Lawn mowing gasoline self -propelled what height of the grass mows.

TOP-15 of the best gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers: 2021 rating in price/quality and which electrical model to choose for an uneven site

A well.groomed lawn is the result of an attentive attitude and painstaking work. In order for the quality of herbal coating always pleased, it is recommended to use a special device. a mower. They are electric and gasoline, and it is precisely the latter that will be discussed in this article.

lawn, mowing, gasoline, self, propelled

What parameters to consider? What brands can offer the best models in the market?

We found answers to these questions, making our own rating in the ratio of price/quality, taking into account all the features, pluses and minuses.

TOP-15 rating of the best gasoline lawn mowers 2020-2021

Place Name Price
TOP-4 of the best gasoline lawn mowers at the price, quality and reliability for 2021
one Champion LM5131 Find out the price
2 DDE LM 46-60 DB Find out the price
3 Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus Find out the price
four Hyundai L 4310 Find out the price
TOP-4 of the best gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers for an uneven site
one Husqvarna LC 140S Find out the price
2 Champion LM5347BS Find out the price
3 Patriot Pt 47 LS Find out the price
four Husqvarna LC 253S Find out the price
TOP-4 of the best inexpensive gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers
one DDE LM 46-60 D Find out the price
2 Champion LM4627 Find out the price
3 Patriot Pt 42 LS Find out the price
four Carver LMG-2646DM Find out the price
TOP-3 of the best gasoline wheeled (non-self-propelled) lawn mowers
one Champion LM5127 Find out the price
2 DDE LM 46-60 Find out the price
3 Huter GLM-3.5t Find out the price

If you do not know which gasoline self.propelled lawn mower to choose from our rating, we recommend that you study the comparative table of the main parameters, based on which to buy the most suitable model for your requirements.

Model Engine power, l.With. Speasing width, see Speasing height, mm The volume of the grass collector, l Wheel diameter, cm (front/ ass) average price,
Huter GLM-5.0S 5 46 25-75 fifty 15/20 16 211
Champion LM4627 3.5 46 25-75 60 17.8/25.4 16 400
Patriot Pt 47 LS 4.5 46 30-75 60 18/25 19 856
DDE LM 51-60 D 6 51 25-75 60 17/25 20 736
Daewoo Power Products DLM 45SP 4.5 45 25-75 fifty 16.5/19 20 903
Hyundai L 4600S 3.5 46 25-75 65 18/20 24 740
Makita PLM4628N 2.6 46 25-75 60 20/28 32 006
Champion LM5345BS 6 53 19-76 70 29 595
Husqvarna LC 356V 3.8 56 32-108 68 20/20 43 490
Al-ko 119769 Highline 527 SP 3.2 51 30-80 70 20/28 41 490

Review of popular models

There are many manufacturers, but based on their many years of experience, I will say: Gardena is an excellent technique, but the are clearly high, more suitable for those who focus, first of all, on the brand, Bosch and Oleo-Mac-high-quality good devices for not too high price, Al-ko-the best ratio of price and quality.

Alexey Fedotov May 13, 2018.

Hyundai L4300

Inexpensive, but rather functional unit for working on a small area within 500 m2. A durable steel case has a good design and aerodynamic forms. Knives automatically develop when colliding with a rigid obstacle, which excludes their serious damage. The height of the cut is adjustable in a wide range of 24-75 mm. The container for grass has a volume of 60 liters. The handles are equipped with rubberized pads and are very convenient.

McCullock M40-110

Another representative of light and compact devices for processing areas up to 700 m2. Small overall dimensions and a capture strip of 40 cm make it easy to maneuver and facilitate the mowing of areas. A simple design is very reliable, but provides only basic functions. Differs in low fuel consumption.

Husqvarna LC 140 S

Economical and maneuverable gasoline veil mower, which has proven itself in areas with complex relief. In terms of its parameters, it is similar to the m400-110 above, but, in contrast to it, has an additional mowing mode, which allows you to quickly remove large weeds. For a separate fee, it is equipped with a bioclip set for processing cut grass into a fertilizer for the lawn.

