Makita 180 angle grinder with adjustable speed

Electric angle grinders (angle grinders)

Angle grinder (angle grinder). a popular type of power tool for cutting, grinding and deburring various items of hard materials, such as stone or metal. Mainly used in construction and metal processing.

The choice of angle grinders (angle grinder) should be made taking into account the tasks to be performed. Some models are supplied complete with tooling for specific materials. concrete, wood, metal alloys, tiles, bricks, etc.д.

Key features to consider. power, rotation speed, tool diameter. It depends on them what amount of work can perform a particular model. For example, if you want to buy an angle grinder for home, you should buy a medium-powered machine. The most common household angle grinder has a diameter of 125 mm. For most uncomplicated works it is enough.

If you need to buy an angle grinder for frequent use and heavy loads, then the main criterion for selection should be the characteristics of the engine (the more power motor, the better). For professionals, we advise powerful and rugged machines with a large number of provided extra features, such as speed regulation, keeping them under load, backfire protection, etc.д.

Where to buy an angle grinder at a better price?

Our catalog contains household grinders with average technical characteristics and more advanced professional devices. The price for each of them will pleasantly surprise you.

Buying angle grinder in Euroinstrument you can not be afraid of fakes, because we sell only quality products, as evidenced by the certificates.

You will not be left without a warranty card, and a variety of accessories in the store will please both professionals and amateurs.

I bought the Bosch GWS 17-125 CIE angle grinder a year ago. Loaded during the big repair, there were superdusty works. it coped without a caveat. Have not repaired yet. Compared to other models, I like the soft start and easy adjustment. A worthy grinder for its money.

The Makita GA 5030 angle grinder has been faithfully used for two years. I like it: low weight, compact size, it is very convenient to work with one hand. Standard wheel 125 mm, more than enough power for household tasks. I, for example, cut profiled sheet and corners. no problem. A good solid grinder for light-duty jobs.

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Makita 180 mm angle grinder

The Japanese company Makita, founded more than 90 years ago, today offers for sale quality construction tools. electric, gasoline and cordless. In the list of its main products quite a significant place is an angle grinder. a special device with a wide range of action.

Every experienced professional in Ukraine necessarily has it in his arsenal, because with the help of such a machine can:

  • Grind and polish any type of surface;
  • Clean welds from scale, as well as remove corrosion, old paint and more;
  • Cut stone, marble, drywall, concrete, brick and much more.

Makita 180 mm angle grinder: the perfect choice for the builder and everything in between

On this page there are models that work with discs, with a diameter of 180 mm. this parameter allows you to perform all the work as accurately and quickly as possible.

The important parameters that distinguish Makita 180 mm angle grinder:

  • High-quality motor with high power, ensuring high efficiency of the work performed;
  • a protective casing that does not allow dust and debris inside;
  • Equipped with a soft-start key that prevents sudden jumps during work;
  • anti-vibration function, which facilitates the operator’s work;
  • optimal price, allowing for great choice;
  • support of constant spindle speed, allowing the device to function in the desired mode.

Buy a Makita 180 mm angle grinder right here and now. The large product range offers a wide range of possibilities for every customer. When placing your order in the online store, you are provided with prompt delivery all over Ukraine.

Why buy an angle grinder (angle grinders) RPM control in

In the online store represents a wide range of products of the group of angle grinders (angle grinders) RPM control at the best price in Kiev and Ukraine. Items are always in stock, so you will find 87 options on the page angle grinder (angle grinders).

Reasons for buying in the group of angle grinder (angle grinders) RPM control in

  • you can take advantage of credit, payment in installments or installments;
  • the official guarantee from the suppliers;
  • A lot of actions and goods at a discount.

On this page you can filter the desired price range from 721 UAH. and up to 9364 UAH. The cards contain technical specifications, descriptions and reviews. You can also watch video reviews and read thematic articles before buying. If there are any questions, our consultants will be happy to answer them and help you make the right choice.

The best angle grinder for home 2022

Angle grinder is an electric tool, which in professional parlance is called an angle grinder. Sometimes you can find the abbreviation angle grinder on the boxes with the device, and in the world it is called “flex”. after the name of the first company that developed the device. Our name comes from the name of the country Bulgaria, where the first samples were brought back to the Soviet Union. It is used for grinding, sanding and cutting products made of stone, wood and metal. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” tells about the best angle grinder for the home, which can be found on sale in 2022.

