Lawn Mower Selection

Champion LM 5345 BS. really powerful

Lawn Mower Selection

A powerful, really large 6 liter lawnmower designed for large and unrefined areas.

Despite the Chinese assembly, inside it there is a purebred American BriggsStratton engine, which, thanks to the ReadyStart function, starts without first pumping the carburetor.

The cutting height in this model is adjustable between 19-76 mm. Self-propelled gun costs 25-26 thousand rubles.


  • Increased cutting width;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Excellent balancing of the power section and the knife mechanism;
  • Adequate cost.


  • Large dimensions;
  • Small fuel tank capacity for such a voracious engine.

Strictly speaking, Champion LM is no longer just a lawn mower, but a little-functional mini-tractor that can work even in the most difficult conditions.

The best self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers

Self-propelled lawn mowers can vary greatly in the type of drive. Front wheel drive models are more maneuverable, but can only be used on level ground.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles overcome small obstacles more easily, and all-wheel drive vehicles can be freely used on slopes and rough terrain.

Blackdecker GL8033. the best combination of price and performance

Powerful enough, lightweight and convenient electric top engine trimmer. The mower handles thick grass with ease thanks to the increased power drive and high cutting speed.

The features of the model include: automatic line feed and edge trimming function. The presence of a second handle with adjustable height allows any user to adjust the unit directly to themselves.


  • Convenient curved bar;
  • Additional head with reinforced line;
  • Guide roller for even trimming the edge of the track;
  • Quick release head mount;
  • The extension connector is rigidly fixed to the body;
  • Excellent build quality.


  • Narrow protective casing;
  • Poorly designed line cutter.

Excellent model for finishing the site.

Best Wheeled Electric Lawn Mowers

The wheelbase models are actually a cart with an electric motor that drives the cutterbar. The latter, in turn, can be rotary or cylindrical.

Redverg Basic EB1100. powerful multifunctional trimmer

Lightweight and comfortable portable model with excellent value for money. Its main advantage is high performance, which is provided by a powerful electric motor located on top, and an increased head rotation speed.

The option to install a delimber turns the trimmer into a versatile gardening tool. over, it costs only 3.5 thousand rubles.


  • High engine power;
  • Functionality;
  • Low weight;
  • Foldable adjustable handle;
  • Protection against unintentional start;
  • Shoulder strap and knife included.


  • Noisy;
  • Has no overload protection;
  • Short bar.

A good and inexpensive mower to tidy up a small garden area.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100 SR is the most popular

A reliable and rather large mower with an increased cutting width received a powerful engine and a well-thought-out design of the knife system.

This model has almost zero turning radius thanks to its wheelbase. Discharge of grass lateral and rear into a soft grass catcher with a volume of 70 liters. The unit price is about 30 thousand rubles.


  • Amazing maneuverability;
  • 7 levels of cutting height adjustment from 25 to 75 mm;
  • Ease of management;
  • There is a mulching function.


  • The need for manual adjustment of the front wheel height.

Daewoo Power is an excellent choice for caring for a large area with difficult terrain.

Lawn mowers

Are you the proud owner of a country house with beautiful large lawns, and really want the lawns to be always green and well-groomed? They need someone to look after them. It is almost impossible to do this with a hand tool, but what to do? We suggest considering the option of buying a lawn mower. But, no matter how simple it may seem, in fact, choosing the right model is very difficult.

The main task of a lawn mower is to cut grass on lawns of any size. The main advantage of this device is the same cutting height of the grass cover over the entire area.

What to look for when choosing a lawn mower

To choose the most suitable lawn mower model that would cope with the tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, you need to pay attention to several important aspects:

1. Type of wheel drive;

2. How quickly and conveniently you can change the cutting height;

3. Whether this model can mow and mulch at the same time;

4. The size of the grass catcher. for large areas it is advisable to choose a larger one.

Varieties of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are distinguished by the type of engine power. So, there are three main types:

1. Gasoline lawn mowers. the most powerful and autonomous, designed to work on large lawns. The main advantage of such a device is its autonomy, you took a can of gasoline with you and you don’t think about access to electricity. But there is also a huge disadvantage. exhaust gases and smell. In addition, such models are much heavier.

