Like A Cordless Screwdriver To Remake From 220

How to choose a cordless screwdriver: 6 tips and a rating of 5 cool models How to choose the right cordless screwdriver for your home? We study the characteristics, manufacturers and additional functionality. Read the detailed guide on MOYO.UA!

Rotation frequency

To choose the ideal device for specific purposes, you should pay attention to the number of revolutions. The manufacturer calls this parameter speed or rotational speed. It is adjusted by pressing the trigger, the harder you press, the greater the speed. In addition, the frequency shows whether the tool will be able to drive a screw into a dense material and what is the approximate diameter of the hole if the screwdriver replaces the drill.

If the customer is confident that the device will only be used for tightening screws and bolts, 500 rpm is more than enough. Screwdrivers, which act as drills, operate at 1200 rpm.

Nuance: there are models with 1, 2 and 3 speeds on the market, where one is for self-tapping screws, the second is for drilling small holes, the third is for working with metal or other durable raw materials.

Criteria for choosing a cordless screwdriver

To choose a quality screwdriver, it is not enough to pay attention only to the price, appearance and comfort in the hand. It is necessary to additionally evaluate a lot of characteristics. Those who do not trust the consultants can independently study the technical passport of the device they like. It describes the main parameters and capabilities. What is important when buying a cordless screwdriver and which device is better for the house from inexpensive ones is described in detail in the following sections.


The numbers in the characteristic show with what force the screwdriver twists the self-tapping screw or how much force is required to overcome the load during drilling. What is the practical use of knowing the parameter? The diameter and length of the bolt to be screwed in depends on the torque. The higher the indicator, the longer and thicker the screws can be used in work without fear of failures or breakdowns. For example, at 40 N / m, it will be possible to freely drive a self-tapping screw 10 cm long into the tree.

In small household models, the torque is from 10 to 30 N / m, but the indicator can be adjusted by adjusting to the nozzle. For adjustment, a stop ring is provided on the screwdriver body, which goes immediately after the chuck. The user can coordinate the effort for a specific screw by scrolling the limiter. Result: as soon as the self-tapping screw is tightened to the desired level, the chuck will stop, although the motor will still work.

Interesting: The stop not only helps to tighten the bolts, preventing excessive sinking into the material, but also protects the tool from wear.

Manufacturer focus

The hackneyed truth is a brand beyond competition. Yes, branded tools are more expensive, but they have a quality guarantee and service centers for repairs, and the screwdrivers themselves are made of durable components.

Quite good screwdrivers with a removable battery are also offered by Varo Kreator, Sparky, Dnipro-M and others.

Additional functionality

In branded models, the manufacturer, in addition to the standard features, also offers the user auxiliary functions. They greatly facilitate the work and can become a point above i, dispelling doubts whether it is worth buying this or that model.

Most often found in tools:

  • The charge indicator is a small lamp that will tell you when to put the battery on recharge;
  • Reverse and unscrew the screw, and the drill can be removed from the thick board;
  • The impact mechanism is indispensable if you need to work with a stone surface or brick;
  • Illumination of the workplace for some screwdrivers is so powerful that there is no need for additional lighting.

There is also an impulse, various blockers, speed switches, etc. Each additional function is a plus to the price of the device, which means that you need to be 100% sure about its need in the device.

Everything about battery-powered screwdrivers: pros and cons

The main difference between the cordless screwdriver and the network model is the absence of a cord. Autonomy of work and non-attachment to an outlet are the main advantages of a tool with a battery inside.

The advantages of the device also include:

  • Mobility. The tool and the charging battery are in the same housing, no additional elements are needed for operation. It is enough to take the device in hand, and it is already ready to work. Can be transferred to any location.
  • Compactness. Typically, household autonomous screwdrivers are small in size. This makes the device especially convenient in hard-to-reach places.
  • Versatility. Technique replaces screwdriver and drill.
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In practice, a cordless instrument is indispensable in objects without electricity, when it is necessary to frequently move or climb to a height. The device can be operated outdoors or indoors.

