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Professional craftsmen have to carry out an impressive amount of carpentry work. That is why it is much more convenient for them to use stationary circular saws. As for home craftsmen, who rarely encounter work of this kind, they do not really need this tool, and they need a lot of space for it. Neat circular mini-saws are in great demand today.

It is worth considering in more detail what qualities and features such thoughtful and practical tools have.


Compact saws “Rotorizer” are among the most popular and demanded. It was they who became the guarantors of the popularity of many other models of similar equipment. The main advantage of these copies is that they have a democratic cost and low weight. They can be seamlessly moved from one place to another without any extra effort.

The size of the “Rotorizer” disk can also be different. For example, models in which this element has a diameter of 55 mm are considered one of the most common. In this case, the landing nest will be approximately 11 mm, and the weight. 1.3 kg.

Many of the Rotorizer models (China) are much cheaper than their counterparts. Due to their low weight, enviable functionality and wide distribution, these models can be safely called one of the most popular.

However, these specimens are characterized not only by pluses, but also by minuses. The latter include the following indicators:

  • small discs. these models have small radius sawing discs that are subject to rapid and inevitable wear;
  • small cutting depth. this figure is only 12 mm (it will not be possible to properly saw through even a chipboard sheet);
  • modest power level. for similar options this parameter is more impressive (approximately 2-3 times);
  • the body and accessories of the specified model cannot boast of impeccable performance.

All of these disadvantages may seem to some consumers significant and repulsive to purchase. If we consider such models objectively, then they are simple average “Chinese”.

Reviews of such products are mostly positive. Buyers love the good quality, performance and cost of the final products. over, they are widespread and available.

Model overview

Today there are many popular and productive models of small circular saws. They are very popular, as they differ in functionality and small dimensions. It is worth considering a small rating of the most popular models.

Good budget-class instruments are produced under the Skil brand. They feature a 10 mm fit and a large diameter saw blade (89 mm). This popular tool can easily withstand impressive loads, since it is of the highest quality workmanship.

Skil products can be easily compared with expensive items from more famous and large brands. They are focused not only on household, but also on more serious use.

Many furniture makers turn to such tools because they show the highest performance and do not require constant repair.

One of the most popular Skil models is the 5330. This instrument is ideal as a professional.

However, it also has disadvantages such as:

  • impressive weight;
  • not the best ergonomics;
  • high cost for certain. even for the simplest saw, you will have to pay at least 2 thousand rubles.


This tool has a rather complex design and structure. Typically, these types of tools are designed to work with fairly thin and malleable materials.

Using them, it is permissible to perform the following tasks:
  • sawing a tree, moving along the fibers;
  • sawing wood across the grain;
  • cut out various subspecies of wood (these include materials such as MDF, laminate and chipboard);
  • cut metal with a thin and soft structure.

These tools have the following characteristics:

  • they have a very modest size, making them easy to use and move from place to place;
  • are lightweight (this indicator rarely exceeds the 2 cm mark);
  • as a rule, these models have low power;
  • the size of the saw blade in hand saws is small;
  • the cutting depth of this tool is also not very deep.

It is recommended to buy a tool with similar listed properties and features to cut thin wood, as well as soft metal profiles. For these materials, such a device is ideal. As for denser raw materials, a small manual circular is unlikely to cope with them and can get serious damage.


The mini circular saw also has a rather complex design. The main part of this tool is a disc designed for cutting various materials. This element has special teeth and is set in motion by starting an electric motor. Such tools are good because they are usually equipped with a number of additional functions that are very useful during certain work.

These additions include the following:

  • the ability to adjust the cutting depth. for this it is possible to displace the cutting half of the disc in relation to the thrust base of the device;
  • removal of dust and shavings. in a number of models of the tool there is a special branch pipe necessary for connecting an industrial-type vacuum cleaner (such revision is especially relevant when it comes to large-scale repair work in order to prevent dust settling on other pieces of furniture);
  • protection against accidental shutdown. often to initiate a circular saw for wood, you need to press two buttons in sequence;
  • continuous mode of operation (without interruptions). this useful addition comes in handy if you plan to carry out rather long cuts, which take a lot of time.