I do not like petty savings and, as a rule, it justifies itself. But, having acquired Gardena 51, I quickly realized that I was mistaken. With its help, it is difficult to care for small areas, you have to borrow more compact devices among the neighbors. A couple of times I had a chance to use the McCullock M40-110, now I’m thinking about its purchase: inexpensive and satisfying my requirements, a mower.

Sergey Vasiliev August 12, 2018

Clean class

Huter GLM 5.0 s

This lawn mower is suitable for a area of ​​1000 m2. Has a large diameter wheel, which provides good ability. It is equipped with a collection of grass with a capacity of 60 liters, allowing not to pay much attention to its emptying. Despite the strong steel case, the device has a low weight and is easy to transport. For ease of storage of the handle, they can be folded.

Gardena 51 VDA

A reliable and high.quality machine designed to care for an area of ​​1200 m2. The capture strip is 51 cm, the height of the haircut is regulated within 25-95 mm, the mulching mode is provided. Like the previous model, it is equipped with a steel case and large wheels that facilitate the movement of uneven ground.

Makita PLM4618

A very durable mower designed for 1,400 m2. Mounted in a steel case and installed on wheels with ball bearings. It has a seven step adjustment of mowing height 30-75 mm. The grass can be assembled in a bag with a capacity of 60 liters, or dumped to the side.

I always take care of the lawns myself, and since I do not have a powerful physique, my weight does not exceed fifty kilograms, I looked closely at self.propelled braids. I was very pleased to purchase Makita PLM4618. The machine can easily cope with my plot of 1700 m2, which is slightly larger than the manufacturer is easily controlled. The only thing. I could not unload it from the trunk after the purchase. But it is not planned to transport it anywhere else.

Elena Pavlova September 18, 2018

Suitable types of braids

Which lawn mowers are suitable for work in strongly overgrown areas? First of all, it is recommended to use self.propelled gasoline models that can without effort to overcome significant distances. Due to the presence of a drive on wheels, the user needs to make much less effort, and grass can be mowed even in a clean field, not fearing that there will be problems. Non.self.propelled models have to be pushed, attaching muscular strength. It will be difficult for them to cope with an elderly person or a fragile woman.

An electric lawn mower with a wire or battery will also be useful in use on a strongly overgrown area. If there is a possibility of connecting to network power, it is worth choosing just such options. The restriction on the length of the wire will not become a problem on a small area, but in the work it will be necessary to take into account its presence on the surface of the lawn. The battery equipment is usually less productive, the maximum duration of working with it is from 30 to 60 minutes.

To extend the resource, you will have to buy additional nutrition elements.

Rating of the best models

Among the models that can successfully cope with the work in very overgrown or uneven terrain, both gasoline and electrical options can be noted.


  • Hyundai L 5100S. A model of a lawn mower with a four.stroke engine for 5 liters. With., has the ability to literally draw grass under the knife. The technique is optimal for processing large areas from 15 acres, effective, has adjustable speed and height of the cut. Ideal for mowing high grass.
  • Caiman Xplorer 60s 4000360901. This model of a self.propelled lawn mower is equipped with a four.stroke gasoline engine and is able to cope with the work both within a private territory and in public territories. With its help, you can care for the slopes of rivers and lakes, roadsides of roads, lawns and parks, destroy thick weeds, cut off the young shoot of shrubs. The cut height range varies between 55-120 mm, the wheelbase of three-point, provides high maneuverability of technology. The mass of the self.propelled device is large enough, reaches 50 kg.
  • Champion LM5345. Modern powerful gasoline lawn mower capable of working with and without mulching function. The four-wheel rear-wheel drive structure weighs 36 kg, is equipped with a 4-stroke engine for 3 liters. With. The cut width reaches 53 cm, there is a 75-liter grass collector in the kit, the supported cut height varies in the range of 25-75 mm, the adjustment is carried out at 7 levels.

The model easily copes with the most difficult tasks, is well suited for caring for large areas.