2. Electric lawn mowers are the absolute ecological opposite of gasoline ones. There is no fuel, no noisy engine, all you need to do is find a longer one and be careful not to run over the cord. Such machines have a very low noise level, which will make the process as comfortable as possible.

3. The future of all technology is cordless lawn mowers. Here’s what really deserves attention. No fuel and wires, no exhaust and no noise. You can take such units with you wherever you go, the main thing is not to forget to charge the battery. The main disadvantage is that such a machine will not work for large areas, since the battery charge will not be enough.

4. Power lawn mowers. less and less in demand, as all the hard work falls on the shoulders of the operator. But, if you have a small summer cottage that occasionally needs to be put in order, then this option is also worth attention.

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Lawn mowers are also distinguished by wheel drive:

· Self-propelled models. fast and easy to operate;

Non-self-propelled. they will have to be pushed in front of you.

Design features

Externally a lawn mower. This is a closed cart on four, less often three, wheels. The lawn mower consists of: body, motor, cutting blade and control handle. The engine torque is transmitted to the shaft, on which the blade spins quickly and mows the grass. During operation, the operator walks behind and holds the machine by the handles, directing it in the desired direction.

In addition, modern lawn mowers can have a number of additional features. So, a lawn mower can have the following functions:

There are also machines that combine all of the above functions, but the cost of such units is much higher.

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Lawn mower benefits

Benefits of gasoline lawn mowers

1. Power. as a rule, such models are 2-4 times more powerful, which allows them to quickly cope with their work.

2. Increased productivity.

3. Autonomy. operating time depends on the volume of the fuel tank.

Reasons for buying an electric lawn mower

1. No exhaust fumes and odor.

2. Practically silent engine operation.

3. Electric models are 2-3 times lighter.

Why buy cordless lawn mowers?

Cordless lawn mowers combine the main advantages of both gasoline and electric lawn mowers. they are quiet, autonomous and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of mechanical (hand-held) lawn mowers

1. The small hand-held mower can easily handle the most remote corners of your garden.

2. Light weight (5-7 kg) will allow you to carry the scythe anywhere.

3. A hand-held lawn mower will help you stay in great physical shape at all times.

When choosing this or that model of a lawn mower, the main thing is to remember that it must perform as efficiently as possible the tasks that you set for it.

TOP 5 gasoline lawn mowers

When comparing the listed characteristics of gasoline lawn mowers, we identified the following five, which, in our (hopefully objective) assessment, are the best in 2019.

# 1 AL-KO Comfort 46.0 SP-A

The German concern AL-KO is known as a manufacturer of gardening equipment since the mid-50s of the last century, over the past 70 years since then, the company has earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gardening equipment. AL-KO Comfort 46.0 SP-A is distinguished by its high body, plastic grass catcher with EasyClick suspension system and a record volume of 60 liters. A special indicator allows you to control the degree of filling, and the inflated sheet steel body and MaxAirflow technology are optimally filled. An ergonomic handle is provided for ease of use. 6-step bevel height adjuster, allows you to change the mowing level from 25 to 75 mm. Large ball-bearing wheels provide a smooth ride. One of the main advantages is the cost, of the petrol lawn mowers presented in the rating, Comfort 46.0 SP-A is the cheapest.

Cons: not the largest working width.

# 2 AL-KO Comfort 51.0 SP-A

Like the rest of the products of the AL-KO concern, this mower is distinguished by high quality materials and workmanship, and has full functionality for its class. According to its characteristics, this mower surpasses the leader of the rating and came in second place only because of the price, 56% more expensive.

This model has an optional rear-wheel drive with one gear. The volume of the plastic grass catcher is 60 liters, the same as that of the leader, there is a side discharge of grass and a mulching function. Comfortable adjustable handle, centralized cutting height adjustment. The shape of the front allows for mowing in close proximity to curbs and benches. The body is made of sheet metal, resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. AL-KO Comfort 51.0 SP-A ranks 2nd out of 1,800 m2 in terms of the size of the cultivated area. There are no shortcomings other than the price.

