Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF 230 Operation

Husqvarna Tillery. Product line overview, specifications, attachments, application and operation


Husqvarna motocultivators and tillers from a reputable Swedish company are reliable equipment for medium-sized land plots. Depending on the soil, the size of the area, the required work, owners can choose the right model. from the Husqvarna TF224 cultivator with a capacity of 3.1 hp up to the powerful multi-function tiller Husqvarna TF 545P 7 hp

Engineering is being developed at design bureaus in Sweden. All components and mechanisms for Husqvarna tiller are produced at our own factories in the USA, China, France, Sweden. Husqvarna tilleri stand out from similar equipment of other brands with reliability, solid manufacture, efficiency, minimal maintenance costs.

Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF 230 Operation

Husqvarna lineup

No special knowledge is required to operate the machines. The price of cultivators and tiller Nusqvarna is quite reasonable, designed for buyers with different financial capabilities.

Advantages of Husqvarna Tillers:

  • The units are equipped with high-quality Japanese, American and own-made engines. economical, undemanding for maintenance. The motors are quiet, with a pleasant sound.
  • Cultivators are equipped with a reliable belt drive, working in a casing closed from dirt and dust.
  • The chain transmission is able to withstand heavy loads.
  • The machines are equipped with modern systems for monitoring the oil level in the engine, which helps to avoid breakdowns.
  • The presence of a reverse stroke increases the maneuverability of the units, helps to comfortably control the equipment, especially in a limited space and on complex soils.
  • The operator can adjust the height of the handles to fit his height.
  • Soil mills are made of stainless steel, the knives differ in a well-thought-out shape, which allows you to efficiently process any soil, successfully withstand shock loads.

Husqvarna 200 Series

Husqvarna 200 series tilleri are light tilleri capable of performing all necessary work on cultivating the soil, growing plants, and transporting goods. A series is intended for private households and small territories.

Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF224

  • Professional Subaru Robin Engine 3.1 HP with low noise.
  • The horizontal arrangement of the crankshaft.
  • Fuel tank. 3.4 liters.
  • The width of the soil tillage machine is 32-60 cm at a depth of 25 cm.
  • Complete set. 4 mills, protective sections for plants.

Cultivator Husqvarna TF225

  • 4.8 hp RATO R180 engine
  • Complete set: opener, support wheel, safety guards, plow.
  • Fuel tank. 3.5 liters.
  • Transmissions. 1 forward / 1 back.
  • 4 milling cutters provide a working width of up to 60 cm to a depth of 25 cm.

Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF230

  • 3.8 hp Husqvarna Engine gasoline engine
  • High productivity. it processes 27 acres of land without respite.
  • Supporting front wheel. convenient transportation to the place of work.
  • The presence of a protective bumper, plant protection discs.
  • The possibility of aggregation with various agrotechnical mounted implements, the ability to transport goods up to 350 kg.
  • With the help of collapsible mills, row spacing can be processed within 30-75 cm.

Husqvarna 300 Series

Husqvarna 300 Series Tilleri is an excellent choice for amateur gardeners. They belong to the group of light models, their most optimal use is when processing land on a personal plot, in small farms, greenhouses, greenhouses. The Husqvarna TF338 cultivator in the group stands out for its advanced capabilities, as a result of which the demand for this model is quite high.

Cultivator Husqvarna TF324

  • Briggs Engine&Stratton 4.5 HP
  • 1 forward / 1 reverse gears
  • 4 soil milling machines cultivate soil with a working width of up to 60 cm at a depth of 30 cm.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.1 liters.

Cultivator Husqvarna TF325

  • Briggs Engine & 4.5 hp Stratton
  • Fuel tank. 3.5 liters.
  • 4 milling cutters provide a working width of 60 cm, a depth of 30 cm.

tiller Husqvarna TF334

  • Powerful 6.1 hp Subaru Robin EP17 engine (or briggs&Stratton OHV 950).
  • The parameters of soil cultivation by six sectional sectional milling cutters: width 32-80 cm, depth. 30 cm.
  • Clutch diagram. by tensioning the drive belt.
  • The presence of a reverse facilitates the control of the tiller.

