Miter Saw With Speed Control

The best miter saws. User ratings, comparisons, reviews Rating miter saws first-hand reviews of models with and without a working disc drive mechanism. Advantages, disadvantages and general characteristics.

The best miter saws. User ratings, comparisons, reviews

Miter Saw With Speed Control

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A feature of the devices is an additional mechanism that allows you to move the saw blade in a horizontal plane directly during operation. This allows you to make high-quality cuts of wide workpieces in one disc pass. The mechanism itself of the broaching of the presented models is made without complaints from users.

Dewalt DWS 780 Makita LS 1216 Bosch GCM 8 SJL Professional Ryobi EMS254L
Rim diameter, mm thirty thirty thirty thirty
Disc diameter, mm 305 305 216 254
Power, W 1675 1650 1600 2000
Saw ability to tilt left / right 49/49 45/45 47/2 – / 0-45
Table adjustment left / right, degrees 50/60 52/60 45/45 0-45 / 0-45
Max depth of cut at an angle of 45, mm 56 107 48 58
Max depth of cut at an angle of 90, mm 112 107 70 90
Max width of a cut at an angle of 90, mm 349 363 312 300
Max width of a cut at an angle of 45, mm 244 255 214 200
Speed ​​control
Number of revolutions, rpm 1900.3800 3200 5500 4500
Cutting depth adjustment
Smooth start
System for maintaining constant speed under load
Weight, kg 24.8 26.1 17.3 16.2

Dewalt DWS 780

Dewalt DWS 780 pros

  1. High engine power;
  2. Rigid, stable construction;
  3. High quality materials and workmanship;
  4. Large disc provides comfortable work with wide workpieces;
  5. The system of illumination of the cutting line of the cut is not clogged with dust, which affects the laser pointers;
  6. Convenient and simple change of cutting angles;
  7. A large range of angle settings, the ability to tilt the saw itself in different directions;
  8. The belt drive provides a quieter operation of the device, compared to models of a similar type.
  1. If you use the saw in the sun, then the shadow from the blade is not visible, showing the line of the cut;
  2. The dust removal system does not work well enough;
  3. Setting the angles depends on one part; if you need more accuracy, then you need to additionally drill a hole for the stopper;
  4. Poor quality clamp and disc from the factory;
  5. Can wedge the protective cap (solved by small file processing);
  6. A fairly large weight (24.8 kg) if the saw will often be moved from place to place, then this indicator should definitely be taken into account.

Makita LS 1216

Pros of Makita LS 1216

  1. One of the largest cutting depths of workpieces and angles of rotation of the mechanism among devices of this class;
  2. Double guides ensure uniform saw movement and excellent cutting quality;
  3. Reliable fixation of the working position with a screw clamp;
  4. Long warranty period up to five years, depending on the dealer;
  5. Good protection electric motor stopper.
  1. The guides are not protected from dust;
  2. Factory settings often do not reach the buyer; they have to be adjusted on the spot;
  3. Inconvenient adjustment of the angle of rotation;
  4. The need to purchase a laser pointer for the cutting line;
  5. Difficult to use as a portable saw.
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Interskol PTP 305 \ 1500

This type of tool has high revs, which allows it to cope with cutting various surfaces. This model weighs more than 30 kg, and its main difference lies in the ability to cut a thick bar, therefore, the dimensions of the saw are larger. The saw also has a speed control, where at low speeds it is best to work with plastic or soft metals, but for them you need to use a special attachment. This model is one of the largest and is able to cope with a wide range of different jobs, therefore it is mainly used by professional carpenters and joiners.

Miter saws are an indispensable tool in the construction or furniture making process. The domestic manufacturer Interskol has been producing miter saws for a long time, which have proven themselves from the best sides and received high ratings from customers. Interskol today is one of the main suppliers of professional carpentry equipment to the Russian market.

Interskol PTP-250 \ 2000

This model with a broach can rather be attributed to the professional types of miter saws. The power of the electric motor of the tool is high 2000 W, which allows it to accelerate to 4500 rpm. The incline of the cut is standard up to 45 degrees to the left. The table also rotates up to 45 degrees in both directions. The weight of this model is quite significant and amounts to 22 kg.

The model under consideration has two rotational speeds of 3000 rpm and 4500 rpm. The first speed allows you to work on aluminum and soft metals, and the second is designed for woodwork. Among other things, the saw frame is made of lightweight alloy, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner and supply a laser pointer. Broaching tools are perhaps the most accurate devices for making crosscut cuts. With a broach, the tool is able to cut a wider part of the material, unlike standard miter saws, where the cutting blade simply drops down.