Currently, the range of tools for both professionals and amateurs is very rich and striking in its diversity. The consumers are faced with the widest choice of devices for carrying out almost any work.

Circular saws, made in mini format, have been singled out as a separate niche relatively recently. On the territory of the Russian Federation, such interesting and functional devices first appeared under the Rotorazer brand. The specified name is still applied to a similar class of electric tools today.

The popularity of the compact circular saw was not long in coming.

The rapid growth in demand is due not only to the excellent functional and technical characteristics of these tools, but also to their modest dimensions, which do not require a lot of free space. It is permissible to store them at home.

The Rotorazer is a narrow focus instrument. It is a representative of a new generation and can seamlessly replace a classic circular saw or grinder. Such devices are relevant for both home and professional work. Often, the use of a rotoriser is resorted to in various workshops where furniture is serially assembled. A small circular saw can easily replace bulky equipment, as it is no less functional.

This is what the mini-saw is different. it can replace many other important tools that are often used in various jobs. It is often chosen as a replacement for professional machine tools.

In addition, this multi-tasking tool is very convenient to use. Most modern mini-saws are equipped with comfortable handles and other little things to ensure the convenience of the master.

Few people know that the brand called Rockwell became the pioneer in the new generation of household tools. than 15 years ago, the brand introduced the first circular mini-saw, the Versa Cut. Her build was in many ways similar to the good old angle grinder. This circular saw from Rockwell was presented in several functional models. Each was characterized by outstanding performance and safety performance. The set included a good solid type casing.

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With the help of such a model, it became possible to cut a variety of materials, which had a serious impact on the popularity of such a tool. Soon, similar devices found their niche in the European market, but under the Worx brand.


Since modern high-capacity batteries have impressive dimensions, they are difficult to fit into the small case of a mini-circular. A capacious battery does not fit in this design. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the operation of these tools is good in that you can not stay close to places where there are sources of electricity.

Battery models are also good because their owner can stock up on an extra battery. The latter will make it possible to extend the operating time of the unit.

Battery devices are bad only because the time of their operation is limited. In any case, the battery will run out one day, especially if you use the technique too actively at maximum settings.

Design and selection parameters of a mini circular saw

Currently, there are many types of cut-off hand tools. They differ in design, technical and operational parameters. But a special place is occupied by a mini circular saw. Despite its small size, it has wide functionality.

Tips for choosing a circular saw

First of all, you should decide on the type of work to be carried out, for which you need an electric mini circular saw. For wood processing, it is recommended to purchase special models with a dust extractor. But besides this factor, other factors should be taken into account.

An important point is the power of the tool. The maximum permissible thickness of the processed surface depends on this. You also need to pay attention to the density of the material. Oak or walnut boards have an increased density of fibers, which affects the laboriousness of their cutting.

In addition to power, when choosing a mini circular saw model, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

When cutting with a mini circular saw on wood, the number of revolutions may decrease due to the load. This will affect the quality of the cut. Some types of tools automatically maintain a constant speed value, regardless of the load.

The average length of the power cord for connecting to the mains is 1.5 m.If you plan to work outdoors, you will additionally need a power strip.

Mini circular saw design

Outwardly, this processing tool resembles an angle grinder. an angle grinder. The difference lies in the mounting unit, which is designed for the installation of special circular saws.

The design of an electric mini-saw consists of a power unit (electric motor), a torque transmission unit and a mounting element for installing a blade. The body is made of durable plastic, which can withstand not only significant loads, but also constant vibration.

Additionally, to increase the comfort of use, the following components can be installed:

  • cutting depth adjustment. For this, the possibility of displacement of the cutting part relative to the thrust plane of the tool is provided;
  • removal of shavings and dust. Many models have a branch pipe for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. This is especially true when carrying out repair work, when it is necessary to minimize the deposition of dust on objects in the room;
  • protection against accidental activation. Often, to initiate a mini circular saw for wood, you must press two buttons in sequence;
  • continuous operation. This is necessary if you plan to make long cuts.

The choice of disc model depends on the type of material being processed. For woodwork, you should choose special cutting discs that do not leave chips or nicks during work.

