers, garden vacuum cleaners, mulchers, lawn aerators and snow blowers. The company is known as one of the most technologically advanced in mechanics and hydraulics. Gianni Ferrari products are sold worldwide.

GrandVolt is a trademark of the world-famous Spanish company Espa Group, which is undoubtedly one of the world leaders in the field of production of pumps and power equipment. For many years now, the company has been actively developing and implementing the most advanced technologies in its production, based on innovative solutions, stably maintaining international quality standards. Buying GrandVolt, you can appreciate the reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness of the equipment supplied.

The American GreenWorks brand is owned by Globe Tools Group, a group of companies formed in the mid-80s. The unique GreenWorks brand entered the world market at the beginning of 2000; a large assortment of battery and electric equipment under its brand is on sale.

The Italian company Grillo specializes in the production of professional equipment for the care of lawns and green spaces, from soil preparation to garbage collection. For these purposes, both specialized self-propelled vehicles and heavy universal motoblocks are intended.

Harvia is a family-owned company operating in the city of Muuram, located in central Finland. Looking back over several generations, it is safe to say that Harvia has the oldest tradition of sauna heater production in Finland. Today, Harvia is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sauna heaters and exports products to more than 65 countries.

Heliflex is a company manufacturing irrigation systems, pipes and hoses in several business sectors. The company has been a manufacturer of hoses for over 44 years and has tremendous experience in the transformation of polymers, for which it has earned sympathy and encouragement from customers.

The history of Honda began with a small motorcycle company, and today it is a leading manufacturer selling 11 million units of diverse products per year worldwide. cars, motorcycles, power equipment. Honda general-purpose engines, suitable for all types of work, are very popular.

Hozelock is one of the UK’s favorite brands that has earned its reputation for excellence, excellence and innovation. The company was founded almost a century ago. During this time, it was possible to achieve not only significant technological progress, but also learn to create unique and amazing products that underlie existing systems. Hozelock products were also fully appreciated by Russian customers, who were satisfied with the pleasant price and the consistently high quality of the products on offer.

The German company Huter Elektrische Technik GmbH began operations in the fall of 1979. It was then that the first plant of the company was opened in the city of Nordhausen, which began the production of gasoline garden equipment and mini-power plants. At the moment, it is one of the leaders among manufacturers of electrical equipment, year after year gaining the trust and recognition of customers both at home and abroad.

Hydromann has been operating in the winter machinery market since 1969. She designs, manufactures and supplies cars to both Danish and foreign customers. Today, the company specializes in snow blowers, snow plows, rollers and disc spreaders of sand, salt and gravel, as well as snow cutters and plow snow plows. Hydromann offers a wide range of products that fully meet the slogan: “We fight with the winter.” In addition to winter cars, the company also offers brushes, single-bucket excavators with unloading back and a rake for picking stones.

Since the 1970s, Hyundai has been manufacturing power tools: jigsaws, drills, perforators, saws, jack hammers, etc. All brand products comply with international standards, are reliable and highly productive. The main advantage of Hyundai is the optimal ratio of tool prices to quality.

ITC Power specializes in the development and production of generators, being one of the largest European manufacturers. The company began to operate in the domestic market since 2001. In 2008, the company expanded its production facilities, which allowed to improve product quality, as well as provide competitive prices.

The Japanese company KAAZ is one of the leaders among manufacturers of garden equipment. A huge assortment of gardening equipment produced at the Japanese factory KAAZ has invested enormous labor of designers and designers. Special pride KAAZ. Sign Made in Japan. In the manufacture of equipment under the brand name "KAAZ" the most modern technologies are used. Unique machines designed for intensive use in the most severe conditions, are able to withstand loads with maximum intensity. True Japanese quality combines state-of-the-art technology with ease of use for users, while delivering excellent cutting results.

Each qualified specialist knows that the quality of work depends not only on experience and accumulated skill, but also on the tool used. Kapro Industries Ltd. Over the past thirty years, it has been supplying the market with high-quality measuring and construction tools. Kapro is familiar to customers because of its reputation as a courageous innovator, recognized worldwide for its impeccable quality, excellent service, modern design and added value.

