Lawn Mowers And Trimmers Of The Brand Partner Colibri. Model Range Review

The name Partner was directly assigned to the company’s products since 1954, when the C6 saw model was released.

C6 became incredibly popular, after which the manufacturer released the Partner X21 and R11 saws and the name “Partner” was firmly entrenched in the Swedish brand. In 1954, the company was renamed AB Partner. The company later survived the merger with the Pioneer manufacturing association, and in 1979 the Swedish brands Husqvarna, Partner and Jonsered became the property of Electrolux.

In European countries, Partner products were sold with the Partner logo, but after 1979 the name Poulan Pro appeared, with which the manufactured equipment entered the US market. Brands became professional and semi-professional, the latter were produced by Jonsered and Husqvarna.

Lawn Mowers And Trimmers Of The Brand Partner Colibri. Model Range Review

The production of garden equipment was started in 1990, since then the Partner brand began production of garden tractors, brush cutters, garden vacuum cleaners, trimmers, lawn mowers and chain saws for gardening and working with wood.

Partner Colibri light trimmers and garden tractors have become bestsellers and are currently sold in large quantities by the company all over the world. Since 2006, garden equipment and tractors, as well as Partner lawn mowers, have been produced in black.

Until black, the company used a green-yellow gamut in the cases of manufactured equipment.

Lineup and types of equipment

The line-up of garden equipment Partner Hummingbird, as already mentioned, is very extensive. The company produces gas trimmers and mowers. Further in the review will be presented the model range of lawn mowers and Partner motokos, based on the type of engine.

Lawn Mowers Hummingbird Partner

  1. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird P46-450CD (4.5 HP);
  2. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird P56-500SM (3.5 hp);
  3. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird P51-500CMD (4 hp);
  4. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird 350 KD (3.5 hp);
  5. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird P40. 450C (3.5 hp);
  6. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird P46-500CDW (2.7 hp);
  7. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird P53-625DW (3.2 hp);
  8. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird P51-550CDW (2.7 hp);
  9. Benzokosa Partner Hummingbird P46-500CD (2.7 hp).

Electric (rechargeable) Partner Colibri models

Currently, electric wheeled lawn mowers are not represented in the model range of the manufacturer.

Partner Colibri Trimmers

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  1. Petrol trimmer T 265CPS (780 W);
  2. Gasoline trimmer II S (700 W);
  3. Gasoline trimmer T XS (700 W);
  4. Petrol trimmer B 305 CBS (900 W).

Electric: (rechargeable) Hummingbird Partner models

Partner ET 900 (900 Watt).

Top brand models

The first top model of the lawn mower. Partner P40. 450C. This is a 3.5 horsepower unit with one of the best American engines, the four-stroke Briggs & Stratton (cooling type: air, vertical crankshaft). The engine capacity of this mower is 148 cc. Unit weight. 23 kg. Mower options: five mowing modes, manual start, interchangeable knife included, non-self-propelled.

Another model of lawn mowers that is beloved by domestic farmers and gardeners is the Partner P46-450CD. Engine power 4.5 hp, the engine as in the previous model, with air cooling and a vertical crankshaft. The mower is also non-self-propelled, easy to operate and has five grass cutting modes.

Instructions for use, maintenance of lawn mowers and trimmers

The operation of the trimmer and the mower is always carried out in accordance with the instructions.

The main operating rules according to the instructions are as follows:

  • both the trimmer and the lawn mower should only be used if the operator is wearing safety glasses, as objects flying off from under the knife or fishing line develop a high speed;
  • within a radius of 15 meters from operating equipment should not be anyone but the operator;
  • the device is intended only for mowing grass, for other work, neither the trimmer nor the scythe is used;
  • use safety glasses (recommended marking Z87);
  • if you perform any action with the carburetor, disconnect the spark plug;
  • make sure that all working parts of the equipment are fixed securely and installed as described in the instructions;
  • before refueling the mower or scythe, allow the engine to cool and only then unscrew the fuel plug;
  • Mix and fill the fuel outdoors where the device is stored.

Oil and fuel

For two-stroke engines of trimmers, unleaded or high-quality leaded gasoline mixed with 2T oil for two-stroke engines is recommended. The total amount of oil in gasoline for 2T is equal to 2.5%. If the engine is four-stroke, another oil is used, in particular for four-stroke engines. Oil and gasoline for 4T do not mix, but are poured into various containers on the lawnmower housing. Oil: sae 300 w40.