July 9, 2019

Making A Dog House With Your Own Hands

You have a new family member. He is four-legged, tailed and friendly. This is definitely a reason for joy. However, the first step is to resolve the issue of choosing the place of his residence.

Not all breeds of dogs are able to comfortably feel in the apartment. And many owners of country dwellings get a dog as a security guard. Yes, and urban families during long visits to the cottage need to find their own place for the dog. After all, the house was built only for bipedal inhabitants. The solution to the problem is an ordinary dog ​​house.

Making A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Of course, typical samples of such constructions are also sold, but a box for a dog with its own hands on an individual project that takes into account all the important moments – the breed, the climate, the area of ​​the lot and many others will create a much higher level of comfort for your four-legged pet than the standard model. And even a small specialist in carpentry can make a house for an animal. How to do this today and we will discuss.

Types of dog kennels

There are a great many varieties of such mini-buildings.

Among the typical options you can find the following:

  • single-room booths;
  • booths with a vestibule;
  • booths with a lean-to roof;
  • booths with a gable roof;
  • dogs stalls for dogs (with a fenced adjacent area).

Of course, the existing projects are not limited to the above list; some pet owners are building real mansions for their pets. But it is unlikely that four-legged friends are able to appreciate such care – the main thing for them is that it does not drip on them, that they are comfortable, spacious, they can freely enter and leave their own home, and that there is warmth. For people, it is important that the new building organically fit into the landscape of the site. After all, this is not only the home of your pet, but also an element of the so-called “small architecture”. From this, and should proceed, if you will be built on your own project dog box with his own hands. Of course, at the same time it is necessary to remain within the limits of the financial opportunities.

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Materials and tools

So, you have decided on the type of structure. Now you should find a suitable place for construction. It is desirable that this was not a lowland, which during the rains water will flood and that there should be any building nearby that will give shade to shelter the animal in hot seasons.

Making A Dog House With Your Own Hands

And now it’s time to collect materials and select the right tools. You will need:

  • saw (hacksaw);
  • medium sized hammer (better with a nail puller);
  • a screwdriver or screwdriver (although manually wrapping a couple of hundred self-tapping screws is a serious feat);
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • nails.

Coniferous wood is almost ideal as such material.. The frame is easy to make from a bar 50 × 50 or even 40 × 40. Floors are covered with solid boards, but you can use thick waterproof plywood. Plywood or clapboard booth sheathed inside.

Creating a project and drawing

The easiest way to build a dog booth, having the shape of a rectangle or square. It should be immediately taken into account that even if it is not a permanent dwelling of your pet, then, taking into account the peculiarities of the domestic climate, even for a short-term settlement, a heated building will be required and highly desirable – with a vestibule that creates additional thermal insulation. It is better to carry out the external covering from lining plastic, it will serve longer, but also wooden will approach. Definitely, metal should not be used for plating, otherwise a dog inside the booth will have nothing to breathe in the summer.

It is worth making the roof removable, this will allow, without excess labor, periodically to bring order inside the building. You can mount it on ordinary door hinges.

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As a heater you can use all types of insulation materials, except mineral and glass wool. For a two-sided roof, rectangular side panels will be required; when choosing a lean-to option, two trapezoid-shaped side walls should be designed to provide the desired slope of the roof. He should go to the back wall, and not to the entrance to the booth. If it is planned to install a canopy over it, then the roof can be made without any slopes at all.

Selecting the size, you should take as a basis the dimensions of an adult dog of your breed. 15 centimeters are added to the height at the withers, the depth and width of the structure equals the full height of the dog (up to the tips of the ears) plus 10-15 centimeters. Tambour usually make a width of 50-60 centimeters.

Making A Dog House With Your Own Hands

The presence of a drawing is desirable, but not necessary. With a minimal spatial imagination, it is quite sufficient if you are able to imagine the kind of future structure in your mind. To facilitate this task, you can choose the appropriate version of the dog box according to the photo located in this article.


Making A Dog House With Your Own Hands

  1. Cut timber to size into frames using self-tapping screws.
  2. Nails or again with screws on the frame we stuff the outer cladding boards, after which we lay a layer of insulation.
  3. We stuff the inner wall. Then we sheathe the inner walls with the selected material, fasten everything together into a single structure.
  4. Bottom we insert the floor boards (preferably sheet piling, in order to avoid the appearance of cracks), fix them in place.
  5. Turning the booth on its side, we warm the floor, then hem it.
  6. We insert the internal partition with the manhole made in it, closed with a curtain of thick fabric, similarly close the external manhole.
  7. Panels for single or dual roofs are made similarly to the side walls. Then it is covered with any waterproof material – roofing material, etc.
  8. The roof, as mentioned above, is installed on the hinges, with the ability to recline on one side.
  9. We impregnate wood with fire retardants and antiseptics.
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Dog box with her hands ready. As you can see, you need to make not so much effort so that your pet has its own personal home.

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