Karcher is a German company, a world leader in the quality and uniqueness of the technologies used in the production of equipment for cleaning and cleaning. Karcher products are convenient, economical and environmentally friendly. It is this company that produces the quietest high pressure washers.

Founded in Hong Kong in the early 1990s, Kokido is an exciting and innovative company that has dedicated its pool business to the pool industry. Kokido offers its customers a wide range of equipment for swimming pools, including cleaning tools, filtration and cleaning systems, lighting, showers, fountains and much more.

The history of Zenoah began almost a century ago. Currently, extensive knowledge and experience has led the company to develop a wide range of products. The company has a high level of technology development, its own team of specialist developers of new products and several unique and patented technologies. The company strives to produce cost-effective products for its customers, while taking care of the environment. The company is known for its colossal achievements in the field of engine production aimed at protecting and preserving the environment.

LASKI (Czech Republic). one of the leading European manufacturers of professional utility equipment. A wide range of LASKI equipment is presented by choppers of branches and wood residues, stump choppers, communal garden vacuum cleaners, trenchers, vibrating plates, harvesting machines. Laski has become popular and in demand in a very short time, not only in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, but also among Russian buyers and residents of the CIS.

Italian company Lavorwash S.p.A. one of the world leaders in the production of high-class cleaning, washing equipment and equipment for cleaning and industrial cleaning for working inside and out. The LAVOR company was founded in 1975, since the company was founded, it has grown progressively and is currently well-known throughout the world and of course.

Lifan is China’s largest engine, motorcycle and automobile manufacturer. The company specializes in design activities and scientific and technical development of engines and vehicles. Lifan entered the Russian market in 2008, opening its own plant in Cherkessk.

Liqui Moly is a well-known German company, producing today more than 6,000 items of products for the motor oil market. The brand was recognized in 2012 as the best in Germany. The company’s products repeatedly showed the best results in various tests. All types of Liqui Moly oils are certified and protected from fakes.

The Japanese company Makita has been around for almost 100 years. It appeared on the Russian market in 1935. Two of the company’s eight plants are located in Europe. The assortment of the company includes over 1000 items. Makita produces tools for construction and industrial work, garden equipment, and logging equipment.

Maruyama is one of the best manufacturers of powerful commercial-grade equipment for agricultural work and industry. The company’s technology is multifunctional. it is equally used for landscape design and disaster management. Maruyama is an innovator in the design and manufacture of pumps and motors for engineering.

High quality and reasonable prices make the equipment under the MasterYard trademark, equipped with engines from one of the world leaders, popular in the Russian market. Loncin, BMW’s strategic partner in motorcycle manufacturing.

Mikasa was founded in 1937 in the capital of Japan. the city of Tokyo, where it is based to this day. The company is engaged in the production of both small tools for construction and road equipment. She has taken a dominant position over the past 40 years, exporting products to the United States, Europe, Asia, Russia and other countries. When buying a company’s products, you can be absolutely sure that it will delight you with its exceptional reliability and high performance for many years.

Mitsubishi Motors was founded in 1970 by forming units. The headquarters is based in the capital of Japan. Tokyo. Today, the company is engaged in the automotive industry and is the largest production group in all of Japan. In addition to automobiles, the company offers a wide range of components and special fluids and oils. For example, such components as two-stroke or four-stroke carburetor engines are widely used not only in the automotive industry. they can be used in electrical units, motor blocks and cultivators, karts, compressors and in many other devices, showing brilliant results.

Moller professional. German company for the production of industrial equipment. The company produces equipment of good quality, favorably with affordable prices. The Moller technique has a bright red color and a catchy design.

Monferme is a French brand specializing in the creation and production of unique and environmentally friendly garden equipment and tools specially designed for the fair half of humanity. women. The company has realized a completely new approach to battery and electrical equipment for the garden, in the best French traditions. Customers around the world have already appreciated the undeniable advantages of this brand.

The German company Moonlight GMBH with the trademark Moonlight ("moonlight") produces unique luminaires that occupy a special place among the products offered by world manufacturers of lighting equipment in the field of landscape light. Over the past few years, Moonlight has earned well-deserved nine prestigious design awards, including the IF Design Award, Form 99, Good Design Award Japan, Design Plus. Luminaires of the company are exported to almost all countries of the world, receiving the highest ratings from both private buyers and well-known architects, designers.

