Metal Band Saw Review

Band saws for working with metal billets and parts are designed for cutting products from various metal alloys, in addition, they can also cut products from other materials, and if it is possible to operate at high speeds, you can work with wood. Consider the most popular models of metal band saws.

The Stalex BS-85 band saw is a completely manual machine; it starts up equipment, operates the frame, and stops cutting it manually. This is a fairly compact device that allows you to process workpieces that do not exceed 85 mm in cross section.

A saw blade with dimensions of 13×0.65×1325 mm is installed in this machine as a working tool. The saw frame can deviate from 0 to 45 degrees, which allows you to quickly process workpieces at different angles, changing the position of the saw directly during the saw.

Metal Band Saw Review

A saw vise is included in the scope of delivery of the saw, fixedly mounted in the working area. Cutting at an angle is realized by shifting the frame. The supply and fixing of the part are done manually.

The productivity of the Stalex BS-85 machine is not very high, which does not allow to process a large number of metal billets, due to which the main scope of the equipment is the production of small batches of cuts in workshops, construction sites and domestic use.

The saw band rotates at a speed ranging from 40 to 88 meters per minute, comfortable for working with products from various materials. Due to its low weight and small size, the described machine is often used for mobile use.

Another compact tape machine for use if necessary, a small amount of work on the cutting of billets from metal and other materials. Similarly to the previous model, all cutting operations are performed manually. The STALEX SBS-125G machine differs from the Stalex BS-85 model in the diameter of the processed products, it is possible to cut workpieces with a cross section of 125 mm in it.

The STALEX SBS-125G machine has the following characteristic features:

  • the tape rotates with a gear;
  • high precision cut;
  • equipment reliability;
  • smooth adjustment of the frequency of rotation of the tape;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • simplicity of operation and maintenance of the tool.

The Proma brand PPK-90U band saw has a rigid structure with a sturdy, heavy cast iron base. This design allows the use of this equipment in production for sawing products from various materials, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, high alloy steels and stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and other polymers.

The compactness of the equipment makes it universal for use in confined spaces in a manufacturing enterprise. The frame with a saw tape rotates at an angle of up to 45 degrees. A smooth adjustment of the rotation speed is not provided, the change of the rotation speed is carried out discretely using a V-belt transmission. Given the very low price, this equipment is an excellent solution for small needs in terms of cutting parts.

Another Proma band saw used for processing small volumes of metal blanks. The Proma PPK-115 band saw differs from the previous model in the size of the processed workpieces. 100 by 150 mm, while the PPK-90U cross-section does not exceed 90 mm. The mass of the saw makes it easy to move it from place to place.

Due to the mass of equipment at 19 kilograms, it can easily be transferred to another place of work. Model JET J 349V is a professional equipment for cutting workpieces with a cross section up to 125 mm, at right angles and at 45 degrees. Excellent quality saw allows you to do without additional processing. A device with an installed saw band is supplied, which allows you to immediately start working with the tool.

The JET HVBS-56M machine allows you to process small batches of metal workpieces with a cross-section diameter of up to 1254 mm. The equipment has a heavy foundation for reliable installation in the enterprise. Due to the presence of built-in wheels, this band saw can be easily transported.

Advantages and features of the JET HVBS-56M machine:

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  • the worm gear is made of hardened material with a high degree of grinding to increase the service life;
  • guides of a saw tape can be regulated and placed on 3 bearings;
  • 3 speeds of rotation of a saw blade, switched by means of a V-belt drive;
  • there is an end stop for serial execution of cut;
  • a high degree of purity of the saw is achieved by minimizing vibrations in the equipment;
  • automatic shutdown of work during through cutting of the workpiece is implemented.
  • Table machine JET J-350V

J-350V is a compact table-top band saw for domestic use or work in a small workshop with the following advantages and distinguishing features:

  • execution for desktop use;
  • mobility;
  • the bed is completed with rubber inserts to eliminate the possibility of slipping on the table or workbench;
  • smooth adjustment of the speed of rotation of the snap, which allows you to precisely select the optimal mode of operation;
  • frame rotation by 60 degrees, which significantly expands the functionality of this equipment.
  • Pilous ARG 250

The professional band saw machine ARG 250 is a universal type of equipment, perfectly used for serial processing of profiles of various shapes and sizes. This equipment is mainly used in large industrial enterprises where high productivity is required. The equipment used. a band saw blade with dimensions of 270.9, can cut most of the used metal alloys and non-metallic materials.

