Metal mitre saw with my own hands

Metal mitre saw with my own hands

Makeshift mitre saw made from an angle grinder.

Hi all! I needed a device for sawing wooden workpieces at 45 and 90 degrees.

So I decided to make a coping saw from an angle grinder. I oriented with the sizes and set about manufacturing.

I already had an angle grinder, made a swivel from a bearing from the VAZ-2109 pump. And the metal, what’s left of the construction.

It took me a couple of days to make the stand, between. Welded with arc welding. inverter, I am a welder self-taught.

The bracket for the angle grinder, made from a corner piece of steel.

As expected on a disk of a larger diameter, had to increase and the protective cover. Welded it from 1.5 tin.2mm. And if you put the rails on the table it’ll hide the working stroke.

I painted the frame. On the handle is a speed regulator from the drill for a soft start. From it goes to the socket. Т.The socket is adjustable, respectively, and the angle grinder.

The guide is universal: 90 and 45 degrees. With the possibility of mounting on both sides in relation to the saw blade.

With such a machine, you can easily and conveniently, saw various workpieces at the desired angle.

Also, attached is a video, which shows the homemade mitre saw in action.

How to make an end saw

Let’s proceed to assembly

  • Cut a rectangular sheet of plywood and make a long kerf on it, on which your face saw will ride;
  • On top screw two guides, for example, from aluminum angle, to the width of the working plane of the circular saw itself;
  • At the bottom of the plywood sheet you need to screw on two racks of height equal to the depth of cut of your saw (5.3 cm).

As a result we have a guide on which the circular saw will walk. Depending on how we secure it to the table with this simple mechanism, we can make a precise cut at any angle. The simplest version of the design is ready.

But what if we want our crosscut saw to be more functional in operation and look like a factory-made mitre saw?? In this case we will have to show more ingenuity.

  • First, it is necessary to make a bracket and a stand, on which the circular saw will be fixed. Particleboard (27 mm) is an excellent raw material for such a mechanism. With self-tapping screws and aluminum corners you will have a very decent top part of the trimmer. And the springs attached to the top can make working on such a saw more comfortable;
  • Secondly, we need to fix the tripod itself on a movable pivoting foot, make a pendulum saw, so that we can eventually change the angle of facing.

Carefully! On what material you choose for the stand and the tripod, how securely you fix them on the foot, will depend not only on the quality of work and the functionality of the trimmer, but also your personal safety. It is not for nothing they say that if a carpenter is experienced, he is sure to be fingerless

Fasten the circular saw as securely as possible! Safety first of all!

As for the saw itself, the assembly is all about. However, if we decided to make a saw that looks like a factory one, it will be difficult to do without a table.

Metal cutting machine with their own hands: recommendations for creation

Circular saws are tools that are based on a special platform or frame made of metal. The machine itself is equipped with details that provide a reliable fixation of the material in a certain position at the required angle during its cutting.

As a cutting element in such designs, a disk made of high-speed steel is used. It is also called carbide. Also a wheel with a coated abrasive material can be used for cutting metal. The cutting element is driven by an electric motor with a belt or gear train.

Schematic of the device of a pendulum-type metal-cutting machine

Please note! Low-power versions of the tool allow the cutting element to be mounted directly on the shaft of the electric motor. In other cases, such use of a blade can be dangerous.

Disc type machines have three different cutting component feeds:

According to the number of cutting elements, the machines can be:

  • single-headed. only one cutting disc is included with the unit, so if the operation needs to be changed, the cutting edge is readjusted according to the new task;
  • Double-headed. the design makes it possible to work with two tools at once, thus increasing the efficiency. In such machines one head is in a fixed position and remains stable, the second head can move. Double-headed designs can do the work automatically.

