Makita Hr2470x15 Difference From Hr2470

Cordless hammer drill Makita DHR241Z Cordless hammer drill Makita DHR241Z General description The peculiarity of the modification DHR241Z in the absence of batteries, charger and suitcase, also a tool, unlike

General characteristics. Functions and capabilities. Additionally. Punch advantages

  1. Ample opportunities and functionality
  2. High power
  3. Three operating modes (drilling, hammer drilling, chiselling)
  4. Electric brake
  5. Smooth speed control
  6. User-friendly design
  7. Sds-plus chuck for easy drill change
  8. 40 positions for setting the bit head
  9. External access to brushes for quick service
  10. Convenient location of the reverse button
  11. Ergonomic D-shaped rubber grip
  12. Increased wear resistance and reliability
  13. Increased engine resource
  14. No shocks at idle
  15. Release clutch
  16. Connection of the punch body and the battery compartment through vibration-absorbing rubber inserts
  17. Efficient energy source
  18. Lithium-ion battery 18V
  19. No memory effect
  20. The makita DHR241 hammer drill belongs to a special group of portable cordless tools, combining sufficient power and light weight, providing efficient and comfortable drilling or chiseling in concrete and brick
  21. The cordless rotary hammer is most often used in professional industries related to the installation and installation of objects on roofs and facades of buildings, along roads and in de-energized rooms, as well as for servicing large production areas and when working on tall tours, towers and scaffoldings.
  22. According to its characteristics, the DHR241 is a full-fledged rock drill with three modes of operation, allowing you to operate drills, drills and bits.

To select the desired angular position of the bit, the chuck supports 40 fixed positions.

The makita DHR241Z is also not inferior to its network counterparts in terms of speed. It develops up to 1100 rpm and 4000 beats per minute. At the same time, it can drill wood with a nozzle up to 26mm in diameter, steel up to 13mm, concrete and brick up to 20mm.

The model meets professional requirements in the field of reliability and durability of use. In particular, the durability of the striker has been increased, there is no impact at idle, the bumper protects the body from damage, and a special rubber gasket ensures the reliability of the battery.

The body of the DHR241Z rotary hammer and the battery compartment are connected through a rubber gasket that absorbs vibrations during operation. Thus, the likelihood of damage to the battery, breaking the terminal contacts and, as a result, surges in the voltage supply is reduced.

In the event of a jammed drill, to prevent a jerk, a release clutch is triggered, which stops the rotation of the nozzle. The extended service life of the working mechanisms of the tool is also achieved due to the absence of shock at idle speed.

Special attention by makita specialists is paid to the design of the tool, which gives it not only a presentable appearance, but also ease of use and maintenance.


Makita DHR241Z Cordless Rotary Hammer

Makita Hr2470x15 Difference From Hr2470

There are no suitable offers in your area. Try to find an analogue. Rotary Hammer Makita HR2450

SDS-Plus mount, max. Impact energy 2.7 J, power 780 W, weight 2.4 kg

Description: SDS-Plus mount, max. Impact energy 2.7 J, power 780 W, weight 2.4 kg. Show more

Description: SDS-Plus mount, max. Impact energy 2.7 J, power 780 W, weight 2.4 kg Minimize

  • Number of working speeds: 1
  • Power consumption: 780 W
  • Max. Impact rate: 4500 bpm
  • Max. Drilling diameter (metal): 13 mm
  • Max. Drilling diameter (concrete): 24 mm
  • Power supply: mains
  • Operating modes: drilling, chiselling
  • Features: reverse, overload clutch, spindle lock, electronic speed control
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Complete set: hammer drill, additional handle, drilling depth limiter

Reviews of Rotary Hammer Makita HR2450

A comment: do not look at the name, this is the spouse’s account.
My first acquaintance with this perf took place back in 2005, when, having suffered with some kind of domestic very heavy puncher when hanging cabinets in the kitchen, it was decided to take such a Makita at work. The house is panel, it was necessary to fasten the curtain-rail to the ceiling. What was my surprise when the concrete when drilling seemed “oil”.
A couple of years passed and again a puncher was needed. Place of work has already changed, but at.

A comment: do not look at the name, this is the spouse’s account.
My first acquaintance with this perf took place back in 2005, when, having suffered with some kind of domestic very heavy puncher when hanging cabinets in the kitchen, it was decided to take such a Makita at work. The house is panel, it was necessary to fasten the curtain-rail to the ceiling. What was my surprise when the concrete when drilling seemed “oil”.
A couple of years passed and again a puncher was needed. He had already changed his place of work, but a relative turned out to be the same handsome man who again coped with a prototype and a line of about 2 m.

