Maintenance of a gasoline trimmer for grass with fuel ratio. How to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass

How much oil should be poured into a trimmer for grass per liter of gasoline

Gasoline braids are fairly common tools used by owners of garden and household farms for mowing grass and hay harvesting. The more common names of the tools are the terms “trimmer for grass” and “lawn mower”. The main difference is hidden in the design of the motor. the expensive segment of the devices is equipped with four.stroke models, and cheap ones. two.stroke. The last option has advantages, including a small mass, ease of use, as well as low cost.

The most important condition for the operation of two.stroke models is the preparation of the fuel mixture, based on the proportion of gasoline and oil determined by the manufacturer. The simplified engine design does not provide a separate lubrication channel, so the engine oil is added directly to the gasoline. Violation of the correct proportion leads to a significant decrease in the resource of the tool and even to its breakdown. We will figure out which composition is required for gasoline trimmers, how to prepare the mixture correctly and what it can affect.

Selection of gasoline for a trimmer for grass

For some reason, everyone prefers to choose a brand of gasoline for motorcycles at their discretion. This is an erroneous approach, because, first of all, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions where the manufacturer’s recommendations for the choice of fuel are given. But this is also not a guarantee, since unearthly fuel can be sold under different brands (which differ in many manufacturers), which are significantly different in composition. Therefore, it is necessary to focus precisely on the main characteristics in order to choose gasoline for a certain model of a trimmer for grass.

Manufacturers of benzo-tools recommend using AI-92 gasoline brand for work, but for more expensive types you will need fuel with a higher octane number-AI-95. Any brands, in the marking of which the number 90 and less appear, is not suitable for benzos, since they lead to rapid wear. The problem develops due to unscrupulous fuel manufacturers, which are sold under the guise of 92nd a completely different brand. The following situation develops:

  • The passport for gasoline equipment has a recommendation for the use of gasoline with an octane number of at least 92;
  • The conscientious owner goes to a gas station, where the lowest price and with a clear conscience floods such a fuel in a motorcycle;
  • As a result, the service life is reduced, since often under the guise of AI-92 AI-80 and AI-76 is sold.

To avoid such a situation, you need to select one gas station, where the proven gasoline is sold (this can be determined by the reviews of regular customers). It is also important where to fill the fuel after the purchase. for this you need to use only metal containers (plastic. prohibited).

The option is preferred when it is possible to buy gasoline for a trimmer for herb specifically for garden equipment. Then you can be confident in its quality and protection against fakes.

Differences in gasoline engines

Gasoline engines are two.stroke and four.stroke. To understand the difference, you need to know the two nuances: firstly, that during the engine operation a number of transition processes occur, and secondly, that the tact means the movement of the piston from one extreme position to another, while the direction of movement does not have a value. The essence of the classification of engines is that the entire cycle of transition processes in one case is repeated in two tacts, in the other. over four.

The differences between 2t and 4t, which relate directly to the process of refueling, can be understood without even going into the subtleties of the main nodes. In a two.stroke engine, the supply of the fuel mixture to the cylinder, and the release of the exhaust gases occurs almost simultaneously. In this case, the fuel fog initially enters the crankcase, where the crankshaft is located. When moving down, the piston squeezes part of the mixture from this chamber to the working area through the window in the cylinder wall.

In a four.stroke engine, the combustion chamber is separated from the crankcase. The supply of fuel.air mixture occurs through the inlet valve, the release of the exhaust gases. through the graduation. Dutch control is carried out by a separate node driven by a crankshaft, while the procedure for their opening and closing is synchronized with the piston strokes. Due to the separation of the working area from the crankcase and the four.stroke order of operation, the complete combustion of the fuel and the almost complete removal of the exhaust gases from the working area before injection of the next portion of the mixture are ensured.

How lubrication systems work

Both types of engines contain a fair amount of moving elements. To increase the resource of their work, the presence of lubrication is required. Its feed on two-stroke and four-stroke engines is carried out differently and this kind of nuances are directly related to the procedure for refueling and maintenance.

The supply of lubrication in a two.stroke engine is performed along with the fuel mixture. The oil dissolved in fuel is sprayed along with gasoline in the carburetor, the formed fog enters the chamber. The configuration of the channels is organized in such a way that the route of sprayed lubrication is as long as possible and passes through the main moving nodes. At the same time, due to the special properties of the oil, most of it settles on the metal parts, and the purified fuel is transmitted to the working area of ​​the cylinder. It is thanks to these properties that oil for two.stroke engines is radically different from other types.

