Lbm With Speed Control And Smooth Start

Choosing an angle grinder with speed control and smooth start How to choose the optimal angle grinder with speed control and smooth start: TOP-10 rating of the best models with their pros and cons, what points to consider when choosing an angle grinder, as well as maintenance and care features of the grinder

BOSCH PWS 1000-125 CE

Lbm With Speed Control And Smooth Start
  • Electric motor power 1 kW.
  • Disk rotation speed up to 11500 rpm.
  • Disc diameter up to 125 mm.
  • Weight 2.1 kg.

ZUBR USHM-P230-2400 PV

  • Electric motor power 2.4 kW.
  • Disk rotation speed up to 6000 rpm.
  • Disc diameter up to 230 mm.
  • Weight 4.5 kg.

Most of the masters recognize the decisive factors when choosing angle grinders:

  • Convenience of working with the tool.

What models are popular: top 10

Most of the power tools sold in the Russian Federation are manufactured in the PRC. Only a small part is assembled from Chinese parts. But 10-15 models have been on sale for a long time and have proven themselves well.

Selecting a smooth start angle grinder: highlights

Before buying a power tool, it is recommended to clearly determine what scope of work will be performed with its help:

  • Daily use for several hours a day.
  • Periodic work: several times a week for 2-3 hours.
  • The tool is needed for home use as needed.

In the first case, you should pay attention to models for professional use: these are powerful (more than 2-2.5 kW) and ergonomic angle grinders with soft start, speed regulator. But the cost of such grinders will be high.

For periodic work, it is enough to purchase a machine with an average power of about 2 kW. If the work will be performed with thin or soft metals and alloys, then 1.5 kW will be enough.

For use at home, in the garage or in the country, it is better to get a small 900-1000 W angle grinder. This is enough for most jobs: car repairs or small metal structures.

Before buying a power tool, it is recommended that you pay attention to important little things

  • Power cables that are too short will make your work inconvenient. Even with a portable extension cord at hand.
  • A handle for long-term operation is better to choose an angle grinder with a vibration-absorbing handle. This will reduce fatigue during work.
  • Model type (for right-handers or left-handers), a number of manufacturers produce grinders that can be convenient specifically for left-handers with non-standard handle positions.
  • Mounting the protection The casing is fastened either with bolts to the case or with latches, which allows you to quickly change its position. The rigid mount will force you to unscrew and tighten the screws every time.
  • The type of brushes carbon elements can pass through the body, then they are changed without removing the plastic parts of the angle grinder, in 2 minutes. If the brushes are inside the grinder, you will have to disassemble the tool.
  • There are usual clamping nuts, which are wrapped with a pin wrench, and sometimes with quick-clamping nuts they are tightened by hand.
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You should also pay attention to whether there is a manufacturer’s service center near the place of residence. This is important if a professional tool is being purchased; it may require replacement of parts over time.

Possible date of occurrence

With proper maintenance and careful handling, angle grinders will last much longer. The table shows the statistics of service workshops

Bort BWS-950

  • Electric motor power 900 W.
  • Disk rotation speed up to 12000 rpm.
  • Disc diameter up to 125 mm.
  • Weight 1.8 kg.

Engine power

The power of household models does not exceed 1 kW. For professional devices, this parameter can reach 5 kW.

The depth of cut directly depends on the value of this parameter.

Other functions

  1. Protection against accidental activation. Two start buttons are installed on the angle grinder. Switching on occurs only when pressed simultaneously.
  2. Stabilizer for work under load. When cutting extremely dense materials, the electronic system automatically maintains the set number of revolutions. The function is useful for craftsmen who work with dimensional workpieces made of stone, marble or concrete.

Applicable disks size

All discs for grinders, including devices with a speed control function, are divided into two types: cutting and stripping. The diameter of the circles varies from 100 to 500 mm. The most common sizes are:

  • 125 mm;
  • 180 mm;
  • 230 mm;
  • 360 mm.

On overall models, it is allowed to install discs of a smaller diameter, provided that the bore is correct.

Remember: the larger the disk, the more massive the device will be. This will affect the cycle time.

Manual and electronic protection

Biting the disc during operation is the biggest nuisance. The grinder can break out of your hands and cause serious damage. Possible reasons:

  • Contact of the circle with a foreign object;
  • Working with an object that is too strong;
  • Poor tightening of the spindle nut;
  • Exceeding the maximum number of revolutions of the nozzle;
  • Operation of a disc, the material of which does not correspond to the processed surface.

All this leads to the fact that the working nozzle breaks or scatters into parts. In the latter case, the fragments flying at high speed pose a danger to human health.

To reduce the risk of injury, manufacturers equip the tool with anti-jam mechanisms.

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All inexpensive models have a special casing to protect against disc fragments in case of jamming. These are international safety requirements.