After which, for my 30th birthday, I made myself a gift in the form of a perf 2450R and shurik 6281DWAE
After the acquisition, the tool was involved in the installation of a wooden floor at the BAL-KON, in 2011 we bought a new apartment.
Over 11 months of repair, about 1000 holes from 6 to 10 mm were drilled in concrete, 25 m were gored and 6 prototypes were made. The hammer drill did an excellent job and is still functional. I only recommend that everyone read the instructions, do no more than 20 minutes in a row, then let the instrument cool down. And be sure to use a drill lubricant.

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Definitely worth every ruble of its price hide

reliability, the tool often works at the limit and beyond its technical characteristics for months and years, maintainability, the tool is designed simply, can be disassembled with a conventional Phillips screwdriver, spare parts are not expensive (repair Bosch, DE VOLT and feel the difference, but any tool breaks) and is available in any market at specialized points, and even more so in workshops

lack of instructions in braille, for people who do not see the characteristics of the instrument written on the body

A comment: First, let’s recall the capabilities of the tool: drilling in concrete is maximum! 24 mm, steel 13 mm, wood 32 mm, not a word about the crown for socket outlets (68 mm) with this tool it is impossible to drill socket outlets in concrete, for this there are other models starting from HR2810 (they will start to object to me, such as drilled, it is possible, it is possible for a person carry two bags of dry mixture (100 kg), but how far will you go?) The maximum characteristics indicated by the manufacturer are like the maximum speed of the car, how long will you drive on.

Convenient in work, powerful, reliable, versatile, optimal cord length. It is sold without a complete set, which reduces the price and you only take the motor. Color and design.

The gearbox heats up, with prolonged use in modes exceeding the passport))

A comment: 5 years ago, I doubted whether such an expensive purchase is necessary (4200 rubles for a share))). I never regretted it. I make money by laying tiles. HR-2450 is constantly in operation. And he kneads the solution, and levels the concrete walls, and drills the socket boxes in the concrete. I support the comparison with the AK-47! Simple and reliable perf. For fans of cutters with a diameter of 60-75mm in concrete, advice. Make a central hole for the cutter, mark the circle with the same cutter. And make a lot of holes 6-8mm in the marked circle. And don’t press into the wall.

normal three-mode perf! The mechanism is in order after 2 years of intensive work on the installation of windows. The body plastic is strong.

In mine, after 3 months of work, the button stopped regulating (abruptly at full power) and reversed later (-560 rubles). The lock of the mode switch is a little worn out, although its f. Performs.

A comment: I opened it after 1.5 years, cleaned it out, changed the lubricant, which could not have been done. Do not forget to lubricate the drill shank and do not shove it dusty. And then the spindle is on a needle bearing. It is also advisable to change the seal periodically (2 years).

Quality, impact force 2.7J, power, weight

didn’t notice

A comment: My work was connected with electrical work and low current, having tried a bunch of different tools from Hilti to a chisel, I stopped my choice on buying HR2450 and bought it in the fall of 2005, for all the time I have never been repaired, changing the oil in the gearbox once in 2 years. It doesn’t count, just prevention. The engine brushes have not changed. Initially I bought it for drilling concrete and as a chisel, the crown above 68 does not pull, drills up to 14mm, I did not use the above, there was no need. Boers.

SDS-Plus mount, max. Impact energy 2.7 J, power 780 W, weight 2.4 kg


  • Number of modes: 3
  • Power: 780 watts
  • Max. Drilling diameter with a drill: 24 mm.
  • Max. Drill bit diameter: 65 mm.
  • Impact strength: 2.7 J.
  • Rpm: 1100 rpm
  • Beats per minute: 4500
  • Reverse:there is

The hammer drill has a power of 780 W, an impact force of 2.7 J, the maximum speed reaches 1100 rpm, and the maximum number of blows reaches 4500 per minute. The maximum drilling diameter is 24 mm with a drill and 65 mm with a bit.

I would like to note a convenient switch, with which you can select 1 of 3 desired operating modes.

  1. Rotation only. For drilling in wood, metal or plastic materials. Use a twist drill or wood drill.
  2. Impact only. For splitting, scraping or breaking operations. Use a pyramidal chisel, bench chisel, scraping chisel, etc. Use a tungsten carbide tipped chisel.
  3. Impact rotation. For drilling in concrete, masonry, etc.

Other functions include:

  1. Full reverse. The tool has the same speed and motor torque for forward and reverse rotation.
  2. Hole depth adjustment. The stop is used to drill neat holes of the required depth.
  • Easy tool change. The SDS-Plus system chuck allows for quick change of working equipment and provides a secure attachment of the drill.

Hammer drill Makita HR2470 (differences from HR2470X15, HR2470FT) SDS-plus, 780W

Greetings! Today we’ll talk about a hammer drill from Makita. Model HR2470.


This model is the lightest among the three-mode rock drills of this brand. The weight of the unit is 2.6 kg, with dimensions of 37 cm in length, 8 cm in width and 21 cm in height. Cable length 4 meters.