MTD (Modern Tool and Die Company) was founded in the USA in 1932 by three German engineers. Theo Mall, Erwin Gerhard and Emil Jochum. Currently, it occupies one of the leading places among manufacturers of garden equipment. The offered range is very wide. from trimmers and garden vacuums to tractors. MTD is one of the leaders in terms of sales in the snowplow market.

Murray Products. it is a high-quality equipment with the longest possible service life and modern design. The main principle of the company Murray, founded in 1919. "The best. for a reasonable price!". Attentiveness and the pursuit of innovation are the main priorities of the company for five generations.

Neoclima is an international manufacturer of modern and reliable climate technology. The high quality of components and assembly, the use of the most modern technologies, and affordable prices for consumers have made Neoclima technology popular in a number of European countries, including.

NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of spark plugs, glow plugs, lambda probes (under the NTK trademark) and other components for internal combustion engines. The company also manufactures components from industrial ceramics for semiconductors, communications equipment, etc. NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. headquarters. located in Nagoya, Japan.

Nilfisk was established in 1906 by two Danish residents. Nielsen and Fisker. Today, this company is the world’s largest supplier of professional cleaning equipment. Nilfisk is focused on creating an innovative product, introducing high-quality technology and is always trying to anticipate customer expectations.

Nocchi, a Pentair Water company, has been manufacturing reliable water pumps for over 30 years. The products are intended for use in engineering systems, when installing plumbing, laying heating and water supply systems. Nocchi pumps stand out for their safety and environmental friendliness.

The Italian company Nocchi, part of the Pentair Water group, has been manufacturing reliable water pumps for 30 years. The products are intended for use in engineering systems, when installing plumbing, laying heating and water supply systems. Nocchi pumps stand out for their safety and environmental friendliness.

Oase is a German manufacturer of water equipment, world famous for the quality of its products and its rich assortment. The company has been implementing original creative ideas for more than 50 years, using the latest technical developments. All equipment is environmentally compatible, economical and recyclable.

Oleo – mac is the widest range of garden and park equipment manufactured by Emak S.p.A. in northern Italy. Emak emerged from the merger of two companies that have been manufacturing gardening and forestry equipment since 1992. These were Oleo – mac and Efco. In Italy, Emak is today a leader in the production of garden equipment. In the rest of the world, this company occupies a very significant place among major European garden equipment manufacturers.

Since the invention of the first hook chains over 50 years ago, OREGON® has been at the forefront of cutting system technology. OREGON® has been continually delivering innovative new products to the market, combining the latest cutting performance and safety features, especially saw chains featuring low return, low vibration, narrow cuts and improved lubrication.

Palas Bmh is a Spanish company specializing in the production of garden and agricultural machinery and equipment. The production base of the company is located in the Spanish city of Wexa. Palas Bmh became famous due to its commitment to quality and reliability of manufactured products, and sales and stylish design have always been its strengths. With the acquisition of Palas Bmh products, you will be able to carry out various activities related to land cultivation and you will certainly be satisfied with the result.

Partner’s history in the garden tool market began in 1978, when it evolved from an independent company into a division of the international Electrolux concern. The range of the company has expanded significantly. Since 1978, under the Partner brand, in addition to professional gas cutters, gasoline mowers, mototrimmers and a dozen other types of mechanical and manual tools for gardening and park care began to be produced.

Parton. it is a brand under whose name garden tools of high quality and even higher productivity are produced. The perfect combination of the best technology, high quality raw materials and the best price makes Parton attractive to customers. Products designed and manufactured in the USA.

PATRIOT. This is one of the well-known manufacturers of power, garden, construction equipment and power tools.

The Italian company Pedrollo produces a wide range of high-quality pumps and pumping equipment, being currently the world leader (representative offices are opened in 140 countries) of the household electric pumps sector. Pedrollo produces more than 1,600,000 units of pumping equipment per year. The company regularly invests heavily in the development of production, in expanding the range of products and improving the quality indicators of products.

Pekatherm is the new Spanish manufacturer of high quality heated textiles. Pekatherm products are popular in many European countries and are now available.

Profi is a brand specializing in reliable and affordable gardening equipment. The product range includes lawn care tools, motor cultivators, garden care, cleaning and washing equipment, as well as a wide range of accessories.