Model characteristics

Saws from the manufacturer Interskol are designed to perform various sawing operations. The miter saws under consideration perform high quality longitudinal, cross or diagonal cuts. It is worth noting the combined models of this tool. Such a saw can be used both as an end tool and as a sawing machine. It is quite difficult to carry out work on diagonal cutting of material without a specialized tool. And the combined saw Interskol is just one of them. The saw allows for operations on wood, plastic, laminate and even soft metal, while cutting with increased precision. The manufacturer took into account the shortcomings of many tools from competitors and equipped its saws with a number of useful functions:

  • Most models from the manufacturer are equipped with a dust collector, and also have the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • The level of noise and vibration from the tool is minimized;
  • The instrument can be quickly and easily reconfigured.
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Miter saw base with broach, saw table and its turning angles.

The support part of the device is a thick-walled cast aluminum base with a high-quality milled surface. The cheapest models also have a massive, but plastic base with a stamped steel pad.
There is a marking scale in its front part. The numbers can be cast on the case or printed on a steel ruler.

In the lower part there are ebbs with holes for stationary rigid attachment to the workbench and supporting stops that increase the tool’s resistance to tipping.
When using a miter saw with a broaching function, the saw unit not only rises, falls, tilts, but also moves along the guides; the center of gravity is constantly changing.
Supports are arranged at the front to support the turntable clamping handle and at the rear. They can be made in one piece with the base and in the form of folding brackets.

Vertical stop.

Rectangular or trapezoidal element with one beveled part, which serves as a stop for the workpiece. It is realized in the form of two parts; often with scales that guide the length when cutting short workpieces or as a solid part of the base (budget versions).
On some devices, they slide along the grooves to the side to free up space for the rig when pushed.

Table expanders.

Serves for better positioning of long boards. On inexpensive angle cutters, they have a U-shape bent upward, made of a steel bar or tubes with a diameter of 8 to 12 mm.
For professional miter saws for wood, the end ends with an aluminum support or steel profile, with a fine adjustment mechanism to form one plane with the work table.
They are inserted into the holes on the sides of the support and are fixed with a spring-loaded mechanism or threaded clamps. Easily removed during transportation.

Workpiece clamping device.

Rigid fixation of the board avoids vibration transmitted from the bed, improves positioning accuracy and protects the worker.
It is carried out with clamps of various shapes and designs (threaded, stepped, hinged), acting vertically (to the base) or horizontally (to the stop).

Miter saw rotary table.

By pulling the spring-loaded handle of the angle lock, you can move the saw head horizontally to the left or right, which is rigidly connected to the rotary table. This means that when lowering, the rig will always hit and sink into the slots. The immersion depth in the groove can be adjusted with a stopper.
The elongated protrusion with such a slot, extending from the round section, is much longer 280-340 mm for broached end faces compared to 80-180 mm for a tool without such an opportunity.

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Most corner cutters rotate 45 degrees to either side for facing. But there are models that have a maximum left / right shift: 47/47; 45/47; 47 / 60. Such small deviations from the “half perpendicular” serve to fit the timber and boards in place.
Fitting the moving parts of a good saw should ensure that a given angle is accurately repeatable, i.E. When scrolling the turntable and returning to the previous position, the cut angle will not differ.

Rotation is performed by unlocking the handle, or, in its absence, by unscrewing the locking screw and aligning the pointer with the scale readings. It is convenient when there are many fixed values: 5; ten; 15; 22.5; thirty; 35; 40; 45 degrees.

Cordless wood trimmer 185mm Yato YT-82816. Miter saw Stark MS-1820

Miter saws

  • DWT
  • Einhell
  • Makita
  • Ryobi
  • Scheppach Germany
  • Stanley
  • Stark Germany
  • Sturm
  • Utool
  • Vitals
  • Yato
  • Zenitech
  • AEG tool
  • Intertool tool
  • AGP tool and equipment
  • Proton
  • JET machines
  • Energomash

Sliding miter saws.

The disadvantage of the tool design is the small length of the cut. The disc descends vertically onto the workpiece by about a third and the cut length is much less than the diameter.
This parameter can be increased by installing a broaching mechanism on the corner cutter, when the saw unit rests on two horizontal guides, and they move inside the rack, which is performed not vertical, but slightly tilted back.
Such a device allows you to increase the cut from 80-200 to 240-340 mm (maximum 430 mm). Having installed a wide material, the worker simply pulls the saw head towards himself.
For high-quality work, the manufacturer must ensure sufficient structural rigidity and the absence of backlash, which is not easy to do due to the large number of moving joints.

Combined tool with a saw table.

On both broaching miter saws and standard models, a die-cast aluminum platform can be installed at the top. The disc coming out of its slot allows you to create a mini circular on the base of the angle cutter for opening the boards along the length.
The saw unit locks in the down position. The power button is fixed after pressing. Pushing short workpieces is carried out with a plastic pusher.