Rating of the top 10 according to KP

Makita GA5030

The device is in high demand, and you can find it on the shelves of most major construction stores and equipment centers. Manufactured in Japan, but manufactured in China. Sometimes there are models from Romania. Renowned for its mid-priced tools. Thanks largely to the good price and was able to win the lion’s share of the market. This angle grinder is used for grinding and sanding surfaces, as well as cutting various parts and materials. The 720-watt motor is not a record, but it can cut through anything at home and while repairing the house. There’s a side handle. essential for precision work. The diameter of the housing can safely be called compact. Spindle lock mechanism stops at the touch of a button and the disc can be replaced without unplugging the device from the mains. The manufacturer has added a trigger lock, which means that there is no need to constantly squeeze it out during work. The pluses can include the system of protection of bearings, so as not to clog construction debris, double insulation of the housing. for the sake of safety.


Despite the rather democratic price of this angle grinder for home, it has a lever to adjust the speed of rotation. In 2022 manufacturers of more expensive models often save on this function, but the German company did not skimp on an additional mechanism. The angle grinder differs from the competitors by its thin body. only 19 centimeters. In reviews, buyers praise the device for this feature. It weighs a little less than two kilograms and seems a fluff in comparison with others. Like other grinders in this class, it can cut wood, ceramic and metal. The main thing is to choose the disk. Of the pluses, we will highlight the spindle lock, for a rapid change of equipment, a comfortable grip and a hood, to protect the operator. You’d better put on a pair of goggles, though. By the way, unlike the previous member of our rating of the best, here the hood can be adjusted without a key. There are several ventilation holes on the case, through them the heat is carried away. Judging by the reviews, it is a necessary thing, but not quite finished, because there are many complaints about overheating during prolonged work. Claimed power of 900 W is a good indicator.


For some reason the manufacturers of the angle grinder liked the color of a sea wave, so in our rating again the device in this range. This time from another German tool manufacturer. This tool has all the qualities of a good grinder: quick disc change due to the locking mechanism, additional handle, which can be positioned on the left and right side. By the way, it is possible to insert a tool for marking, the so-called scribe. You have to buy separately. The power button can be fixed and you can not keep your finger on it. In the mechanism are integrated nodes that are responsible for the soft start. an important nuance for grinders, which has not been presented in the mentioned samples before. The electronic filling of this device is generally praised: in case of abnormal situations in the work, it simply turns off and then quietly resumes work. The number of revolutions per minute is adjustable to accommodate different materials. The casing rotates by wave of the fingers of the hand, without the need to use a screwdriver.


Let’s specify at once that you don’t need the declared capacity of 1100 W, you can save 1000 and take a model of the same firm by 200 W less. It is almost identical, except for this parameter. The tool from the Russian company promises its owner a long working life. Exactly how much. in the technical papers of this angle grinder could not be found. But among the reviews of users complaints about overheating were not found. There is an adjustable speed and a smooth flavor. The cool feature. the maintenance of rotation under load. For those who at least a little bit worked with the angle grinder, familiar situation when, during a long grinding on a hard material begin to sag revolutions. The device simply can’t cope. Theoretically there should be no such thing in this tool. Optional dual-position adjustable handle. The cover rotates without a wrench. The manufacturer recommends using this product for deburring welds, abrasive metal cutting, when working with petal discs and taps (rust deburring).


It’s quite a high quality and reliable tool, which is not positioned as a home tool, but with a serious claim to professional use. What is only the power of the engine of 1,3 kW! The number of revolutions per minute, in comparison with other participants of the top, this grinder has not added. But it has a noticeable impact on working comfort. Can handle brick, rebar and concrete up to a cutting depth of 40 mm. When you take it in your hands, you understand that engineers worked hard on this tool. All is clear, butt to butt, the plastic is durable. Handle is equipped with vibration protection. There is overheat protection, which shuts off the unit at critical temperatures without consequences for the equipment, as well as speed control. Cable length of four meters. the dream of many home craftsmen. It is not uncommon for customers to have to make their own replacements. With this model, you can no longer take risks.


If you do not spare money, then you can consider buying this model, which, incidentally, is assembled in Russia. If we compare its characteristics with other participants in the rating of the best grinders, then there is nothing outstanding. The same number of revolutions, power of 900 W, adjustment of the handle position and revolutions. But take a closer look at the nuances. First, the grip is excellent. Works for a long time without overheating. No complaints of rapid failure of the angle grinder have been found. Those who have long worked in the construction industry can remember this tool from long ago. However, the motor in the 2021 models has been changed: the efficiency has increased, the winding has been improved. Redesigned safety system. Six speeds are available to the operator. On the first ones, you can go over the walls to remove paint or treat a part for rust. On the last one it is easy to saw reinforcing bars. Local carbon brushes have a long service life. If you only need your grinder occasionally at home, you can forget about replacing this consumable at all.

Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick

High-performance and powerful angle grinder, with a specially designed motor at the heart of the machine, where our design engineers have incorporated several innovative solutions that are protected by patents. It allowed, while maintaining the compact size of the grinder, a 50% increase in torque output and a 20%. motor resistance. Other advantages of this model:

The Vario-Tacho-Constamatic is not just a speed control system, it has a special system that allows you to maintain the set value of the disc speed when working under load. This allows you to provide quality work on a variety of materials;

Improved cooling system. it has been completely redesigned based on the experience gained with previous models. air intakes are now located on the rear of the housing, completely eliminating the possibility of accidental hand contact during operation. In addition, the geometry of the fan blades has been changed, which allowed to raise the efficiency of its work, the heat is intensively removed from the motor, and the dust almost does not remain inside the enclosure;

multifactor safety system. soft start system provides uniform, jerk-free acceleration of the disc, while protecting the motor and the power grid from sharp current surges. It is also worth noting the presence of restart and accidental start-up locks, the ability to change the position of the protective cover depending on the conditions of work, the presence of a clutch that disengages the drive and stops the rotation if the disc is jammed in the material;

Further improvement of the quick disk change system. the Metabo Quick now allows you to replace any disc, not just without using additional tools, but with just two fingers to remove any disc, no matter how tightly it is clamped;

Reactivation lock. if there is a loss of light (for example, the socket simply popped out of the plug), after reactivation, even with the button pressed, the engine will not start. you will need to first turn off and then turn on the tool again;

Careful balancing has reduced vibration levels. Installation of a side handle allows you to extinguish the residual vibration almost completely;

the side handle can be set in two positions, so there is an opportunity to choose the position in which it will be most comfortable to work.

If we talk about disadvantages, we should note the following:

overheat protection system is ineffective; the angle grinder does not switch off automatically, you have to monitor the light indicator at the back of the tool. Its lighting indicates overheating of the engine, and there is no need to turn off the angle grinder completely, you can just let it idle for a while, without load;

The tool comes in a paper box, so for easy transportation and storage you will need to buy a case separately.

Model ranks 4th in the ranking because of its optimal power to motor reliability ratio.

Bosch GWS 9-125 S

Very robust angle grinder that fits into the professional-type tools for working with 125 mm discs. Despite its relatively modest size, it has a high power output of 900 watts. The designers have succeeded in creating a very comfortable housing shape that ensures reliable control of the tool during operation. By optimizing the layout of the parts the size of the body was reduced by 38% compared to previous models with similar power.

a wide range of adjustable speeds. from 2800 to 11000 rpm, which allows you to work with a variety of materials: cut concrete, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, stone, various mineral materials;

the motor is designed for continuous operation over a long period of time. air intakes are designed for optimum heat dissipation and efficient cooling of the running engine, while blocking dust ingress into the housing;

protection against restarting the motor after a sudden power failure;

90% rotatability of the gear head;

Adjustment of the position of the protective hood to ensure the safest working conditions;

Low weight of 1.9 kg, which is less than that of other analogues with similar capacity;

The use of helical gears has not only increased the service life, but also reduced the noise level;

Variable side-mounted handle with left or right position.

The model is designed for use in harsh conditions of production shops or construction sites, the design provides additional protection of the most important nodes from shock loads, angle grinder can withstand without consequences a fall from a height of several meters. the body is made of impact resistant plastic, tight-fitting parts and rubber gaskets protect against moisture inside the tool. Everything is very thought out and reliable, to ensure the safety of the worker and the stability of the work in all environmental conditions.

high cost, if compared with analogues of other brands;

The need to use a special wrench to clamp the disc when replacing it;

the model comes in a cardboard box, if it is to be transported frequently, it is better to buy a special plastic case, which can be used for transportation of disks and accessories.

The model has the best power/size angle grinder ratio.

Tips and recommendations when buying an angle grinder

Before you make a purchase of any tool, such as a Makita 9555hn angle grinder, you should familiarize yourself with its characteristics. Why our experts recommend buying a Makita angle grinder? The products are of high quality and durability, and the price of Makita angle grinder strikes its affordability.

Disc size. a measure of the operating power and motor speed. The larger the tool drive, the more power it has, and vice versa. We suggest choosing a Makita angle grinder, whose price is listed on the website, specifically for your needs. Small angle grinders are usually used for work at home, in the garage, as well as for work in hard-to-reach places. They are quite light and maneuverable. Large and medium-sized angle grinder. a tool for professionals. Such powerful angle grinder find their application, not only to cut metal, but also for long grinding surfaces, because grinding is a significant load on the tool.