For convenience, a laser marker can be included in the package. With its help, you can make an even cut without preliminary marking, which is important when processing hard surfaces made of concrete or stone.

Mini circular saw manufacturers overview

An important point when choosing the optimal model is the analysis of the current offers from the manufacturer. Despite their functionality, mini saws have not yet become widespread. This is due to their relatively high cost.

Currently, several models of this type of equipment can be distinguished, which differ from similar ones in quality, well-thought-out functionality and ergonomics:

  • Bosh PKS16 Multi. Refers to the middle price category. It has a comfortable soft grip and includes an adapter for a vacuum cleaner. Quick disc replacement is possible thanks to the spindle locking system;
  • STURM CS5060MS. The advantage of this model is the ability to purchase a cordless mini wood saw. This will allow you to perform work regardless of the degree of remoteness of the power grid;
  • Vector VDMP-810. An example of a quality product from a domestic manufacturer. The tool belongs to the category of semi-professional. There is a laser pointer for basting a straight cut.

Average. The price depends on its rated power and a set of functions.

The video review shows the possibilities and areas of application of the STURM model:

Saws of the company “Makita

Circular saws of this brand are ideal for cutting wood. Many models differ primarily in their stabilization. At the same time, the frames in them are installed with an anti-vibration system. There are many versions on the market today with one and two handles. Their maximum power parameter is on average 4 kW. All this makes it possible for the circular saw at idle to make more than 5 thousand revolutions per minute.

The good performance of the power tools should also be considered. Their protection system is well thought out. Given this, they are safe for human health. On average, a good hand-held electric (disc) saw of this brand costs around 7 thousand rubles.

What they say about the “Makita 570R”?

In case of more serious malfunctions of parts, the electric motor cannot be repaired. Another common problem with devices is considered to be rotor burnout. In this case, it is important to start repairing a power tool by removing the electric motor. In almost all models, it is located next to the stator. After removing it, the rotor must be completely cleaned. If its upper part with a clear defect, then the part will have to be replaced.

Review of the model “Interskol DP210

How to choose the right model?

At the same time, for domestic use, it is more expedient to give preference to devices with a more modest parameter. It is also important to inspect the main components of the model. In particular, experts advise evaluating the diameter of the web. A separate outlet must be provided for the discharge of sawdust in the power tool. A shutdown lock is also welcome. In some models, the controller is installed rather small, and it is inconvenient to use it.

It is also important to select a circular saw with special stops. All modern models are equipped with such elements. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inspect the handle as well as the governor as a last resort. It should not swing to the sides, and shifting should be done with little effort. A high-quality model of a circular saw today will cost around 9 thousand rubles.

Features of the model “Makita 402R

This hand saw (circular) for wood is well suited for domestic use. However, in workshops, it can also be in demand. The speed parameter is at around 5 thousand rpm. The saw blade in this case is of a carbide type. It is capable of handling an aluminum surface. In this case, the wood is cut at a very high speed. The anti-vibration system is of high quality. The start of work is very smooth, the user will not feel any sharp jerks in the handle. The protection system deserves special attention. The blocker for the presented model is installed. This modification costs about 7200 rubles on the market.

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Overview of the device “Hyundai M1500

Many buyers consider this model to be suitable for home use. At the same time, for professionals, it does not hold out in terms of parameters. The rated power in this case is 3 kW. All this makes it possible for the power tool to idle about 5 thousand revolutions per minute. The presented copy does not have an anti-vibration system, and this minus is quite significant. The control of the power tool at maximum speed is practically not felt. Thus, the accuracy of the work suffers. The presented electric hand saw (disc) is worth around 6200 rubles.

Hand-held circular saw powered by electricity

If a person cuts wood with an ordinary saw, then about 50 percent of all energy he spends in vain, that is, on its (saw) return to its original position. For this reason, the appearance of such equipment as a circular electric hand saw was a real breakthrough. Such a saw differs, first of all, in that its cutting blade moves only in one direction, which significantly increases the efficiency of work. A simple circular saw is used to cut a wide variety of materials, while its electric counterpart is highly efficient and is used both in production facilities and in everyday life. What this tool is, and will be discussed in today’s article.