  • Ikra Mogatec BRM 1446 S. Model with an average cut height of 25 to 75 mm and a width of the proxy 46 cm, equipped with a four.stroke gasoline engine per 3 liter. With. The lawn mower has 4 wheels (front pair diameter 18 cm, rear 20 cm), steel case. The kit contains a soft grass collector for 50 liters, which allows to collect cut stems.
  • Viking MB 2 R. Gasoline lawn mower suitable for use in areas of not more than 1500 kV. m with different types of relief. A three.wheeled structure with a steel case can easily maneuver, has a cut width up to 46 cm and is able to mow grass at an altitude of up to 77 mm. The model has a mulching function, grinding waste, a grass collector is absent.
  • Huter GLM-5.0 s. A model with a relatively small cut width (46 cm) and a powerful four.stroke engine for 5 liters. With. The lawn mowing is included in the package of grass for 60 liters, the mowing height is adjustable at 5 levels, in the range from 20 to 85 mm. The technique is quite heavy. 40 kg weighing, the body is durable, steel.


  • Bosch Advanced Rotak 760. The low.noise lawn mower from a well.known brand weighs only 16 kg, has a cut width of 46 cm, is equipped with a comfortable soft grass collector with a volume of 50 liters. The model is able to leave a grass carpet 2-8 cm high, adjustment is performed at 7 levels.

The power of the electric motor is 1800 watts, this is quite enough to care for a plot of 10 acres.

  • Al-ko Classic 3.82 se. The lawn mower manufactured in Germany is equipped with a 1400 watts engine, is able to maintain performance for a long time, and is not subject to overheating. Large wheels cope well with complex relief.
  • Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E. An electric lawn mower with a rigid compact 20 liter has an acceptable power of 1600 watts and is able to effectively carry out mowing grass with a strip of 34 cm at an altitude of 25-65 mm. The model has a central adjustment at 5 levels, 4 wheels, a light housing weighing no more than 10.5 kg.
lawn, mowing, gasoline, self, propelled

Mowing Height: Setting Correct Mowing Height On Lawn Mower

  • DDE LME3110. The simplest of the electrogazonocylets recommended for work in areas with a complex terrain. This model is well suited for processing small areas in area. The width of the cut in this technique reaches 46 cm, the kit has a small hard grass collector for 26 liters. The motor has a power of 1070 watts, and in this the lawn mower is very losing its analogues.


  • Stiga SLM4048AE. The most popular battery.mowl produced by the Swedish manufacturer. In stock, the function of collecting or mulching grass, the rear discharge, the width of the protrusion is 38 cm, the observation window is provided in the 20 liter grass. There is a central 6-speed adjustment of the height of the haircut, the range varies from 25 to 75 mm. The power of the motor is 500 watts.
  • Al-ko Moweo 38.5LI. Battery lawn mower with a non.self.propelled type of structure. The model is designed to drain the territory of 300 kV. m, has a strip width of 37 cm, the height of the cut of grass in the range is 25-75 mm, the kit has a 45-liter grass collector, the mulching function is absent.

Rotor or cylinder?

The next moment is worth paying attention to is the cutting mechanism. Two options for lawn mowers are produced:

  • Rotary. In this case, a special knife is installed on the vertical shaft. It can be disk or in the form of two blades. In the process, it rotates in a horizontal plane. It works rather rudely, but it copes with the grass perfectly, cutting off even the most thick stems. Such braids are applicable where it is about working with overgrown lawns.
  • Cylindrical. The mechanism of such mowers includes a motionless knife and several additionally installed blades, which during the launch of equipment begin to rotate. In this case, the blades are attached spirally on the horizontal shaft. This version of the cutting mechanism represents the operation of large scissors. The haircut in the end turns out to be of high quality, but I can’t cope with a thick vegetation of the scissors.

Cylindrical mowers are suitable for those who often cut the lawn. In this case, the quality of the haircut depends on the number of rotating knives and the speed with which they move. Most of the store assortment models are equipped with 5-6 knives.