# 3 STIGA Collector 46 SB

Swedish products of the STIGA trademark are widely known in the world and enjoy a well-deserved popularity due to their consistent quality and reliability. The engine of the famous American manufacturer Briggs Stratton 450 series guarantees trouble-free operation under any operating conditions. Rear-wheel drive and oversized rear wheels with ball bearings make the mower manoeuvrable. It is inferior to the previous participant in cutting width, 44 cm. Against 51 cm, a relatively modest volume of the grass-catcher 55 liters, at the same time, approximately 12% cheaper than the analogue AL-KO, 7 kg lighter. According to a comprehensive assessment of these indicators, STIGA Collector 46 SB confidently takes 3rd place.

# 4 STIGA Combi 48 SB

Similar model to # 3 in our ranking, from the Combi series. The durability of the device is ensured by the anti-corrosion coating of the steel case. The oversized rear wheels of the Stiga Combi 48 SB make the mower maneuverable, and the comfortable handle allows the mowing height to be adjusted with a simple movement. In the presence of a container made of fabric with an indicator of control of filling with grass. The disadvantages include the lack of side discharge of grass and drive, which makes it necessary to push the lawn mower during operation.

# 5 STIGA Combi 55 SQB

It is one of the latest developments of the Swedish company STIGA. A functional, relatively powerful lawnmower with a large grass container (70 liters) and a good cutting width (53 cm). The functions of rear and side discharge of grass and soil mulching are provided. The drive of the Stiga Combi 55 SQ B lawn mower is rear-wheel drive, the wheels are equipped with ball bearings that firmly hold the body and provide a soft and smooth ride. The disadvantages include its price and high weight.

Comparative characteristics of gasoline lawn mowers

Manufacturer / ModelAL-KO Comfort 46.0 SP-AAL-KO Comfort 51.0 SP-ASTIGA Collector 46 SBSTIGA Combi 48 SBSTIGA Combi 55 SQB
Cutting width, cm4651444653
Cut height, mm30-8030-8030-6727-8025-80
Height adjustmentcentral, 6 stepscentral, 6 stepscentral, 5 stepscentral, 6 stepscentral, 5 steps
Wheel drivethere isthere isthere isthere isthere is
Grass-catcher volume, liters6060556070
Collecting materialplasticplastictextile / plastictextile / plastictextile / plastic
Ejection, side / rearrearside / rearrearrearlateral rear
Mulching optionthere isthere isthere isthere isthere is
Body materialsteelsteelsteelsteelsteel
Wheel diameter (front / rear)200/280200/280210/300180/240200/280
Weight, kg3435242837
Recommended area, m218002000120016002300
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TOP 15 best lawn mowers

Why TOP 15? Not 10 or 5? It’s simple, comparing different types of mowers in one row is wrong, therefore, we have identified 5 petrol, 5 electric and 5 battery lawn mowers.

To begin with, let us remind you what is the difference between gasoline, electric and battery lawn mowers. Their advantages and disadvantages.

Gasoline lawn mowers are powerful and mobile. They are indispensable machines for processing large areas. They are independent of power sources, which allows processing the most distant areas, the duration of their operation is limited only by the supply of fuel. The disadvantages of this type of lawn mower include their weight and bulkiness, a high level of noise during operation and the presence of exhaust gases, the need for maintenance, replacement of consumables, preparation for work.

Conclusion: if you need to regularly mow a football field (or a lawn the size of it), you cannot do without a gasoline mower.

Electric lawn mowers are small and affordable, and electricity is cheaper than other power sources. Distinctive features of this type of lawn mower are the lower noise level during operation and the absence of harmful emissions. Electric lawn mowers are very easy to use and just plug in to get started. No need to fill gasoline, check oil quality and level, filters, candles, etc. They are very reliable, do not require recharging, are lightweight and compact in size.

Conclusion: if the cable is long enough to mow your lawn, an electric lawn mower is the best choice.!

Cordless lawn mowers are small, easy to maneuver and not dependent on a power source. The disadvantage of this type of mowers is their cost and short duration of work without recharging.

Robotic lawn mowers. They are a new type of mower on the market and are beginning to be used by an increasing number of owners of suburban areas. Easy to use, easy to set up and provide quality lawn mowing, help maintain a well-groomed area.

Conclusion: if the area of ​​the lawn is relatively small, but there is no way to reach with an extension cord, it makes sense to purchase a lawn mower of this type.

