Makita Screwdriver Does Not Work 2 Speed

What to do if a screwdriver scrolls

When buying a screwdriver domestic or imported, we hope for its reliability and durability. At the same time, we think little about the fact that the reliability and durability of any equipment depends on its proper operation and prevention.

Makita Screwdriver Does Not Work 2 Speed

With prolonged use and constant loads, most likely you will definitely encounter malfunctions in the device, for example, with the fact that the screwdriver’s cartridge will start to scroll.

This problem may occur regardless of the life of the machine. In such cases, do not panic and start looking for the nearest service center. If the screwdriver scrolls, you should consider the possible causes of this phenomenon.

Causes of a screwdriver breakdown

  • The gearbox is not lubricated enough, in this case it will be enough to disassemble and lubricate the latter.
  • The gearbox shaft may be bent.
  • The satellite is broken or the pin to which it is attached is broken.
  • Wear on bearings and gearbox shaft.

When diagnosing a device breakdown, it is important to learn to identify signs of malfunction. These signs may include:

  • extraneous sounds made by the instrument during operation;
  • chuck vibration and fight;
  • Constant jamming of the screwdriver during operation.
  • when the motor is turned on, the device works by rotating the cartridge idle, but it can be easily stopped by hand even during the transition to the second speed.
  • If the screwdriver scrolls under load (this can be either a symptom of a breakdown, or directly the breakdown itself).

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The cause of such damage can be hidden in the coupling, gearbox or speed switch. During a long trouble-free operation, the screwdriver scrolls under load, a possible cause may be the curvature of the reduction shaft. In this case, a strong beating and vibration of the instrument is inevitable. Perhaps one of the most common causes of failure of power tools in this group may be the wear of the bearing sleeve of the bearing shaft.

If the screwdriver pops and rolls at the switch position, this also indicates problems in the operation of the gearbox.

Troubleshooting Methods

  • If one sleeve or bearing is damaged, you can limit yourself to replacing only damaged parts.
  • Replacing a carrier or gearbox.
  • Replacing gears or repairing the latter.

Repair Steps

  • Remove motor and carefully disconnect motor from gearbox.
  • Disassemble the gearbox itself (it is better to sketch or photograph their location schematically).
  • Remove the clutch with worn teeth.
  • We make direct repair of the damaged part using a bench vise (the removed coupling must be firmly fixed) with drills and drills of the required diameter. For repairs, you will also need a few screws and wire cutters.

The repair process itself will take a little of your time and maximum attention. In order to restore the worn teeth of the fixing sleeve, it will be enough for you to drill a few holes in place of the worn teeth in the fixing sleeve and screw the required number of screws into these holes. After that, you should remove the protruding parts of the screws with the help of nippers and conduct a trial operation of the screwdriver.