Cultivator Husqvarna TF335

  • Briggs Engine&6.1 hp Stratton with increased motor resources.
  • Light start system, air filter in oil bath.
  • The 6 soil mills of the Husqvarna tiller provide tillage at a width of 80 cm with a maximum depth of 30 cm.
  • Fuel tank. 3.1 liters.

tiller Husqvarna TF338

  • 5 hp Husqvarna Engine
  • Transmissions. 1 forward / 1 back.
  • The complete set is usually 2 cutters, it is possible to install 6 cutters, which provide a processing width of up to 95 cm to a depth of 30 cm.
  • Capacious fuel tank of 4.8 liters.

Husqvarna 500 Series

Middle-class models are designed for processing medium-sized land plots, private and farms.

tiller Husqvarna TF536

  • Powerful Subaru OHC EP21 Engine 5.3 HP for intense work.
  • 6 mills provide cultivation with a working width of 90 cm with a working depth of 30 cm.
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 liters.
  • Gears 2 forward / 1 back.
  • The transmission is protected by a special casing, which allows the Husqvarna to operate in high humidity.

Husqvarna TF434P Tiller

  • Silent engine Subaru OHC EP17 5 hp
  • Number of gears. 2 forward / 1 back.
  • The pneumatic clutch, the ability to select the speed using the lever on the handle.
  • The steering column is adjustable in 2 planes.
  • The towbar is adjustable, depending on the type of work.
  • With the help of 6 mills, the cultivation of the land with a working width of up to 80 cm at a depth of 30 cm is ensured.
  • Light weight, compact dimensions make it easy to maneuver the Husqvarna tiller in small spaces. greenhouses, narrow aisles.

tiller Husqvarna TF 545P

  • Powerful unit with Husqvarna Engine 7 hp
  • Transmissions. 4 forward / 2 back.
  • Easy start system, pneumatic clutch.
  • 8 mills cultivate the soil to a width of 110 cm with a cultivation depth of 30 cm.
  • The increased fuel tank. 6 liters.
  • Watertight housing for transmission in wet conditions.

Nusqvarna Corporation also produces heavy TR series tillers: models TR 430, 530. These machines are more advanced, multi-functional, equipped with an extended gearbox, pneumatic wheels.

Attachments for Husqvarna

Nusqvarna tilleri in aggregation with additional devices perform many agrotechnical works: cultivation, plowing, weeding crops, hilling, cutting beds and furrows, mowing grass, sowing seeds.

Types of additional attachments for cultivators and tillers Husqvarna, which is connected using a universal coupling: plow, trailer, adapter, various hills, plane cutters, seeding kits, snow blower, cultivator legs. By means of a belt drive are connected: mowing machine, motor pump, generator, sprayer.

In addition, Husqvarna manufactures special attachments that are aggregated with various cultivator models: a rake for moss, an edge cutter, a scarifier, a ridger plow with pneumowheels, a snow blade, an oar plow, an edge leveler, a weeding nozzle.

Some models of Husqvarna tillers are equipped with wheels that are installed instead of mills. It is possible to purchase wheels optionally.

Operation and maintenance of Husqvarna equipment

An important distinguishing feature of Husqvarna tillers is their high reliability. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, the equipment can be operated in intensive conditions for a long time.

Motocultivators consume unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90, engine oil and SAE-10W-30 gear oil. The lubrication of moving parts and assemblies is performed by universal waterproof lubricants. Preventive maintenance consists in cleaning the air filter every 50 hours, fuel. after 100 hours. A detailed schedule of routine maintenance is given in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Features of operation of Husqvarna tillers

  • Operating and maintenance costs for Husqvarna tillers are minimal.
  • All control button levers are on the steering wheel, the operator does not need to reach and lean to control the tiller.
  • The control rods fit perfectly, work without backlash.
  • Jell and drain plugs are located in convenient accessible places.
  • During operation, the operator does not feel any unpleasant vibrations.
  • Even after removing the models from production, you can always purchase original components and spare parts.

Running in Husqvarna equipment

Break-in of Husqvarna tillers is a necessary standard procedure, which is required to grind the main components and mechanisms. Before the first start-up, the condition of all components and mechanisms is checked, and if necessary, the cultivator is filled with gasoline and oil. Next, the unit is started and given the opportunity to idle for 30-40 minutes.

