Metabo cordless angle grinder with variable speed

Metabo cordless angle grinder angle grinder

Today, the technology of tool production is highly developed, which has allowed to fill the market with a variety of representatives, which has allowed to qualitatively improve the work in a variety of conditions. Those who often experience power outages or have to work in remote areas, where there is simply no access to the grid, need a helper that can perform tasks relying on its own power source. Due to the size of the generator, its cost, certain nuances of use, it is not always an alternative.

For a long time professionals recommend to buy an angle grinder on a battery. will delight with autonomy, ergonomics, productivity. It is the need for such a tool, its availability prompted the famous company Metabo to present its expanded line of. Among them, no one can find a reliable helper for themselves, there are household options and those that are used in large-scale production, construction.

Modern technology makes it possible to produce highly reliable, but affordable products. Buy Metabo cordless angle grinder will be the right decision, it is able to provide you with everything you need to successfully cope with the tasks. Using it, you can:

  • Work metal, stone, etc.
  • Carry out cutting work.
  • Sand various surfaces.
  • Remove old paint, varnish, get rid of rust.

Modern power tools are notable for high quality operation, which is due to the use of the latest technology, the best materials and components. Rest assured, whichever model is your goal, even the cheapest one, its quality will be extremely high.

Metabo battery angle grinder. which one to choose? Advantages, characteristics

Today it is advantageous to buy products Metabo, in its category angle grinder from this brand are considered one of the most reliable.

We want to recommend them to you because:

  • Ergonomic design ensures ease of use, comfortable operation.
  • the price range is such that everyone can buy the right tool for themselves.
  • Only reliable nodes and components are used. powerful motor, quality gearbox, etc.д.
  • The manufacturer has paid attention to reliability, equipping them with electronics that ensure stable operation.
metabo, cordless, angle, grinder

Metabo angle grinder cordless angle grinder manual, application

The low price makes them affordable, so even beginners often buy these devices for home use. The main difference from the ordinary model is that it uses a self-contained power source. battery. Such design opens up a lot of advantages, the main of which is mobility, maneuverability.

Since you are not limited to the mains cable, you can move around a lot more freely. At any moment you can go to any site and start to carry out the task. Freedom of movement is not everything, you can easily use the Metabo battery-powered angle grinder in the most difficult places, even over your head. It’s so much easier to manipulate as there’s no awkward cable hanging around.

Buy Metabo angle grinder with battery power is beneficial, it can be operated in the presence of network problems, in which the mains tool is simply useless. Autonomy, maneuverability, ergonomics. the main advantages of such a model.

What is the right way to choose it. After deciding on what tasks it will be used for, it will be easier to choose the optimal model. It is necessary to consider the purpose, choose the optimal characteristics, this or that characteristic can affect the key aspects. start-up time, productivity, processing efficiency.

  • Battery. How many Volts it has, its volume, all this is imprinted on the tool itself. Buy an angle grinder must be such that its battery can fully develop the potential of the motor, ensuring its performance. In addition, the duration of use of the tool also depends directly on the battery, for prolonged operation without a pause, it is better to give preference to a large battery capacity.
  • Engine. The power of the motor affects performance, the more powerful it is, the more productive the model. Buy Metabo angle grinder for home or large workshops need to be so that their power is appropriate for the conditions of use. Make sure to have a stockpile, this will increase the stability of the application.
  • Motor type. Brush-type or brushless motor, this also influences the operation of the model. The second option is the most reliable, ideal for professional conditions, less wear and tear, no need for maintenance, energy efficient. Brushes do not need to be replaced, unlike their brushed counterparts. But it costs more, for a model with brushes the price is lower.

Metabo W 18 LTX 125 Quick cordless angle grinder

The Metabo W 18 LTX 125 Quick cordless angle grinder has a slim design that makes working in confined spaces and overhead fatigue-free. Thanks to the quick-change nut, the discs can be changed without tools. Protective cover that can be adjusted without tools. The tool is equipped with a swiveling battery for even more convenience in confined spaces. Overload protection will take care to prevent overheating of the motor. For smooth start of operation the model is equipped with a soft start function. Re-start protection prevents accidental restart after power failure. Replaceable dust filter to protect the motor from larger particles. Battery packs with capacity indicator for monitoring the charge level.

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Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 180 cordless angle grinder (18V, no battery and battery charger)

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Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 180 cordless angle grinder. A powerful and functional machine with 180 mm blade for cutting, grinding and sanding of different materials. The angle grinder has a brushless motor for fast working cycles and maximum efficiency in all applications. This model is equipped with a Metabo disc brake that stops the disc, which coasts up to 2 seconds, thus reducing the risk of accidents. Ultra-M technology gives batteries maximum power, gentle charging, optimum energy utilisation and a long lifetime. The tool comes in a MetaLoc plastic case, in which it is conveniently stored and transported.