The choice of a Makita angle grinder is up to you

The Makita angle grinder is represented by Makita in a wide range of products:

  • angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita 125, the price presented on the website of the store. a tool for the amateur, its main purpose. household repairs. Its power is from 800 to 1400 watts, with a weight of about 2 kilograms. Due to its low weight and compactness, the Makita 125 mm angle grinder, whose price is listed on the website, successfully copes with his work in hard-to-reach places. For example, to grind and sand seams after welding on metal pipe. It is easy to buy a Makita 125 angle grinder, just visit our online store and choose the right model for you.
  • Makita 230 angle grinder. This model is ready to work with concrete and hard stone. Smooth, jerk-free operation is ensured by a special clutch in the tool drive, which protects the cutting surface from breakage and jamming. Makita 230 angle grinder has power from 2000 watts, with a rated motor speed of 6600 per minute. Diameter of used disc 230 mm. angle grinder Makita 230, whose price is acceptable and available to everyone, is waiting for you on the pages of our online store This model is very popular, convenient and reliable in operation, with high power (2.2 kW) has an excellent performance. The special design of the tool prevents dust and debris from getting into the motor. For ease of operation, the side handle can be attached on either side, and the main handle design allows you to hold the angle grinder firmly in your hands. Easily cuts mtall and stone with the proper disc. Advantageously buy a Makita angle grinder you can only here!
  • Makita 9055 angle grinder. Because of its light weight (only 1.4 kg), this tool is easy to use in the home. It is easy to hold in one hand. The power is low (710 W), but allows you to cope with the pressing problems of the house, garage and cottage. We recommend buying a Makita angle grinder for home or novice craftsman.
  • angle grinder 9565. This power tool is designed exclusively for professionals in their industrial endeavors. Powerful motor, 1400 W, with a built-in protection against dust and debris, allow you to work in extreme conditions. Small and handy body diameter allows you to work with one hand in hard-to-reach places. Soft starter and adjustment of rotation elements provide accuracy and reliability of works. All in all, all the advantages are apparent. angle grinder Makita 9565, the price of which is listed on the site, is waiting for its customers!
  • angle grinder 9558. The universal tool for professionals and amateurs alike. Engine power 840 W, weight of about 2 kg. Easy to operate and reliable in operation. The Makita 9558 is available in our “Makita” online store for an affordable price.
  • Makita GA 5030 angle grinder. A number of these models take one of the first places in the rating. Powerful 720 W motor with dust protection, comfortable housing, light weight. these advantages create a comfortable working environment. If you are interested in Makita GA 5030, you can buy it in our online store price is listed on our website, designed for professional work. No need to advertise this model, t.к. every craftsman knows its exceptional capabilities.

angle grinder angle grinder Makita 125mm with adjustable speed

a new angle grinder Makita with adjustable speed (6 speeds), in a box cover and handle, in the presence of 8pcs. Made: China, there are also other tools, see profile, before you go, if not available write to Avito.

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New complaint


Brand new angle grinder, was bought for the repair, which was not. Included disks 125mm, also not used.

a new angle grinder Makita 9558 with adjustable speed Includes: box, angle grinder, key, protection, handle SAMOVOZ Yuzhnaya Metro Delivery in Moscow 500r Avito delivery in the region Call, write

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Sell your angle grinder Interskol 125/900 wt. Used very little. Excellent condition. On New Year gave a new one with the speed controller, this lies idle.

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Makita replica angle grinder. 125 diameter with adjustable speed Goods on offer Goods of the day. Promotion is valid only on 10.04.2022г

Angle grinder Makita GA9050 is used for cutting small pipes and grinding various surfaces. 2000 watt motor provides high performance. High RPM for high working quality. Ergonomic tool body reduces energy consumption. Advantages 2000 watts motor for high performance; protective hood fits snugly around the saw blade, safeguarding against injury; low weight reduces energy consumption; double wire insulation avoids short circuits; additional handle can be fitted in two positions.

Hammer angle grinder (angle grinder) Hammer 159-035 angle grinder (angle grinder) USM 1200E is equipped with a powerful motor 1200W for maximum productivity in grinding and cutting work. In addition, the angle grinder has a built-in speed regulator, which optimizes the operating mode depending on the accessories used (cutting and grinding discs, cord brushes, CLT, etc.).) The standard 125 mm hood allows you to use the most common type of abrasive tooling. The two position auxiliary handle allows left- and right-handed grinders to work close to the plane and the spindle lock also makes it easy to change accessories.

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Sell angle grinder after a complete overhaul of the new podshibnki all gearbox couple and housing new brushes new armature in perfect condition no blades in general, very powerful of the old left only plastic and so the state of new rebuilt for himself was going to do Grinder out of it since bought ready-made decided to sell the angle grinder.

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Power: 720 W Disc diameter: 125 mm RPM Speed: 11000 RPM Overall length (mm) 266 Weight (kg) 1.8 Power cord (m) 2.5

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