After that, in gentle mode. no more than 50% of the power, test the functionality of the machine with various mounted implements. After 10-15 hours, the run-in is completed, at the end they perform the necessary maintenance, change the oil and fuel.

Possible malfunctions, repair of Husqvarna equipment

Nusqvarna tilleri is distinguished by high-quality assembly, perfect design. Owners do not note failures due to imperfection of the design, since cultivators with proper care are able to work for decades without repairs. Even in the case of physical wear and tear, individual components and mechanisms are characterized by high maintainability.

For more details on the features of the device and maintenance of the Husqvarna tiller, see the factory operating instructions by clicking on the link:

Video review of Husqvarna tillers

Tiller cultivation Husqvarna TF 230

Husqvarna TF 338 tiller in operation

Owner reviews



“The Husqvarna tiller operates on a plot of 37 acres. Excellent high-torque, can not be compared with old gasoline models of other companies. Good build quality and the components themselves. The price is reasonable, start up without any problems. I have not noticed any flaws yet. There are some nuances: it is inconvenient to fill in the oil, it is difficult to find a hitch for a suitable one. I’m looking for a plow for him. In general, I recommend it. ”

Husqvarna motocultivators: product line overview

Garden works not only exhaust, but also take a lot of time. If you want to cultivate the land as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality, then we recommend that you take a closer look at Husqvarna cultivators.

This equipment has excellent operational characteristics, as well as an affordable cost. A large selection of attachments will allow you to carry out any type of land work without risking the loss of your health.

All About Husqvarna Cultivators

Before buying, you need to carefully study the information about what Husqvarna cultivators are. In addition, in the end, it will be much easier for you to decide on a model that is suitable specifically for the work that you will perform, and for the type of soil on your site.

Husqvarna is located in Sweden and for many years it has been engaged in the production of equipment for gardens. The lineup is very diverse. Cars differ in weight, properties, size, motors and equipment.

Benefits of cultivators:

  • The company equips its units with the best motors from well-known manufacturers. For example, Briggs&Stratton, Robin-Subaru, and others;
  • some models have a reverse stroke, which reduces the likelihood of loading in the ground;
  • some products can fold the handle, which is very practical during storage. In addition, you can adjust the steering wheel in height for yourself, thereby reducing the load on the spine and arms;
  • a gearbox is available in every product and does not require maintenance. Lubrication is enough for the entire period of use of the unit;
  • some models have protective shields on the sides. They are necessary during the processing of plants in the beds, when they can be damaged by equipment;
  • it’s a pleasure to use the technology thanks to the wheels. Also, some compact size models have a carrying handle.

As with any technique, there are some disadvantages:

  • very powerful models, respectively, have quite solid dimensions, so a woman or a person of advanced age will not be able to cope with such a technique;
  • worm gear models that cannot move back are commercially available;
  • A model with a chain drive must be used with extreme caution. If a stone gets into the cutter, there is a chance of chain damage.

Powerful models equipped with reliable four-stroke American motors Briggs&Stratton, and lighter units with motors from the Japanese manufacturer Robin-Subaru. The motors in both cases are high-quality and reliable, and they also consume fuel very economically.

Cultivators are started manually and this can be done easily in any weather due to the crankshaft being in horizontal position and the motor valves located on top.

The reliability of the belt clutch has been tested for years, in addition, it is reliably closed from dust and dirt with an airtight coating. Chain reducers allow the machine to move not only forward, but also backward.

Milling cutters can be from two to six. In some models, they spin in the direction of movement of the unit, and in others. in the opposite. In the second case, you can even process virgin soil.

Husqvarna range of cultivators

There are a lot of models of Husqvarna motor-cultivators. We will consider some of them. First, you need to mention three series:

  1. Husqvarna T are for small areas;
  2. Husqvarna TF. for medium sized plots;
  3. Husqvarna TR. for large farms.

Most popular models

T300RS Compact Pro

It has a worm drive, so it cannot move back. Experts believe that it is much more reliable than a chain one. A feature of the unit is its low weight (12 kg), very low gasoline consumption. There is also a carry handle. There are two cutters that spin in the direction of movement of the machine.