Is it worth buying self.propelled lawn mowers?

Recently, models have begun to release in which the wheels are equipped with a drive. Such devices are called self.propelled. In this case, the equipment does not need to push, it will go and mow the grass on its own.

The purchase of such equipment is justified when it comes to processing large territories in area, as well as the areas on which there is a slope. In addition, it is worth noting that there should be no extraneous objects on the territory, so as not to complicate the operation of the machine.

A lawn mower with a drive is suitable for people of the elderly or having poor health. In another case, it is better to choose a classic version of a gasoline machine.

Makita PLM 5113

This model has several operating modes, it is equipped with the latest BriggSstratton 6755EX Series engine, which is excellent reliability. The model has three movements of movement. 3, 3.5 and 4.5 km/h. The cut height range is from 20 to 75 mm. The volume of capacity for mowed grass is 65 liters, so the product can be used without a break for a long time, without stopping to devastate the grass collector.

There are reliable bearings on the wheels, the wheels themselves are made of durable plastic with a polymer coating, which can gently move on the surface of the lawn, without priming it. The case is made of painted powder steel paint, it does not rust for a long time.

The engine is launched according to the system of the so.called light start. ReadyStart. For this, an ordinary launch cable is used, unnecessary movements will not have to be made. The engine speed is adjusted in automatic mode. for example, their number increases with an increased load, when you have to work with high, dense or damp grass.

The maintenance is simple, it can be performed on their own. Air filter, if necessary, change manually, without using special tools. Super Lo-Tone muffler significantly reduces the noise load.

  • A fairly powerful device with three movements of movement;
  • It works relatively quietly and quickly;
  • High.quality metal case.

Mobile for XM461 Comfort

Reliable gasoline lawn mower from the manufacturer, which will greatly facilitate the care of the garden. Like all other models in the ranking, it is self.propelled, so you do not have to make efforts during operation, just set the necessary speed and control the direction of movement in the process of work.

The width of the grade of grass is 46 cm, the height is adjustable from 30 to 82 mm. There are side and rear emissions, as well as mulching. For the assembly of mowed grass, a 65 liter grass collector is provided. The total mass of the unit is 35 kg, and a special pen is provided for carrying it.

  • Wheels on bearings.
  • Reliable professional engine RV145.
  • Large rear wheels provide good maneuverability.
  • Convenient folding handle.
  • Small volume of tank (0.8 l).

Stiga Combi 53 SVQ H

The semi.professional gasoline gas.mowing from Stiga stands out among competitors not only with bright yellow inserts on the case, but also a number of technical solutions. The most important thing is the Japanese engine Honda GCVX 170 with an automatic air damper for confident and simple launch and a maximum power of 5.5 liters.With. Together with a 51 cm width of this, this is enough to process the lawn at 18-20 acres.

For a more comfortable and pleasant mowing, a variator is installed here, which allows not only to subtly adjust the speed during operation (within 2.7-3.7 km/h), but also provides a smooth start from the place. Nortizer system. 4 in 1. For the convenience of cleaning the deck, a fitting for a garden hose is provided, and, of course, the wheels rotate on bearings. The last thing to note is a combined grass collector (soft bag with a plastic cover) for 60 liters with an indicator of filling.

lawn, mowing, gasoline, self, propelled

Patriot Pt 42 LS

Gasoline gasoline Patriot Pt 42LS

A light self.propelled model weighing 27 kg is closed by a steel case, equipped with a 3.5 liter engine with a engine.With. and fuel tank 800 ml. The handle is folded and adjusted in height. From additional functions there is mulching, regulation of mowing heights at 7 levels from 3 to 7.5 cm. Grass output. rear, installed a grass collector for 40 liters. Capture width. 42 cm.

Advantages: small size and weight, additional functions, maneuverability, ergonomic handle.

Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus

The name of the lawn mower speaks for itself. it is really very convenient to use, processing an area of ​​up to 1400 kV.m. Engine power in this lawn mower is 3.5 liters.With., And in the fuel tank 1 liter of AI-92 gasoline fits. Yes, it is noisy when working, but the noise level is not higher than that of such models. Equipped with a soft bag for grass, designed for 70 liters.