  • Dimensions: 370x84x214 mm.
  • Weight: 2.6 kg.
  • Length of cable: 4 m.
  • Chuck type: SDS-Plus
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The Makita 2470 is a replacement for the popular HR2450, which has been discontinued by the manufacturer. They are identical in terms of the internal components of the hammer drill and the main characteristics. The only two differences are in the presence of rubber pads on the body and reverse switching by turning the brushes.

The handle of the punch is ergonomic, as it has two rubber pads with projections and a stop, thus, it prevents the punch from slipping out of the hand and provides full control over the tool and prevents mechanical stress.

The large oil seal prevents grease from leaking between the motor housing and the gear housing. The anchor is covered with a protective layer of varnish, which prevents damage from dust and debris.

  • Puncher
  • Side handle
  • Depth gauge
  • Suitcase
  • SDS-plus drill set 5 pcs (HR2470X15)
  • Chuck (HR2470FT)

In the basic set you receive a suitcase with a hammer drill, side handle and depth gauge. In the HR2470X15 model, you will additionally receive a set of SDS-plus drill bits 5 pcs. (5×110; 6×110; 8×110 mm and 6×160; 8×160 mm). Also on sale is the HR2470FT model, it comes without drills in the kit, but it has a built-in flashlight and you get a cartridge in the kit, otherwise everything is identical.


  • Heavy.
  • On the first hole, the ratchet protection worked.
  • It stinks.
  • The cartridge on the concrete was smashed. The Bura’s shuttle appeared.
  • There is no guarantee coupon.
  • Protection as for women’s weak hands. Sometimes it is annoying when drilling a socket with a crown.
  • The package is watery.
  • Sometimes there is not enough power when you drill with a 24 bit.
  • The power cord is harsh. When you crawl on the floor, it curls up in loops.

I will be objective and now I will also tell you about the positive opinion of users of this model:

  • Drills softly and not hard.
  • Concrete takes strobes at a time, even serious concrete is hard.
  • Very good value for money.
  • Has a compact size.
  • Unpretentious to use.
  • Very powerful, handy rotary hammer.
  • Drills just instantly.
  • Quite a light perforator.
  • Long and soft power cord.


Idling frequency, rpm 0-1100 Weight, kg 2.6
Reverse there is Impact energy, J 2.7
Max. Drilling diameter (steel), mm 13 Max. Drill diameter, mm 24
Power, W 780 Impact frequency, beats / min 0-4500
Number of modes 3 Max. Drilling diameter (concrete), mm 24
Max. Drilling diameter (wood), mm 32 Dimensions, mm 370x84x214

Rotary Hammer Makita HR2470

We are always glad to see you among our clients!


  • Lever
  • Limit stop
  • Case

Japanese quality Makita

For almost a century of existence, the Japanese company Makita has perfectly established itself in the world market. Power tools, generators and garden equipment from this manufacturer are popular with professionals and hobbyists who prefer reliability, high efficiency and maximum comfort in work.

For example, it is useless to look for a Makita HR2450 rotary hammer made in Germany or the UK on sale. This tool comes off only from the conveyors of one of the two Chinese factories, as evidenced by the letters Y or K at the end of the serial number on the nameplate of the tool itself (packaging and some accessories may be from another manufacturer).

The fact that this information is open confirms once again the transparency of Makita’s economic policy and responsibility for quality. All new technologies are developed in the homeland of the brand in Japan, and improved at the plant in Okazaki, and only after that, under the vigilant supervision of qualified specialists, are they introduced into production at other enterprises, including Chinese ones.

As for the quality standards, they are the same for all Makita products, regardless of the manufacturer’s geography. All factories have certificates confirming the compliance of the existing quality management system with ISO 9000: 2000 standards, aimed at satisfying the interests of consumers.

Thus, the quality of the Chinese Makita, unless it is a cheap fake, is on a par with Japanese, English or, for example, German. And to exclude a fake, it is enough to use the services of an authorized Makita dealer. For example, the services of MakitaPro.

Why you need to take from us

  • Description
  • Features of the model
  • Reviews
  • Expendable materials
  • Guarantee
  • Spare parts

Produced by

  • Japan is the birthplace of the brand
  • China country of origin
  • Manufacturer Information Makita is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and gas powered tools. He began his journey in Japan in 1915, today it supplies products to 160 countries. The activity combines centuries-old traditions and modern technologies. The tool is highly reliable and affordable. The company has 8 factories, including in Europe. Products have been supplied to Russia since 1935. There are service centers throughout the country.