  • Worm gear
  • Light weight
  • Shipping wheel
  • Convenient folding handle

Technical characteristics of the Husqvarna T300RS Compact Pro motor-cultivator:

  • Engine type. gasoline
  • Engine power, kW / hp. 1.0 / 1.36
  • Engine Builder. Robin Subaru EH035 OHV
  • Quantity of mills. 2
  • Processing width. 24 cm
  • Loosening depth. 15 cm
  • Startup Type. Manual
  • Number of speeds. 1 forward
  • Speed ​​of rotation of mills. 190 rpm
  • Weight, kg. 12

Husqvarna TF 230 motor-cultivator

Lightweight unit, manoeuvrable and reliable. Engine. Husqvarna. There is a protective bumper for the motor, a handle that can be folded, a wheel for easy movement. Husqvarna TF 230. a practical unit for those who value reliability, ease of use and multifunctionality.

  • An optional bumper protects the engine during use and transportation or is used as a carry handle
  • Husqvarna gasoline engine: powerful and reliable, specially designed for Husqvarna
  • Transport wheel
  • Protective discs

Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF 324

Designed for gardening. Motor briggs&Stratton and reverse make operation easy and enjoyable. There are protective shields against damage to plants during operation. Husqvarna 324 is the perfect choice for gardeners.

Video: Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF 230 Operation

  • Gear selection with a lever on the handle. ergonomic handle with easily accessible controls
  • The coulter is an easily adjustable towbar for various working conditions.
  • Protective cover. minimizes the spread of clods of earth flying from under rotating mills.
  • Folding handle. for easy storage and transportation.

Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF 334

It has six cutters that rotate in the direction of movement of the cultivator. On the handle are levers for shifting gears. Other features:

  • chain gear;
  • one speed forward and one backward;
  • weight. 56 kg;

Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF 338

Another model for gardening. Husqvarna engine, motor protective bumper, wheels included. all this is available in Husqvarna TF 338, which makes it an ideal option for even the most demanding consumers.

  • Protective bumper. it protects the engine during use and transportation
  • Transport wheel. thanks to this, transportation becomes more convenient
  • Husqvarna Gasoline Engine. A powerful and reliable gasoline engine specially developed for Husqvarna
  • The handles are adjustable. for a better choice of position during operation

Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TR 430

There are large wheels, which improves the patency of equipment on any type of soil. Four cutters rotate in the opposite direction, and there are also counterweights that improve balancing. The handle cannot be folded, and there are also no protective shields on the sides from damage to the plants. Unit weight. 90 kg.

As can be seen from all of the above, motor-cultivators of this manufacturer are distinguished by reliability, practicality and a wide range of models. Faults happen, as in any other technique. It is important to detect the breakdown in time and fix it as soon as possible. This will guarantee a long service life.

Husqvarna Tilleri (Husqvarna)

Husqvarna tillers are manufactured by a company with more than three hundred years of history. This is a universal and reliable equipment for solving various agricultural problems.

Advantages and features of the Husqvarna tiller

Processing large areas is difficult to perform without the help of special equipment.

Husqvarna Tiller has the following advantages:

  • High quality. Thanks to many years of experience, the developers have made the units of the highest quality. They differ in durability and reliability;
  • Multifunctionality. This is a universal technique, the functionality of which is significantly expanded with the use of attachments;
  • Simplicity of operation. All details are thought out as much as possible, because the technique is easy to use. Thanks to a powerful motor, convenient control knobs, large wheels, the soil is processed quickly and efficiently;
  • Security. The equipment is safe in compliance with all operating rules;
  • Performing complex work. tilleri cope even with heavy and old soils.

You can enjoy all the advantages of tillers with a careful attitude to technology.

Simple rules will help to avoid unforeseen and dangerous situations:

  • When starting the motor, you need to rest your foot on the cutter;
  • If the unit is tilted by 10 or more degrees, you cannot work on it. This can trigger engine oil starvation;
  • The equipment is not intended for transporting people;
  • Before any repairs, remove the cap from the spark plug;
  • It is necessary to constantly monitor the oil level, replace it in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Fill fuel with only good quality;
  • Replace air filters on time.

All described moments are indicated in the instruction manual. If they are strictly adhered to, it is possible to extend the performance of the tiller and to protect itself when using it.

Husqvarna Tiller Range

Husqvarna presents the following modifications to the tiller:

  1. With front legs. They are used for small work in areas of a small area;
  2. With hind legs that cope with professional tasks. With their help, areas with heavy soils are treated.