The knife slides the grass with a strip, the width of which is 46 cm. But the height of the mowing can be set under your request using a special central.type switch. Available at least 2.8 cm, a maximum of 7.5 cm and five more intermediate indicators.

The lawn mower has a very comfortable handle, which is conveniently attached in the palm of your hand and does not slip out, the operator can establish the height of the handle under its growth. And for storage in a garage or a small utility room, the handle folds without occupying a lot of space.

  • Knife width. 46 cm.
  • Grass collector (type, volume in liters). soft, up to 70 liters.
  • Moving height-28-75 mm.
  • Engine power. 3.5 l.With.
  • Tank volume. 1 liter.
  • Weight. 25.4 kg.

Reel Mowing Tall Grass?

Huter GLM-6.0st

Gasoline gasoline GLM-6.0 ST HUTER

Model Huter GLM-6.0ST refers to semi.professional power technology. It has a 6 liter engine installed. With., 1.2 liter gas tank, a haircut height regulator of 7 modes from 2.5 to 7.5 cm. Rotary knives are placed inside the case, which reduces the injuries of the unit. Speasing width. 53 cm, there is a volumetric grass collector for 65 liters, mulching function and side discharge of grass.

Criterias of choice

Knowing only the varieties is not enough, besides this, a person should navigate in the main technical characteristics. This will help to choose a quality option in a short time. We must not forget about the vegetation that is located on the site. It is advisable to purchase models that can cope with hard and soft grass.

  • The area of ​​work. The type of lawn mower depends on the meaning. For example, if a person selects a device for a small territory with a light relief and grass height up to 25-30 mm, then almost any equipment is suitable. You can even use electrical models of drum type. If it is planned to take care of a plot of more than 500 kV. m., It is recommended to purchase rotary performance. When living on hilly areas, a gasoline lawn mower is suitable. Mainly, so that it is in reverse, as this will simplify the work.
  • The next criterion is power. When selecting a standard model for this parameter, it is not necessary to pay attention. It should be taken into account only if it is planned to take care of the complex territory. Also, we must not forget about mobility, since the function makes it possible to easily move equipment on an uneven surface. Electric models must be equipped with an engine from 1.5 kW. If a gasoline option is bought, you should find a model with a volume of fuel tank 5-7 liters.
  • The height of the bevel. With frequent use, convenience should be at the highest level. Therefore, most of the specialists recommend buying a product with the ability to adjust the bevel. The option is turned on using the corresponding button or lever. The number of adjustment types depends on the selected model and may vary from 2 to 7 provisions. Therefore, here it is worth choosing based on the goals.
  • The mass affects transportation. So that no problems with movement arise, you should pay attention to the weight category. Models with a mass of 13 to 16 kg are suitable in small areas. This requirement is met by most modern electrical appliances. But when using equipment in a complex area where there is a large amount of grass, it is better to use gasoline devices. Although they are heavier, they guarantee 100% cleanliness.

Focusing on the main characteristics, the buyer will find a suitable lawn mower without any problems. But besides the main parameters, auxiliary one should take into account:

  • Building material. If a person wants the device to last a long period, a model of plastic or aluminum is purchased. This is the optimal solution, since the external part will be reliably protected from shock or bad weather.
  • The width of the mowing. When buying equipment for working on an uneven surface, the recommended value is up to 35 cm, if it is planned to use a mower on a flat area, devices with a width of up to 55 cm are purchased.
  • Wheels should not leave traces on the lawn. Because it looks ugly and creates additional problems. Therefore, it is recommended to buy only models that leave no traces. For example, a device with a wide rear wheel.

Rating of the best gasoline models to combat high grass

The model is suitable for a large section of a country house. Thanks to it, it will become easier to care for the territory, which will make the lawn beautiful and neat. The device is equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine, which has a small flow and power of 2.1 kW.