In a four.stroke engine, the oil in an isolated crankcase is constantly. Its level is controlled in such a way that the crankshaft neck periodically plunge into the oil bath. At the same time, a balanced ledge when rotating due to centrifugal force sprinkles oil through the internal volume, so the lubricant enters the piston cavity and onto the tarnished finger, as well as on the walls, due to which it is effectively cooled. So that the oil does not fall into the combustion chamber, an additional corrugated ring is installed on the piston, which relieves oil residues from the cylinder walls when the connecting rod moves down.

Features of the gas station

Depending on the engine device, motorcycles are divided into two.stroke and four.stroke. In the first case, the piston in the internal combustion engine makes 2 moves in one working cycle, and in the second case. 4 moves. Differences in principle of operation of the engine determine different approaches to refueling a trimmer for grass.

Two.stroke engine refueling

In ordinary household models, motorcycles are used, as a rule, a two.stroke engine. The lawn mower is not needed very much power and edification, so it is quite suitable for performing the tasks. In addition, this engine is much cheaper and simpler, but it is refueling with a fuel mixture, which consists of oil and gasoline. Such fuel is poured into a carburetor and is supplied to the cylinder in the form of oil-Benzine fog. Thus, the oil provides lubrication of all the necessary parts, and in the process of operating the engine burns together with gasoline. However, the combustion of this mixture is accompanied by the release of caustic odor and smoke, which increases the toxicity of exhaust gases.

Important! For such motos, you need to use a special oil for two.stroke engines, which completely burns without leaving a halt, and has low evaporation. And so that it mixes well with gasoline, it includes 20% solvent.

Motokos refueling with a four.stroke engine

Four.stroke engines are used in professional motorcycle models. They have high power and can work for a long time without a break and refueling. As fuel, they also use gasoline and oil, but they are poured into different tanks. So. the oil does not participate in the process of combustion, so the exhaust gases are not so toxic.

On a note! Along with the best environmental indicators and the ability to heat less, four.stroke engines are also more economical. They consume much less fuel. savings reach up to 50% in gasoline and up to 80% of the clock.

Requirements for clockwork

A mixture of gasoline and oil selected for motorcycles must comply with the necessary requirements specified in the instructions. It is important to note that domestic manufacturers often mark their products a little differently, not as it is customary according to the American or Japanese classification. Manufacturers of lubricants, as a rule, put 2t marking in all oils intended for two.stroke engines. Often on store shelves you can find canists with butter, on which there are marks “Self Mix” or “Pre Mix”. In the first case, this means that the oil does not require any additional manipulations, it is enough to simply pour gasoline with butter into one container, and mixing will occur without human participation. In the second case, accordingly, you will have to shake or shake the mixture to bring it to the desired consistency.

As you can see, the existence of various classifications of lubricants suggests that the use of oils in two.stroke engines is necessary. This is due to the fact that the fuel mixture without a lubricant will quickly disable the internal combustion engine, which will not be lubricated properly. Gasoline with butter forms the necessary environment, which reduces detonation, removes excess garbage (working out from the combustion of gasoline products) and protects the inner surface of the engine from wear.

It is important to remember that when using the oil of the wrong classification, a breakdown or clogging of the motor may occur. Of course, it can be repaired, but in order to prevent possible breakdowns, and minimize their probability, it will be better to study the operating instructions, find out the volume of a two.stroke engine installed on a motorcycle, and use only gasoline with oil that will fit this parameters. Models.

Quite often in the recommendation section (and sometimes on the label), the manufacturer indicates partner companies, whose gasoline with butter recommends pouring into his models. Most often, fuel and lubricant recommended by the manufacturer are suitable for a trimmer for grass best.

First of all, all the oils of unknown (garage, basement) of origin should be immediately excluded from the list of actively operated lubricants. Usually diluting such oils is not easy due to an unclear base, composition. As a rule, the labels of irregular manufacturers do not abound information, illuminating only general information, without clarification. It is extremely recommended to dilute and dilute oils such as AS-10 and ASZP-10. The origin of these lubricants is usually very vague, it is better to give preference to proven brands that thousands of people throughout the country use every day.