The range of equipment is quite wide and is regularly updated with new models.

But it is worth highlighting several series of Husqvarna killers:

  • 200 Series. Includes universal, compact, and powerful enough single-speed tiller. This technique is suitable for private areas;
  • 300 Series. Single speed cultivators that have light weight and sufficient power. The equipment is easy to manage, it allows you to process large areas;
  • Series 400. Motocultivators are distinguished by the presence of a chain drive on wheels and rotors, reverse gears. Maneuverable technique, highly effective when working on hard soils;
  • 500 Series. Advanced units with multiple gearboxes handle the job.

Cultivator Husqvarna 230

Husqvarna TF 230 deals with small areas. The technique is functional and suitable for moderate loads.

Technical parameters and model features:

  • Motor WM168FB with a capacity of 6 liters. from.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 liters;
  • Plowing width. 60/80 centimeters;
  • Plowing depth. up to 30 centimeters;
  • Gearbox. 2 forward and 1 back;
  • The presence of a bumper to protect the motor during operation;
  • The handle folds and is adjusted;
  • Change of wheel position from transportation to operating mode;
  • Sealed transmission, ensuring the durability of the unit;
  • Weight. 67 kilograms.

Cultivator Husqvarna 334

Motor-cultivator Husqvarna TF 334 Briggs&Stratton can be attributed to a professional type of technology that is suitable for owners of small areas. Using various canopies, the capabilities of the tiller are greatly increased.

Key parameters of the unit:

  • Motor EX17 OHC, the power of which is 6.5 liters. from.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.1 liters;
  • Coverage. 60/90 centimeters;
  • Plowing depth. up to 30 centimeters;
  • Gearbox. 1 forward and 1 back;
  • Small dimensions and a folding handle make the unit convenient for transportation and storage;
  • The weight of the tiller is 56 kilograms.

Due to the pleasant design and advanced functionality, this unit is in demand among consumers.

Hiller Husqvarna TF 338

The Husqvarna 338 cultivator is a new model of the Swedish manufacturer, equipped with pneumatic wheels, special cutters, an adapter for attaching various canopies.

Main characteristics and features of the model:

  • WM170F 4-stroke engine with a power of 6.8 liters. from.;
  • Fuel tank. 4.8 liters;
  • Coverage. 80/100 centimeters;
  • Plowing depth. up to 30 centimeters;
  • Gearbox. 2 forward and 1 back;
  • Eight soil mills for adjusting the cultivation width;
  • Protective bumper prevents damage to the surface of the unit;
  • Gas distribution system for stable operation of equipment at any speed;
  • The handle is adjustable for operator height;
  • Ergonomic design with well-balanced balancing;
  • Compact dimensions for easy transport;
  • The weight of the unit is 93 kilograms.

Cultivator Husqvarna 430

the Husqvarna TR 430 DUAL tiller is quite functional, because it can be used in large areas.

Technical parameters and model features:

  • Subaru OHC EX17 petrol engine with a capacity of 6 liters. from.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.4 liters;
  • Coverage. 43 centimeters;
  • Plowing depth. 15 centimeters;
  • Gearbox. 1 forward and 1 back;
  • The handle is easy to fold and adjust, therefore it simplifies the control of the tiller;
  • The presence of counterweights to facilitate balancing;
  • Farmer protection hood;
  • Unit weight. 90 kilograms.

Thanks to the milling cutters, which move in two directions, deep processing of heavy soils and standard hilling of loose soil are carried out.

tiller Husqvarna 434

The Husqvarna TF434 tiller is a new Swedish-made machine that can handle a variety of attachments. The technique shows the most effective result when working in medium sized areas.

Features and technical parameters of the tiller:

  • OHC motor, whose power is 6 liters. from.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.4 liters;
  • Coverage. 80 centimeters;
  • Plowing depth. 30 centimeters;
  • Gearbox. 2 forward and 1 back;
  • Gearbox acting as a variator;
  • The weight of the tiller is 59 kilograms.

Husqvarna Tilleri (Husqvarna)

Husqvarna offers a wide range of garden equipment, which is characterized by a good price-performance ratio. Husqvarna motocultivators perform various functional tasks thanks to their ability to aggregate with all kinds of optional equipment.