As mentioned above, based on the severity of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of lawn mower, as well as, based on the criteria listed below, common to all types of devices, a rating of the most attractive lawn mowers was compiled.

We have identified the following characteristics:

  • Engine power;
  • Cutting width;
  • Cutting height;
  • Cutting height adjustment;
  • The presence of a drive;
  • The volume of the container for collecting grass;
  • The material from which the grass catcher is made;
  • Mulching option;
  • Body material;
  • Average cultivated area;
  • Weight;
  • The cost.

TOP 5 electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers. Convenient equipment that is easier to operate than other similar devices. Electric lawn mowers allow you to tidy up a large area in a short period of time. A large number of models of various brands are presented on the market. The best, in our opinion, are the following:

# 1 STIGA Collector 39 Е

The Swedish company STIGA is a leader in the production of quality and compact electric lawn mowers for home use. The Stiga Collector 39 E took first place in our ranking due to its combination of good power, striking design and small size. Made of high-quality ABC plastic, the body of the device is resistant to mechanical stress, does not crack or fade in the sun. The relatively small volume of the rag-plastic grass catcher and the optimum cutting width make this mower the ideal device for small backyards. The wheels are grooved, on the axles, which makes the mower more stable. It is also worth noting the reliable brushless motor and the convenient shape of the device, which allows you to mow grass even in hard-to-reach places. The disadvantages include a slightly complicated process of adjusting the height of the grass slope: for this, each time you need to remove the wheels and rearrange the wheel axle above and below.

# 2 STIGA Combi 40 Е

STIGA is rightfully considered one of the best company in the world for the production of reliable and high quality garden equipment. Small, functional, it is the ideal lawnmower for home use. The small weight of the device makes it easy to operate even for women. The enlarged rear wheels make the mower very manoeuvrable. There is a choice of operating modes: rear discharge, discharge into the container and mulching, which provide good soil fertilization. In the rating, Stiga Combi 40 E is in second place due to its high, compared to the previous TOP participant, prices.

# 3 AL-KO Classic 3.82 SE

This lawn mower is the best-selling model of the German concern over the past few years. Equipped with a 1.4 kW engine and a small plastic grass container, it is the best option for small backyards up to 0.3 hectares. The AL-KO Classic 3.82 SE motor has overload protection, so it has a long service life. The cut width of the grass is 38 cm.The disadvantages include the small volume of the grass catcher, which must be shaken out frequently during operation.

# 4 AL-KO Silver 34 E Comfort

The German company AL-KO has been developing and manufacturing garden equipment of the highest quality for several decades. It is characterized by an adequate cost in the presence of all the basic qualities of a good lawn mower. Convenient to use, maneuverable, it has good stability. The volume of the AL-KO Silver 34 E Comfort grass catcher and the cutting width of the grass make the lawnmower a good choice for small backyards. In addition to the mowing function, the mail fertilization function is provided by mulching the grass. The disadvantages include not very powerful engine and not long enough cord.

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# 5 AL-KO Silver 40 E Comfort BIO COMBI

The mower of a famous German brand is distinguished by high functionality and the ability to conveniently adjust the cutting height of the grass. The lawn mower is designed to effectively care for areas of no more than 6 acres. The AL-KO Silver 40 E has a cutting width of 40 centimeters and a grass container of 43 liters. Reliable 1400 watt motor does not require additional maintenance and service. The device is started by lightly pressing a button on the mower handle. There is an automatic shutdown of the engine when the grass catcher is overfilled. The disadvantages of this model include the fact that when mowing thick grass, the grass collector can become clogged.

Comparative characteristics of electric lawn mowers

Manufacturer / ModelSTIGA Collector 39ESTIGA Combi 40EAL-KO Classic 3.82 SEAL-KO Silver 34E ComfortAL-KO Silver 40E Comfort BIO COMBI
Cutting width, cm3738383440
Cut height, mm25-6525-7520-6028-6828-68
Height adjustmentrearrangement of wheel axle, 3 stepscentral, 6 stepsrearrangement of wheel axle, 3 stepscentral, 6 stepscentral, 6 steps
Wheel drivenotnotnotnotnot
Grass-catcher volume, liters4040373745
Collecting materialtextile / plasticplasticplasticplasticplastic
Ejection, side / rearrearrearrearrearrear
Mulching optionnotthere isnotnotthere is
Body materialplasticplasticplasticplasticplastic
Wheel diameter (front / rear)210/240150/250140/160150/165165/200
Weight, kg15sixteen1315nineteen
Recommended area, m2500600500200600