Prorab is a successful brand established in 2005 that specializes in power tools, farm and agricultural equipment, and supplies. Included in the A-CLASS-GROUP holding company, the company satisfies the demand of customers in the segment in both household and semi-professional and professional tools.

Pubert brand equipment is familiar to everyone, because this company is one of the oldest in the European agricultural machinery market. To create this equipment, only high-quality materials are used, as well as the latest innovative solutions. Pubert’s product portfolio is constantly growing, because progress, as well as advances in science and technology, are always moving forward. The main product of the company are all kinds of cultivators.

Ravenol is a German brand, under the name of which oils for a wide variety of types of equipment are produced. from traditional motor oils to lubricating oils for textile machines. The company also produces auto chemicals, hydraulic and brake fluids. The company is distinguished by true German qualities: accuracy, pedantry and strict quality control.

Redexim BV was founded in 1978 in the Netherlands. The first machine released was the Verti-Drain, which in those years became a revolutionary invention. Since then, the company has become a manufacturer of a wide range of machines. Redexim has a distribution network in more than one hundred countries and its representative offices in Australia, England, China and the United States. The company knows what customers need. high-performance machines that perform their job functions well, save time and are a great investment.

Thanks to the enterprising American engineer and businessman John Patrick Wilson, in 1976, the opening of a small factory for the manufacture of welding transformers took place. The main focus was on impeccable quality at reasonable prices. Currently, in addition to welding equipment, the range includes cultivators, snow blowers, pumps and garden equipment. RedVerg is developing steadily following its policy, constantly offering new solutions to meet technical progress and customer needs

The Rezer brand is all kinds of consumables, accessories and spare parts for gardening equipment, for chain saws and other special equipment. By purchasing Rezer accessories, you will ensure maximum efficiency and reliable operation of your tool.

Ryobi is a property of TechTronic Inductries Corporation. The company has existed for over 50 years. It produces aluminum parts, amateur and professional power tools, construction equipment and tools for gardening.

The Italian company Sea Land began its history in 1990. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of centrifugal, submersible, self-priming and underwater pumps. The number of highly qualified specialists is constantly growing, and with the help of modern design and testing systems, Sea Land creates completely innovative products with high performance, exceptional reliability and durability. Buying Sea Land pumps is a profitable solution.

The Japanese company Shibaura produces garden and park cars, power tools, as well as branded engines. The main income of the company is the export of products. Shibaura owns 4 factories in Japan. Goods are sold through a network of our own specialized dealers.

Shindaiwa, Japan, founded in 1955, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gardening equipment: trimmers, petrolscissors, brush cutters, brush cutters, chainsaws, high-cutters, blowers and gas cutters. The impeccable reputation of the company throughout its existence is based on the invariable principle of Shindaiwa. QUALITY in everything that is produced. Every year, the company invests huge sums in scientific and technical development and research aimed at improving the quality and convenience of manufactured equipment.

SICCE S.p.A. Leading manufacturer of PUMPS, FILTERS and ACCESSORIES for use in gardening and aquarium systems. In 1973, it was founded by Paolo Pettenon, who is currently the chairman. He started with the production of aquarium heaters. SICCE SPA is an Italian company located in northeast Italy. Production and administrative offices are located on an area of ​​25,000 m2. The sales network includes more than 50 countries on 5 continents.

By purchasing Simplicity snowplows, you become the owner of a product that embodies 82 years of company experience. A product manufactured in the USA by a company whose main goals are innovation and high quality. Snowblowers undergo continuous research and testing to ensure their trouble-free operation in the harshest winter conditions.

The products of the American company Snapper are equipment that will serve you for a very long time, because the quality of such equipment is legendary. Snapper products are characterized by a high-strength design, as well as the most reliable engines of leading world brands. The advantages of this technique can also include exclusive technical solutions. An example is the unique, patented disc clutch.

Company Solo. it is a world leader in the garden equipment segment. German manufacturer SOLO. a family company created in 1948 by the inventors of the first compact and lightweight two-stroke engine for chainsaws. Today SOLO is a modern production of garden equipment: chainsaws, cultivators, lawn mowers, trimmers, sprayers, aerators, mowing machines, mini tractors.