The only drawback here is the need to periodically charge the battery. Manufacturers are trying in every possible way to solve this problem, for example, offering 2 batteries with the tool. While one is in the working process, the other restores energy.

2. Choosing a power supply for a screwdriver

The task can be accomplished in several details. For example, with a laptop charger, this rework is considered simple and unassuming. Therefore, if an unnecessary network block from a laptop is left at home, you can use it. Second detail. Network block from a computer. This option implies a certain amount of knowledge and skills to work with a soldering iron. Another option is how to convert a screwdriver to a network one. Engage the desired inverter welding. In the next section, we will describe in detail how to implement our plans in all three ways.

Advice: Pay attention to the device parameters. For effective drilling, the rpm must be at least 1300. For example, the Bosch GSR 1440-LI and Makita DF347DWE machines have this characteristic.

1. Why convert a cordless screwdriver to a cordless one?

Battery-charged equipment periodically discharges if not used for a long time. This fact is a problem, since the main components deteriorate when the charge in the battery drops frequently. As a result, during the first signs of a breakdown, the battery holds less and less charge. In such a situation, complete breakdown of the part cannot be prevented, it is better to either replace it or change it to a new one. By the way, the cost of the first and second options will be the same.

Advice: If the user is going to work with hard surfaces, select devices with rotation parameters of at least 20 Nm. This is the Sparky BR2 10.8Li-C HD mechanism.

The second reason is to remake the device. Quality of work. Owners of such devices will easily confirm that the torque process is sometimes interrupted. It is also annoying that the power is not the best level. Again, partial discharge is to blame. The situation is saved by connecting the device to the mains supply. Here are the benefits we get in the end:

  1. The recharging time will be reduced and you can start working at any time.
  2. Functioning without restrictions, confidence that the device does not sit down halfway to the job done.
  3. Financial benefit: no need to periodically change the battery.

Like A Cordless Screwdriver To Remake From 220

Advice: High-quality equipment is protected from breakages, which is located near the nozzle. Such protection is available for Bosch PSR 1200, Bosch GSR 12V-15 devices.

How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a network: 3 basic methods

It is not surprising that almost every house or apartment has a screwdriver. Unfortunately, devices based on a wireless network source often run out of power and break down. Since it is expensive to buy a new battery, most owners convert their cordless screwdrivers to cordless ones. In this article we will tell you how to remake the device using the parts at hand. We will also touch on the topic of why this type of equipment breaks down most often. Read carefully!

Screwdriver alteration process Reconstruction based on laptop power supply

As already mentioned, this method of reconstruction is considered simple and does not require much time. Check first what output voltage the device is designed for. The best option would be 12-19 watts. In the next step, remove the unusable batteries from the device with a screwdriver and disassemble the device.

  1. Disconnect the entry (sized for a laptop connector) and strip the wires.
  2. Take the contacts and simply solder them to the device.
  3. Select a location on the device for the wire and drill it. At the end of the action, fold the structure and check for operability.

Method number 2 (reconstruction based on a network unit from a computer)

For this type of reconstruction, only an AT class network unit is suitable. Such devices have a ventilation compartment, as well as buttons on. And off. The network block is used on many computer models, so it will not be difficult for anyone to find an unnecessary part. Then check the output current, it should be at least 16 volts, and the power 300.30 watts.

  1. Disassemble the device and find the plate on which the wiring is fixed (board).
  2. Disable the protection: locate the green electronic component on the board and attach to any other black wire.
  3. Find a design with two black, yellow and red wires (MOLEX contacts). Attach or solder the extension cord to the yellow and black wires, and attach the other part to the screwdriver terminals. Now twist the mechanism.

DIY screwdriver alteration

There are enough craftsmen in the everyday life of the household, there are many ways how to convert a screwdriver to mains power. It is enough to provide the required voltage for the electric drive of the device.