Cutting is carried out with minimal vibration due to the large mass of equipment, a massive cabinet, the rigid structure of the saw blade frame. All this allows to achieve high precision cutting, even when processing materials with high hardness.

The frame is lifted manually by the operator, and the equipment is supplied under its own weight with its pace controlled by the throttle valve type of hydraulic cylinders. When the cut is completed, the tool stops automatically. To simplify manual removal of the frame to its original position, the equipment has a spring-loaded auxiliary system, the rigidity of which can be adjusted.

Features and advantages of Pilous ARG 250 machines:

  • the ability to fine-tune the cutting angle in the range from 0 to 60 degrees when fixing the part;
  • high rigidity of the saw frame, as well as reliability and a large mass of the whole structure determine the resistance to vibrations that occur during operation;
  • frame design makes it possible to process overall workpieces;
  • ease at adjustment of an angle of rotation of a frame of a saw tape;
  • a vice for fixing allows you to fix large parts, and a quick-clamping mechanism makes this process operational;
  • high accuracy of cut and wear resistance of equipment are achieved using pulleys of large overall dimensions, as well as the use of guides made of solid materials of a trilateral type;
  • long term of operation;
  • gear motor silent and maintenance-free with a worm gear;
  • 2 engine speeds: 40 and 80 m / min;
  • reliable three-phase motor;
  • use of a high-performance lubricant coolant pump;
  • The function of independent adjustment of coolant supply to both guides of the saw blade is implemented;
  • simplicity of equipment operation management;
  • presence of a scale on an emphasis for exposure of the processed details to half a meter.

Band saw machine HVBS-712K of the brand Jet is a very popular model of equipment of this type, used for industrial cutting of rolled billets: pipes, profiles, with different cross-sections.

The HVBS-712K machine has a wide range of advantages and operating parameters:

  • vertical cutting of blanks is available;
  • the pulleys on which the saw tape is stretched have stops in the design to adjust the degree of blade tension, and are also made with high reliability indicators;
  • the blade is always optimally located on the pulleys due to the use of roller bearings;
  • if necessary, cut at an angle of 45 degrees, you can use a vice with the function of operational fixation;
  • implemented systems of circulation and coolant supply to the working area;
  • compliance with international quality standards in the field of industrial safety;
  • 4 speeds of rotation of a cloth with V-belt transmission system;
  • the use of bimetallic paintings for various materials;
  • the kit includes a brush for cleaning the machine from accumulating production waste.
  • SRZ-200P-01

The band saw industrial machine of domestic production SRZ-200P-01 is designed for cutting metal rolled perpendicular to the plane of the table and at an angle of 45 degrees. A heavy machine bed with internal coolant supply systems or electrical equipment provides vibration resistance and reliability of the entire system. On the bed there is a rotary working table with a moving vice, as well as a saw frame.

Due to the wheels installed from the bottom of the machine, the machine can be easily moved across the territory of an industrial enterprise, fixing in a new place with the provided stops. A screw adjustment system is implemented below to precisely level the machine.

Movable swivel vise can rotate within /. 45 degrees in the horizontal plane. Fixation is done manually by the operator.

The machine incorporates:

  • an asynchronous motor with a frequency converter for fine tuning the speed of rotation of the equipment, which is adjustable in a wide range from 12 to 100 m / min, allowing you to work with workpieces from any material;
  • leverage and springs to compensate for the mass of the beam when it is raised and lowered during operation;
  • strain gauge to control the degree of tension of the saw blade.

Additionally, on such a machine, you can install a system for automatic feeding of blanks (live rolls) to increase the productivity of the equipment.