August 10, 2019

Master Booth For Your Favorite German Shepherd

Master Booth For Your Favorite German Shepherd

If you are the owner of the German Shepherd, then you are very lucky, because it is a true friend and a reasonable companion. He is ready to share his love with you at least every day. Want to please your four-legged friend? A self-built German Shepherd Box is a great way to show care and attention. Let’s try?

Tools and materials

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The size of the booth

Where to start building? Of course, with pet measurements. In order to make a house for the German Shepherd, you need a drawing, which means that you need accurate data.

How to take measurements correctly? The most suitable option is when the dog lies on its side, with its arms spread, and occupies the largest territory. Separately, you need to measure the height at the withers to find out what the height of the kennel will be.

We give you the data that is suitable for the German Shepherd in a standard size, so:

  • width – 1.35 m;
  • depth – 1 m;
  • height – 0.95 cm.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the parameters of the entrance to the dog booth. Usually the width is 0.4 m and the height is 0.6 m.

If your dog is clearly larger than the specified size, it is desirable to increase all the "indicators". This will help build a booth that really suits your dog. In the photo you can see what the drawing of the booth looks like.

Master Booth For Your Favorite German Shepherd

How to build?

For the construction of the kennel with your own hands, you will need a little skill, as well as an understanding of what you are doing. You should be familiar with some of the design features.

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What are the main points to follow when building a do-it-yourself box?

  1. First of all, it is worth remembering that the dog house will be located on the street, which means that the dog house must have insulation.
  2. You need to use only natural materials so that the dog does not have an allergy.
  3. It is important that the floor is removable or the construction has a raised roof – this will help during cleaning.
  4. It is most convenient to do a gable roof: it will give the opportunity to keep brushes for dogs, leash and other attributes in it.
  5. You can not build a fully enclosed version of the pet booth, otherwise the animal may be in the "box".
  6. As an option: to build a kennel in the aviary so that the pet feels comfortable in his house and at the same time does not lose contact with the outside world.

Master Booth For Your Favorite German Shepherd

Tools and materials

In order to build a house for a shepherd dog, you will need some things, namely:

  • wood for a booth (it can be a pine) – timber, boards, lining;
  • ruberoid;
  • roofing material – metal tile, corrugated board, etc ;
  • hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • screws;
  • plywood;
  • insulation;
  • bolts, nuts, screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • chisel;
  • carpenter’s corner.

Step-by-step instruction

As soon as you have the necessary measurements and materials, you can begin to work. The following describes the sequence of actions.

Please note that all wooden parts must be handled with a fungus agent.

Master Booth For Your Favorite German Shepherd

Step 1. Need to build a frame

  1. In accordance with the size of our booth from a bar, we knock together a rectangle – a frame for the future floor. If you are afraid that the floor will sag, you can add a couple of lags from the bar at an equal distance from one another.
  2. In the corners of the structure in height, beams are fastened from a timber to the height of the booth (in accordance with the dimensions). From above they are tied with a bar.
  3. Secure the design with your own hands you need metal corners or screws.
  4. From the timber we make the perimeter of the roof, and fasten the rafters between them – 3 on each side. Make sure that the horse is somewhat longer than the total length of the booth, so that a similarity to a canopy forms over the entrance.
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Master Booth For Your Favorite German Shepherd

Step 2. Sheathing dog house

  1. On the floor logs tightly stuffed boards subfloor. A layer of insulation, for example, foam plastic, is placed on them with their own hands. A top floor is made of plywood or planed boards.
  2. With your own hands you need to sheathe the inside of the booth wall with a board or plywood. Do not forget to leave a place to enter. Then the walls are insulated with foam, laying it on the cladding boards between the supporting bars. And only then the construction is sheathed outside with clapboard, board or plywood.
  3. The ceiling is made of plywood. Over it also polyfoam keeps within, and then one more sheet of plywood fastens.
  4. The roof frame is upholstered with plywood, waterproofing (roofing material) spreads on it, and then the roofing material is laid.

Step 3. Finishing work

  1. When making a pass for the dog, take care of a suitable size curtain so that the pet is not cold during windy weather.
  2. The final touch: you need to varnish wood. This should be done only from the outside, while the internal one remains unchanged.

So, a self-built booth is ready. This means that now your four-legged friend can quietly "settle" in his new home and keep the watch, the guardian of you and your property.

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