  • 1 How does this tool work? Dealing with the nuances
  • 2 Criteria for choosing a circular electric saw. what to look for?
  • 2.1 Criterion Equipment capacity
  • 2.2 Criterion Cutting depth
  • 2.3 Criterion Disk rotation speed
  • 2.4 Criterion Possibilities of adjusting the angle of inclination of the cut
  • 3 Additional functions
  • 4 How to choose circular saw blades?
  • 5 Features of working with circular hand saws. a short excursion
  • 5.1 Video. Demonstration of working with a hand-held circular saw
  • 5.2 Video. Overview of the SPARKY TK 65
  • 6 Overview of models and manufacturers
  • 7 Hand Saw Rules. Some Important Tips
  • 8 Basic safety instructions
  • 8.1 Video. We deal with the device of circular saws
  • 8.2 Video. All About Circular Saws
  • Hand saw rules. some important tips

    So, you already have a hand-held circular saw and are ready to get started. How to do it? We’ll find out now.

    • It is important that the workpiece to be cut is fixed as securely as possible.
    • In addition, there should be no obstacles or obstacles in the path of the instrument.
    • It is necessary to drive the unit as smoothly and gently as possible. If possible, let’s take some time to “rest”. Otherwise, if the equipment works continuously for more than 2 or 3 hours, there will be a risk that the electric motor will burn out (this applies even to the highest quality and expensive professional models).
    • If cutting wood requires the most accurate performance, give preference to discs with a large number of teeth.
    • And if you need to cut aluminum or plastic, then we recommend using special discs for this. It is also important that the disc during operation rotates at a speed of no more than 4 thousand revolutions per minute.

    So, we figured out the work. What about safety?

    • Immersion in wood. An extremely useful feature that allows you to start work from anywhere while cutting wood, not just from the edge.
    • Blocking start. This is a function in which two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to start the tool. Thanks to this, you will not be able to start the saw suddenly (and accidentally), which significantly increases the level of safety during use.
    • The ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. An equally useful option, thanks to which you can remove sawdust, which inevitably forms during work. So you not only clean the air (which is especially important if the work is carried out indoors), but also significantly improve the view of the processed material.
    • Smooth start. After starting, the disc begins to rotate smoothly, and not immediately at the maximum speed. This extends the saw’s service life.
    • Stationary chip / dust extractor. This is also very convenient, especially if the volume of work is not very large. For example, the Makita 5017 RKB model is equipped with a special container that increases the convenience of cutting in a confined space.
    • The laser pointer is the last feature discussed today. If available, a guide rail is not required. But for work, certain skills will be required, since a person who first picks up a saw in his hands is unlikely to be able to make an even and accurate cut.

    In addition to the options listed above, it is important that the hand saw has a hinged guard that covers part of the cutting blade.

    Criterion Possibilities of adjusting the angle of inclination of the cut

    Immediately, we note that this function is available in almost all modern models (with rare exceptions). It is used, as a rule, in professional construction, but for cutting plywood / boards at home it is not required.

    Criterion Cutting depth

    And this indicator, as we just found out, completely depends on the previous one. The higher the engine power, the larger the disc diameter that can be installed on the unit. In this regard, there are only four standard sizes:

    • . household, equal to about 4-4.5 centimeters;
    • . semi-professional, from 5 to 5.5 centimeters;
    • . professional, in this case, the depth ranges from 6-7 centimeters;
    • . the last one, at which this indicator reaches 14 centimeters.

    It is worth noting that the units of the last standard size are used in industrial production, while in everyday life they are almost impossible to use. How to choose the saw described in the article, depending on the cutting depth? Match your own needs with this characteristic. By the way, some models are equipped with a function to adjust the cutting depth.

    Criterion Equipment power

    The efficiency of the unit directly depends on this characteristic. In case of need for a circular hand saw, which will be equipped with a large cutting blade, preference should be given to a tool with a powerful motor. The power of rotation of the disc, as well as the depth of cut, directly depends on the power. A low power model can easily get stuck in hard wood while cutting it, and at the most inopportune moment for this.

    Note! The disadvantage of any high power saw is that it is heavy. For example, if the engine power of a hand-held circular saw is 1.2 kilowatts, then the weight of the unit will be approximately 4 kilograms, and if 2 kilowatts, then all 7 kilograms.