Punch advantages

  1. Universal tool
  2. Three operating modes: drilling, hammer drilling, chiselling
  3. Using a special attachment can be used as a screwdriver
  4. Sds-plus chuck for quick and easy accessory changes
  5. Ergonomic design and ease of use
  6. Rubber inserts on the handles increase tool control
  7. Soft no load system reduces idle vibration and kickback
  8. Easy positioning of the nozzle before starting work
  9. Full reversing function while maintaining tool speed, torque and power
  10. Quick and easy replacement of worn brushes
  11. Release clutch
  12. Electronic speed control
  13. Durability and dust resistance
  • Carbon brushes and anchor are protected from dust
  • Reliable bumper
  • Increased service life of graphite brushes. 2.7 times more than previous lines
  • Durable firing pin
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The Makita HR2470X15 hammer drill provides almost everything that can be useful with frequent and prolonged use of the tool. First of all, it is a well thought out vibration reduction system that reduces fatigue during long periods of work.

This system reduces engine speed to a minimum during idle periods. At such moments, vibrations are practically absent, which allows you to accurately position the drill in the right place. Immediately after starting to work under load, the engine speed increases and is already determined by the user’s choice. The current mode can be maintained using a dedicated release button.

The durability and reliability of the HR2470X15 is ensured not only by the high build quality, but also by thoughtful means of protecting the internal mechanisms, for example, from dust and debris. For this, the anchor is covered with a special protective layer of varnish, and the brushes are additionally protected from small particles and serve 2.7 times longer.

The striker is made no less durable. And between the mechanisms of the gearbox and the engine, there is a large oil seal ring, which prevents the leakage of lubricating fluids.

For safe and comfortable work, double insulation, release clutch, reverse, dust extraction system, etc. Are also provided.

In terms of its functionality, the HR2470X15 rotary hammer is one of the most optimal and most equipped options among the line of universal rotary hammers (HR2230 and HR2460).

Description punch Makita HR2470X15

The universal professional construction tool Makita HR2470X15 is one of the most popular rotary hammers on the Russian market.

The design assumes versatile use as a drill, hammer drill, jackhammer and screwdriver.

Differs in high quality workmanship inherent in Makita and a well thought-out set of functions Designed for long-term use in harsh building conditions.

Hammer Makita HR2470X15

Rotary hammer SDS, 780 W, 3 modes, 2.4 J, 0-4500 bpm, 2.9 kg, case, brush protection from dust, set of drills D-00795

Technical data may differ depending on the export version. Constructive and technological modifications of the tool and equipment are possible.

Instructions for the Makita HR2470X15 Rotary Hammer. To download the instruction, click on the Instruction link at the top of the page.

Makita HR2470 X15 complete set

  • Perforator
  • Side handle
  • Limit stop
  • Suitcase
  • Drill set D-00795

Attention! The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration of the instrument. In order to avoid misunderstandings, check the package contents by phone with our managers.

Rotary hammers are used for working with steel, concrete, stone, brick and wood. This tool is designed for the toughest and most demanding construction jobs such as drilling, demolition and drilling. Rock drills provide deep drilling in particularly hard materials due to the combination of impact and rotational force, i.E. Perforator. A rotary percussive power tool designed for drilling holes in hard materials, which can also be used as a jackhammer. Perforators are used with a spatula drill and chisels in the mode of impact on plaster, tiles and bricks.

Punch operating modes:
– rotation without impact, drilling in wood and metal;
– impact without rotation, jackhammer function;
– rotation with impact, actually drilling in concrete.

Despite the similar operating principle, the hammer drill is markedly different from the hammer drill. The main difference is that instead of a mechanical transmission, pneumatics or an electromechanical device is used to create an impact force. Due to this, the rock drill allows to develop a noticeably greater force at the point of drilling (crushing) and is several orders of magnitude more reliable.

The second fundamental difference between a hammer drill and a drill. This is the design of the drill (drill) attachment. A conventional drill chuck cannot provide a guarantee against turning the drill, and also does not have a free play, which can significantly increase the impact force. The hammer drill has a fundamentally different type of drill attachment, which completely eliminates its rotation, provides free travel and ease of replacement.

As a rule, rock drills are available with two mounting systems, SDS (for light rock drills up to 5 kg) and SDS-MAX (for heavy rock drills up to 11 kg).

Usually, rock drills are conventionally divided into tools weighing up to 5 kg and a power of up to 800.1000 W, which can confidently work with drills with a diameter of up to 20 mm and are capable of drilling shallow holes in solid concrete and rock drills weighing more than 5 kg and a power of more than 1000 W, which can successfully work with drills with a diameter of up to 30-50 mm and act as a high-performance jackhammer.

Perforators brands M akita rightfully takes the honorable first place. After all, the Japanese company Makita is considered the world leader in the production of power tools. Millions of people choose the products of this company, which is famous for its quality and reliability. Perforators M akita are chosen by professionals and not only, but also people who are engaged in construction and repair work at an amateur level.