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Motoblock Luch MB 1 repair instructions

Bought on the occasion of MB-1 MB-1, 1993 release. The former owner worked on it for 2-3 seasons in his site, then sold the cottage, well, I asked for a walk-behind tractor to sell, I wanted to purchase for helping my parents a long time ago. In appearance, when I bought it, it was new (even the factory paint was preserved everywhere), I received in addition to soil.Spaces, plow, hillion, cultivator, potato.Cutter, weighting agents, losers of axes, native leather bag with spare parts, instructions. They launched. It seems to have started, the former owner warned what needs to be adjusted, for me, it seemed to me, it was an insignificant problem (Momed, Tractor, a car, like a hand in place), as I was mistaken! For six months, the motoblock defended in a dry barn. In the spring they decided to wrap the site, and problems and breakdowns fell one after another. The starter flew first, after a couple of hours twitching and attempts to start, he could not stand it. It doesn’t matter, I bought another, from Neva, the replacement took about an hour, due to the fact that structurally fasteners are located so that only the child’s hand can crawl it.

After the replacement, he began to start, but after 5-7 minutes of work, Gray. After that, after 5 minutes after about 5 minutes, it was calmly started and gloom again. And so for 6 hours in a row, until finally the entire site. During this time, the head laying of the head burned out. Replaced from the remkom. The native candle was replaced. The spark became better, it starts better. But he continued to stall. They began to sin on gasoline (and he needs it according to the AI-80 documents)-merged-flooded AI-80-did not help. They dismantled the carburetor, found out that the float did not pull the needle when the camera is devastated, they bent the tongues, it became better, but not also no more than 10 minutes of work. And if you bend a little stronger, then gasoline begins to flow out of the carburetor. Put a new carburetor, only from the store. And there it turned out that the tongue of the needle was not worn at all. The most interesting thing is that in this state he at least a little, but he worked, and after they put a spring of the needle on the tongue, he stopped starting up. They returned the old carburetor to the place, decided to adjust it according to the instructions. Figures. The adjustment screws are located so that with the started (and not started) engine, you can’t crawl to them. One screw almost rests against the air filter casing, and the lower screw rests on the gas board with almost the entire side surface. What “genius” came up with such a layout as these screws can be adjusted with “hands”, they first go tight, and secondly, they can’t crawl to them! They removed the air filter, made a M-shaped screwdriver, tried to adjust according to the instructions, by the way, it gave almost nothing, it began to work a bit more disastrous. In general, tired as a horse, while playing 10 acres. His hands extended everything while starting the engine. At the same time, the tank suddenly flowed (and not at the crane, but somewhere on the side), the tank fastening to the motor-it fell apart, and some of the bolts unwound. The tank, by the way, has a stupid structure, the filling of liters 3 into it, it will be possible to drain only 2 liters, the rest can not be drained, because the skeleton of the ruin is at some height from the bottom of the tank.

After he was bred, connected 2 perch, soil.Bearing, weighting agent. Decided to cut the furrows. Tired even more. The motorcycle block is not discounted, it is very difficult to withstand the straight line, the soil is a little stronger. One cigarette butt buries stronger and the motorbello begins to pull irresistibly to the right or to the left. A large riddle still, as in the video from the Internet, work with the walk.Behind tractor gets beautiful even furrows, and even with ordinary wheels. I put the extensors of the axes, it became much more convenient, in any case, 2-3 times became more stable. But it’s still hard. And even at the first speed he runs very quickly, while he was running around the walking around the walk.Behind. It is also difficult to expand without outside help, especially when the cigarette butt is picked up, the rear speed immediately unhooked, otherwise this walk.Behind tractor can easily crush you with the very reverse (there is no emergency shutdown on the steering wheel).

The factory native hill light (or rather his frame), made of soft metal, bends, the infection, just with his hand, well, with soil, too, after the shit of the grooves, it had to be strengthened, weld the corner.

Stuart Models Beam Engine. Full Build and Run.