Example of a cutting machine for metal, made by your own hands

How to make a disk metal cutting machine with your own hands: procedure

When making a machine designed to work with metal, the actions are carried out in the following order:

  • Prepare protective guards, which will be installed on the drive belt, as well as the cutting disc.
  • Motor is installed. The drive belt serves as the connecting piece between the cutting element shaft and the motor.
  • The shaft, on which the drive pulley will be mounted, and the cutting disc is installed, is made. The assembly is to be assembled and then mounted on a pendulum. In this case the pendulum is the movable upper part of the construction, where the cutting element and the motor are located.
  • The shaft for attaching the pendulum is made.
  • The frame for the installation of the machine is made. The spark arrester and the workpiece will be mounted on it.
  • The pendulum is installed on the frame.
  • Electrical wiring is assembled.
  • A test run of the tool and adjustment of the equipment is carried out.

As a cutting element in homemade cutting machines is used a disk made of high-speed steel, or a circle with a coating in the form of abrasive material

Calculation of the pulley for the home-made metal cutting machine

Calculation of pulley diameter is carried out taking into account rotational speed of the disc and other parameters. Assuming that the motor power will be at least 300 W, the rotational speed of the disk will be at least 3000 rpm./min., and its size in diameter. 40 cm.

Useful tip! In the process of metal cutting the nut in the area of disk clamping can be unscrewed. To avoid this, it is advisable to mount the drive pulleys on the left hand side and the disc on the shaft on the right.

Discs are usually marked by the manufacturer, who puts the maximum allowable rotational speed on the product. In this case the figure is 4400 rpm./min. Therefore, any speed within the range 3000-4400 rpm is acceptable./min.

  • motor rotation speed. 1500 rpm./min.;
  • the diameter of the pulley intended for installation on the shaft is 6.5 cm
  • disc rotational speed. 3000 rpm./min.

Drawing of a frame-type cutting machine (frame dimensions depend on the size of the tool used)

The calculation is performed in the following sequence:

  • Set the length of the shaft on the perimeter. To do this, multiply the number π, which is equal to 3.14 by the size of the diameter: 3,14 x 6,5 = 20,41 cm (length of the shaft on the perimeter).
  • Multiply this value by the necessary number of revolutions: 20.41 x 3000 rpm./min. = 61230 cm/min.
  • The result must be divided by the number of engine revolutions: 61230 cm/min/1500 rev./min. = 40.82 cm (perimeter motor pulley length).
  • Divide the result by the number π: 40.82 cm/3.14 = 13 cm (required pulley size).

Calculation of the belt length for a homemade metal cutting machine with your own hands

The following data will be needed to perform these calculations:

With two pulleys measuring 13 cm and 6.5 cm, you can make the necessary calculations. Since the distance between the centers of these elements can be changed (since the belt needs to be tensioned), we will take a 50 cm section as an example.

The larger the diameter of the cutting element, the easier it is to cut thicker metal

Now you need to calculate 1/2 the circumference of each pulley. Since the drive belt runs between them twice to this value you need to add twice the distance between the center points.

Useful tip! To get a more accurate result, you should make calculations with the maximum and minimum distances between the pulleys’ center points and choose an average value.

In order to build a metal cutting machine by yourself, you need to prepare the necessary tools.

Drawing of the cutting machine of the pendulum type: on the left. the dimensions of the base, on the right. the features of the design of the pendulum

Mandatory set of tools and materials include:

  • welding machine;
  • metal angle (steel);
  • channel and chain;
  • on/off button;
  • bearings;
  • shaft and electric motor;
  • an electric drill;
  • Sheet steel to create a working surface;
  • box for placement of electrical components of the machine.

Making a cutting machine from an angle grinder with their own hands: drawings, technology

Designs of cutting machines, made on the basis of the angle grinder, are of two kinds (depending on the location of the angle grinder).

In the first case, we get a bed, on which the angle grinder is very rigidly fixed. Only the disc is elevated above the working surface, for which there is a special slot in the table. Such a machine operates on the circular saw principle.

Note! In the process of working with such a machine, you have to move the workpiece by yourself, which loses the accuracy of the work. In addition, this process can be unsafe, so drawings with a hidden type of placement of the angle grinder are not in high demand.

The second variant stipulates that the workpiece remains in a stationary state, and the cutting element is moved. Due to the fact that the grinder is located on top of the table top, you do not need to make serious efforts to cut parts.

