Lawnmower Husqvarna Lc 153 Fuel Consumption

Lawnmower Husqvarna Lc 153 Fuel Consumption

About company

Husqvarna is an industrial Swedish company, which is a world leader in the production of garden tools for various purposes.

This brand has for many years been a leader in terms of sales of lawn care products.

And today, the name Husqvarna already guarantees the high quality of the products supplied.

A feature of the Swedish company is a wide range of products, where each buyer can find the necessary model.

Below are the main classes and types of lawn care tools.

Lawn mowers

Rechargeable (electric)

These models work thanks to the battery charge, which is recharged from the mains.

  • Husqvarna LC141LI
    This is a drum model of a lawn mower that is designed to handle small areas.
  • Husqvarna LC141VLI
    This is a representative of the self-propelled model, with three modes of operation.
  • Husqvarna LC353VI
    This is a more modern unit, which is designed for processing medium-sized areas, it is equipped with AfTech and AutoWalk2 functions.


The petrol models are still more popular, they are able to run on fuel, and not depend on the battery charge. Therefore, the range of gasoline lawn mowers is presented slightly more. And they should already be considered in classes


These Husqvarna mowers cut grass with knives located on a rotating drum. They are mainly intended for use in small gardens. Husqvarna drum mowers include:

They differ in maximum engine power and a single grip width.

Self-propelled with rear-wheel drive

These lawn mowers are used to treat medium-sized lawns. For the most part, they support work in three modes: mowing the grass in the grass catcher, mulching, or simply dumping to the side. A self-propelled mower must simply be directed in the right direction, and it goes by itself.
Husqvarna self-propelled rear-wheel drive models include:

Self-propelled front-wheel drive

Husqvarna front-wheel lawn mowers have improved traction and provide additional stability when operating on wet, uneven, or drainage soils.

The rotation of such machines can be done with the engine turned on, by raising the front wheels above the ground and turning the device.

The range of self-propelled gasoline models Husqvarna is as follows:

Self-propelled with all-wheel drive

The Husqvarna all-wheel-drive mower is just one. the LC356AWD.

Four-wheel drive provides complete control over the progress of the machine on a viscous, uneven, rocky or slippery surface.

As we can see, the Husqvarna gas mowers range is very large.

They differ in drive, working width, engine and installation of additional functions such as EasyStart, AfTech, AutoWalk, etc.

lawn mowers and trimmers


The choice of private homeowners most often stops at lawn mowers.

They cost much less (compared to a lawn mower), are versatile, lightweight and with minimal noise during operation.

During operation, hand-held lawn mowers are hung on the shoulders of the operator. These gasoline models run on a mixture of fuel and oil.

Periodic trimmers

If you sometimes cut the lawn near the summer cottage, then these models are what you need.

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They are equipped with a fuel priming pump, have a low weight and sufficient power.

Manual mowers for periodic use include:

Professional lawn mowers

If you plan to use the equipment in municipal or landscape enterprises, it is better to choose a more powerful model that is designed for long-term operation and is able to withstand loads for a long period without stopping.

These lawn mowers include:

Rechargeable (electric)

Husqvarna offers several more eclectic manual lawnmowers that run on battery power:

As we can see, the trend of greater popularity of gasoline models continues among trimmers, as evidenced by the wider range of these lawn mowers.

The best models and price

When choosing a mower, many wonder, which is better?

And the answer here must be found independently, since each model is individual and has its own characteristics.

over, their value will be more than 60 thousand rubles.

A simpler but better model is the Husqvarna LC247S.

At the same time, it will cost about 27 thousand rubles.

The most expensive option will be considered a rider.

This is a professional lawn maintenance equipment that allows the owner to ride a lawn mower.

Most often, a rider is used by golf clubs or large private parks, where there is a need to maintain large areas in order.

The cost of such an aggregate will be from 250 thousand rubles to a million.

Based on the number of sales for 2017, LC247S and LC248V were most often purchased from lawn mowers, and 128R and 129R from a series of trimmers.

All Husqvarna equipment differs in the quality of assembly and components, therefore, there is no doubt in the reliability of the tool even at the lowest price.

User’s manual

Each new owner should be familiar with the user manual for a particular model.

It describes the assembly, maintenance algorithm, rules for application and correction of the main device malfunctions.

On the official Husqvarna website you can find the electronic version of this document.


How long a mower or trimmer will last depends primarily on the owner and how he uses the equipment.

  • Gasoline models of Husqvarna lawnmowers run on AI-92 or AI-95 fuel.
  • To lubricate them, it is recommended to use Husqvarna branded oil of the appropriate classification. It was specially designed to reduce the amount of soot and extend the life of the garden tool.
  • The average consumption of lawn mowers is up to one liter per hour of operation.
  • Trimmers work on a mixture of fuel and gasoline. Their proportion is 1:50. Fuel consumption by manual lawnmowers for one hour of operation is in the region of half a liter.
  • A feature of the work of electric models is that they work on battery power. The kit comes with a special charger that allows you to increase the charge from 0 to 80% in just 35 minutes.
  • All Husqvarna batteries have a built-in cooling system that protects them from overheating.
  • Electrical models feature SavETM mode, which reduces power consumption by reducing torque.
  • On average, a full charge lasts for four to five hours of operation.

Instructions for initial start-up and running-in

Before starting operation, the Husqvarna lawnmower or trimmer engine must be thoroughly lubricated.

To do this, pour fuel and oil and allow the engine to warm up for 10-15 minutes.

At this time, the engine should be clear and uninterrupted, it should not stall or make unnatural sounds.

After, it is recommended to run-in, that is, do not start work immediately with heavy soils, but load the engine to a minimum, gradually increasing speed.

Upon completion of the break-in, the oil must be replaced.

Major malfunctions

Every Husqvarna lawn mower or trimmer owner needs to know how to repair the most common problems.

The following reasons could cause the engine to not start:

  • Lack of fuel;
  • Malfunction of the spark plug;
  • Incorrectly connected or mixed contacts on the candle;
  • Garbage in the carburetor or fuel system;
  • Fuel tank clogged.

And here are the reasons that the motor runs unevenly or stalls:

  • Damaged candle;
  • Incorrect carburetor setting;
  • Air filter or fuel tank breather clogged;
  • Malfunctions of the ignition system;
  • The carburetor or fuel line is dirty;
  • Incorrect throttle setting.

Video review

Below is a video review of the Husqvarna all-wheel drive mower:

And here is a video review from the manufacturer about the Husqvarna 122C hand trimmer:

Owner reviews

Vladislav About the Husqvarna 122C trimmer:
“I purchased this technique for my mother-in-law to the country as a gift. The father-in-law is no longer there, and with the cleaning of the problem area. Therefore, a light and simple mower was needed. The mother-in-law is pleased with the work. No jerks at the start, no breakdowns either. I definitely recommend it.
Pros: Weight, quality, lightness, comfortable head with cord
Cons: The price is not small "

Alexei About the Husqvarna LC153 self-propelled lawnmower:
“This is a powerful lawn mower that can mow grass for half a meter at a time. It costs a lot and a large consumption of gasoline. But this is offset by high technical characteristics, the ability to set the height of the bevel, the ability to process densely grown areas, and a large grass catcher.
Pros: Power, working width, operational properties.
Cons: High price tag and high fuel consumption »