A distinctive feature of all oils for two.stroke engines is the fact that manufacturers stain them in a color contrasting with gasoline. The liquid is translucent, viscous in consistency, slightly yellowish, but not thick. Usually, we are talking about three colors. red, green and blue.

Do not forget that the color scheme does not affect the classification in any way (as is often done in the case of antifreeze).

In no case should you use oils from a ruler not designed for a trimmer for grass. This can extremely negatively affect the work of the power unit, lead to increased fuel consumption, soot on candles and a number of other problems that will have to be identified and eliminated. It should be noted that if the fact of using oil that is not included in the tolerances will be installed, the seller has every right to remove the device from a guarantee. This means that the replacement of failed parts will have to be at their own expense, and no exceptions will help here.

If the acquired liquid does not have the declared qualities (for example, too liquid), in no case should it mix it with gasoline. It will be best to return such oil back to the store, explaining to the seller the reason for the return.

How much oil is required to add to gasoline?

Types of oils used for breeding in gasoline

There are no oil pumps in the chainsaws, so the combustible mixture alone cannot be used. Carefully read the instruction that is attached to the manufacturer to each product. A lot of information on the Internet, finding it is not difficult.

If the lubricant is absent, then the saw after a short time will fail. It is recommended to make preventive maintenance of the unit, pour properly diluted fuel, in which case the tool will operate for many years.

Carefully read the recommendations from the manufacturer (see. “Instruction”), it is always signed there in detail: which composition is required for the power plant. It is not worth saving in oil, the benefit is small, and the engine resource can be significantly reduced. The repair of the tool is expensive, up to 85% of its cost.

If we take, for example, the Husqvarna chainsaw, then unhealthy gasoline with the first additive of the brand 92 is suitable. If the composition has a greenish kner, then this suggests that the product is a premium class. AI-92 is an optimal product that can be suitable for such a device. On average, professionals advise adding one liter from twenty to 50 ml of machine oil. If the power of the unit is one and a half kilowatts, then only 25-27 ml of oil will be required.

Opinion of expert Kuznetsov Vasily Stepanovich

If the tool is more powerful, then about 30 ml of oil is required, and in some cases even more.

How to dilute machine oil and gasoline, in what proportions? This question arises for all users. First you should stock up on containers:

The process of mixing oil and gasoline is technologically simple

maintenance, gasoline, trimmer, grass

It is important to observe safety precautions so that static electricity does not accumulate, not a drop of water does not fall into the fuel

Types of oils used for breeding in gasoline

What proportions should be done? Engines are mainly two.stroke, so the mixture is usually 1:50. Production chainsaws function with the products of such brands:

For foreign analogues, it is permissible to use two liters of gasoline per 80 grams of oil. Foreign saws are characterized by economical fuel consumption, oil proportions in them vary from 40 to 49 shares.

Shades of oil can vary significantly, this should be taken into account during operation. For example, the company “NR” produces machine oil of reddish ring. If the composition has a greenish (sometimes blue) shade, then this is a sure sign that the product is a synthetic premium class. The quality of such compounds is high, the cost is also rather big.

Oil selection rules

Motor oil depending on the chemical composition:

  • mineral. made of oil distillates and is intended for low.power air.cooled equipment;
  • semi.synthetic. is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and is suitable for 2T and 4T, as well as for air and liquid cooling;
  • synthetic. produced on the basis of complex ethers and can be used in powerful equipment, as well as for work in difficult climatic conditions.

Depending on the classification of the API, the following groups of oils for trimmer engines can be distinguished:

  • That. for low.power equipment with an engine volume up to 50 cm³ and air cooling;
  • TV-for powerful equipment with a motor volume of 50-200 cm³ and an air cooling system;
  • TS. for a powerful two.stroke equipment (motorcycles, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc.) with a engine volume 50-200 cm³;
  • TD. for motors of boats with liquid cooling.

To choose the optimal oil for a specific trimmer model for grass, it is better to take into account the recommendations specified in the instructions. For motos 2t, API-TV class oil and API-TS is usually used

Leading manufacturers of garden equipment themselves develop and produce oils for their equipment. Such lubricants most fully satisfy all the technical and operational characteristics of specific series of trimmers. For example, for STIHL (STIHL) FS 5 motorcycles, it is best to use the STIHL HP or Stihl HP Super oil, for Husqvarna 143R, Husqvarna HP or Husqvarna LS oil is suitable. But the usual M-8V mineral oil is also suitable for the Patriot brand.