The history of Speck Pumps (Germany) dates back to 1909. During this time, the company has evolved from a small family business into one of the world leaders in the production of pumping equipment. Speck products are renowned for their exceptional reliability and durability. Along with pumps, the company offers a wide range of artificial flow and hydromassage devices, as well as a series of automatic vacuum cleaners.

Sixty years of continuous investment in research, technological innovation and human resources have made Speroni Spa a leading company in the field of electric pump manufacturing. Speroni Spa, whose history of continuous development in the electric pump industry began in 1946 in Castelnovo di Sotto, was created by GIUSEPPE SPERONI and was originally managed by its creator. In an era of predominantly rural economies, he foresaw the importance of using mechanics for the needs of agricultural production, and, using all his entrepreneurial abilities, fully utilized the great growth potential of the post-war period. Constant investments in personnel and production equipment quickly brought the company to a wide and, since the 70s, has gone beyond national borders, market.

The main activity of Steelpumps is the development and production of drainage, high-quality systems and irrigation, as well as advanced pumping equipment designed for water supply in both everyday living conditions and light industry. All products are of high quality, therefore, will delight their customers for many years of service.

Since its founding, STIHL has been betting on revolutionary ideas and developments. For more than 80 years of history, the name of the company has become synonymous with advanced technology. Today, worldwide, the STIHL brand stands for high quality products and services. In more than 160 countries around the world, our company’s products help people in their work. this has made STIHL the world’s leading chainsaw manufacturer.

The Sturm group of companies offers a wide range of products that covers both the domestic and professional sectors, where each customer will be able to choose the necessary equipment and tools based on their financial capabilities.

Today at Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. four production divisions were formed: automobile (Subaru); aerospace; environmental technology division; Industrial Product Division (Robin). Robin engines are installed on construction equipment, agricultural machinery, utility vehicles, generators and motor pumps. that is, where you need long-term and reliable work with a serious load.

SunGarden is a fast-growing Russian-German company that meets all the requirements of the modern market. A rich assortment will allow you to choose the best model at the right price, and German technology guarantees high quality products.

T.I.P. Pumpen was founded in Germany in 1978. The main field of activity of the enterprise is the development and production of pumping and filtering equipment of a wide range of applications. For over thirty-five years, the company has been supplying the market with high-quality filters and pumps, which have established themselves as low-power, reliable and extremely efficient. The company offers its customers various types of pumps (drainage, booster, garden, pumps with gasoline engines), filter systems, equipment for cleaning ponds, monitoring and control systems, fittings, hoses and spare parts.

Texas is a leading global supplier of gardening equipment. Texas equipment is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. The brand has a wide range of equipment and additional equipment. Texas’s most popular product is electric and gas mowers.

Toro Company is an American company founded in 1914. The head office of the company is located in the city of Bloomington, in the state of Minnesota, USA. The company specializes in the production of various agricultural and construction equipment, ranging from small-sized equipment to mini golf carts.

Triumph tree

Since 1989, Triumph Tree has been manufacturing New Year’s products. For more than 27 years, products are sold in Europe, Australia, South America, Central and North America and of course!

History Umbra Pompe began in 1984 in Italy. The main activity of the enterprise is the development and production of submersible pumps for domestic and industrial use. High quality along with reasonable prices allowed Umbra Pompe to gain the trust of customers and made it known in foreign markets.

The German company Vago Tools in the Russian market for more than 10 years. She produces a wide range of modern gardening equipment. Today on the market are presented both the latest company developments and proven models. All equipment complies with European safety and quality requirements, marked with the ROSTEST sign.

Wester is a trademark owned by Impuls Group of Companies. High-tech equipment made it possible to provide a unique technology for the production of Wester membrane tanks; all stages of production are carried out and controlled by automation.

Wilo. German company with a worldwide reputation. He has been manufacturing pumps for over 100 years. Wilo products are distinguished by their high quality, economy, durability and reliability. Wilo is constantly improving the specifications of its pumps. This company owns many innovative technologies in the field of pump production.

Wolf-Garten is a German brand owned by MTD. Under the name Wolf-Garten, high-quality gardening equipment is produced with excellent technical characteristics. Especially popular with customers are lawn mowers and trimmers of this brand.