Husqvarna Tiller Range

Husqvarna equipment is able to cope with work of almost any complexity, whether it is preparing a lawn or a site for sowing.

There are two models in the manufacturer’s line:

  • with hind legs processing dense soil and lawns;
  • with front legs that perform fine small work (preparation of flower beds and garden beds).

A wide range of products allows you to choose the equipment that meets the requirements and financial capabilities. Manufacturers offer:

  1. Series 200. Single-speed cultivators, characterized by compactness and versatility, are designed for owners of private plots;
  2. 300 series. Universal cultivators for gardening. Single-speed models are lightweight, which simplifies the process of operation and transportation;
  3. 400 series. Reliable cultivators, designed for mounting various attachments;
  4. 500 series. The modernized cultivators are designed for intensive work. They can be used by amateurs and professionals. Each series model has several gearboxes.

Husqvarna 230 cultivator characteristic

Husqvarna TF 230 is suitable for small areas. the tiller can cope with moderate loads, it is distinguished by functionality.

  • motor with oil-air filter with a capacity of 6 liters. from.;
  • two forward and one reverse gear;
  • bumper to protect the engine during operation;
  • folding and adjustable handles;
  • the wheel on the cultivator frame allows you to quickly change position from transport to working;
  • sealed transmission provides durability even when working in wet soil.

Husqvarna 334 cultivator characteristic

tiller Husqvarna TF 334 Briggs&Stratton can be put in one line with professional equipment. The unit is suitable for owners of summer cottages and private households. the tiller copes with various all-weather jobs through the use of attachments.

Key features of the tiller:

  • engine power of 6.5 liters. from.;
  • additional cutters allow you to expand the width of plowing up to 60 cm and 90 cm;
  • compact size and folding handle makes the tiller convenient for transportation and storage;
  • two-stage gearbox with one front and one rear speed;
  • 3.1 liter fuel tank

Pleasant design and a large number of functions have made this model popular among consumers.

Husqvarna tf 338 tiller specification

The Husqvarna TF 338 cultivator is a novelty among Swedish rural equipment with pneumatic wheels, soil mills, the ability to use attachments.

Main features of Husqvarna TF 338:

  • four-stroke engine of own production;
  • protective bumper to prevent surface damage;
  • adjustment of cultivation width up to 90 cm. It is provided by soil mills in a set of eight pieces;
  • the steering column is adjustable for the operator;
  • there is a reverse gear;
  • stable operation at any speed thanks to an improved gas distribution system;
  • thoughtful balancing with ergonomic design;
  • weight of 93 kg, allowing you to effectively crash into any soil;
  • compact size for easy transport.

Husqvarna 430 cultivator characteristic

Due to its functionality, the Husqvarna TR430 DUAL tiller is used by private owners on rather large land plots.

Technical characteristics of the Husqvarna TR430 DUAL tiller:

  • 6 liter engine from.;
  • processing width. 430 mm, depth. 150 mm;
  • one reverse and one forward gear;
  • simple control system, folding and customizable handle;
  • balancers that improve balancing;
  • the presence of a casing to protect the operator.

Milling cutters moving in two directions perform deep processing of dense soil with rotation backwards, as well as standard loosening of loose soil.

Husqvarna 434 Tiller Feature

tiller Husqvarna TF434P Robin Subaru is part of a new line of Swedish technology. The unit can work with various attachments. The most effective tiller in small areas.

  • 6 liter Robin-Subaru gasoline engine from.;
  • CVT gearbox;
  • manual gearbox with two forward and one rear speed;
  • width of the treated surface. 80 cm, penetration depth. 30 cm;
  • belt clutch;
  • the fuel tank is designed for 3.6 liters.

Owners reviews about the Husqvarna tillers are very positive. Motocultivators can cope with various tasks. The specifics of the use of individual models can be evaluated on video.

You can select attachments for your tiller on the Agrosad website, where a wide range of garden assistants is presented.


Motocultivators are used for loosening the upper soil layers. Agricultural equipment is powered by a two- or four-stroke internal combustion engine. Actually, its use in small and medium-sized summer cottages and large farms.

Table of contents:

General characteristics of cultivators

Motocultivators are uniaxial machines for tillage, without turning over its layers. With their help, the beds are loosened and spit, they fight weeds and provide water conservation.