Work on the home-made cutting machine, created on the basis of the angle grinder

List of tools and materials for a cutting machine from an angle grinder with their own hands

When making the tool yourself, it should be taken into account that the accuracy with which it will work depends largely on the stability of the design. For this reason the thickness of the materials is not so much related to the strength requirements of the machine body, but rather to the need to ensure the proper level of rigidity.

  • shaped tube with a square cross-section (2.5 x 2.5 x 0.25 cm);
  • sheet steel (sheet thickness 0,4-0,5 cm);
  • A profiled tube with a rectangular cross-section (4x2x0.25 cm);
  • ball bearings. 2 pcs. (03, 204 or 202);
  • calibrated rod not more than 10 cm (the thickness is selected taking into account the hole on the inner ring of the bearing);
  • metal rod (diameter 0,8-1 cm)
  • fixing elements (bolts with nuts, M or M8 threads);
  • metal busbar (2×0.4 cm).

The accuracy of the cut-off machine from the angle grinder depends largely on the stability of the construction

  • angle grinder;
  • Electric drill (can be replaced by a drill press);
  • drill set;
  • a set of dies, designed to form a metal thread;
  • welding machine;
  • open-end wrenches.

Selection of suitable cutting tools for the homemade cutting machine from the angle grinder

Angle grinder is the main component of the machine for working with metal. Experts do not recommend using a small tool for these purposes, which has no more than 500-600 watts of power. In such grinders, the cutting discs have a diameter of no more than 12.5 cm. These limitations are due to the fact that the cutting element with a large diameter is considered versatile and very reliable. it can cope with the cutting of thick blanks.

Useful tip! Instead of welding to fix the parts, you can use threaded connections, but they are less reliable and will not provide the necessary level of strength.

Competent choice of angle grinder is an important point in creating a cutting machine for metal from this tool

Carefully approach the choice of the angle grinder needs also because there is a large variety of designs on the market. Since this power tool is not fully unified, the construction of the machine will be carried out under a certain modification and size of the angle grinder.

If the machine breaks down, installing another angle grinder can be not only problematic, but also impossible. You’ll have to remake the pendulum and all mountings. Therefore, it is worth choosing a tool from the range of large and already proven companies, such as Bosch or Makita.

Cutting machine drawings: how to turn an angle grinder into a cutting tool

At the preparatory stage, design and drawings are made. There are no uniform dimensions for the reason that the design of each machine is subject to a specific model of cutting tool. Ready-made drawings, of which there are quite a few on the Internet, can be fitted to an angle grinder. They allow you to orient with regard to what will be the structure of the structure, its dimensions.

Drawing is better to begin with the body part. In some cases, it may be necessary to build a separate platform instead of a frame. Such a platform will be attached to the workbench. Next, the dimensions and arrangement of the node elements on the machine are determined. It is necessary to measure the interaxial distances between the mounting holes located on the gearbox, as well as measure the angle grinder itself.

All this data is used to make drawings. Once the mounts for the pendulum and grinder are designed, the swivel assembly is designed.

Useful tip! The accuracy and rigidity of the machine depends on the distance between the cutting element and the pivot joint. The smaller the gap, the better. It is recommended to install a pendulum with a minimum length.

After making the drawings, you will only need to select the materials, calculate their quantity and begin the construction.

Once the drawing is made, the necessary materials and tools are selected, you can proceed directly to the creation of the cutting machine

Technology of creating a cutting machine from the angle grinder

The technology for making a metal cutting machine based on an angle grinder is almost the same as for a cutting wheel:

  • Preparing and fabricating the frame parts.
  • Making a swivel joint on the swing arm.
  • Making a U-shaped bracket with holes for mounting the gearbox of the grinder.
  • Making a U-shaped clamp and strip that will fix the angle grinder body on the pendulum.
  • Mounting the U-shaped clamp and the U-shaped bracket to the cutting tool: by welding or threading all these parts are attached to the cantilever part.
  • Pressing bearings into supports.
  • Pressing the bearings on the shaft from both sides. To increase the strength of the connection, you can tin the axle with a thin layer of tin using a blowtorch.
  • Fastening of the pendulum with supporting knots on the edge of the platform (0.5-0.6 cm from the edge) with a welding machine.
  • Installation of the angle grinder and the safety guard.
  • Mounting the return spring.

The simplest crosscut saw from the angle grinder with their own hands

To evenly cut steel long rolled steel, you need a coping saw. No need for it in a small workshop. To save space and money, you can make a stand for the angle grinder, which will completely replace this tool.


From thick sheet steel you need to cut the sole of the stand. Four holes are drilled and countersinked in it for attaching it to the work table.

A threaded rod is cut to the width of the sole. Screw the nuts on it. It is then welded to the edge of the sole.

Bend an elbow with a hole at the edge out of a strip. It must be screwed to the angle grinder through the regular hole to attach the removable handle.

Next, you will need to weld the second edge of the angle to the stud so that the disk of the angle grinder passed on the side of the soleplate, and was located strictly parallel to it.

A strip stop is welded to the base plate that can be used to level workpieces perpendicular to the cutting disc. Then the machine is installed on the corner of the table and screwed down with self-tapping screws.

Before it is used, a handle is screwed onto the angle grinder from below. That’s it, the mitre saw is ready for use.

Basic selection criteria

Before you go to the store and ask the salesperson for advice, read about the parameters you should consider when buying a tool. And then you can rationally make your choice.

power. Affects performance and speed. As it increases, so does the weight and cost of the tool. Household crosscutters use less power than professional crosscutters; disc size. How deep and fast you can cut depends on it. Also find out if interchangeable blades are commercially available for the selected tool model; cutting parameters. Angle, width and depth. The saw must cut workpieces at the angle required for your purposes, preferably in both directions. Manufacturer also indicates maximum cutting depth when working at 45 and 90 degrees to the surface. Cutting depth limitation feature is important. It is used for grooving and processing workpieces in thickness; Setting the angle of the broach horizontally. Allows you to increase the kerf width by moving the cutting part horizontally. You can saw wide enough workpieces in one pass.Torx/original mitre saw with pull through RPM. Affects clean cut and makes it possible to work in hard materials. Speed of 4000 and more is very good.motor type: collector. It is necessary to check the armature regularly, but such a motor has a higher torque;asynchronous. Runs quieter and lasts longer; transmission type: toothed. No slippage in high loads;belt-driven. it makes less noise and dampens vibration, but the belt tears more often than the gear teeth wear out; straight. No gearbox, less rubbing parts, but lower torque;rotary system design. It should: have locks for frequently used angles and clamps; rotate at different angles. Angle values to be specified; adjustable without backlash; swivel system with clamping safety system. The crosscut saw must be equipped with safety components: a system that automatically closes the blade with a blade guard when lowered onto the workpiece; the blade guard. protects against saw blade jamming; soft start. The motor gradually picks up speed, you need to let it run up and wait a few seconds. Without this option, excessive inrush currents will knock out the automatic switches and quickly destroy the motor and tool gearbox;electrodynamic brake. It stops the working disk quickly and smoothly;the accidental start-up locking device prevents the shaft rotation. Handy for replacing the blade; dust bag. Attached to the special nozzle. It can be connected to a vacuum cleaner.Dust collector

Real pendulum

How a “true pendulum” metal cutting machine is set up is shown in Fig.; oscillating “pendulum” is highlighted with colors.

Design of a pendulum metal cutting machine

“Trick” of the design is the rocker arm, balanced by the weight of the motor so that the idle feed force (without cutting) for the whole length of the working stroke was approx. The blade’s inertia was uniform and amounted to approx. 5 N (about 0.5 kgf). It is precisely this “idle” force that allows an experienced machine operator to have the best feel for the material and to work at maximum productivity without accumulating fatigue, literally playing with it. If, however, a dangerous situation arises and the worker throws the feed stick, the inertia of the motor and the rocker bar fins ensure a smooth rebound of the blade. Probability of hazardous situation into an emergency and cutting tool damage is greatly reduced, and the workpiece is often left undamaged. look what’s wrong, correct it, finish it off.

Note: The return spring of the rocker arm in balanced pendulum cut-off machines is almost always there, but the role of the breakaway emergency spring (see “The spring of the rocker arm”) is not always there. Further on) it practically doesn’t play, only gives initial push to the heavy rocker if the disk is “bent”. Most often a return spring in this type of machine is used to set the idle force “under itself”.