Benefits for the user:

Idle speed 8200 rpm./min
Disc diameter 180 mm
Spindle thread М 14
Battery type Li-Ion and LiHD
Battery 18 В
Vibration 8,3 m/s²
Noise level 82 dB
Dimensions 380 x 275 x 152 mm
Weight 2.6 kg

Metabo angle grinder in Dnipro

looked in the store. But the price tag was higher than on the site. I ordered through the addendum and went to the Ordering Center. Here I checked the packaging, checked whether the original slip, which always comes with the original in a complete set of “legs did not break, the warranty with the check in hand and happy to go home. The layout on the site is available, I do not find a washer on the pressure washer (I do not know if it should be there or not, the support washer is available). original). And the main thing.- It was the same one that I held in my hands. Traces of bruised fingers were on the inner copy, and then specified. Price tag “cheated” by 100 UAH, so that through the additives the price is less, and also.70 grn just through this small fragment of innocent hands.) And then he calmed down, what difference does it make where it was in the store. in the box or in the window, I’m happy!) Opinion. feel in the store. Order through the dodatok! Do not saw the 5030 wheels and Soviet tanks, but even if you do. Let’s calm down, instead of stepping on it with all your weight and you will be happy. The Miniature Miniature angle grinder is the best, for its tasks the goddess!

Good powerful angle grinder for its price, especially on the stock. Long cable. For half an hour of continuous work with a grinding wheel, not heated up at all. For 3 hours of work heated up, barely warm, and that in the area of the gearbox, just imagine, 3 hours of continuous work ))).

The quality of the angle grinder at the level, good build. Big plus. smooth start. Good in the hand. The cable is long. The angle grinder copes well with its tasks. Everyone’s advice

Metabo angle grinder with adjustable speed

Metabo, which is well known for domestic users, offers its customers a variety of tools that are characterized by a high level of quality. In the list of devices and includes Metabo angle grinder with speed control, which is presented in our store in a large assortment. With this unit can produce a fairly large range of work that requires a particular accuracy.

A special mechanism installed in the product, makes it possible to control the speed of the spindle, so buy Metabo angle grinder with speed control is desirable for those masters who have to work with materials of increased complexity.

metabo, cordless, angle, grinder

Metabo angle grinder with speed control: Key features

We offer you professional class machines that have not only speed control, but also other important features:

  • powerful enough motor;
  • robust housing made of wear-resistant materials;
  • Protective cover that protects the device from flying sparks and dust;
  • anti-vibration function;
  • soft start button;
  • brushes auto shut-off;
  • very affordable price;
  • excellent service life.

In the sale of online store S Torgom there are various models of devices that can fully meet all the needs of users. Convenient filter system allows you to quickly and easily find the right product, taking into account all your needs and requirements. Place your order directly on the page with the desired product, and we will deliver it to any city in Ukraine.

angle grinders (angle grinder) Metabo

Angle grinders TM Metabo. effective power tool, which is used in professional activities, and in everyday life. Metabo angle grinder is capable of cutting, sanding, deburring and more.д. The Metabo angle grinder is ideal for cutting brick, concrete, marble, steel, granite. The Metabo angle grinder is successfully used for cutting small boards, but it is recommended to use special wood discs, as a usual cutting disc is not suitable for such purposes.

Angle grinder Metabo. indispensable in construction, repair, service centers and various workshops. In any industry, where you want to quickly and accurately cut the workpiece, grind a weld, remove a layer of rust. Metabo angle grinder will become a reliable assistant.

Buy a Metabo angle grinder at a low price in the online store We offer a large selection of angle grinder of this brand. On the whole lineup is a good manufacturer’s warranty. In the electronic catalog of the store there is a large assortment of Metabo cordless angle grinder. the most popular models of different capacities at an affordable price. Also here you can buy a chain angle grinder with optimal technical characteristics and rich functionality.

metabo, cordless, angle, grinder

Variety of Metabo angle grinders (angle grinders)

The most important criteria in choosing a power tool like the Metabo angle grinder are:

  • Power. Varies from 600 to 2600 W
  • Disc diameter. In the range of Ukrservis present as a small angle grinder Metabo 125, and a large angle grinder Metabo 230. Also available in models that can work with other disc diameters.
  • options. Some Metabo angle grinders are equipped with a soft start function. powerful models have a gearbox with enhanced dust protection.

The most popular in the range of angular grinder manufacturer enjoys an angle grinder Metabo 125 with adjustable speed. The Metabo angle grinder is easy to operate due to its ergonomic design and comparatively low weight. Suitable for beginners and professionals alike.