Motor equipment is equipped with an engine and cutting mills, a housing with wheels and a handle.

Depending on the strength of the engine and weight, the equipment is divided into light, medium and heavy models.

Lightweight units weighing up to 15 kg usually work from the network. They are good to use for the fairer sex and older people. Small-sized motocultivators process non-solid soil to a depth of 20 cm. Therefore, they are designed for work in greenhouses and in areas up to 10-15 acres. The disadvantage of the cultivator is a power wire tangled under the legs.

Medium power equipment weighs up to 35 kg with a power of 4 hp. They usually work on a gasoline engine and cope with the processing of a plot of up to 30 acres.

Powerful cultivators weighing 30-60 kg are powered by gasoline. Their strength is designed for sections up to 60 acres. Effective technique for wide beds, for example: planting potatoes, carrots.

So, the more powerful the unit, the wider the grip of its cutter. What can be both an advantage and a disadvantage of a cultivator. Therefore, choose the equipment for the size of your site.

HUSQVARNA motor-cultivator

HUSQVARNA International is a reliable manufacturer of garden equipment.

Its range is presented in three series:

  1. HUSQVARNA T for amateur gardeners,
  2. HUSQVARNA TF for medium sized plots,
  3. HUSQVARNA TR for professional cultivation on large farms.

HUSQVARNA TF 224 and TF 234 are powered by Briggs engine & Stratton power of 2.3 and 4.5 kW, respectively. The remaining models are powered by Subaru engines.

The HUSQVARNA T50RS motor-cultivator runs on an 160 cm³ OHC engine. Its 4 milling cutters cultivate the soil with a width of 60 cm and a depth of 28 cm. The practical cultivator weighing 52 kg is equipped with all the basic functions:

  • gear shift on the handle,
  • the possibility of picking with a plow, okuchnik and potato digger,
  • collapsible case with folding handle
  • reverse gear for maneuverability,
  • protective brushes for plants.

The cost of HUSQVARNA T50RS is 660 cu

HUSQVARNA TF 224, TF 234, TF 434 have several similarities:

  • towbar adjustment,
  • protective discs for plants,
  • cultivation is carried out by the direct course of mills,
  • diameter of cutting cavities 3.2 cm,
  • equipping with one transport wheel,
  • nibbler with metal wheels,
  • weight in the range 53. 58 kg,
  • pressure on the operator’s ear 82.84 dB.

Differences of the HUSQVARNA TF 224 model from TF 234, TF 434:

  • TF 224 motor equipment is equipped with 4 milling cutters, and its analogues. with six,
  • the working width of the unit is 60 cm with a depth of 25 cm, and for TF 234, TF 434. 80 and 30 cm, respectively
  • the healing speed of knives is 157 rpm, versus 118 and 165 for analogues.
  • the cost depending on the model from 725 cu up to 905 cu

HUSQVARNA TR 430 and TR 530 motor-cultivators process hard soil layers up to 18 cm deep. Professional equipment has a number of features:

  • two gears for forward and reverse,
  • thought-out convenient control system,
  • chain / mechanical transmission,
  • wheel drive and both rotors,
  • large rubber wheels with a diameter of 40.6 cm,
  • counterweight for safe operation,
  • OHC engine
  • cultivation in reverse 4 mills,
  • regulation of the depth of tillage by 7 positions,
  • weight up to 95 kg.

HUSQVARNA TR 430 will cost 1160 The cultivator is equipped with a 3.2 kW engine. Which provides 190 rpm of the working mechanism. Fuel is poured into a 3.4 liter tank.

The TR 530 is equipped with a more powerful 3.9 kW motor. Accordingly, the speed of rotation of its cutters is faster and reaches 299 rpm. At the same time, the tank volume is 3.6 liters. The price of a cultivator reaches 1900 cu

The HUSQVARNA T50RS power is sufficient for domestic use in the garden and garden. For processing dense and compacted soils, purchase the HUSQVARNA TR model. For intermediate operations, select motor equipment from the HUSQVARNA TF series.

tilleri husqvarna

Husqvarna units are manufactured by a Swedish manufacturer, which has factories in Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, China, Poland, Great Britain and Brazil. All tilleries are produced at the company’s own facilities, equipped with the equipment of the best modern companies and undergo rigorous quality control before entering the market.