The container should be tightly closed during storage. Fuel should be stored in a cool place, in a place where the sun does not penetrate. Remember that with prolonged storage of a mixture, the oil lifts and loses its properties.

Why lubrication is needed?

Gasoline lawn mowers. These are internal combustion engines (ICE), in which the driving force transmitted from the ICE by the working organs (cutting blades) is generated by the energy formed in the combustion chamber of the cylinder during the ignition of the fuel consistency. As a result of the fire, the gases expand, forcing the piston to move, which is associated with the mechanism of further energy transmission to the final organ, that is, in this case to the knives of the lawn mower.

Therefore, many huge and small details are mixed in the engine, requiring lubrication in order to prevent their abrasion, destruction, wear, then at least as much as possible to slow down these bad processes for the mechanism.

But over time, this is inferior, since the development of gaps in the comrades is still happening. And the better the oil, the longer the service life of garden equipment will be. In addition, with the help of high.quality lubricants, such positive phenomena arise:

  • The best cooling of the motor and its parts prevents overheating and thermal blow;
  • The work of the motor is guaranteed with huge loads and with a long period of continuous mowing of grass;
  • The safety of the parts of the motor from corrosion is ensured during seasonal downtime of equipment.

Oil selection rules

Motor oil depending on the chemical composition:

  • mineral. made of oil distillates and is intended for low.power air.cooled equipment;
  • semi.synthetic. is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and is suitable for 2T and 4T, as well as for air and liquid cooling;
  • synthetic. produced on the basis of complex ethers and can be used in powerful equipment, as well as for work in difficult climatic conditions.

Important! Oils for two.stroke and four.stroke engines differ among themselves the ability to dissolve, burn and evaporate. At the same time, so that liquid lubricant differs from gasoline, it is painted in different colors: blue, green, red.

Depending on the classification of the API, the following groups of oils for trimmer engines can be distinguished:

  • That. for low.power equipment with an engine volume up to 50 cm³ and air cooling;
  • TV-for powerful equipment with a motor volume of 50-200 cm³ and an air cooling system;
  • TS. for a powerful two.stroke equipment (motorcycles, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc.) with a engine volume 50-200 cm³;
  • TD. for motors of boats with liquid cooling.

To choose the optimal oil for a specific trimmer model for grass, it is better to take into account the recommendations specified in the instructions. For motos 2t, API-TV class oil and API-TS is usually used.

On a note! In addition, there is a JASO classification for two.stroke engines, and SAE30 is also used for four.strokes.

Leading manufacturers of garden equipment themselves develop and produce oils for their equipment. Such lubricants most fully satisfy all the technical and operational characteristics of specific series of trimmers. For example, for STIHL (STIHL) FS 5 motorcycles, it is best to use the STIHL HP or Stihl HP Super oil, for Husqvarna 143R, Husqvarna HP or Husqvarna LS oil is suitable. But the usual M-8V mineral oil is also suitable for the Patriot brand.


For trimmers, a special two.stroke oil is made, on the package of which there should be a note “2t”. Car, and even more so, transmission oil is strictly prohibited. Two.stroke oil in three types is produced:

It all depends on what substances make up the oil base. Mineral oil is the cheapest and unreliable. Its use is justified only in household class trimmers, which work for 30-60 minutes a day with large interruptions. Most manufacturers of motorcycles of this level indicate that TS-W3 class oil is suitable for the engine. This means that you can use mineral, synthetic and semi.synthetic oil 2t.

It is advisable to buy only those grades of oil that the manufacturer recommends for a professional class motorcycle. This is usually semi.synthetics and synthetics with special additives. Manufacturers mark the oil in letters:

  • That. for two.stroke engines with a volume of up to 50 cubic centimeters;
  • TV. for engines 50. 200 cubic centimeters;
  • TS. for engines of motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.D.
maintenance, gasoline, trimmer, grass

In motorcycles, if the type of oil is not indicated in the instructions, you can fill in all three modifications. How much oil is added to the fuel of the trimmer for grass depends on the brand of the tool and the quality of gasoline. Also, on the packaging with butter, the letters FA, FB, FC, etc. may occur.D. They show the level of smoke. The closer the second letter to the beginning of the alphabet, the more smoke stands out during combustion. As a rule, high.quality oil has very little. This indicator does not affect the choice of oil. important than the inscriptions “Self Mix” and “Pre Mix”. The first phrase means that the oil dissolves independently, and the container with the second mixture must be shaken several times. The best oils in the market are STIHL, Shell Helix Ultra, Oleo-Mac, Lukoil.