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Exploded view of cordless screwdriver

In some cases, for alteration, it is enough to use the charger from the kit, it is available, because Supplied complete with a screwdriver. It is quite simple to remake such a structure, it is enough to disassemble the screwdriver, connect the output contacts on the charger with the drive wires. The voltage produced by the charger after the alteration corresponds to the technical characteristics of the drive, there is no need to worry about the safety of the electrical part. It is also worth noting that there is no need to disassemble the device completely. Only the wires designated for use need to be connected. A significant drawback is the size of the charger, it is not convenient to constantly move it during work and causes discomfort.

The power supply of the screwdriver can be achieved by several types of blocks. The body accommodates some of them, the rest are outside.

There are many ways to redesign a cordless screwdriver, all have pros and cons.

  1. In the case of the old battery, a place is organized for the finished power supply unit. The alteration is simple, no intervention in the electrical circuit is required, it is enough to carefully perform the work, to achieve a perfect appearance. The disadvantages are the time spent searching for a block with the appropriate voltage and size. Also, small devices usually heat up in an enclosed space, it is necessary to provide the device with ventilation by punching holes in the case.
  2. Installing a homemade energy source is a more complex solution, it requires finding the necessary radio parts and understanding the circuit. The advantages of this method of alteration are low financial costs, no losses when using a low voltage cable, no changes in the appearance of the device.
  3. An external power supply unit can be used when working in one place, since the device’s mobility and compactness are lost. There is also the cost of finding a suitable voltage for the electric screwdriver drive.
  4. The most common external type device is a computer power supply. The advantages are that it is easy to find on disassembly for an affordable price, there are no complicated rework processes. However, the bulky design will not be to everyone’s taste.

Reasons for redesigning a cordless screwdriver

The lack of a power source makes any volatile thing stupid. It is almost impossible to remake a dead battery, the only way out is reworking a screwdriver into a network one. The high price of a new battery makes the purchase impractical, in order to save money, owners of unused tools are wondering how to convert a cordless screwdriver into a network one.

There are times when the used screwdriver is out of production, then it is almost impossible to find a new battery. A screwdriver without a battery is a completely useless thing that will collect dust on the garage shelf if nothing is done. The main advantages of the rework:

  • The tool becomes operational, it may well replace a mini drill.
  • There is no need to monitor the battery level.
  • The tightening torque is independent of the remaining battery charge.

The only drawbacks are the presence of a wire, dependence on the electrical network. After alteration, the device acquires an electric cable, which does not allow working in hard-to-reach places, far from the power source.

How to power a screwdriver while maintaining its autonomy

There are situations when you have to work in the absence of electricity. Powering a screwdriver without a 220 network is possible in several available ways. In such cases, if the battery of the device is faulty, and alteration from the mains is impossible, there are several ways to activate the wrench:

  • Replace the battery cells inside the battery with new ones purchased from radio components.
  • Using an external rechargeable power source such as a UPS battery.
  • Connected and powered by car battery.

It is important to remember that any rework requires technical skill and safety.

Replacing old elements

When purchasing new battery cells in radio components, it is necessary to check their capacity and voltage on site.

  • Unscrew the screws securing the housing, remove the cover and the old battery cells.
  • Place new cells, soldered together, into the battery case.
  • Assemble in the reverse order, after alteration test the work.

When soldering, you must act quickly, otherwise overheating of the battery can cause an unusable condition due to temperature changes.

Mounting the finished power supply in the old battery case

If it was possible to purchase a power supply unit with the corresponding indicators on the market, installation and alteration is carried out in several simple steps:

  • Dismantle the old battery housing, remove the spent elements.
  • Install the new power supply so that it fits snugly against the case, if necessary, you can glue it, connect high voltage wires (output from a 220 volt outlet).
  • Connect the low voltage terminals to the power supply of the wrench electric motor; in the absence of contacts, the wires will have to be re-soldered.
  • Assemble the body after alteration and install the unit on the screwdriver.

