Mini Saw Circular Electric Manual Review

Currently, there are many types of detachable hand tools. They differ in design, technical and operational parameters. But a special place is held by a mini circular saw. Despite its small size, it has wide functionality.

Mini Circular Saw Design

Mini Saw Circular Electric Manual Review

Outwardly, this processing tool resembles an angle grinder. an angle grinder. The difference lies in the mounting unit, which is designed to install special circular saws.

The design of the electric mini-saw consists of a power unit (electric motor), a torque transmission unit and a mounting element for installing the disk. The case is made of durable plastic, which is able to withstand not only significant loads, but also constant vibration.

Additionally, to increase the comfort of use, the following components can be installed:

  • cutting depth adjustment. For this, it is possible to offset the cutting part relative to the abutment plane of the tool;
  • removal of chips and dust. Many models have a nozzle for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. This is especially true when carrying out repair work, when it is necessary to minimize the settling of dust on objects in the room;
  • protection against accidental inclusion. Often, to initiate a mini circular saw on a tree, you need to sequentially press two buttons;
  • continuous operation. This is necessary if you plan to make long cuts.

The choice of disc model depends on the type of material being processed. For woodwork, special cutting discs should be selected that do not leave chipping or chipping during work.

For convenience, a laser marker can be included in the package. With it, you can make an even cut without preliminary marking, which is important when processing hard surfaces made of concrete or stone.

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Tips for choosing a circular saw

First of all, you should determine the type of work that requires an electric mini circular saw. For wood processing, it is recommended to purchase special models with a vacuum cleaner. But besides this factor, others should be taken into account.

An important point is the power of the tool. The maximum permissible thickness of the processed surface depends on this. You also need to pay attention to the density of the material. Oak or walnut boards have a high fiber density, which affects the complexity of their sawing.

In addition to power, when choosing a mini circular saw model, you must pay attention to the following parameters:

During sawing with a mini circular saw on a tree, the number of revolutions may be reduced due to the load. This will affect the quality of the cut. Some types of tools automatically maintain a constant speed, regardless of the load.

The average length of the power cord for connecting to the mains is 1.5 m. If you plan to carry out work outdoors, you will additionally need a power strip.

Mini Circular Saw Manufacturers Overview

An important point in choosing the optimal model is the analysis of current offers from the manufacturer. Despite its functionality, mini saws are not yet widely used. This is due to their relatively high cost.

Currently, several models of this type of equipment can be distinguished, which differ from similar ones in quality, well-thought-out functionality and ergonomics:

  • Bosh PKS16 Multi. It belongs to the middle price category. It has a comfortable soft grip; an adapter for a vacuum cleaner is included. Quick disc replacement is possible thanks to the spindle lock system;
  • STURM CS5060MS. The advantage of this model is the ability to purchase a cordless mini saw for wood. This will allow you to perform work regardless of the degree of remoteness of the power grid;
  • Vector VDMP-810. An example of a quality product of a domestic manufacturer. The tool belongs to the category of semi-professional. There is a laser pointer to plan a smooth cut.

The average cost is from 7000 to 15000 rubles. Price depends on its rated power and feature set.

The video review shows the capabilities and applications of the STURM model: