Metabo angle grinder with speed control 125

angle grinder (angle grinder) with speed control


Maximum RPM reflects the idle speed of the spindle per minute. Models with higher maximum rpm provide high performance, even with less power. Depending on the model of the angle grinder, the maximum number of revolutions can be from 6,000 to 15,000 rpm. over, for “Bulgarians” of a larger size, with a disc diameter of 230 mm, this figure is lower, and for models with a disc of 115 mm, 125 mm, respectively, higher.

The tool weight parameter when selected determines how much force the user will have to apply to move the device. Ultimately, this means how tired the worker will be when using the grinder.

Weight depends on the dimensions and power of the electric motor of the equipment. the higher the power, the higher the dimensions and weight.

Makita GA5030 vs Metabo W650-125, порівняння двох популярних болгарок (шліфманинок)

Heavy grinders are more stable when processing flat surfaces, but they are not convenient to use if you need to spend a lot of time with the device “on the fly”.

Low weight determines not only ease of control, but also maneuverability, smoothness, natural holding by the user.

Adjusting the speed of the grinder allows you to optimally adjust it for grinding materials of different density. This is a necessary function for those who have to work not only with wood, but also with plastic and metal surfaces.

metabo, angle, grinder, speed, control

Soft start, or a starting current limiting system, allows you to limit the starting current to 16 A. This is necessary in order to connect the grinder to a household power supply without damaging it.

Concrete dust. corrosive abrasive environment for any power tool, therefore an angle grinder is used for cutting, chasing or grinding building materials only if they are equipped with an electric motor with windings in a protected design.

An electronic constant speed control system protects the angle grinder motor from overloading and related breakdowns. The system keeps the speed constant, regardless of the change in load level.

Using an optional vibrating pen helps to reduce vibration when using the tool. The built-in damper dampens vibration vibrations, which makes it much easier to work with the tool, reduces fatigue and, ultimately, protects the user’s health.

A number of angle grinder models presented on our website are equipped with an unintentional start-up protection system. In the course of working with an angle grinder, situations may arise when the tool remains connected to the mains without the knowledge of the operator: emergency shutdown and subsequent sudden turn on of electricity, violation of safety precautions. Such situations are dangerous if the tool is turned on unintentionally, which could result in operator injury and property damage. Anti-unintentional start-up function prevents accidental start-up of the grinder and related problems.

Some models of grinders presented on our website are equipped with an SDS quick-clamping nut, which makes it possible to change the equipment (disc) to an angle grinder in a matter of seconds, by simply turning the nut along the axis (without using special keys). In addition, in the process of working with an angle grinder with a conventional nut, situations arise when the disc tightens so much that it becomes very problematic to remove it with a wrench. The presence of a quick-clamping nut is guaranteed to save you from such situations.

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Superflange. supporting part of the disc clamping mechanism. Simplifies disc disassembly and replacement: Loosening is achieved by simply turning the washer radially a few degrees relative to the spindle. “,” sort “: 25,” additional “: true],” productCount “: 126,” queryString “:” “” data-category-ID = “123” data-category-name = “angle grinder (angle grinder) “data-bowed-category-name =” in Bulgarians (angle grinder) with speed control “data-rname =” bolgarka-ushm “data-tag-page-ID =” 3697 “data-make-ID =” 0 “ = “” data-reset-link = “/ instrument / shlifmashiny / bolgarka_ushm / s_regulirovkoj_oborotov / # goods” data-ab-is-expanded-filters = “”

Professional angle grinder Makita 9565Cv

Angle grinder angle grinder “Makita” 125 mm by adjusting the revolutions ensures the implementation of any kind of work at speeds from 2800 to 11000 rpm. The Makita 9565Cv requires a 125 mm disc and a 220 volt power supply. Power consumption of angle grinder. 1400 watts. Angle grinder 125 mm with adjustable speed 9565Cv is a professional power tool, the design of which contains:

  • rotation speed control, which makes it possible to optimize the operating mode. The spindle receives a certain speed required for a specific task: cutting, stripping or grinding;
  • locking the power button. This is important to ensure safety during operation, especially in cases of unplanned power outages (turning off the light, pulling the plug out of the socket). Thanks to the secondary start fuse, the owner of the Makita 9565Cv is protected from arbitrary activation of the angle grinder and does not risk injury;
  • double insulation;
  • speed stabilization system, which, due to changes in disk loads, facilitates the process of working with massive labor-intensive parts;
  • two-position side handle, which provides a secure hold of the power tool during operation. Convenient handle option with anti-vibration function.
metabo, angle, grinder, speed, control

Top 5 Reasons Why Metabo Grinders Are Industry Leaders in Performance & Safety

angle grinder 9565Cv is an angle grinder “Makita” 125 with speed control and smooth descent, due to which the power tool is protected from critical overloads at the moment of switching on. A smooth start-up protects the angle grinder system and the numerous parts contained in it (disc, winding, engine brushes) from a strong voltage surge. Speed ​​gains smoothly, angle grinder does not tremble in hands.

metabo, angle, grinder, speed, control

Hitachi G13SS

The ergonomic shape of the model, the presence of an adjustable handle in its design, which allows it to be installed from any side, the ease of replacing carbon brushes are advantages for Hitachi G13SS that many users have already appreciated.

angle grinder with speed control: an overview of the best models

An angle grinder, which is popularly called an angle grinder, is a versatile tool with which you can perform a whole range of works: cutting, grinding, cleaning metal, wood, stone and other materials. This tool has found its way into industry. It is ideal for both professional renovation work and household chores.

Now on the market there are a large number of different models of Bulgarian women, intended for home or professional use. The latest angle grinders with adjustable speed are equipped with special attachments of any size, are characterized by the presence of escapement safety devices and additional functions. With all the variety of models and sizes of the angle grinder, they have a common task, which is to make the work process as easy as possible for a person and save time.

Which angle grinder to choose? Household and professional tools

When buying an angle grinder, you should consider indicators such as rotational speed, power, the availability of additional functions and the size of the discs.

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Angle grinders are indispensable in everyday life. These are ordinary angle grinders, which are compact in size and demanding on the operating mode. After 10-15 minutes of work, the owner of an ordinary grinder is forced to take a break in order to prevent it from overheating. Household angle grinders are not designed for daily use. Their technical performance is much lower than that of professional devices that can be used for a long time without fear of overheating. In addition, professional angle grinders are equipped with brass inserts and a metal body. This is due to the fact that they have to be used in extreme conditions: laying pipelines, excavation, etc. Such an environment requires a tool that is as protected as possible from dust and moisture.

How to choose the right disk size?

For angle grinders, discs with a diameter of 115 to 230 mm are intended. The working part is the part that protrudes outside the body of the apparatus. The attachments tend to wear off during use. Discs with a diameter of 115 mm wear out quickly and are suitable for cutting products with a thickness of no more than 3 cm. over, this diameter is not suitable for working in hard-to-reach places. For such operations, discs 180-230 mm are better suited.

The best grinder manufacturers

Domestic and foreign firms are engaged in the production of angle grinders. High results were achieved by the German manufacturer Bosch, the Japanese Hitachi and Makita. They mainly produce models for professional use: angle grinders with variable speed, power exceeding 1200 W, and various disc diameters. Angle grinders make it possible to perform any kind of complex work. Using special diamond discs, you can cut concrete and stone, prepare walls for wire. Additional side handle provides control of the powerful power tool during operation.

Universal angle grinders

Angle grinders with speed control are considered universal. Ideal for cutting, grinding and polishing any material.

Angle grinders with variable speed and soft start are mainly used when polishing stone or wood surfaces is required. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of these materials, the processing of which at high speeds is undesirable, since it leads to surface destruction and rapid wear of the nozzles.

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick

This is another variable speed angle grinder. 125 mm is considered the optimum disc size for the Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick. Among all the known 125 mm angle grinders, this model is considered the best in terms of power. It features a wide range of spindle speed adjustment and a constant speed under the influence of a variable load. This is ensured by built-in electronics that protect the angle grinder engine from overloads and smoothly start the system. The angle grinder has an automatic safety clutch and angle brushes that turn off if the voltage suddenly goes out. This is important for safety during operation of the powerful angle grinder.

Why is the lower limit not lowered to a minimum??

The variable speed angle grinder gives you more options for grinding and polishing, but not cutting. Deep scratches are not removed at high speeds. The fur coat or foam pad attached to the rubber support-sole will be torn off, the rubber platform will start to smoke, the polish will fly off the rig. Burning marks will remain on the wooden workpiece, and the plastic will soften and melt.Exposure to felt, foam rubber, wool, sisal or polymer abrasive wheels is performed at low, but different speeds and the wider the speed range on an angle grinder, the more possibilities for processing.

However, the cooling system of the angle grinder electric motor depends on its rotation and at low speed the motor, especially under high load, quickly overheats. For professional models of most manufacturers: AEG WS12-125 XE, Makita 9562CRV, Flex LE 14-11 125, the lower limit is 2800 rpm. On a household tool, you can find 1000 rpm, like the Titan PSUM11125E. The operation of such grinders requires more attention from the user and periodic switching on at maximum idle speed to increase the flow of cooling air.

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Purpose and equipment.

Each type of grinder has a different effect on the surface to be treated. But unlike the belt and eccentric, the angle grinder grinds the most aggressively. Roughing operations are performed with small and large grinders with installed wire brushes. They remove scale, rust, old paintwork and slag crust from metal after welding, and use sisal and polymer-abrasive brushes to brush the wood.

Household and professional angle grinders, even more often than for stripping, are used for cutting metal, wood, stone and reinforced concrete. Models with variable speed and felt or foam accessories allow you to polish workpieces. And diamond cutters and special wheels, such as Yato YT-59174, to mill stone and wood surfaces.

Disadvantages of small grinders.

The weak side of the mini angle grinder is the shallow depth of entry of the equipment into the material. So the 115mm Sturm AG9511 disc plunges 25-30 mm, and the 125mm Energomash angle grinder-90111 30-35 mm. This size of the resulting slot is enough for cutting reinforcement, angle and rolled steel with a small shelf, cutting a groove in the wall for wiring and a water pipe. But when cutting, the outer edge of the abrasive disc wears out intensively, reducing the already shallow depth of immersion with each cut. If the outer diameter of the tooling of a small angle grinder is not enough, then the workpiece, for example a 57 mm pipe, will have to be cut not at one time, lowering the disk vertically, but scrolling around the circumference. Which is inconvenient, since you have to re-clamp the part in a vice every time.

The most powerful angle grinders.

The thinner the disc, the faster the workpiece is divided into parts and less motor power is required. The lightest but lightest angle grinder is often chosen for cutting. The power of small angle grinders can be 720 watts, like Titan BSUM7125, and large 2000 watts, like Einhell TE-AG 230/2000

The requirements for grinders for grinding are completely different. Grinding wheels 6 mm thick are heavier and require additional watts to unwind. When peeling, many locksmiths increase the pressure, trying to remove a larger layer from the surface in one pass and crush the engine. When pressed, it is more difficult for a low-power motor to rotate and it will overheat faster. When cutting workpieces, friction occurs at the end of the disc (1-3 mm), and when grinding, the angle grinder is tilted and the contact width of the grinding disc is several centimeters.

When choosing powerful large grinders for roughing parts, like Dnipro-M MShK-2700 (2700 watts) or Titan BSUM26230 (2600 watts), the weight requirement fades into the background. Grinding is performed under its own weight of the tool, and not on weight, only by controlling the trajectory of the tooling and lightly pressing. Among the small angle grinders, the leaders in power are: Forte EG 14-125L with 1400 watts, Makita GA5021C with 1450 watts, Svityaz SKSh 15-125 DR from 1500 watts.