Protection systems can be divided into two types:

  1. Mechanical. On professional models with a speed control function, special couplings are installed. In the event of an overload or seizure of the disc during the transmission of torque, it begins to slip, preventing damage to the nozzle.
  2. Electronic. In this case, a special safety unit is responsible for an emergency stop. Its principle of operation is based on reading electrical parameters during operation. An abrupt cessation of rotation is accompanied by a surge in current, to which the sensors instantly react, de-energizing the tool.

How to choose a grinder with speed control

Grinders with speed control: features of the mechanism and scope of use. Important parameters for angle grinders with soft start: circle diameter, drive power, anti-jamming protection. An overview of the Bosch, Interskol, Fiolent, Sparky and Metabo models.

Variable speed grinders are classified as professional tools. Devices of this class are usually produced with a soft start function. These angle grinders are ideal for treating delicate surfaces such as wood or plastic. The variable speed control helps you perform sanding work with the greatest level of comfort and safety.

Among the craftsmen, there is an opinion that additional electronics in the housing reduces the overall level of reliability of the grinder and increases the laboriousness of repair work. For this reason, some manufacturers have set up the production of separate electronic regulators that are connected to the power cord.

Tips for choosing a grinder with a smooth start

For work away from sources of energy, choose a tool that runs on a battery. This increases the cost and limits the operating time, but allows the use of angle grinders even in the field.

There are also gasoline and pneumatic grinders, which are used mainly in industrial enterprises. Devices with internal combustion engines do an excellent job of cutting large workpieces with a diameter of up to 400 mm. Compressed air models require a 200,400 l / min compressor.

Consider other parameters that affect the choice of a grinder.

AEG WS 13-125 XE

Great tool in compact size. It has a moderate price and high power. LBM perfectly copes with the tasks set, it is equally good at grinding surfaces and cutting off materials.

A feature of the model is a simple replacement of equipment (discs, brushes) and adjustment of the casing, without the use of keys and other additional tools. The handle included in the kit is convenient to use, it does not vibrate and is securely fixed on the body.

  • Good power (1300 W).
  • Low noise level.
  • Comfortable to hold in hand.
  • Nozzles are easily changed.
  • Quite heavy weight (2.4 kg).
  • Heats up quickly at low revs.

BISON USHM-125-1100 TM3

Excellent angle grinder with smooth start at an affordable price. Its power (1100 W) allows you to perform even rather complex and lengthy work. The model has an ergonomic body, it is simple and easy to operate. The additional handle that comes with the kit can be fixed in two positions, which makes its operation even more convenient.

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In addition to adjusting the rotational speed of the disk, the device is equipped with a button that blocks accidental activation, as well as overload protection.

  • Good power.
  • Smooth start.
  • Convenient ergonomics.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Tight power button.
  • Short network cable.

Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick

Reliable, functional unit. Its price may confuse the buyer a little. However, it is well worth the money spent. The user will never regret the choice made for a long time of operation.

The model is characterized by high performance due to the incredible engine power of 1550 watts. At the same time, the grinder fits perfectly in the hand, since it is small in size. It is easy to operate thanks to the comfortable body and the ergonomic removable two-position handle.

  • Safe to use.
  • Reliability
  • Good build.
  • Long network cable (4 m).
  • High price.
  • Flimsy speed control mechanism.

Bort BWS-905-R

Compact angle grinder 125 mm, which attracts attention with low cost and high power. Light weight (1.8 kg) allows you not to be distracted by fatigue and work for a long time, without rest and respite.

The model is variable speed, you can install the spindle. The angle grinder is equipped with a protective casing, additional brushes and a handle, a key for changing discs. On the body there is a button designed to block the inclusion when accidentally pressed.

  • A light weight.
  • It is convenient to work with one hand.
  • Low price.
  • Strong body.
  • Short network cable.
  • Heats up quickly.


The grinder is equipped with an active dust removal system, a reinforced gear structure, and unique graphite brushes. It has a function of blocking accidental activation of the button, protection against overloads. The kit also includes an additional removable two-position handle, a key, a protective cover.

  • Convenient to use.
  • High power (1500 W).
  • Convenient location of the speed controller.
  • No gaps on the body.
  • Reliability.

Makita 9565C

Good angle grinder, reliable and functional. The powerful 1400W motor provides the user with incredible productivity, no matter the type of work being done, be it sanding or cutting.

The compact size coupled with the light weight of the model makes it easy to operate the tool. The grinder provides for automatic shutdown of the brushes when they are severely worn, limiting the starting current, blocking accidental activation.

  • Excellent performance.
  • Light weight (1.8 kg).
  • Multifunctional.
  • Convenient spindle stop button.
  • Cost.
  • Tough power button.