Lawn Mower Stihl Fs 55, Dual Shoulder Strap, Mowing Head Autocut 25-2

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Lawn Mower with a two-handed handle FS 55, GSB 230-2, AutoCut 25-2. This is an entry-level brushcutter with a two-stroke engine (volume 27.2 cm3) and a bicycle handle designed for easy mowing. The tool is equipped with a direct drive shaft. The device is suitable for working in large open spaces, such as a meadow or field, but can also be used in a forested area. In combination with the appropriate cutting tool, the unit is effectively used for mowing fallen grass, reeds and nettles.

Features and advantages of FS 55:

  • 2 stroke engine
  • Bicycle handle
  • Direct drive shaft
  • Convenience


For your safety, safety glasses are standard. They are well blown and have wide lateral protection (see illustration).

Padded shoulder strap makes long-lasting work easier, more comfortable and safer.

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Ergonomic, comfortable and lightweight. For less time-consuming grass mowing and chopping. Adjustable girth and tool bag. With a convenient hook for fast fastening and removal of the tool.

Two-handed grip. ergonomic steering wheel braids. It provides a natural braid movement and is easily adjustable with a T-screw. In brush cutters and brush cutters, a two-handed grip is essential for frequent mowing of grass over large areas.

A fully sealed electronic ignition system ensures reliable engine start-up and trouble-free operation. High ignition voltage provides reliable sparking and long burning time of the spark. This improves fuel combustion and reduces harmful emissions (see illustration).

Using a manual fuel pump, you can manually pump fuel into the carburetor by pressing a finger. This reduces the number of starting jerks after a long interruption in operation.

Convenient and easy engine start thanks to an additional coil spring installed between the coil with the cable of the starting device and the crankshaft. To start the engine, it is enough to pull the starter cable with even effort. On all models labeled C-E is included.

As a result of compression pressure, when starting two-stroke engines, jerky forces arise, which load the muscles and joints. The ElastoStart launcher noticeably reduces these harmful effects. A special damping element in the handle of the starting device alternately takes over, then gives off energy according to the compression process. Thus, the launch occurs evenly, without jolts. (see illustration)

All engine controls are integrated into one handle. Management becomes simpler and safer (see illustration).