    The hand-held circular electric saw is an indispensable tool for construction

    Circular saws are designed for processing a wide variety of materials: wood, chipboard, plywood, various polymers, metals, and so on. For each, a special disk is installed. With this tool, a very clean and even cut is obtained.

    Tool with special saw blade

    The main characteristics of circular saws:

    • Power. According to this characteristic, the tool is divided into: low-power or mini. with a motor up to 800 W, with a motor of 800-1200 W. medium power, more than 1.2 kW. high power.
    • Rotational speed (revolutions) developed by the tool. It can be 1800-5200 rpm. The more revolutions the saw is able to “give out”, the harder material it will be able to overcome and the cleaner the cut will be.
    • The cutting depth is determined by the diameter of the saw blade. On household and mini-models usually 50-65 mm, on professional. up to 100-130 mm. The mini tool weighs less, making it more manoeuvrable and requires much less effort when working.

    TACKLIFE Tools Compact Circular Saw Review // TCS115A Mini Circular Saw

    An electric jigsaw is a great replacement for a manual counterpart

    It is also called a pendulum saw. Designed for longitudinal, transverse and shape cutting of various sheet materials. The cutting depth for which a household tool is designed is usually 6–10 cm for wood and 4–6 mm for steel. With an electric jigsaw, having installed the desired file, cut boards, laminate, non-thick metal, pipes; make round holes of any diameter in the material.

    Jigsaw for cross and shape cutting

    The main, and sometimes the only movement of the jigsaw file is reciprocating. Its frequency for different models of the tool varies in the range of 500-3000 strokes / min. Most of these saws are equipped with a pendulum blade mechanism in addition to the reciprocating one. These jigsaws have a higher working speed and a longer service life of the cutter.

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    Electric jigsaw with a pendulum movement of the blade

    Another important characteristic is the cutting angle. The scope of the jigsaw and the ability to get to hard-to-reach places depend on it. In common models, the cut angle usually does not exceed 45 °.

    Chainsaw. a worthy chainsaw rival

    Its advantages over a chainsaw: it does not require time for maintenance (preparation of a fuel mixture, etc.), is much less noisy and does not pollute the air with harmful exhaust, which is especially important when working in a confined, unventilated space. Application area:

    • work with trees in the garden;
    • carpentry work;
    • wood processing and logging;
    • construction (partly).

    For the first 2 uses, household, even mini-saws are enough, and in all other cases, a professional tool is required. But it should also be operated sparingly.

    Mini saw for carpentry

    Chainsaws are not designed for cutting age-old trees and mass harvesting of firewood.

    For these purposes, you must use a chainsaw. Chainsaw can also cut PVC pipes and bentonite during construction work.

    The working tool of these saws is a special chain with teeth connected in a ring, moving along a tire intended for this. The chain is tensioned by a tension sprocket, and driven by a leading one, the rotation to which is transmitted from the engine through a gearbox. The electric motor can be located not only across, but also along the saw body and the plane of the tire. Models with the second engine layout are more compact and easier to operate. They are easy to recognize by their narrow elongated body.

    Chain with teeth connected in a ring

    The main characteristics of chain saws are: motor power and bar length. The optimal ones are 1.5-2.2 kW and 30-40 cm, respectively. The mini-tool is equipped with electric motors from 1 kW.

    All characteristics of the chain saw are always in strict accordance with the parameters of the cutting body. the chain. The pitch of its teeth determines the required power of the electric motor and the speed of movement of the chain itself. The cleanliness of the cut and the level of vibration depend on it. Standard pitch is 3/8 ”.

    Types and purpose of electric saws for wood

    All electric wood saws, like any other tool, are divided into household and professional models. The latter are much more reliable, designed for longer work (up to 6-10 hours a day) and more expensive. Household saws are targeted at the mass consumer. In terms of the quality of work performed and the number of operations performed, they, as a rule, are not inferior to professional models. They can also cut down a tree, cut boards, cut firewood, make curly cutouts, make any other wood processing required for the repair or construction of a house.

