Miter Saw For Wood Which Is Better

Cutting metal with a miter saw

The miter saw is convenient, easy and fast to operate.

How to make an electric miter saw with your own hands

You can make a miter saw in a number of ways. Consider options with an angle grinder and a manual circular.

Side stop

  • Raise the saw unit. Remove the side stand.
  • In some saws, it does not have a right angle to the bed. The stop touches the base at two points. The bases of these points must be vertical to the surface. If there is no right angle due to uneven paint coat or burr, sand the base surfaces. Cut off the flare first, if any.
Miter Saw For Wood Which Is Better

The vertical angle between the stop surface and the base

  • Sand with a disc machine or sandpaper. Place it on the table and rub the stop in longitudinal movements.
  • Make a small chamfer where it meets the base. So that the chips that inevitably arise during sawing are hidden here. This is necessary so that the chips do not interfere with the formation of the desired cut angle.
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    Chamfer for accumulating chips

    Place the stop in place. The fixing holes of the stop are oblong for adjustment. When installed, it can be moved back and forth and rotated.

    Mounting holes are oblong for adjustment

    : circular miter saw

    Main selection criteria

    • Power. Affects performance and speed of work. With its increase, the weight and cost of the tool grows. Household trimmers consume less energy than professional ones;
    • Disk size. The depth and speed of the cut depends on it. Also find out if there are removable disks for the selected instrument model on the free sale;
    • Cutting parameters. Angle, width and depth. The saw should cut the workpieces at the angle required for your purposes, preferably in both directions. The manufacturer also indicates the maximum depth of cut when working at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees to the surface. The function of limiting the cutting depth is important. It is used when grooving and processing blanks by thickness;

    The presence of a horizontal broach. Allows you to increase the kerf width by moving the cutting part in the horizontal plane. A wide enough workpiece can be cut in one pass.

    Sliding miter saw

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  • Revolutions per minute. Affects the cleanliness of the cut and makes it possible to work with hard materials. The number of revolutions from 4000 and more is a very good indicator.
  • Engine’s type:
    • Collector. It is necessary to check the armature regularly, but such an engine has a higher torque;
    • Asynchronous. Runs quieter and longer;
    • Transfer type:
      • Toothed. No slippage under heavy loads;
      • Belt. It makes less noise and dampens vibration, but the belt breaks more often than the teeth of the gears wear out;
      • Straight. There is no gearbox, fewer rubbing parts, but lower torque;
      • Rotary system design. She must:
        • Have clamps for frequently used corners and clamps;
        • Rotate at different angles. Specify the angles;
        • Adjust without backlash;
        • Swivel system with clamp

          Security systems. The miter saw must contain components that ensure safe use:

            a system that automatically closes the working disk with a protective cover when lowering onto the workpiece;

        • Splitting knife. Protects against disc seizure;
        • Smooth start. The engine gradually picks up speed, you need to let it accelerate and wait a few seconds. Without this option, exceeding inrush currents knocks out the automatic switches and quickly destroys the motor and tool gearbox;
        • Electrodynamic brake. It stops the working disc quickly and smoothly;
        • Blocking of accidental activation with a latch that prevents rotation of the shaft. Convenient when replacing a disk;
        • Dust collector in the form of a bag. Attached to a special pipe. You can connect a vacuum cleaner to it.
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          Setting other angles

          Adjusting other corners with plywood

          Wood trimming with a broach 255mm Yato YT-82173. Miter saw 254mm with JET JSMS-10L broach. Wood trimmer 305mm with Holzmann KAP 305ECO broach

          Multi-feed miter saw, which one to choose. Service Center Tips.

          How can you make a diagonal cut of a bar or board?

          If speed is important, and not strict compliance with size, and the work is one-time, and not massive, then with a circular saw. If the main thing is the accuracy of the parameters and their repeatability on several workpieces, then no device can be compared with facing. The very name of the tool suggests that lumber is processed not along the length, but across the fibers. If, picking up a circular saw, the master can dissolve a board of any length, then the design of the angle cutter will not allow him to take a size larger than that laid down by the design, several tens of centimeters. The advantage of a miter saw for wood is the ability to get a clear end of a bar or board at a right or any given angle and a high speed of production of identical blanks.

          Miter saw 255mm Sturm MS5525S with broach. Crosscut with a broach on wood 210mm Proton PDT-210 / P