The manufacturer of the tool under the Worx brand is Positec Power Tools Group, an international corporation with offices around the world. The main features of the Worx tool are increased ergonomics and reliability. The design and construction of the Worx instrument reduce the risk of occupational diseases associated with increased vibration. In addition, this tool is simply convenient to work with.

WWQ is engaged in the development and production of thermal heating. The abbreviation stands for water (water), heat (warm) and quality (quality). WWQ tries to focus on the fact that all manufactured equipment meets the simplicity and reliability of use, with the ability to quickly install. The pumps are aimed at a wide range of customers, with their help you will definitely be able to recreate comfortable conditions, starting from a country house and a personal plot, ending with watering the garden, cottages and quickly pumping water out of the basement.

Krasnoyarsk "Heating Equipment and Automation Plant". this is a production unit of the company "Krasnoyarskenergokomplekt". The main products of the enterprise. electric and solid fuel heating boilers designed for heating and hot water supply of residential and industrial premises ranging from 30 to 4000 square meters. ZOTA is an officially registered trademark. All products undergo mandatory certification.

Avan-Polymer began its entrepreneurial business in 2007 in the Republic of Chuvashia, located in the village. Urmary. Its founders are energetic and enterprising people. the Pavlov brothers. The company specializes in the production of plastic products intended for economic and industrial use. Despite the fact that the company entered the domestic market not so long ago, Avan-Polymer managed to take a leading position in the sale of hoses made of PVC. The company demonstrates the sustainable development of the modern technological process, providing its customers with quality products.

Agate was founded in 1968. One of the primary reasons for the creation of the plant was the need to provide the male population of the city of Gavrilov-Yam with jobs. Now the main activities of the company are: production and repair of fuel control devices designed for aircraft engines, components and assemblies of aircraft and automobile systems, utilities, road equipment. There are various modifications of motoblocks equipped with engines from world manufacturers of China, Japan and the USA, the power of which was appreciated by Russian customers.

Bison is a domestic brand that produces a wide range of power and garden equipment. All manufactured equipment is notable for its catchy design, high quality, powerful technical specifications and prices that will pleasantly please you.

Biochimplast was founded in 1992 in Russia. The production base, equipped with advanced equipment, is located near Moscow in the city of Aprelevka. The company is directly involved in scientific activities that are directly related to the development, creation and implementation of resource-saving technologies for cleaning gas emissions from HOS (organochlorine compounds), as well as petroleum hydrocarbons. All employees of Biochimplast have vast accumulated experience in the field of processing PVC and creating products that fully satisfy the demand of the buyer.

The company PTK Vesuvius LLC is one of the leaders in the production of heating stoves and bath stoves and has established itself on the positive side, both in Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the near abroad. It was precisely the production of furnaces for baths and saunas that I identified as a priority area for myself.

As it turned out historically, the priority area of ​​the company was surface pumps, pumping stations, drainage and borehole pumps. The very first electric pump of the domestic company Vikhr was released at the motor-building Kuibyshev plant in 1974. Currently, the company specializes in the production of not only pumping equipment, but also electrical equipment, manual equipment and concrete mixing equipment. Thanks to the vast experience and skill, the company justifiably earned the trust of customers, becoming a kind of quality mark.

The Geyser company is one of the leaders in the treatment systems market, the first to start manufacturing water filters in 1986. Company today "Geyser". This is a modern research and production holding, which includes: a research department with a research laboratory, a design department, the production of filters for industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment, the production of cases made of high-quality plastic.

Caustic is known in the market as the largest manufacturer of chemicals.

HMS Pumps OJSC (formerly Livhydromash OJSC) is a domestic company, a leader among pump manufacturers. The equipment of the company is used in the oil and gas and shipbuilding industries, by public utilities. The company has its own network of service centers. Pumps are exported worldwide.

The history of the Lukoil concern began in 1991, by combining oil producing and refining enterprises and refineries. The main business of the concern is the production, refining and sale of oil, oil products and natural gas. The company offers a wide range of products for industrial buyers, personal and commercial vehicles. Millions of consumers buy products, heat and energy, improving their quality of life.

Mr. Heath is one of the leading manufacturers of heating equipment and infrared heaters. At the moment, Mr. Hit devices are among the best in the market in terms of "price quality". When developing heat devices, Mr. Heath used the original solutions of the design department of the company. The company Mr. Heath performs all the necessary tests of the manufactured equipment on its own testing base. The products undergo a multi-stage control system throughout the entire production process. The production uses only high-quality components and materials.