Types of motor oils and their purpose

Choosing oil for benzotrimer

Oil for the engine of a gasoline trimmer for grass is a lubricant that serves to reduce wear between the rubbing nodes.

How to dilute gasoline with oil fuel mixture for chainsaws and trimmers mineral or synthetic

The composition of the oil includes residual hydrocarbons and various additives that improve the properties of the final product. To ensure the durable and reliable operation of the lawn mower, experts recommend the use of oils, which in their physicochemical properties correspond to this type of motor.

Today it is customary to distinguish between three main types of oils by the method of obtaining them:

  • Minerals created in the process of distillation of hydrocarbons;
  • Synthetic oils obtained by processing natural gas or synthesis;
  • Semi.synthetic, including improved mineral oil with the addition of some synthetic components.

In order to prevent mixing of various types, the manufacturer adds dye to the oil, which shows the difference in the composition of the lubricant.

Husqvarna oils

Lubricants increase the life of the engine and indirect parts, provides long work without failures.

Husqvarna all.season oil is one of the best for garden and construction equipment. Protects the motor immediately when starting and instantly lubricates the far located details of the structure. It has a soft texture, anti.corrosion properties, works in a wide temperature range and at high speeds.

Advantages of Husqvarna oils

  • Suitable for use of low.quality gasoline;
  • contribute to economical fuel consumption;
  • A thick oil film protects the engine from wear and corrosion;
  • reduce the appearance of soot on the piston, cylinders;
  • Due to the high fluidity, the oil easily gets to the rubbing parts;
  • Special impurities prevent deposits on the crankcase;
  • reduced maintenance costs;
  • low volatility, resistance to oxidative processes;
  • Environmental friendliness and biodegradability of components.

Motor oils for 2 and 4 stroke engines

  • snow removal machines;
  • chainsaws and gas stations;
  • lawn mowers;
  • trimmers;
  • blower;
  • motor cultivators;
  • garden tractors and pr.

There are summer oils and universal options for use all year round.

2-stroke HP Husqvarna 1 L class API SG-a sales leader in his improved formula is adapted to work in harsh latitudes with poor quality gasoline. Synthetic additives protect the engine from wear, deposits and corrosion, suitable for any equipment with a 2-stroke engine.

note! How to distinguish Husqvarna oil from a fake:

  • HP two.stroke oil is sold only with a volume of 1 liter, the price is from 799 r.
  • On the top of the bottle laser engraving black or yellow.
  • From the side-a strip-indicator of the oil level, division of notching 100 ml.
  • The production date includes not only a day-month-year, but also the time of release.
  • Instructions on the back side in Russian. There is information on certification, precautions, storage conditions, manufacturer and importer in
  • In addition to the logo and barcode, the article of the type # 5878085-12 is printed.
  • Made in Sweden labeling, other official manufacturers do not exist.
  • The dial at the bottom of the bottle: a year is indicated in the center of the circle, and the arrow points to the month.
  • Control ring for opening, on the lid engraving the logo H (Husqvarna), under it. protective aluminum foil.

Husqvarna chain oils

To prevent wear, a special low.cooked oil for lubrication of the chain and protect the saw tire is used. Effective in the cold and in a humid environment. In this case, it is easily washed off with soap and detergents.

Air filter oil

Impregnes the filter and collects dust particles before they get into the engine, due to which it increases its life span and wear resistance. Removed with soap, biologically decomposes.

See the full catalog of motor oils in our Husqvarna company store.

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  • Shipment at night. g. Metro Tula, ul. Pavlovskaya 27/29.
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Homelite 26cc gas trimmer review. Model: UT26CSEMC

To buy Husqvarna oil, place an order on the site or call, or if you want to consult with a specialist.

