Make Stand For Angle Grinder With Broach

Make Stand For Angle Grinder With Broach

I welcome all fans to craft, I propose to consider the instructions for making a simple and reliable stand for an angle grinder with a do-it-yourself broach. The carriage is responsible for the broach, which the author assembled from profile pipes and bearings. The carriage can be tightened, thereby removing the backlash. As for the axis, its author made of a threaded rod and nuts, there are practically no backlashes there, the unit is cheap and durable. Having such a stand, you can cut not only steel, but also wood, installing a circular disk or even a brick with a diamond disk. Of course, you can precisely set the cutting angle you need. If the project interests you, I propose to study it in more detail!

Materials and tools used by the author:

Material List:
– square shaped pipes;
– 8 bearings for the carriage;
– threaded rods, bolts, nuts, washers;
– corner;
– paint;
– plywood for the foundation.

Tool List:
– drilling machine;
– Angle Grinder;
– welding machine;
– tape measure, marker.

Step one. Carriage blanks
We cut the blanks for the carriage, we will make it from a not very thick square pipe. We will need 4 segments of the same length. We drill holes in the segments to then assemble the carriage on the bolts. Of course, the holes should be drilled at the same distances. Well, the author uses radial bearings as rollers.

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Step Two Bracket for angle grinder
We make a mounting bracket for an angle grinder, we use steel plates as a material. the angle grinder should hook to the bracket with two bolts in front, and in the back of the fastener there will be an emphasis in the form of a bolt, with which we can adjust the cutting angle of the disk.

Step Three Carriage assembly
Before assembling the carriage, we will prepare a “rail” that will move along the carriage; the author also used a piece of square pipe as such a “rail”. We drill holes at the end of the pipe, here we will fasten the bracket in which the angle grinder is fixed.
We collect the carriage on bolts, nuts and washers. We put radial bearings as rollers. We select the washers so that the rail moves in the carriage with minimal backlash. To fine-tune everything, you can use nuts with a plastic lock.

Step Four Racks and axle
From pieces of the profile pipe and corners we make racks to which the axis of the carriage will be attached. The author used a threaded rod as the axis, and the author installed the nuts directly at the ends of the posts, they are welded there. It turns out this kind of "threaded bearing."

Step Five Assembly and testing
We assemble the homemade product, put the racks on the base, the author used a sheet of plywood, and you can fix the rack directly on the table. Before installing the racks, do not forget to wind the racks on the axis of the carriage.
We fasten the bracket for the angle grinder to the rail, and already on the bracket we put the angle grinder itself. On the angle grinder, the author installed a clamp for attaching sewer pipes, an adjusting bolt rests on this clamp.

Everything is ready, we adjust the disk using a square and can be cut. The author easily works on a machine tool on steel, he used a steel corner as an emphasis, and an angle grinder cut a slot in the base for the disk. If you put a disc on a car on a tree, you can easily cut boards, plywood and other materials. The author also cuts a brick with a machine, setting a concrete disc on an angle grinder.
The project is completed on this, I hope you liked the homemade work, and you found useful thoughts for yourself. Good luck and creative inspiration, if you decide to repeat this. Do not forget to share your ideas and homemade things with us!

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