Examples of homemade machines

The most complicated assembly unit of the design shown above is the rotary table with angle divider; it is impossible to make it “on the knee” at home. Cutting at a given angle with all constructions described below is carried out by turning and fixation of the whole machine relative to the table (workbench) for workpieces with a longitudinal stop (or vice versa, the workbench relative to the machine). It is easier with the cutting machines of angle grinders, see: CNC sheet metal cutting machines. further.

The outline and basic details drawings of the most universal self-made cutting off machines are given on the next page. fig.

Appearance and drawings of the main parts of the universal self-made cutting machine

This machine is also mobile: it can be hand-carried within the working area and carried in the trunk of a car. This can be a valuable quality, e.g. for the lubrication of the machine., When assembling/disassembling/repairing pipelines on site. Motor power on the shaft (cfm). further) 1.2-1.5 kW. Speed of the disc 2500-2900 min-1; disc diameter up to 350 mm.

For those still confused about tolerances and fits, see also Fig. the conditions for coordinating the coupled dimensions are given; dimensions D32 are coordinated according to the rule for D15. To get the necessary alignment (centering) of shaft journals for bearings (D20-0.03) on a lathe of normal accuracy, they need to be turned clean in one setup and one pass of the cutter (the feed. minimum, it’s not you to tear dross).

rocker arm in this case is a sheet of steel S4 reinforced with a cross bar made of D30 pipe; the cross bar bend is the drive lever. The rocker arm can be frame-mounted, made from 30x30x2 steel pipe. Its span (length) is not critical in the range of 400-500 mm. No return spring (can be supplied). The upward deflection of the rocker is set by moving its “tail” back from the hinge (see the “tail” of the rocker to the front). below).

The bearing shells of the machine shaft are assembled with the D21 holes facing each other. This method of installation in the informal design slang is called “butt to butt” (softened in a publicly available publication). In this case it is possible to eliminate the longitudinal displacement of the shaft in the bearings without any additional structural elements, i.e.к. the cups of their cages are closed on the right by the faceplate and on the left by the idler pulley. Assembly of the operating shaft assembly on the rocker arm is performed as follows. order:

  • bearings are inserted into the finished cage (with brackets welded and trimmed to the plane);
  • The bearing shells are put on the shaft as described above;
  • a slave pulley is put on the long shank D15 (left on the drawing);
  • the spacer is put on top of the pulley on the same shank;
  • we tighten the pulley with M14 nut through the spacer;
  • the shaft with bearings and the pulley is put on the rocker and temporarily clamped to it by the middle with a clamp (not too tight)!);
  • Bearing shells are also temporarily unclamped with wooden sticks;
  • the shaft is aligned exactly parallel to the leading edge of the rocker arm: its projections upwards should be tangent to the bearing shells. Use two locksmith’s squares at the same time!
  • quickly weld the thrust washers using a tack tack tacker. Current. no more than 60-80 A;
  • the clamp and spacers are removed, the ease of rotation of the shaft is checked. Sticks. cut off shells by welding and repeat steps. 6-10;
  • weld the bearing brackets on to the shaft. Weld with short stitches alternately right-left;
  • let the assembly cool down completely and check again shaft rotation. Clinks, jams. alas, overheated during welding. Hands still need to grow properly, and the rims will have to make (order) anew. Probably change the bearings as well;
  • the shaft rotates easily and smoothly. cover the bearing unit with a light casing from sawdust and scale.

the rocker arm pivot is assembled similarly, but “butt by butt” (with cups of the shells inside) and also covered with a light dust cover. The axle of the hinge. a piece of round bar D(21 45), which is at hand. At the ends are turned bearing journals, the same as on the working shaft, and shanks M14 lengths from 40 mm. Bed. from profiled pipes, angles from 40×40, etc.п. junk at hand. The hinge is fixed in the eyes of its columns with pairs of nuts (inside and outside). Another variant of hinge assembly. its bearing shells are welded to flat frame together with its axis, as on the inset in fig. Then the rocker arm is welded to the pivot axis or attached to it with threaded hardware. But it is more difficult to center the joint this way and to protect bearings from dust.

It is necessary to make/choose a driving pulley of a motor so that frequency of rotation of a disk was close to rated one. The starting scheme of the engine is assembled in advance on the left (looking from the shaft side) rotation, “by sparks from itself”. In this case, the recoil of the cutting force will tighten the nuts of the pulleys and disc; they will be held firm by friction, cotter pins, cotter pins, etc.п. no additional “inconvenient” technological fixings are needed.

Trimmer based on angle grinder

An angle grinder is often used for the task at hand. It is ideal for making your own facing machine for machining end surfaces. The homemade version will have the following specifications:

  • RPM of the angle grinder disk should not be less than 4500 rpm;
  • Cutting length is 350 millimeters. Note that this indicator is significantly higher than that of the factory tool, which belongs to the middle class.

The design allows you to remove the angle grinder from the table and use it as an ordinary tool.

When considering how to make a similar version of the performance, let us note the following points:

  • the cutting tool is installed on the axle, which is represented by a car wheel. This point determines the possibility of facing at an angle. To fix the swivel mechanism a bearing of 150 millimeters in diameter is used. To fix the angle grinder a special mechanism is used, which is mounted on a rotary axis. After a certain time, it is recommended to lubricate this axis, as there is a possibility of squeaking;
  • To fix a certain angle in the manufacture of the machine, special ears are welded on the bearing, on the outer side. Fixation is carried out with a screw, for example, M6. It is necessary to conduct the attachment of the lugs so that there is not a large distance between them. Otherwise, there is a probability of a strong backlash, which will essentially reduce the accuracy of processing;

The last stage of production can be called the creation of a shield for the saw. This element eliminates the possibility of foreign bodies getting into the cutting zone. The end facing machine can be used in the home.

However, the design under consideration has significant disadvantages, which should be taken into account. They can include:

  • A crosscutting machine made by your own hands is very noisy. This is due to the peculiarities of the work of the angle grinder. During processing there is noise, which is almost impossible to reduce;
  • Trimming machine is used for high-quality processing of end surfaces. That is why quite a lot of attention is paid to the accuracy of the location of the angle grinder with a disk relative to the workpiece. To adjust the location of the angle grinder with a disc, the cutoffs of bars are used. The rod should be fixed with a bolt, and then you can carry out processing.
metal, mitre, hands

The drawings of the crosscut saw determine that it can be installed quite simply in almost any workshop. It should be taken into account that the construction has small dimensions, and the workpiece can be quite large. In order to eliminate the possibility of loss of accuracy during processing, it is necessary to mount the structure to the base.

Particular attention is paid to the type of installed disc. Originally, the angle grinder was designed for processing metal, which determines the presence of a large number of discs for metal. But there are also discs for woodworking, which have their own features.

Note that there are quite a few drawings that can be used when creating a crosscutting machine. Some are simple enough to implement, others are difficult to perform.

If you find a mistake, please highlight text and press CtrlEnter.

How to make a table for mitre saw with your own hands

A good material for the table can be 19mm Fiberboard.

  • Measure the depth and width of the entire structure (facing saw);
  • Now measure the width and depth of the workbench on which the table and the facing saw itself will stand;
  • As a result, the lower part of the wood-fiber-board table should be equal to the width and depth of the workbench, and the upper part should consist of two parts and in total be less in length by the width of the end saw;
  • The height of the table should be equal to the depth of the cut;
  • Inside the table (between the upper and lower boards) at a distance of 50 cm it is important to make rigid dividers of the same Fibreboard-plate. This is to ensure that the table does not bend under pressure.

That’s it for now. Trimming saw from an ordinary circular saw is ready.

Makeshift saw from the angle grinder

End saw from an angle grinder is one of the common models. The advantage of this design is that the angle grinder can be removed and, having replaced the disc, can be used for its direct purpose. for metal cutting. The simplest scheme allows you to saw boards at an angle of 90 degrees.