Mounting the finished power supply in the old battery case

It should be remembered that compact power supplies are heated in an enclosed space, so you need to drill several holes on different sides of the case for ventilation.

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Connecting to the power supply from a computer

Screwdriver connected to the computer’s power supply

These PSUs are distinguished by the presence of their own cooling system, protection against voltage surges. Only two output wires are used for connection, yellow 12 volts plus, black ground.

It is possible to attach a handle for mobility. It is important to understand that cordless screwdrivers with a required voltage of more than 14.4 volts will not work from this method of supplying energy.

Using a power supply from a personal computer

On the radio market for a small cost, you can purchase an old power supply from a personal computer. We need a variant of the AT format, which had to be turned off with the key after exiting the operating system.

Experienced users remember such system blocks. The advantage of such a power supply is also that it indicates an honest power. If it says 300W, it means you can safely remove 15-16 amperes from the 12-volt output (again referring to Ohm’s law). This is enough to power an average screwdriver.

Such blocks have a power button in the kit. Another advantage is the presence of a cooling fan and an advanced overload protection system.

If you will hide the power supply in a beautiful case, do not forget to leave a hole for ventilation.

The connection is very simple. Black wire (-), yellow wire (12V).

Limitations A screwdriver with a supply voltage higher than 14 volts will not work.

External power supply

The idea is not as absurd as it might seem. Even a large and heavy buck rectifier can just stand near the outlet.

You are equally tied to the power supply, and to the stuck mains plug. And the low-voltage cord can be made of any length.

IMPORTANT! Ohm’s law says at the same power, by decreasing the voltage, we increase the current strength! Accordingly, the 12-19 volt supply cord should have a larger cross section than 220 volts.

We build in a ready-made power supply

To do this, you need to purchase a ready-made block with suitable characteristics and dimensions. There is enough of this kind of stuff on the radio markets.

Take the body with you and go to the fitting. When the required power supply is purchased, carefully separate it from the case.

We place the screwdriver in the battery box. All components must be securely fastened.

If necessary, extend the wires between the control board and the transformer. If the circuit touches the metal parts of the transformer during operation, a short circuit will occur.

Since the space in the case allows you to separate the board and the transformer for better cooling. Whichever quality power supply you choose, the load will be high, and overheating is possible.

It will not be superfluous to fix additional radiators on the power control microcircuits. Operate the screwdriver for a long time, disconnect it from the mains and touch the radio components on the control board.

You yourself will understand which elements need heat dissipation. Holes for air circulation can be made in the housing.

Redesigning the power supply unit with your own hands will not take much time, and the cost of the purchased module is incomparable with restoring the battery’s performance.

AC adapter for screwdriver in battery housing

If your instrument is not too powerful, you can place the power supply in a handle or case from damaged batteries.

Battery Disadvantages

  1. Needs regular recharging. Sooner or later, batteries will use up their cycle life.
  2. The cheaper the tool, the faster the rework time will come.

There is nothing wrong with that, but you should be aware that the manufacturer saves as much as you do. Consequently, the most expensive unit (namely the battery) will be the cheapest when bundled.

As a result, we get an excellent tool with a serviceable motor and not a worn gearbox, which does not work due to a poor-quality battery.

There is an option to purchase a new set of batteries, or replace faulty batteries in the unit. However, this is a budget event. The cost is comparable to buying a new screwdriver.

The second option is to use a spare or old battery from the car (if you have one). But the starter battery is heavy, and using such a tandem is not very comfortable.

Using a car battery charger

The principle is the same as using a computer power supply. It is necessary to purchase an old charger for the starter batteries. The modern fashion for compact impulse chargers has left analog linear devices with manual control of voltage and charge current behind. Therefore, such a device can be purchased on the automotive market for a symbolic cost.


It’s good if the voltage can be adjusted smoothly in this case, your makeshift power supply will fit any screwdriver.

Converting it to a power tool is reduced to connecting the input of the electric motor to the power terminals of the charger.