Firm "Mobile K" established in 1993. The main specialization of the company. production of attachments and components for moto-agro-technology, garden and communal equipment used in small areas, as well as general engineering products.

The MPT-Plastic company is a part of the Liral industrial and investment group as a company specializing in the production of PVC hoses of various types and types. Today, the manufacturer is a dynamic and modern company that has earned its trust from Russian buyers. MPT-Plastic offers products at the best prices, guaranteeing a long service life and high quality of products, which meets all European quality standards. All PVC products are made exclusively on Italian OLMAS equipment.

The Russian company Pampela specializes in the design and manufacture of automation designed to control pumps in water supply, sanitation and heating systems. Offering its customers reliable and effective energy-saving solutions consisting of a number of modules and systems.

The manufacturer Parma offers its customers power tools for households, electrical equipment for both permanent use in the home and in the professional field. Parma is a wide selection of products that meets all current trends in the domestic market.

SUBLINE SERVICE was founded relatively recently. in 2000, but despite this, the company managed to achieve rapid development dynamics, year after year occupying an increasingly strong position in the Russian pumping equipment market. Initially, the scope of the company was the installation of autonomous water supply systems, irrigation system devices and heating of private houses. But, two years later, she began the development, production and wholesale of her own pumping equipment, offering her customers high-quality, competitive and easy-to-use equipment.

"Salute". This is a research and production center that produces universal motorized blocks of small dimensions, designed for cultivating land in areas of various sizes. from small garden gardens to farms. Motor blocks are produced by the Gavrilov-Yamsky machine-building plant "Agat" based on various engines manufactured in China, the USA and Japan.

Joint-stock company of the closed type “Svarog” was founded in 1994. The activities of the company “Svarog” are aimed at solving the problems of special water treatment and additional water purification of media from pathogenic microorganisms and dissolved oil products, industrial and domestic wastewater, as well as reverse water supply systems.

SPEC is a Russian manufacturer of heat guns, power equipment, measuring tools at reasonable prices that has already established itself on the market. Modern products combine high quality performance, safety and excellent technical characteristics. The company strives for hard work every day to bring its customers only high-quality and durable products.

Tulamashzavod is one of the largest enterprises in the country. A huge range of manufactured equipment covers civilian and military products. The technology of Tulamashzavod in many respects surpasses the analogues made abroad. All developments are based on our own scientific and laboratory research.

URALSPETSMASH is the largest supplier of utility and special equipment based on KAMAZ, URAL, KRAZ, MAZ vehicles designed for construction, oil and gas, timber processing and mining enterprises of Russia and neighboring countries. The company’s partner is the Ural Special Equipment Plant, which since 2006, after actively increasing the market capacity, has been functioning, producing and offering its customers more than 120 different models of special equipment.

For more than 40 years, the Fiolent domestic plant has been working in three main areas: the production and automation of ship technical equipment, the manufacture and design of electric micromachines of diversified use, and hand-held power tools for professional and domestic use. On our site you will find power tools, tools for decorating, machine tools, accessories and consumables at excellent prices.

Company "Alvin" is one of the leading manufacturers of electrothermal products for industrial use: tubular electric heaters (TEN), electric convectors, electric heaters.
Taking into account the requirements of the market and the wishes of customers, the model range is updated every year and the products are modernized. Over ten years of work, rich production experience has been accumulated. Equipping our workshops with modern equipment and highly qualified employees allow us to produce products that are not inferior to the best world standards in terms of their technical characteristics.

Public corporation "Power unit" has almost half a century of history. During this time, the company has developed and mastered the production of more than 1700 mobile energy products for various purposes with a capacity of 0.5 to 2500 kW.

The Ukrainian enterprise Electromotor began its production activity in the fall of 2003 at the base of the Elektrostal plant. After some time, it has established itself as a successful, efficient and stable operation. Currently, Electric Motor is one of the leading companies and a major supplier of electric motors in Ukraine. The mission of the enterprise is to provide consumers with reliable high-quality products at affordable prices, which allows it to follow the path of conquering the target segment of the modern market.