How to calculate the fuel consumption of a trimmer for grass

One of the most important problems facing any owner of this equipment. Sometimes the manufacturer clearly indicates fuel consumption per unit of power (horsepower or kilowatts) in grams. You can find this information in the bootloader specifications table. However, despite all its usefulness, it does not give a clear idea of ​​how much fuel is required for work.

How to determine the rate of consumption for 1 hour?

  • N. power unit;
  • Q. indicator of the specific fuel consumption by a loader;
  • R. fuel density (diesel). Usually taken in an amount of 0.85 kg / dm3;
  • K1. This is a percentage of operation at a maximum speed of crankshaft.

Comparison of the best gasoline self.propelled lawn mowers

The ranking contains 10 models of popular gasoline lawn mowers. You learned about their distinctive features, pluses and minuses, and also got acquainted with the opinion of buyers. Therefore, I propose to compare all the above equipment in the common table:

Model Drive unit Power (l.With.) Shirinoscos (cm) Peculiarities Price,
Patriot Pt 52 LS rear 6.5 51 water cleaning 16950-22990
Daewoo Power Products DLM 48SP rear 4.5 48 Folding handle 16980-1990
Mega Group 480000 XST Pro Line rear 5 48 Briggs and Stratton engine 17600-17750
Daewoo Power Products DLM 45SP rear 4.5 45 5 levels of bevel heights 17890-27499
Huter GLM-6.0st rear 6 53 7 bevel levels 21360
Hyundai L 4310S rear 3.5 42 6 bevel levels 21990
Champion LM5346E rear 6 53 The choice of speed 24400-27700
DDE LM 46-60 DB rear four 46 Elbating and backward 24990
Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100SR rear 6 fifty Additional adjustment of the front wheel 26980-2990
Hyundai L 5300S rear 4.9 52.5 tuel for washing the hose 28405-32990

Standard proportions

Often with the proportions of oil and fuel for reliable operation of motorcycles, problems arise. The reason for everything is absolutely different information in the sources. You may encounter the difference in data in terms of a dozen units, but it happens half. Therefore, you involuntarily think about how many oils per 1 liter of gasoline are needed: 20 ml or all 40. But for this there is a technical passport for the product that you purchase in the store. There should be a description of the device, instructions for its operation and instructions on the rules for preparing the fuel mixture.

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the information that the manufacturer recommends, since in the case of failure of the motorcycles, you can make your claims to him, and not a source. If there is no instructions in the passport, and even more so if the passport is missing, then we recommend looking for another trimmer model for grass at a more reliable seller.

For all other cases when you have a lawn mower model in your hands and there is no way to find out its technical features, there are standard proportions of the most likely components of the fuel mixture for a two.stroke engine. Basically, these units use AI-92 gasoline and special synthetic oil, which contains a solvent for better mixing with fuel. Such oil evaporates slowly and has the ability to completely burn in the cylinder, without leaving a car.

maintenance, gasoline, trimmer, grass

The standard attitude of synthetic oil to gasoline is 1: 50. This means that 100 ml of oil needs 5 liters of gasoline, and in accordance with this, oil consumption per 1 liter of gasoline is 20 ml. Knowing the amount of oil required to dilute 1 liter of fuel, you can easily calculate any norms when preparing fuel for a trimmer for grass. When using mineral oils, the ratio of 1: 40 is most often standard. Therefore, 1 liter of fuel will require 25 ml of such oil, and 125 ml per 5-liter canister.

When the lawn mower is working, it will not be difficult to determine and adjust the actual amount of oil, the right of a particular model, who has a little experience in the operation of such a technique. You should only pay attention to exhaust gases (their color, toxicity of the smell), stability of the cycles, engine heating and developed power. about what consequences from the incorrect proportions of mixing gasoline and oil can be expected is lit in another section of the article. There are motorcycles operating on gasoline AI-95 brand gasoline. It should also be taken into account.

If the manufacturer recommends fuel with such an octane number, then you need to follow the requirements so as not to reduce the working resource of technology.

maintenance, gasoline, trimmer, grass

Huter GGT-1500TX

Warranty and Service Official Warranty in the Service Center

The Huter GGT-1500TX trimmer belongs to the class of gasoline trimmers, optimally designed to work on lawns and gardens. The GGT-1500TX model received a two-stroke engine that significantly expands the capabilities of the device, that is, for example, not tied a motorcycle to power sources, as is characteristic of trimmers with an electric drive. In this sense, the described model can also be used for the processing of large territories, since the main factors in this case will be: the presence of a sufficient amount of fuel and the optimal technical condition of the device.

The power of the Huter GGT-1500TX is 1.5 kW, which, along with the features of the cutting tool (fishing line for trimmer/knife), attributes it to the semi-professional class of such devices. Therefore, the model can be used not only on dachas and suburban farms, but also in small farms. The GGT-1500TX will perfectly cope with both the mowing of the grass and the putting in order of plots with a small shrub. The weight of the trimmer for grass is 6.78 kg, which makes the issue of transportation relatively simple, including in a regular passenger car.

Advantages of Huter GGT-1500TX

  • The presence of a gasoline two.stroke engine makes the device more autonomous compared to electric types of motorcycle.
  • The engine is characterized by sufficiently to solve problems with power and high reliability. It is also equipped with an anti.vibration system and is easily launched into operation.
  • In the design of the trimmer for the grass, a translucent fuel tank is provided, which is convenient to fill with fuel and monitor its level.
  • A convenient and reliable trimmer control system is provided, located on the ergonomic handle.
  • The 1500TX bar has a detachable mechanism for light and convenient transportation.
  • The trimmer for the grass is easily disassembled and assembled, but at the same time in the collected state is characterized by the reliability of all nodes and fasteners.
  • The model of the model receives a convenient paramedic type, glasses to protect the eyes during operation and a 40 TR dispery.

Work conveniently and safely

Of course, the operator must follow all the recommendations and safety requirements, comply with the rules of operation of a trimmer for grass. However, in addition, the manufacturer took a number of measures regarding the design of the device in order to increase the level of security when working with a motorcycle. They, in particular, include the presence:

  • protective casing to prevent bouncing stones and particles of garbage on the user,
  • a trigger blocking the gas so that the operator could not accidentally press the trigger and start rotation
  • cutting tool when the engine is launched,
  • anti.vibrational system to prevent the harmful effects of vibrating elements of a trimmer for grass on hand and other parts of the operator’s body.

Operational features of Huter GGT-1500TX

The operation of a trimmer for grass is not very difficult and after careful study of the instructions and assembly of the resulting product you can begin to prepare a trimmer for the grass for work. Consider briefly how to properly assemble the Huter GGT-1500TX and prepare it for operation. At the initial stage, we carry out the installation of control handles using a special key included in the delivery kit. When connecting the elements, always check if everything is done reliably. Now you can go to the next step: connecting the bar with the engine. Installation is performed using a standard set of bolts. After the bar is connected to the engine, you can install the casing and cutting elements. Read more about the assembly of a trimmer for grass in the user guide.

The collected trimmer for grass can now be prepared for upcoming work on the site. Preparation for operation begins with the preparation of the fuel mixture. At this stage, observe all the recommendations of the manufacturer according to the brands and the quality of the components of the fuel mixture, as well as accurately perform the method of preparing the fuel mixture, which, in reality, is not very difficult.

Since the Huter GGT-1500TX is equipped with an air-cooled two-stroke engine, high-quality oil, specially produced for the mentioned type of engine, is necessary for the preparation of the fuel mixture. According to the classification, this is API TV/API TS, JASO FB/JASO FC. It is recommended to fill in the oil that Huter itself produces under the marking Huter 2T. The second component of the mixture should be high.quality gasoline, the octane number of which is at least 92. It is strictly prohibited by the use of oils in the fuel mixture, which are produced for water cooling engines. The fuel mixture is prepared in a proportion of 1:40 (1. oil, 40. gasoline) or according to the recommendations of the oil manufacturer.

For the process of preparing the mixture, use a special measuring container. The amount of the mixture should be designed only for one cycle, so that after completion of work in the tank there are no residues of the fuel mixture (it is impossible to leave it in the tank until the next work cycle). Also, never use the tank itself to prepare the mixture, and also do not perform operations with the components of the fuel mixture near the fire of the fire and do not smoke during fuel preparation.

After the correctly composed fuel mixture is flooded into the tank, you can proceed to direct preparation of the trimmer for the grass for work. To do this, the user needs to first put on a paramedic belt and reliably, but convenient for himself, fix it. After that, using a special carbine, the trimmer for grass is fixed on the belt and is regulated if necessary. Details of preparation of a trimmer for grass for operation, see the user guide.