The equipment is completely self.propelled, so only competent control is required from a person. The mass of the structure is 29 kg, it will not work to move it to the far distance. There is a grass collector that contains a large amount of vegetation, and the mulching function grind cut grass, which will create a nutritious fertilizer.

What to look at when choosing a portable trimmer for grass?

The most important characteristic is power. The higher it is, the better and faster the trimmer mows for the grass, but at the same time there will be more noise and vibration. The power of electric trimmers varies from 250 watts to 1700 watts.

Power up to 600-700 W is suitable for caring for small unlocked areas, ending the edges. Such devices are often used in addition to a more powerful trimmer or wheelbreak. 1000–1200 W is a serious power for an electric trimmer for grass. Well, and 1,500-1700 watts are already so unique that it is more profitable and reliable to buy a gasoline trimmer for grass. Capacity of models operating on gasoline (from 1 to 7 liters.With.), usually enough for caring for complex and neglected areas, and here the increased power of four.stroke engines is needed, so that not only for the kosba, but also for the movement of the unit.

Another important parameter is that the cutting block consists of. It can only be a fishing line for a trimmer or a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife (disk), and rarely. only a knife. Fishing line for a trimmer is consumable, it can suddenly end, and then a knife will help out great. The knife can swell or shove. then a fishing line for a trimmer. Although every user understands what is suitable for what is suitable: someone cuts shrubs with a knife, someone likes a thick fishing line for a trimmer, and the knife uses to trim. In most cases (especially in inexpensive trimmers), the kit includes a thin fishing line for a trimmer of unimportant quality. even among trimmers of eminent brands. Experienced users immediately change the fishing line for a trimmer to thicker-1.6-2 mm in diameter.

lawn, mowing, gasoline, self, propelled

Features of the battery lawn mower

This is a type of footing for the grass of grass quite new compared to the two previous. The principle of operation is the nutrition from ionic-literary batteries with a capacity of 40-56 volts. The battery charge is designed to work in 40-45 minutes. expensive models can work for 2-3 hours, and the best copies from this category of lawn mowers are mowed up to 10 hours without interruption for recharging. Typically, the kit provides 2 replaceable batteries.

The braid is light and it is convenient to work with it, it works almost silently, has high maneuverability.

The knives are somewhat thinner than that of gasoline counterparts, so they are more sensitive to stones and other trash that falls on the site. The power of the battery lawmaker is 250-600 watts, which is lower than that of an electric. But manufacturers are actively engaged in solving this problem and are already produced models that reach power, like the lawn mowers operating from the mains.

Such a lawn mower copes with any lawn, capture width 39-50 centimeters. Suitable for processing areas of not more than 10 acres. The complete autonomy of the battery allows you to cut the lawn away from the mains and without the need to refuel fuel. A good option for those who do not want to mess with fuel and wires. It is necessary to regularly check the integrity of all parts and severity of the knives, and after work, completely wipe the unit with a dry rag.

Pay attention to the lawn mowers that can work both from electricity and from the battery. Such devices will be much more functional, but their cost is slightly higher.

Features of the lawn mower

These modern units mow grass on their own without the application of human efforts. They are fully automated and work completely silently. In our country, they are not yet common, but gradually gaining popularity. Most models are supplied with batteries or solar panels, from which they are charged. Some samples can work in the rain, the quality of the haircut of the grass does not suffer from this. A cable is laid along the entire perimeter of the lawn, which limits the mowing area. A signal from the base to the mower itself arrives on this cable. They do not walk to mowing high grass, since they can not cope with it.

Robot lawn mowers turn mowed grass into mulch, improving the quality of the soil. Capture width from 30 to 56 centimeters. They differ from other lawn mowers with complete safety, the knives instantly turn off, if the unit is raised, turned over, etc.D. The cost of such a lawn for the lawn is high. Suitable for processing sites with a slight slope, not more than 35 °. Different models are designed for different processing area, so choose a robot lawn mower based on the size of the site.