Assembly and operation

The owner of the territory of the cottage, acquiring the Neva apparatus, is already the owner of the completely assembled and ready for operation of the device, but in order to start working with it, the main nodes should be adjusted, for example, the fuel system and the engine. Valve system settings will allow you to start and function the engine uninterrupted. To do this, disassemble the carburetor and unscrew the screws from the upper and lower housing and clean all these elements. Only then it is recommended to start changing the setting of the motor valves. First of all, the screws for adjusting the gas to the minimum limit are screwed to the end, after which they are unscrewed and the engine itself is launched.

It should be remembered that before fixing something in the valve system, the motor warms up about five minutes. After that, the lever is put into a lower position, this will support sustainable turns. After that, the engine is tuned on minimum turnover when it works stable and without interruption. Following the advice on the operation of the device, you can extend the term of its operation for a long time.

motoblock, beam, engine, wheel
  • The direction of the legs should be observed, which should be located in the course of how the device moves when installing the device used to cultivate.
  • Additionally, the cargo should be connected if the wheels are skipped in the process when the device gives reverse.
  • Use only pure and high.Quality fuel correctly.
  • The use of a gate gap adapted to stop the air supply, when an unexplored device begins to work. If the motor is heated, then this element should not be closed.
  • After starting from the position of ores, the position of the XX is set, after which the engine should be heated for three minutes. When the motor engine is heated, it is forbidden to set the number of revolutions.
  • Oil should not fall into the element that filters the air, you need to monitor this.
  • Before starting the operation of the device, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions and carefully study it.

Oil in the engine

When your assistants have a motoblock, you need to look at the technical condition for your time. Oil. A very fundamental compound that must be changed. He responds in the unit with lubrication, sealing, cooling and cleaning the motor details.

When the device works in a constant mode, the oil remains in the cylinder, it can fade and oxidize, as a result of which the motorcycle block begins to smoke. Substances with resins are also settled in personal, which leads to pollution. Therefore, it is recommended to use excellent extraneous oils, which already have the necessary additives in their own composition.

When the candles remained wet

  • Carbon deposits on the spark plugs. Clean them with a rough surface and rinse.
  • The gap between the electrodes increases or miniatures. It is necessary to adjust it to a suitable size.
  • The insulation of the wiring is damaged. Usually it is replaced by a new.
  • Kutsey came out the closure of the Earth on the Stop button.
  • The starter of the ignition system is faulty.

Rubber seals on the carburetor can also weaken, which will lead to sucking air. It is necessary to tighten the bolts, candles and look around the gaskets between the cylinder and the head of the candle.

Another version of the disgusting launch of the motor is that the carburetor throttle throttle is not locked.

Candles in the walk.Behind tractor should not be wet

If the compression is disturbed, the engine will also be hard to start. Prerequisites: carbon deposits on the valves, the inlet valve is deformed or the piston rings are already worn out.

Demands during operation usually appear when the nodal joints of the motor, overloading, fail, which leads to failures.

When the engine began to gain and reduce the speed for itself, it may be weakening the thrust and fixing the levers. To eliminate, just adjust the control drive.

If the engine loses power, it means that it overheats. In this case, the motor can jam what happens when the oil level in the crankcase is small, a nadir or an oil sprinkler into unusable appears on the connecting rod head.

Oil change

The oil should be poured into the engine of the Lifan motor block of high.Quality, all.Season, better from a good manufacturer. The substitution is sufficiently ordinary. In 1, old oil must be drained. Then the new one is opened and poured into the motor. It is better to make a function on a warm engine, but it should be drowned out.

The amount of oil, also the quality of the necessary oil can always be found in the note to the engine. He also rather painstakingly outlines what it is still necessary to do to our client for repair work and maintenance, so the troubles should not appear with this.

Carburetor of the MOTOBLOK MB-1

Consider the carburetor of the motor block MB-1. The device regulates the fuel supply to the engine and prepares the combustible mixture (mixing fuel with air). This is part of the internal combustion engine.