    However, household saws have less reliability, power and service life; not designed for too frequent use, long-term continuous operation, that is, they require periodic shutdown, sometimes for quite a long time. Nevertheless, for home use for personal purposes, such a tool, as they say, is more than enough.

    Household saw for home use

    By their purpose, electric wood saws are divided into:

    • stationary (machines and desktop);
    • manual.

    The first type of equipment is of the following types:

    • Circular saw. has a tabletop design. She makes neat accurate rectilinear cuts (longitudinal, transverse) perpendicular and at an angle to the plane of the table.
    • Band saw. band saw machine. Precise, thin straight and curved cuts are made on it.
    • End. table saw. It is used for cross-cutting beams, boards, platbands, battens and so on. Cutting is performed at angles specified vertically and horizontally.
    • Annular. is a nozzle installed in the chuck of a machine or drill. Designed for cutting large holes. Consists of a disc with circular seats and saw blades installed in them, curved under a certain radius of curvature and forming a hollow cylinder with teeth on a thin wall.
    • A cut-off saw is a table saw in the form of a workbench, also called a circular saw. On it, even transverse and longitudinal cuts are performed, including those with difficult angles and with a slope. The cutting disc is installed in the slot of the table.

    Circular cut-off tool

    Hand saws are of the following types:

    • chain;
    • saber;
    • disk;
    • hacksaws;
    • jigsaws.

    Most models of hand tools operate from the mains, but there are also rechargeable ones. They are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Cordless saws are indispensable when you need to perform work in conditions of a power outage. However, they should be used regularly to avoid the possibility of battery failure. Cordless saws have the smallest dimensions and weight, for which they are referred to as mini power tools.

    Electric chewer. clean cut in confined spaces

    Designed to work in confined spaces, in hard-to-reach places where a chain or circular saw cannot be used due to tightness. Motor power for mini-models up to 1.3 kW, household and professional. 1.3-1.8 kW.

    Professional mini model of an electric hacker

    Structurally, it is an electric motor block, a guide and a file that moves along the latter. The length of the blade can be up to 40 cm or more.

    Apparatus with a saw blade length of 40 cm

    In comparison with a chain tool, an electric hawser allows you to get a cleaner cut, and in comparison with circular saws it has no restrictions on the cutting depth. However, even professional electric hacks are not very suitable for household firewood preparation. For this they have low productivity and the working body quickly breaks down (becomes dull).

    saw for wood. which type of tool to choose?

    Modern saws for wood are primarily electric. No more muscle building to use them. For each type of work, you can choose a tool of the appropriate type and model.

    Reciprocating saw. a versatile tool for hard-to-reach places

    The field of application of reciprocating saws is extensive. it can cut almost any kind of material, from boards to metal and foam concrete. To do this, you just need to install the appropriate canvases. Reciprocating saw is indispensable when working in hard-to-reach places, on assembled structures and objects.

    Reciprocating saw for cutting all kinds of materials

    The power tool is equipped with a support platform. During work, it should be firmly abutted against the material being cut. The cutting body of the tool is a file with a length of 10-30 cm, performing, as in a jigsaw, reciprocating, as well as pendulum movements.

    Main characteristics of reciprocating saws:

    • Engine power. Household and mini-versions of the tool are usually equipped with an electric motor of 1–1.6 kW. The shaft rotation speed of all motors is 3000 rpm. The types of materials that the tool can cut depend on the power. The harder they are, the more powerful the engine should be.
    • File stroke frequency. In household reciprocating saws, as a rule, it does not exceed 2600 strokes / min. There are instrument models equipped with an electronic stroke frequency control. It ensures the maintenance of a constant frequency of motion of the file, regardless of the magnitude of the load on it.
    • Blade fastening system. It is desirable that the tool has a quick change of files, otherwise its use will be accompanied by certain inconveniences.

    Mini-version of the saw with an electric motor 1-1.6 kW

    It is recommended to choose reciprocating saws equipped with a stroke rate control system. This will allow you to customize the latter depending on the type of material being processed, which will significantly increase the quality of the cut. It is also desirable to have the option of adjusting the depth of cut. It will provide a decrease in the rate of wear of the files and the cost of operating the power tool.