Today, the Husqvarna motor cultivator is a universal tool for agricultural and industrial tasks. It is suitable for continuous and intensive use.

Features of Husqvarna units:

  • universality, thanks to the ability to connect attachments to them;
  • the ability to carry out even intensive work in any weather;
  • quick start thanks to a powerful engine with an upper valve arrangement;
  • maneuverability, simplicity in management, thanks to carefully thought over governing bodies and system of handles;
  • large drive wheels that provide good grip on any surface.

Husqvarna Tiller Range

The Husqvarna product line has two tiller models:

  • aggregates with front legs. Such models are suitable for small work in small garden areas;
  • tilleri with hind legs. They are designed for professional work and can process lawns with dense soil.

The lineup of tillers is very large and constantly updated. Today, consumers can choose devices of several series, as well as professional equipment, which was released to the market relatively recently.

200 series

It includes single-speed units that combine versatility, compactness and sufficient power. Such equipment is suitable for private households.

300 Series

This series includes universal single-speed cultivators, which are lightweight and high power work. Units are easy to manage, convenient to operate and suitable for cultivating land in large areas.

400 series

Each Husqvarna motor-cultivator of this series is equipped with a chain drive on wheels and rotors, and also has a reverse gear. This makes the equipment maneuverable, highly efficient on hard ground and when processing old lawns.

500 Series

These advanced models are suitable for intensive work, they are designed both for private homes and for industrial use. All motor cultivators are equipped with several gearboxes.

Each line of Husqvarna units is a unique high-quality equipment that is efficient and versatile. It will be an excellent option for servicing personal plots or a garden.

Hiller Husqvarna TF 338

A maneuverable, practical and lightweight unit will suit demanding consumers. The Husqvarna 338 cultivator is equipped with a powerful Husqvarna engine, which is protected by a special bumper.

The Husqvarna TF 338 unit has the following characteristics:

  • Husqvarna Engine
  • mechanical transmission chain;
  • folding handles that are adjustable vertically;
  • a protective bumper that can be used as a carry handle;
  • additional set of wheels.

Cultivator Husqvarna 230

The feature of the Husqvarna tiller is its high power output and small size. It is suitable for the cultivation of small areas, and for the convenience of movement is equipped with an additional transport wheel. Unit Specifications:

  • Husqvarna gasoline engine;
  • mechanical transmission chain;
  • a protective bumper that protects the engine and can be used as a carry handle;
  • large wheels for easy maneuvering;
  • adjustable handles.

tiller Husqvarna 434

The improved Husqvarna tiller is suitable for work on large areas, and can also be used for industrial purposes. Shields for plant protection are provided in the tiller, thanks to which the cultivation of the site will be as safe and effective as possible.

Husqvarna unit specifications:

  • low-noise Subaru engine;
  • pneumatic drive, gear shifting with a lever on the handle;
  • the presence of a towing beam for comfortable work in any conditions;
  • a protective cover that prevents the spread of earth;
  • the ability to adjust the handle in different directions;
  • removable transmission.

tiller Husqvarna 430

The Husqvarna 430 professional powerful cultivator can be used on any soil and is equipped with an active soil milling machine in which the knives rotate in the opposite direction. Thanks to this, the device can handle even heavy soil and at the same time remains maneuverable.

  • Professional gasoline engine Robin-Subaru;
  • two gears, including rear;
  • the use of a casing that reduces the spread of land;
  • large wheels with tractor tread, which guarantee good traction;
  • height adjustable handle.

tiller Husqvarna 334

Husqvarna 334 is easy to manage and durable, it perfectly cultivates the soil in garden areas. The tiller has a removable transmission casing, which allows you to conveniently apply lubricant and extend the life of the unit.

Husqvarna Tiller Features:

  • four-stroke engine Briggs & Stratton;
  • front and rear gears, which can be changed with a lever on the handle;
  • mechanical chain transmission;
  • the ability to adjust the towbar to work in various conditions;
  • folding adjustable handle.

This model also has a transport wheel and a special protective cover. Absolutely all Husqvarna tillers have high performance and are suitable for processing various types of soil, which is also shown in the video about this product.

Today, these tilleri are one of the best choices for processing garden plots, house adjoining territories or industrial lands.