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Carbonic cutting polycarbonate

The Liderposm advertising and production company provides a monolithic polycarbonate milling service. The thickness of the material for processing on a milling cap-opera up to 12 mm. It is used both in the production of external and interior advertising, and in construction. In the faces cladding. Often polycarbonate is used as a protective glass.

The thickness of the material up to 100 linear meters, 100-500 linear meters, 500-1000 linear meters, over 1000 linear meters,
up to 4 mm 65.0 50.0 42.0 38.0
5-6 mm 93.0 77.0 67.0 56.0
8-10 mm 132.0 107.0 89.0 76.0
12 mm 150.0 127.0 109.0 96.0
  • are indicated excluding the cost of the material.
  • The cost of writing programs for the CNC machine is included in the cutting price.
  • The material may be provided by the customer or purchase from us. The material provided must have a reserve along the contour of the cut part at least 25 mm. To the edge.
  • If there is a need to cut something according to ready.made details, or milling along the print contour with allowances, then the cost is calculated individually.
  • When preparing files, it should be borne in mind that when milling, the internal corners will have a radius depending on the diameter of the cutter.
  • The distance between the contours of the parts should be at least 3 diameters of the cutter.
  • In the case of cutting parts with a joint cut, cleaning of the workpieces is not included in the cutting price.
  • Packaging parts are not included in the cost.
  • With cutting small details, parts with a complex contour, parts with a sample, parts with a large number of holes, the cost will increase.
  • It should be borne in mind that when milling, the end of the finished part will be matte, polishing is calculated separately.
  • We can provide accurate calculation only after receiving the source files.
  • Files are accepted in formats. DXF, CDR, DWG, EPS. The files should not contain double contours, all images should be in curves.
  • The cost of drawing or finalizing files in vector format is not included in the cutting price.

Polycarbonate milling technology

This is an elastic shock.resistant material. Its strength is 250 times higher than the strength of the glass, which is a significant advantage in comparison with other mass.produced light transmitting materials.

Monolithic polycarbonate is fireproof, has a light permissiveness of 90%, which is comparable to glass, it also has a small share, it is resistant to heat and contact with chemical compounds, absorbs ultraviolet rays. The manufacturer’s guarantee for the material is 10 years, and in compliance with the operating rules. 15 years.

It lends itself well to machining, drilling, milling, grinding.

What it is?

Leaf monolithic or cast polycarbonate is a polymer material. It looks like an acrylic coating, has transparency similar to glass, can be painted in various shades. Product production is carried out according to the method of extrusion or casting.

Monolithic sheet polycarbonate is a polymer material, the production of which occurs with a thermoplastic reaction. The chemical components are formed in the form of granules, and then undergo further processing to take the specified form, color and size.

The production process is regulated by the requirements of TU 6-19-113-87 and GOST R 51136-2008.

Characteristics and properties

A leaf monolithic carbonate can be released according to GOST, taking into account the requirements for protective glasses, as well as by the TU developed for a specific type of material. The main technical characteristics remain the same, since the production process does not change.

mono, polycarbonate, cutting, size, electric

A number of parameters and properties can be distinguished, which may be important when choosing or using monolithic polycarbonate.

  • Strength. This indicator has several measurement methods at once: for stretching. it is 65 MPa for sheets of 3 mm, for a gap. 60 MPa, the withstanding shock load reaches 158 j. All these indicators indicate that the material tolerates various influences well. He is not afraid of blows, gusts of wind, contact with atmospheric moisture. Multilayer polycarbonate does not break through the bullet when firing.
  • Chemical resistance. Features of the composition make monolithic carbonate resistant to various types of chemically aggressive substances. It does not react with alcohol, slightly acidic solutions, organic fats. Ammonia, acetic or boric acid, propane, mineral oil can destroy the structure of the material.
  • Melting temperature. It reaches 280-310 degrees Celsius. In this state, thermoplast fluid. The material acquires supplies to flexibility already when heated up to 130 degrees, becoming soft, like plasticine. The burning temperature of polycarbonate significantly exceeds these values.
  • Viscosity. It affects the ability of the material not to fly to fragments with an intense shock load. It is high viscosity that helps monolithic polycarbonate to resist twisting, flexible, compression, allows him to hold a bullet in his thickness with a direct hit.
  • Bearing abilities. They reach 300 kg/m2, in profiled sheets the highest rates.
  • Flexibility. Material with different surface texture. both smooth and corrugated. well withstands the loads during deformation. In products 3 mm thick, the minimum bending radius reaches 430-460 mm, for a sheet of 10 mm it varies in the range of 1470-1510 mm. All this makes the material a good choice for creating all kinds of arched structures. both greenhouse and decorative.
  • Insulating properties. The thermal conductivity of polycarbonate is lower than that of glass, so it allows you to accumulate the accumulated energy and not give it when the external temperatures are reduced. This property is used in the arrangement of greenhouses. According to its soundproofing characteristics, the monolithic leaf is also quite good, its indicators are 18-23 dB, there is the ability to absorb sounds.
  • Light transmission. Depending on the transparency and the presence of staining components, the average is 86-90%. Color sheets most often have an additional ability to filter harmful and dangerous UV radiation.
  • Thermal resistance. It varies in the range of operational temperatures from 120 to.50 degrees Celsius. Monolithic slabs are less susceptible to thermal expansion, therefore, less destroyed under the influence of atmospheric factors.
  • Life time. On average, it is from 10 to 15 years, in conditions of increased loads, this indicator is halved.

These are the main characteristics and features that the popular modern material has. monolithic polycarbonate.

Laser cutting polycarbonate

If you are at least approximately oriented in matters of characteristics and direct use of polycarbonate, then you know that this material is plastic, very well resistant to many external influences. This plastic is very often used in different cases due to its own strength and transparency. In general, polycarbonate can be different. monolithic (that is, well.resistant to impacts of an impact nature), as well as multi.layer. It is the second option that has a special cellular structure and is characterized by good thermal insulation and soundproofing properties.

In principle, both variants of this plastic can be actively used in various fields of activity. If you need, for example, products, the use of which is necessary to improve the appearance of the premises and create advertising structures, then be sure to contact our experienced specialists! Masters will certainly help you in fulfilling the necessary tasks and achieve goals. Our experts are well oriented in the intricacies of laser processing and production on order of different products. Due to the availability of their production facilities, modern equipment and available skills, the quality of milling work will be really high, and even volumetric orders will be performed promptly. By the way, employees can carry out almost any project, regardless of its complexity. Both ordinary cuts and the manufacture of difficult curved forms will be performed truly high quality.

Our laser machines operate at high speeds. At the same time, all processes are absolutely automated. Polycarbonate laser cuts quickly and simple, and the surface of the material will burn with a computer. Lack of errors, shortcomings and deformations, we can guarantee. If you decide to cooperate with us, then you definitely will not need to produce any additional manipulations with the material. Everything will be done very well!

By the way, we also always try to listen to the wishes available to customers and provide available prices. These conditions of cooperation will definitely not be able to offer competitors! If you want to learn more, then just contact the contact data that are indicated on the site. Our manager will certainly orientation on all questions of interest and tell you what to do the best.

That we will cut

Synthetic polymeric material polycarbonate is valued for such properties as transparency, flexibility, low weight and strength. The latest indicators favorably distinguish it from glass, which caused the massive use of the material, as its more practical analogue.

Polycarbonate is presented in two types:

  • monolithic, representing a continuous sheet of different thicknesses;
  • cellist, with stiffness ribs between two or more layers of sheet material. Hollow cells or honeycombs form between the ribs, thanks to which such a polycarbonate was called “cell”. Depending on the number of continuous layers, the material can have from one to five air chambers.

The structure of cellular polycarbonate with different number of layers is Nadache source.Guru

The better to cut polycarbonate, depends on its type, thickness, as well as on the complexity and size of the cut parts. It is clear that the cut in a straight line is much easier to perform than on a curved. But there are situations when you need to make a groove or figure hole in general sheet. For each specific case, the desired tool should be selected.

Briefly about the relevance of the material.

Polycarbonate plastic is gaining popularity day by day. This is easily explained by the set of his characteristics:

  • The canvases are inexpensive
  • High strength
  • Simplicity of processing. you can cut it without special skills
  • Aesthetic appearance

The problem is that this is a fairly innovative product on the market, so not everyone has information than cutting cellular polycarbonate at home. It is required to get a high.quality correct neat cut at the output without harming the polymer material.

Application area

Leaf polycarbonate is used in different fields. Using this material, advertising products are carried out. Luminous letters, advertising displays, signs, multi.colored inscriptions on the facades of houses and at the entrances to buildings and premises, attract the attention of visitors, report initial information. Light, durable, capable of withstand the climatic loads of the product, which are also inexpensive. a solution for entrepreneurs, owners:

Cast polycarbonate is also used in other areas. in construction, for installing sound protection screens.

Professional cutting of polycarbonate in our country is the manufacture of high.quality products in quickly and inexpensive.

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Features of milling of polycarbonate on CNC

The use of modern milling machines allows you to work with various materials and create the most unexpected forms of products. Polycarbonate is a special polymer material that perfectly tolerates open air conditions in the climate. Therefore, polycarbonate milling is used to create POS materials and other external advertising products. Often the production of products from this material deals with large sheets. Therefore, the machine for cutting polycarbonate has a large table for the sheet placement and its subsequent cutting. Laser or physical cutting occurs only on CNC machines, which give high accuracy of equipment. The main features of polycarbonate cutting:

  • The procedure is performed simultaneously by one rolling of the tool on the entire sheet;
  • The accuracy of the cut is as high as possible, any inaccuracies will be noticeable in the final product;
  • computer control of the machine provides even lines and accurate cut;
  • Ideal processing of the ends eliminates the subsequent processing of the material.

Many laser cutting processes require additional verification and refinement of surfaces. For example, metal milling often occurs followed by grinding of the sections. With polycarbonate, things are different. the machine immediately gives an exact ideal size and a smooth cut.

The scope of application of polycarbonate milling services

Milling polymeric materials is often performed for the advertising sphere. The creation of high.quality advertising structures and branding products allows you to declare yourself and make your business noticeable for customers. In the modern competitive world, this has become a necessity. Polycarbonate designs have many advantages:

  • simplicity of cutting and relatively low cost of work with material;
  • ideal accuracy of processing, the possibility of production of volumetric boxes;
  • the possibility of manufacturing any forms of advertising structures;
  • the durability of the material allows you to use its long period.

Saving money when using polycarbonate milling is noticeable, but this is not the main advantage of the material. Advertising products with properly created layouts are bright, noticeable and works great. POS materials from this polymer for a long time do not require updating or replacing.

Polycarbonate milling

When cutting objects, the rounding of the internal angles should be taken into account, the radius of which is held from the diameter of the cutting milling cutter.

With a workpiece size of less than 1 m 2, an increase in the coefficient from 1.2 to 2.0.

On complex curly objects, saturated with sharp angles and dimensions of less than 50×50 mm, a possible outstanding coefficient from 2.0 to 3.0, depending on the thickness of the product.

Frese.urgency margin. up to 50%.

The exact calculation of the cost of milling cutting and the required amount of material is provided only after receiving the source files in the CorelDRAW format to x19 versions inclusive, in a scale of 1: 1.

Our works

Recently, our company has become particularly popular with polycarbonate milling service. The secret of this material is that it perfectly misses light and at the same time has a high level of flexibility. Thanks to its unique qualities, today it is used in many industrial sectors. Various decorative elements and large.scale structures for outdoor advertising are made from carefully processed polycarbonate.

Our company has been on the list of the best production companies for many years. This is because it not only specializes in the processing of polycarbonate, but also offers the milling service of this material using a milling and gearing machine called Multicam Multivision 3000. This innovative equipment allows you to quickly fulfill orders in any quantities, as well as work with complex ornaments and inscriptions, providing the results of their work to the customer in a timely manner.

And yet, despite the simplicity of processing, such a material as polycarbonate can be spoiled, without trusting this business to real professionals. For example, in our company, before each major order, employees change tools for more sharp. In this case, cutters of different sizes are used in the processing process.

Masters not only replace them on time, but also control each step of the work process, make sure that the material does not heat up and does not deform, and also apply their practical and theoretical knowledge so that the work goes as quickly as possible and gives out the best result. Its task of our specialists is to clean waste from the surface of the product to prevent distortion of the appearance of a fully finished product. Thus, the finished order does not even require additional methods of processing the type of varnish and grinding.

If you want to make sure that we are the best in our business, use one of the options for communication with our manager at any time of the day. The first option is a call on one of the numbers indicated on the official website. It is often used by those who are used to solving important issues on the run. The second option to contact us is to leave a request with all the necessary work parameters. In the near future, the manager will call back to the number left in the application and clarify all the details. As you can see, even in the Call center of the company, all activities are carried out extremely simple and fast.


Polycarbonate has a standard width. 2.1 m, and the length is mainly two options. 6 meters and 12 meters. For the manufacture of greenhouses, the first option is more often used. Standard dimensions of buildings. 3×4 and 3×6. These numbers are bred practically. The fact is that if the height of the greenhouse is less than 3 m, then such popular country crops as tomatoes and cucumbers will not be able to develop properly. And with the length of the greenhouse more than 6 m, ventilation will be poorly occurred and various pathogenic organisms will appear. You can spread a polycarbonate sheet right on the ground. But first it is necessary to clean the site on which cutting is planned, from pebbles, branches and various garbage.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Jig Saws

Polycarbonate is a flexible material, therefore, scratches or other minor defects may remain from such unnecessary particles on it. The ideal option is to lay large sheets on the ground with a wood-cutting plate or wood-fiber slab. On a sheet of paper, draw a diagram of a future greenhouse with sizes on a scale. Then make a marker marking along the entire length of polycarbonate, in accordance with the scheme, but already in real size. You can’t advance right on the decomposed sheets! If there is such a need, then you can put a long wide board.

Little nuance: when cutting cellular polycarbonate, make the markup. In this case, the honeycombs themselves act as a guideline.

Calculation of polycarbonate

The amount of material that is needed for the construction of the greenhouse is completely dependent on its size and the selected shape. The simplest for installation are arched greenhouses of standard sizes.

Calculate how many polycarbonate sheets will be needed for the construction of a 3×4 m greenhouse is also not difficult. The standard sheet of material is 2.1×6 m, the length of each of the two steel arcs is 6 m, the width between the spans is 2 m, therefore, 2 sheets of polycarbonate must be purchased to cover the greenhouse. Another sheet will be needed for the manufacture of the front and rear pediments.

Accordingly, the amount of material for the greenhouse is 4×6 m is calculated. It falls on the one that it is necessary for her to buy 3 sheets for walls and 2 sheets for pediments. If you need to calculate the number of polycarbonate sheets for the greenhouse of a completely different size, you can use this formula: n = l/21, where l is the length of the greenhouse (m). If a different shape is planned (preferential, gable, polygonal, Dutch, in the form of a pyramid), then for it the amount of consumables can be calculated by resorting to an online calculator.


It is important when cutting polycarbonate to correctly orient its panels in the direction of the slope from top to bottom or on the bend of the frame. To find out the direction of the sheet, you need to look at the marking written on a protective film. Cellular polycarbonate must be cut in the direction of the honeycomb-pipe, but not across and not diagonally, since the material may crack.

If there is a need to cut across, then this must be done in two stages: first cut the upper layer of the sheet, then cut it to the end.

Stages of cutting

After all the calculations are made, the cut lines are drawn, you can proceed directly to the cutting.

  • Under the sides of the canvas you need to put boards. This is done so that there is a clearance under the cut line, which will minimize vibration during cutting.
  • If you plan to cut the sheet with a semicircle, then it will have to be periodically rotated. To cut out the parts of the greenhouse in a straight line, you can use a corner grinder. And in order to correctly cut a sheet of round or figure shape on the pediment of the building. an electric jigsaw.
  • After work, all the cuts of the sheets must be blown by a strong stream of air in order to remove extra particles. This is especially true for cellular polycarbonate.
  • So that condensate does not accumulate in the honeycombs, dust, dirt and insects do not get, before assembling the greenhouse, the cuts should be sealed with a special sealing tape. It should be on the bottom of the oenic, and from the upper. continuous.

How to cut it correctly?

By marking, you can proceed to cutting polycarbonate. A cut of a cast slab at home is easy to do. It is much more serious to treat mobile polycarbonate. Today there are several ways to cut the polymer plastic canvas, involving the use of different tools. Each option has certain advantages and disadvantages. That is why before starting work, you need to get acquainted with each specific tool and choose the most suitable way.

Cutting with a knife

Many are sure that the clerical knife is an ideal tool for cutting polycarbonate at home. The main thing is that the blade is as sharp as possible. It is recommended to replace it before work.

Of course, the cutting of polycarbonate with a construction knife cannot be called simple work. It is much easier to use an electrician or a corner grinder. Another inconvenience. a knife can be used on small pieces of material.

Further, it is proposed to familiarize yourself with the instructions for the cutting work of the knife blade.

  • It is necessary to prepare the site, make markings on the sheet.
  • Draw a test slice to parts of a polycarbonate sheet. Thus, the sharpness of the knife is checked.
  • A ruler or level is applied to the cut line.
  • A blade is installed on the end side. A knife is introduced into the end, creating a serif. Further, the blade is conducted along the cut line. It is strictly forbidden to rush, otherwise the knife will go out for marking.

In practice, it was revealed that the construction knife is ideal for the saw. The cutter from the stationery store is also not bad, but it is very quickly blurred.

Cutting with an electrician

The best analogue of a construction knife and corner grind.

  • The process of cutting polycarbonate by an electrician begins with the standard preparation of the workplace. When installing a saw on the base of an electrician, it is necessary to check that it is securely fixed.
  • The device is connected to the network, then it is transferred from the end side of the polycarbonate sheet, according to the marking made. If you need to create wave.shaped lines, it is best to practice in advance on other materials.
  • At the end of the work, it is necessary to turn off the electrician and get rid of plastic chips. If unnecessary elements remain on the edge of polycarbonate, they must be cut off with a clerical knife.

Cutting corner grinding

Corner grinder is a convenient tool that allows you to cut a large sheet of polycarbonate to the ends in a short period of time. For work, you will need to take a disk for metal. The electrical appliance itself should operate at low speeds, which minimizes the possibility of melting the plastic basis of the material.

This is proposed to familiarize yourself with the technique of the saw using a corner grinder.

mono, polycarbonate, cutting, size, electric
  • It is necessary to prepare the work surface. Put the stage.
  • Next, the angular grinder is turned on, the necessary turns are gained. Then the disk for the metal is brought to the marking. It is important to move the device carefully, constantly monitor the position of the disk so that it goes clearly in a straight line.
  • Upon completion of cutting, it is necessary to turn off the angular grinder from the outlet. If cellular material is processed, plastic chips should be shaken out of the voids.

Cutting with a hacksaw

For the cut of polycarbonate, you can use a hacksaw for metal. This tool helps to cut the material into parts of different forms. The process of work itself is largely similar to cutting with a construction knife, but it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • The hacksaw should be located all the time at an angle of 30 degrees;
  • To create more comfortable conditions for work, you should use a workbench that allows you to fix the sheet in a vice.

Laser cutting

This method of cutting is mainly used in the industrial environment. Only a highly qualified specialist who knows the process technology can work with this tool. However, today you can purchase laser equipment for home use.

Thanks to the combination of modern technologies and software control, the accuracy of cutting has a maximum error of 0.5 mm.

Therefore, products are ideal in size. But, unfortunately, not every person can afford the purchase of laser equipment. It is very expensive, and for one.time use it makes no sense to spend such a large amount of money. For this reason, users who need to make figured cutouts give sheets of polycarbonate and the design of the drawing to specialized workshops, where professionals in their business set up equipment and implement the customer’s idea into reality.

The most important feature of the laser cutting, which is addressed by connoisseurs of elegant beauty, consists in even lines and the exact transmission of the conceived image or ornament.

Useful recommendations

When choosing a tool, take into account the size, thickness of the sheet and the complexity of the cut line. Thin monolithic sheets are much more convenient to separate with a construction knife. Preparing straight sections is very comfortable with a corner grinder or circular. To design rounded shapes, it is preferable to use an electrician.

If the surface of polycarbonate has a mirror or laminated coating, in front of the saw, the material must be laid upward by the decorative side.

If you need to create a figured hole, in that place it is necessary to drill polycarbonate through a drill through the metal. It should not go beyond the fishing line for the trimmer of the contour of the created figure. A small partition is made by the same drill.

mono, polycarbonate, cutting, size, electric

A file of an electrician or a sharp construction knife is inserted into the prepared hole. After a neat clipping of the figure begins after. This work takes a lot of time and effort. And in order not to spend their own energy and nerves, it is best to use the laser sharp.

In the process of cutting a monolithic or cellular polycarbonate, it is important to adhere to some recommendations, thanks to which the result will exceed all possible expectations.

  • Before starting cutting, it is necessary to prepare the workspace. Namely, remove garbage, sorcerers, and even small dust. On a clean surface, it is recommended to put a wood-boom plate or plywood and already lay out polycarbonate on top.
  • Using an electric tool, it is important to remember your own safety.
  • Using a corner grinder or an electrician, it is necessary to install special supports under the sheets of polycarbonate along the edges or along the cut line.
  • You can not try to make a straight line for a trimmer to eye. Only thanks to the markup it will be possible to smoothly cut the material.
  • The most important thing is to choose the most convenient tool for cutting. It is important to adhere to the technology for working with him and the sequence of actions.

In the next video you will learn how to cut polycarbonate to a greenhouse correctly.

mono, polycarbonate, cutting, size, electric