What is the carburetor adjustment for? There may be a situation when a motorogue starts to work unstable. This can happen if the unit has not been used for a long time or, on the contrary, underwent large loads. In this situation, you will need to adjust the carburetor, for which there is a special instruction.

It is necessary to adjust the carburetor in the following sequence:

  • Twist to the stop (without overdoing) the screws of complete and small gas, and then turn them out for one and a half turnover.
  • Run the engine and wait 10 minutes while it warms up.
  • Without drowning out the engine, put the lever for minimum turns.
  • The screw (throttle), which is regulated by the amount of fuel flowed, you need to achieve such minimum idle speeds in which interruptions will stop.
  • Adjust the throttle screw to the maximum, and then to the minimum. This must be done until the engine starts to work normally.
  • Transfer the engine lever to gas.
  • Gas screw for a maximum of 2.5 turnover.

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Motoblock MB-1 attaching equipment has the following:

Detailed review “Ray

When buying, the factory equipment includes pneumatic fires, soil and extension cords. Ray MB 1 has several modifications. The models differ between the installed power plant. Thus, the manufacturer installation of Japanese Subaru engines. In addition, there are models with engines of such brands as Lifan, Vanguard, Lian-Long. Without a doubt, the most models with the domestic production engine Kadwi 168F-2A have been produced most of all. During its developments, Honda was not without technology.

The model is very reliable, serious breakdowns are rare quite rarely. Due to the quick and confident work of the walk.Behind tractor, the operator has the opportunity to process the land productively. Which in turn will positively affect the crop and profit. Resistance to low temperatures allows us to operate a motorcycle block in the winter.

ME Beam Engine

Let’s get back to the repair. Problems with the engine, the motor block as a whole arise very rarely. The main “chores” can be caused by insufficient oil level in the engine. As a result of which everyone is a well.Known knock. Therefore, the level of oil must be monitored constantly! We list the main advantages of the model:

  • Simple and light control system. The operator does not need to apply great physical efforts to process the garden.
  • High performance, which in turn has a positive effect on operation in general.
  • Chain gearbox provides smooth operation of the unit.
  • Compact dimensions make it possible to transport a motorcycle block.
  • Special wings installed from below serve as a protective barrier from dust and dirt. The body protective elements of the body significantly extend the engine motor.
  • The functional gearbox allows you to choose the necessary speed mode (2 front and 2 rear gears).

Block: 3/4 | Summer characters: 1861Source: https: // topkarting.RU/Motoblok-Luch-MB-1-Opisanie-Xarakteristiki-Obzor.HTML

Technical characteristics of the motor block beam

All those interested need to know the technical characteristics of the walkover beam. Operating instructions for users states that the unit was created for agricultural work. This mechanism is very convenient and easy to use, therefore, even summer residents of novice will be able to deal with the management of the unit.

The motoblock beam has the following technical parameters:

The engine is assembled from parts of different companies, but most often used the power plant “Kadwa 168f-2a”. Such an apparatus is characterized by the upper location of the cylinders consuming a small amount of fuel. The engine weighs a little, does not make noise during operation.

The unit has 1 cylinder gasoline engine equipped with a compulsory air cooling system, a carburetor, a built.In.Type manual starter.

The dimensions of the device make it compact not only in use, but also in storage. The width of the unit ray is 60 cm, length. 1.5 m, height. 1.15 m.

An economical fuel consumption system has been created on the walk.Behind tractor. In one hour, MB-1 Ray consumes about 1.5-2 liters of fuel. Up to 3.6 l of gasoline fits into the tank.

For the MB-1 motornote, the instructions recommend the use of gasoline brands A-76, A-80, AI-92.