There is no need to clean the lawn mower after mowing, the unit performs this function on its own. But given the high cost, it is better to put the device for service. Installing the necessary settings requires some knowledge from the user. If you do not understand programming, then make setting settings right in the store where you purchase a mower. Quality guarantee should be at least 2 years. The equipment is new, so not every service center will take up its repair.

The choice of lawn mowers is influenced by 3 main criteria, which must be taken into account: the type of grass on the lawn, the relief of the site and its area. Otherwise, focus on your own preferences and the availability of funds. The choice of lawnmands today is so wide that you need to choose the one that you need is not difficult.

Best gasoline self.propelled lawn mower

Basy self.propelled lawn mowers are ideal for large territories where it is difficult to connect to the mains. They have excellent performance and easily cope even with thick and high grass. The disadvantages include only the start of the engine. In most models, it is manual, so not all women and pensioners will be able to cope with him.

Patriot Pt 42 LS

A good inexpensive gasoline self.propelled lawn mower significantly accelerates and simplifies the care of the site, so it will become an indispensable assistant for each summer resident. The observed model is equipped with a 150-cow engine that outstand 4 liters.With. Thanks to this power, it is possible to achieve high speed of rotation, and as a result of good efficiency. The cutting system is represented by a rotary knife that mowns a strip of grass with a width of 410 mm. Due to this, the model is ideal for processing territories with an area of ​​up to 1700 m².

After mowing, the grass is sent to a special container with a volume of 40 liters, where it will be stored until you unload it. If you have a garden, then the mulching function will come in handy, which allows you to process the grass into fertilizer for the soil. Depending on the characteristics of your house territory, you can choose one of the seven positions of height, limited in the range from 25 to 75 mm.

To create comfortable working conditions, engineers have provided a muffler that reduces the noise level to 98 dB. The advantages include a good chassis consisting of four plastic wheels. The fuel tank contains 1 liter of gasoline, and the rear.wheel drive system provides good patency even in bumpy areas.

  • Easy to start;
  • Assembly quality at a decent level;
  • Effectively mows any grass;
  • Maneuverable;
  • Quiet enough;
  • The ability to adjust the height of mowing;
  • Good width of mowing;
  • A great option for processing territories with a large area;
  • Convenient grass collector;
  • Mulching function is available;
  • Suitable for women.

Huter GLM-5.0 ST

In the TOP of the best self-propelled lawn mowers, Huter GLM-5 becomes.0 ST, which has an impressive width of mowing, reaching 460 mm. Thanks to this, she quickly copes even with a large volume of work. The aggregate part is based on a 5 liter engine.With., Developing speed of 3200 revolutions per minute. The advantages include a high.quality grass collector characterized by a volume of 60 liters.

For the manufacture of a lawn mower, the manufacturer chose two main materials: steel and plastic. They help to achieve the perfect balance between weight and strength. A useful addition system will be a useful addition that allows you to set the optimal value in the range from 25 to 75 mm. Due to the direct drive of the knife, it was possible to minimize power loss and achieve maximum efficiency from the work process.

The main handle is regulated in height, so the use will be convenient for absolutely every user. Fuel tank with volume 1.5 L creates the conditions for long.term non.stop work, and the muffler reduces the noise level of the engine.

  • Maneuverable;
  • Good power;
  • The assembly is not difficult;
  • Folding handle with height adjustment;
  • With one passing, it mowns a strip of grass with a width of 460 mm;
  • Spacious grass collector;
  • Knife made of high.quality stainless steel;
  • Smooth tuning of mowing heights;
  • Low fuel consumption.

Huter GLM-5.0S

You can choose a self.propelled lawn mower in the assortment of Huter, the equipment of which has a high level of reliability and will serve in your family for many years. The model has a powerful engine that provides high efficiency when mowing not only grass, but also plants with hard stalks. Thanks to wide wheels, the device easily passes small bumps and pits, which makes use more comfortable and simple.