  • First, a supporting frame is made of metal sheet framed with an angle. A vertical pole made of metal profile is welded (bolted down) to it.
  • To a piece of pipe fix the brackets for fixing the angle grinder, which embrace the casing made of any improvised material. The main condition. a reliable fixation of the grinder.
  • The pipe is fastened to the stand by the usual bolt joint. To hold in an upright position, you install limiters or a self-clamping device.
  • Having secured the angle grinder, make a cut in the base for the entire diameter of the disk, so the kerf of the workpiece is complete.
  • The side stop for changing the position of the workpieces is made rotatable. Marking in degrees makes it easier to choose the right angle.

To assemble independently a crosscut saw from a circular saw, angle grinder on the power of every home handyman. In the process of implementation of the proposed ideas there are great prospects for creativity in improving the existing design.

The mitre saw is one of the most popular and indispensable tools for DIY enthusiasts. Replacing the primitive crosscut saw, it quickly gained popularity in small workshops and large-scale production. The advantage of this tool is precise and safe cutting at right angles or set angles. The motor is usually located above the base and is mounted on a movable carriage with a handle. The depth of cut is set by the stops in the base, and by hand. Both professional craftsmen and amateur hobbyists have already appreciated this type of power tool. You too can have it!

Trim saw on the basis of an angle grinder with a broach with his hands

For precise cutting of sheet material, you can make a crosscut saw with a broach driven by an angle grinder. It will also allow you to cut long rolled metal, and with the appropriate cutting disc can work with lumber and tile.

Basic materials:

From profile pipe 600-700 mm long guide for machine tool carriage is made. Drill a through hole at each edge with a 8 mm bit. The studs are inserted into them and flattened from the inside with nuts. Then 4 stands are clamped on the studs from the angle.The frame of the frame is welded from the same angle to the size of the guide. Stands are then welded or bolted to it.

To make the carriage it is necessary to grind 8 nuts to the size of an inner ring of the prepared bearings.

Then the carriage is assembled from the two halves. Each half consists of a pair of 100-150 mm long angles, drilled at the edges.

metal, mitre, hands

In the holes in one corner are inserted pins, and on them are screwed with an alternation of ordinary and hardened nuts with washers between them.

The halves of the carriage are connected by studs and installed on the guide. To prevent the carriage from sliding to the side, it is necessary to make two side stops on each side. They are rollers made from drilled bearing balls. Each ball is mounted on a rod axle and a fork made of strip is welded to it. The forks are welded onto the studs, which must be bolted to the angles welded to the side of the carriage.

A bushing of the hinged mechanism with a pressed bearing is welded to the bottom of the carriage. A shaft is inserted into it, to which a strip with a handle and eyelets are welded for installation of an angle grinder through the regular holes for handles. For greater rigidity, it is necessary to weld a piece of pipe vertically to the mount to support the body of the angle grinder with a bolt.

Next, a steel plate is welded to the frame of the base frame. Perpendicular to it, the angle grinder’s cutting wheel is screwed on to hold the workpieces to be cut. Your tool is ready to use. You can later install an additional 45-degree offset fence if necessary.

You can work with metal, tile, or even wood. Everything will depend on what disc you install on the angle grinder.

Choice of saw

To choose the right saw, you need to answer a few basic questions.

Yes, you can choose the first machine you see. But then you don’t know if you can cut metal with such a saw, and how long the chosen saw will last. The cheapest models even for home use is also not an option.

  • Scope of application. If you need a guide sander for occasional metal work, choose a model with a standard set of features. It can perform the necessary operations, not complicated by configuration of cuts. For serious work is suitable only for the category of semi-professional or professional saws.
  • Safety. Look carefully at the design of the blade guard. Many handsaws made by hand have practically no protection available. Even factory-made models often have some inaccuracies, though. So when choosing a machine, make sure the guard fully covers the blade during operation and when the saw is at rest.
  • Dimensions. Lifting heavy crosscut saws will be a problem, you will start to get tired quickly. The cost of large models of metal saws is usually higher, because they have more power.
  • The level of ergonomics. In any power tool store you can take a machine tool, metal saw, try it with your own hands. Make sure that the tool is convenient to use, the design suits you. Every sawmaker has different requirements in this regard, so it is highly recommended to hold the device before purchase.
  • Sizes of discs. The cut-off saw requires a set of disks for work on metal and other materials. A blade with a diameter of less than 200 mm is not recommended. Its dimensions directly affect how deep the saw penetrates into the metal, and how wide the cut is. The wider the items to be cut, the wider the blade is necessary. Special requirements may apply, however, depending on the situation.
  • Stand and swivel block. The cut-off machine must have all elements of high quality. So check it for faults, play, and other possible problems.

Laser Marker for mitre saws

Laser pointer for mitre saws

the Metabo indexer is used with the crosscut saw KGS It provides a perfect view of the cut and is not automatically activated by a centrifugal switch. Choosingmitre saw Wood: for home and cottage use. The workpiece is quickly clamped for further cutting, without the need for test cuts. This line laser operates with a rechargeable battery and has six spare batteries. Circular saw stand ksu 401 (629006000) from Metabo. high quality, reliable and durable. Orders are accepted Mon-Fri from 8: Delivery is within the Moscow Ring Road.

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Consumable materials not tooling. Accessories for your gardening machine. Accessories for power equipment. Accessories no accessories for machine tools. Equipment for climate, cleaning. Accessories for construction equipment. Recreation, sports, not tourism. Buy stand for mitre saw ksu 251 Metabo Specials Sale Sale Items of the month Our promotions Kits Price markdown.

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for mitre saw KGS Metabo Product code: Parameters of the packed goods Unit: The stated information does not constitute a public offer. Buy stand for ksu 251 trimmer saw Metabo We have compiled all the information you need in relation to the servicing of Metabo tools. Here you will find the addresses of the licensed service centers in your city and the locality is automatically determined by your choice.

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Need help in finding an interesting device. disk laser pointer. Door installation in Saint-Petersburg.

Making a “scope” for a mitre saw

with a line beam lens,crosscut saw. A couple of screws not some epoxy. Done!

Laser ruler cut line generator, laser cut line pointer is a device that generates a line for a trimmer. Find Cancel Advanced Search. 343082640 laser pointer for mitre saw. Search from the home page searches the entire forum, search a specific section searches only that section, search a specific topic searches only that topic. Search only in headlines User’s posts: Abakan Angarsk Arkhangelsk Astrakhan Barnaul Belgorod Belorechensk Berezovsky Blagoveschensk Bryansk Vladivostok Vladikavkaz Vladimir Volgograd Volzhsky Vologda Voronezh Ekaterinburg Ivanovo Izhevsk Irkutsk Kazan Kalina Kaluga Kemerovo Kirov Korolev Kostroma Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Kulebaki Kursk Lipetsk Magadan Magnitogorsk Makhachkala Moscow Murmansk Naberezhnye Chelny Nakhodka Nizhny Novgorod Novokuznetsk Novomoskovsk Novosibirsk Norilsk Omsk Orel Orsk Perm Petropavlovsk- Kamchatka Pskov Pyatigorsk Ramenskoye Rostov-on-Don Ryazan Samara Samara Saransk Saratov Sergiev Posad Smolensk Sochi Stavropol Taganrog Tambov Tolyatti Tomsk Tuapse Tula Tyumen Uzen Ulyanovsk Ufa Khabarovsk Cheboksary Chelyabinsk Cherepovets Chekhov Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Yaroslavl.

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The thickness of the line at a distance of 0.5 m from the native edge, mm. You need to update your browser or try another one. Emitting power, mW.

A guide to the workshops from our forum members. Please give me a tip. Where to send a messenger! This is how commodity flows are built in now. Russia, St. Petersburg not area, St. Petersburg, c. It does not happen that in the capital this good does not happen, so a huge request, mostly to Muscovites. Can someone see on sale are available? Search in headers only User Posts: Live wooden stash alarm table.

You are using an outdated browser. Cut-off saw table Metabo buy at low price. Tables for facing Metabo in Kiev discount and action is always the best price 3 years warranty ? (067) 362-69-96. On the angle grinder will not fit because of the high speed, but for the speed of the angle grinder is also not suitable.

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Laser cutting. 343082640 laser pointer

for trimmer saw kgs 254 plus with free delivery to Belarus. Fantastic worlds of wood. Publication of information from the site vseinstrumenti.

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