For the device during the gas station, two important rules are installed:

Engine power is 5 liters. With., It rotates at a speed of 3.2 thousand. Rpm, cylinder diameter is 7.6 cm. Plowing depth is 30 cm. The soil plot from 73 to 120 cm can cultivate at the same time.

motoblock, beam, engine, wheel


Parameter Description
Марка двигателя GX270 (Honda, Япония)
Weight от 75 до 85 кг
Номинальное тяговое усилие 100 кгс
Передние передачи 4
Задние передачи 2
Скорость передний ход/ задний ход, км/ч 2,6-11,4/3,0-5,35
Дорожный просвет, мм 295±5
Колея мотоблока, мм 450±30, 600±30,700±30
Размеры мотоблока 1780 х 846 х 1070
Максимальный вес прицепа 500 кг
Максимальный радиус поворота при колее 450 мм 1m
Максимальная вертикальная нагрузка, действующая на сцепное устройство мотоблока от массы груженого прицепа 50 кг
Power 9 l.With.
Частота вращения коленчатого вала 3600 об/мин
Fuel consumption 320 кВт/ч
Fuel А-92, А-95
Fuel tank до 6 л
Масленый картнер 1,1 л
Маслянная ванна трансмиссии 3,5 л
Температура, при которой допустимо использование мотоблока -20-300С

Block: 3/8 | Кол-во символов: 790

Review of attached equipment

The popularity of all modifications “Ray” is associated, in addition to other advantages, with their aggregation with a large number of attachments. It is also convenient for the owners that a motorcycle can work with hinged from other devices, such as Neva, Ugra, Oka, Favorite, VIKING, Patriot, Mole and others.


Classic type of milling to the motor block beams. Sickle. Assembly and installation for the device must be done in fabric mittens or gloves. When installing and starting work with cutters, the owner must make sure that they are installed and fixed correctly.

Adapter, trailer

The Motoblock “Ray” has a sufficient power to connect a cart, trailer and even adapter. The adapter differs from the cart as the seat for the owner. This is convenient for transporting goods, transportation of crop and moving around the site. Recommended types of carts: TM-300, TM-500.

Trailers to the Luch Motoboblock: and others. Adapters for “Ray”: Sich UUUP-2 motor, adapter Yarilo, “But”, “Ara” and others. During the period of running.In, it is forbidden to use a trolley or trailer, the gearbox and motor block engine should adapt to the load.


Any types of mowers can be used to connect to this unit. For example, the rotary mower “Dawn”, or “Neva”. It is allowed to work with small mowers of small sizes. According to the instructions, only persons over 14 years old can work with a walk.Behind tractor and especially with WOM equipment. Rotor mower requires compliance with the rules of safe operation.

Soil.Bearing are used for better grip with soil. The device can perform arable work without soil.Spaces, however, with this attachment equipment, the motorcycle block is much more effective on arable. Soil.Bearing can be metallic or made of dense rubber (double rubber).

The diameter of the soils are different: 350, 400, 500, 550 mm and others. Choose this type of auxiliary tools based on the size of the wheel of your walk.Behind.

To plow correctly, make sure that the plow on the walk.Behind tract is assigned properly. Farmers’ reviews give reason to believe that high.Quality plowing is impossible without a sniffer (bandel). Use a snoker to regulate plow immersion in the soil. Recommended plows for the Luch motoblocks: PNM-1-20 centaur, a plow with a wheel, PLN-2-25, SICH-1 motor and others.

Snowman, shovel

Types of snowball players and shovels for the Luch motornote: Schnekovoi snowboard on MB with belt gear, dump Volodar OM 1000, Intertula, Huskvarna, Snowline, Fort KSM-21. Dimensions of Lopat-Owls: 1 m, 90 cm, 80 cm.

Potato.Cake and potato.Resident

For the operation of the motor block, the beam in the harvesting season use any potato.Drummers: the technique is adapted to almost any mounting method, both on the coupling and bolt. Types of potato.Switches: “premium”, mastertulus, mole, digger “heart” and others. Types of potatoes: P-1stsa, APK-3, K-1l, KMB-5, APK-ZM.

Other types of attachment equipment, namely: weighting agents, coupling, wheels, caterpillars, etc. Can be purchased by the owner separately if necessary. These units are sold both on the Internet and in ordinary stores of garden equipment and equipment for the garden. Often you can find ads on the sale of used horses in good condition.

motoblock, beam, engine, wheel