The mulching function will be a useful addition that allows you to process the grass into fertilizer to protect and improve the fertility of the soil. A 7-speed system is provided for adjusting the mowing height. It makes it possible to choose the most suitable value from 25 to 75 mm. The pluses include compactness, which is achieved due to the folding handle and a competently composed structure.

The volume of the fuel tank is 1.5 liters, which will be enough to carry out long.term work without stopping. The capacity of the grass collector is also not bad. 50 l. The main material for the case is strong metal, so the device is resistant to mechanical damage. In conclusion, we note the excellent width of the mowing, thanks to which it will be possible to quickly process even a large territory.

  • High.grade wheelbase;
  • Side emission;
  • The engine brake system is installed;
  • Easy to use;
  • Extensive functionality;
  • The price is fully consistent with the quality;
  • Low.noise;
  • Easy launch;
  • Excellent width of mowing;
  • It economically consumes gasoline.

Patriot Pt 46s The One

For those who are looking for the best inexpensive self.propelled lawn mower for large areas, we advise you to pay attention to the Patriot Pt 46s The One, which boasts an impressive mowing width and a powerful engine that performs up to 2800 rpm. Three options for discharging grass are offered to choose from the user: in a special container with a volume of 55 liters, back and in the side.

Best electric self.propelled lawn mower

Electric self.propelled lawn mowers have several advantages over gasoline, but are not suitable for processing very large territories. They are quite quiet, so you can work early in the morning, not afraid to wake your neighbors. In addition, they are easier to maintain, because they do not need to change oil and fill gasoline.

Hyundai Le 4600S Drive

One of the best self.propelled lawn mowers with mulching is Hyundai Le 4600S Drive, which is characterized by a high level of performance. And this is quite logical, because the aggregate part was based on an 1800-watt electric motor, providing a constant rotation speed at 3500 rpm. Due to this, the device easily downloads even hard plants.

To achieve the optimal result, a 7-level adjustment system is provided, which allows you to set the necessary mowing height, limited in the range from 35 to 70 mm. The positive aspects can also be classified as the ergonomic handle, due to which the use becomes as convenient as possible. In addition, it can be adjusted in length and folded, which will be useful in storage and transportation.

Thanks to the thoughtful chassis, the model is very easily controlled, and that is why it will be a great option for women and pensioners. Well-sharpened air-knife effectively mowing grass and practically does not dull even with prolonged operation. The maximum maximum width reaches 460 mm, which is an excellent indicator.

  • It’s good to mow the grass even in bumpy areas;
  • Convenient wire fixer;
  • High speed of rotation of the knife;
  • Belt drive;
  • Maneuverable;
  • There is mulching;
  • Moves at a speed of 3.6 km/h;
  • Strong and sharply sharpened knife;
  • Folding handle.

Makita Elm4621

The best self.propelled electric lawn mower with a lateral emission offers the user great functionality and significantly simplifies the process of caring for the site. It is based on an 1800-watt engine developing a speed of 2950 rpm. than enough to ensure a high level of efficiency. In addition, the device captures a rather impressive sparrowing space. As many as 460 mm.

The maximum cut height is limited to 75 mm, and the minimum. 20 mm. The 8-speed adjustment system helps to choose the right value. A special bag is provided for the collection of grass, accommodating up to 60 liters. A huge number of advantages can be classified as a mulching function. Thanks to it, mowed grass is quickly processed into mulch, which in the future can be used as a fertilizer.

The model moves at a speed of 3.6 km/h, which is the most comfortable value. So, you can go in a calm step and completely enjoy the working process, because it will be as simple as possible. An important role in this is played by a handle adjustable in height, which allows for an individual setting for each person. The final feature will be a low level of noise, which does not go beyond 95 dB and creates comfortable conditions for use.

  • Easily copes even with very high grass;
  • Convenient governing bodies;
  • Optimal speed;
  • The possibility of lateral emission of grass;
  • Durable metal case;
  • Large capture;
  • An ideal solution for large and uneven areas;
  • The mulching function has been implemented;
  • The lawn evens well;
  • Almost silent relative to other lawn mowers;
  • Impeccable quality of execution.