Makita screwdriver 18 volt review

Features of Makita cordless screwdrivers

The Makita cordless drill, like other electric tools from this manufacturer, combines many advantages. In particular, the drill-screwdriver is very easy to use, has small dimensions and low weight, is additionally equipped with a set of batteries for ease of operation, and also has high performance indicators. At the same time, the price of a cordless drill Makita is one of the most affordable on the modern market.

Compared to battery counterparts from other manufacturers, Makita products are more versatile. Almost any model of a screwdriver from this Japanese company can successfully perform drill tasks, has several working speeds and has a high torque.

Makita cordless drills and screwdrivers

Speed ​​up any job with Makita cordless drills and screwdrivers

The modern cordless drill Makita allows you to significantly facilitate repair work and significantly accelerate the pace of construction. All tasks related to the assembly of furniture, fixtures and installation will cease to cause thoughtfulness if you purchase a high-quality drill / screwdriver.

Professional models of screwdrivers from Makita are perfect for long-term or small-scale work related to repairs or construction. In other cases, you can get by with the purchase of a Makita cordless drill / screwdriver at a very favorable price.

The history of the first Makita cordless tools and current trends

The first hand-held power tool under the Makita brand was launched forty years after the company began operations in 1958. Then the company presented the first of the famous electric planers.

The release of modern-style screwdrivers and drills with rechargeable batteries occurred somewhat later, such products are considered more modern and versatile.

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One of Makita’s developments is the 6271 Series cordless drill / driver with multiple speeds. Until now, many experts note the convenience and high quality of these devices.

Today the company is working on creating a unique model with shockproof protection and additional capabilities. Although already on the market, Makita cordless drills are considered the most reliable due to the high quality gearbox.

You can buy a cordless drill or screwdriver from Makita at a bargain price on our website.

Makita history

The Japanese company Makita is one of the leading experts in the market for professional power tools and gasoline-powered tools. The company has specialized in the production of tools since 1915, however, at that time, motors and generators were also produced under the company’s name.

For more than forty years the company has been engaged in the repair of equipment and tools, as well as the supply of spare parts and main components. Makita has an operating profit of over fifty billion yen per year to date.

In addition, Makita manufactures more than 350 varieties of construction, repair tools and several thousand equipment accessories. Today the company includes several manufacturing enterprises, some of which are located in European countries.

Choosing a drill from Makita. you make the right choice.

Makita cordless drills and screwdrivers


What’s in the future for drills and screwdrivers from Makita?

Toolmaker Makita will continue to delight

Inexpensive non-original tool for the Makita 18V battery

What if you want a good, masculine instrument, and the budget is limited? Enough only for a screwdriver, but the rest? Don’t worry, there is a great way to expand your home tool range.!

makita, screwdriver, volt, review

First of all, when choosing a power tool, you should decide on the charging system, that is, choose the type of charger and batteries. Usually the choice is between 12V (10.8V options) or 18V (they can also write 20V or 21V). There are other options, but this is more exotic than a real need. 12V-instrument is lightweight, convenient, relatively low-power. Usually used as a home, mobile, for high-altitude work or as a special tool. But the tool with 18V (20V) batteries is a real universal one, with excellent power, this is the choice of professionals for serious work. Well, he will not be superfluous at home. We decided on the voltage, choose the brand (company) of the batteries. As a rule, all brands have one instrument line for 12V, one for 18V. There are other types: 14.4V. the legacy of Ni-Cd batteries, 40V. dual batteries for powering powerful devices, such as electric chain saws or circular saws. But inside the line, for example, at 18V, all the carcasses of the instrument are compatible with the battery. Now the most important thing: having bought a charger once and at least one battery, you will be able to use any tool from this line.

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Immediately I give links to the tool in the review: charger, batteries, screwdriver, wrench, angle grinder, and so on. Everything is excellent. modern brushless instruments with a controller in the carcass, with a metal gear (no silumin and plastic in loaded mechanisms). A tool from the “cost-effective” series, that is, price / quality, decent for your money.

First of all, a universal mains charger (szu) was chosen for the Makita 14.4V-18V batteries. This is a non-original szu, which is completely copied from the original, down to the smallest detail. I understand that the original Makita is made in China, and the Chinese engineers have full design documentation, otherwise where are these copies and coincidences.

The packaging is simple. nothing says about the brand.

Includes instructions.

Of the important. the instructions describe the charging modes for various types of batteries, as well as a decoding of the indication.

Charging localized, EU plug, voltage “our”.

An interesting point. there is a USB output for recharging the smartphone.

Battery slot. universal, with protection.

There is a nameplate below, the available voltages are spelled out (7.2. 18V).

But the battery itself, which was purchased from the links above.

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The simplest and cheapest compatible battery with Makita (18V). Construction, slide, lock. all match.

We insert the battery into the sz by the slide.

We charge according to the instructions. The indication is quite complex. this is all due to the versatility of the device. But the basic indication is made “like everyone else”: there is a battery failure (for example, due to temperature), the charging process, the end of the charge.

We leave it for an hour, this is not a fast high-current charging, it does not kill the batteries, but it charges itself normally.

A few words about the carcass on which I tested everything. This is a good wrench that can be used to work with metal structures, for tire fitting, for construction work (anchors, installation, etc.). Its price is ridiculous

The slot is made for a Makita 18V battery.

Standard seat. for 1/2 “socket heads. Suitable for standard equipment, heads, extensions, etc.

The carcass has a built-in indication of the operating mode and battery charge.

An inexpensive set of tools is ready to work))))

Just compare the cost of the original Makita nutrunner (follow the link carcass, without battery).

Everything was tested personally. the wheel was unscrewed, after replacement. all the bolts were reinstalled with a wrench. For reliability, I checked it with my hands (knob) and a torque wrench. Everything is within the normal range.

As the saying goes, if there is no difference, why pay more. The tool is suitable for those who know how to count money.

In my opinion, this is the most pleasant purchase. a wrench for

1500 rubles, for the same money, a battery and a charger. Of course, if you already have a Makita 18V kit, then all the fun will cost you incomparably cheaper.!