Makita Hammer Lubricant

Makita lubricants: the importance and benefits of lubricants

It’s no secret that Makita grease is for any commissioned power tool. tribute to its mechanical parts. In fact, the contents of the gearbox are represented by small, constantly interacting parts with each other, and in order for your tool not to junk and not to suffer from friction that gets inside the dust housing and particles of the processed material, Makita grease for electric tools will come to your aid. So what do you need to know about its application?

Makita Hammer Lubricant

Lubricant Functions

Many tools responsible for chiselling, drilling, sawing and cutting building materials need lubrication. The reason is simple. fine dust and particles of various substances fall into the gearbox and the working body of the tool, increasing friction between its moving parts. To ensure that your tool does not fail and lasts for several years, not months, you will need regular cleaning and lubrication for makita drills, as well as lubricant for gearbox parts, which will significantly reduce wear on spare parts.

There are several types of technical grease, and, as a rule, Makita grease for a jackhammer differs in its properties from grease for a drill gear. Often, the role of a lubricant is liquid technical oil. it is poured into the gear housing and spreads evenly between the parts.

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Makita Drill Lubricant may be grease. in this case, it is formed from a mixture of technical oils and a specific thickener, has a high penetration ability and reduces friction between parts. The grease produced by makita protects instruments from corrosion, repels water and increases the mechanical stability of moving elements, and during its operation almost no oil is separated.

Choose the type of grease

As a rule, the necessary grease for the Makita rotary hammer gearbox is indicated in the instructions for the power tool, however, in the absence of this instruction, the lubricant for the gearboxes recommended by Makita can be selected. The use of motor oil or graphite grease is also possible, but note: only Makita specialized hammer grease can reliably protect your tool from corrosion and reduce wear on spare parts; other lubricants will only partially reduce friction between parts.

Often, the use of commonly available lubricants leads to excessive heating of the gearbox, and their duration cannot be compared with the service life of a branded lubricant. In addition, only gearbox grease manufactured by makita is suitable for battery models. only it will adequately protect your tool from braking and overheating.

Change lubricant

How to determine if your tool needs a change of lubricant? At a minimum, the new Makita rotary hammer grease will not hurt if your tool vibrates and becomes very hot. Compare your previous strike performance with your current one. if a difference is noticeable, the cause may be just thickened grease or clogging of the channels transferring the lubricant to the working areas.

If you are working with a drill, the new Makita grease for the gearbox. The first step to the smooth operation of the tool. Second step. its proper operation. Try to alternate modes, once every half an hour, switching from chiselling to drilling and back. The main thing. remember that only makita lubricants truly protect your tool.