TOP 5 cordless lawn mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are becoming more and more popular every day. They do not require the consumption of fuels and lubricants, are environmentally friendly, compact, quiet and very easy to use. In our opinion, the best cordless lawn mowers are:

# 1 AL-KO Moweo 3.85 Li

The best inexpensive lawn mower from the leader in the production of high-quality garden equipment. the German concern AL-KO. It differs not only in reliability and ease of use, but also in striking design. The lawn mower, equipped with a powerful lithium battery that provides about 20 minutes of continuous operation, is ideal for lawns with an area of ​​3-4 acres. The stability of the mower is ensured by wheels on ball bearings. The device has a knife made according to the company’s patented technology. As it rotates, it creates an air stream that lifts the grass for mowing. The grass has a cutting width of 37 cm and the cutting height is easily adjusted with a comfortable handle. The grass catcher is a fabric / plastic combination that does not weigh down the device. The lawnmower also takes up little space during storage. There are practically no drawbacks, it is only worth noting that the device is not self-propelled, you have to make some efforts to move it.

# 2 STIGA SLM 3648 AE

Lightweight, compact, functional, is one of the latest developments of the Swedish concern STIGA. Differs in ease of use, maneuverability and independence from power sources. Wheels on axles, the diameter of the wheels allows you to minimize the adverse effect on the soil. The battery capacity is 2.5 Ah. The grass container with a capacity of 35 liters is equipped with a plastic window to control its filling. Convenient and compact, weighs only 12kg. By all the main criteria it is not inferior to the leader of the rating, but it is more expensive.

# 3 AL-KO Moweo 46.5 Li

Modern lawnmower equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery. Designed for mowing and collecting grass in a special grass catcher equipped with a full indicator. Rear-wheel drive allows the device to maneuver well, and the large grass cut width (46 cm) allows you to process areas up to 6 acres. The mower is equipped with a cutting height adjuster and an on-off lock. The price is high.

# 4 STIGA Multiclip 47 AE

A robust and efficient Swedish-made lawnmower for high-quality grass mowing on areas up to 800sqm. Equipped with a powerful motor (80V) and a large battery with a charge indicator, the mower works quietly and efficiently. It is easy to operate, the level of the cutting height of the grass is adjusted using a special lever. A comfortable grip is guaranteed by the comfortable handles. Mulching function is provided. Minus one. high price.

# 5 BlackDecker CLM3820L2

The American company BlackDecker is a leader in the production of garden equipment. Constantly developing, the company is constantly expanding its assortment, applying modern innovative technologies in the production of new equipment. The BlackDecker CLM3820L2 lawnmower differs from the aforementioned cordless lawnmowers in a higher price due to the presence of two lithium-ion batteries. This allows you to increase the operating time of the lawn mower, it will be enough just to replace the dead battery with a new one. In addition, the mower is equipped with a robust hardened steel blade, six-stage grass cut height adjustment and a combined volumetric grass catcher. The only drawback, like other cordless lawn mowers, is the high price.

Comparative characteristics of cordless lawn mowers

Manufacturer / ModelAL-KO Moweo 3.85 LiSTIGA Combi 36 AEAL-KO Moweo 46.5 LiSTIGA Multiclip 47AEBlackDecker CLM3820L2
Cutting width, cm3734464538
Cut height, mm25-7525-7525-7531-8038-100
Height adjustmentcentral, 6 stepscentral, 5 stepson wheels, 7 positionscentral, 5 stepscentral, 7 steps
Wheel drivenotnotnotnotnot
Grass-catcher volume, liters45357035
Collecting materialtextile / plasticplasticplasticwithout grass catcherplastic
Ejection, side / rearrearrearrearlateral rearrear
Mulching optionnotthere isnotthere isnot
Body materialplasticplasticsteelsteelplastic
Wheel diameter (front / rear)140/170180/180
Weight, kg17122825sixteen
Recommended area, m2250350400800500
Working / charging time, min20/90400