No gasoline in the carburetor of your power tiller

Empty tank

Sometimes, even though the fuel gauges work, the driver can’t keep track of the amount of fuel in the tank.

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The first symptoms of a lack of gasoline will be that the motor of the car starts and stalls. In such a case, you need to add some fuel and see how the car behaves. Remember that trying to start the engine without fuel in the fuel tank increases the load on the gasoline pump. It heats up and runs “dry”.

Care of the carburetor, its replacement and repair

Sometimes to bring a carburetor for a power tiller to a stable, working condition, adjustment is not enough, repair or replacement is necessary.

It happens that the carburetor air damper does not close completely. To fix the problem, check the operation of the actuator. If you find jamming. fix it. over, considering that the carburetor provides the fuel and therefore drives the single axle tractor itself, you should closely monitor the condition of this part and take proper care of it.

To avoid serious damage to the carburetor, you should constantly monitor its operation. In addition to the adjustment of the idle speed, you need to regularly clean the carburetor and replace worn parts. Since the carburetor interacts with the fuel mixture and air, the cause of its contamination can be in either the first or the second source.

To make the degree of contamination significantly less, you can use filters, which should be cleaned and replaced as needed. In addition, the quality of the fuel has a significant impact. Poor-quality fuel fluid can damage parts and lead to premature replacement. If the need arises, the carburetor to the tiller can be purchased at the car market or store. Its replacement, adjustment and cleaning are also carried out by specialists.

How to start the cultivator. malfunction repair methods

If the power tiller does not start, it may be caused by a malfunction in several major components of the machine. Below we consider the typical breakdowns of the main mechanisms of the household cultivator and methods of their independent elimination in more detail.

Faults in the ignition system

Such elements as magneto, spark plug, preset cap and high-voltage wire most often succumb to oxidation, which inevitably leads to failure. If there is dirt and moisture on the high-voltage wire, they are the cause of its breakdown.

Weak spark or its complete absence most often indicates a lack of efficiency in the work of the spark plug, because of which the power tiller refuses to start. In this case the condition of the gaps and the distance between them should be checked. It is best to do this with a special dipstick. the normal value for work should be 0.8 mm. If necessary, it is necessary to completely remove the soot from the outer surface of the insulator and the metal parts of the spark plug.

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Readiness of engine before start affects the serviceability of piston group elements. Since they constantly work in harsh operating conditions, their surfaces succumb to intense heating, which leads to the breakdown of the ICE cylinder, pistons and rings. If the machine won’t start, you’ll need to check the muffler’s exhaust and intake valves. It often happens that they do not fit tightly to the saddles, and in this case you will need to fix the problem as soon as possible, and then try to start the cultivator again.

Another part that often gets broken is the muffler on the cultivator. On the walls of the element inevitably accumulate combustion products and residues of exhaust gases, which leads to an inability to start the cultivator. With a large amount of these substances sooner or later the engine will stop starting. To fix it, you’ll need to remove the entire muffler and blow it out with compressed air from a spray can.

All of the above listed faults and troubleshooting methods will work if the power is not turned on motor cultivators made by Sungarden, Texas and Neva. The models of these manufacturers are simple in design, so even a beginner can cope with their repair.

Carburetor breakdowns and ways to repair it

Often a power tiller does not start because of clogging inside the jets or carburetor filter. A sign of this will be a completely dry and clean spark plug of the machine. Repair in the following order:

  • First remove the carburetor of the unit;
  • Disconnect the fuel connection and blow it with compressed air from a cylinder;
  • After that, blow out the combustion chamber and fuel pipes;
  • Reinstall the carburetor and try to start the cultivator.
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If after that the cultivator does not start, you should check the position of the float placed in the combustion chamber of the machine. Setting the part is done with the help of special screws. by turning them clockwise, you raise the float, and by turning the screws counterclockwise, the part is lowered.

The cultivator won’t start. engine repair

Another mechanism, a breakdown of which does not allow the cultivator to start, is the engine of the agricultural machine. If you use low-quality fuel or failure to comply with the manufacturer’s specified proportions of fuel mixture preparation, the fuel will begin to flood the spark plug, which leads to an absence of spark.

In this case, you need to shut off the fuel supply, disassemble the engine and thoroughly dry the cylinder. After that it is necessary to unscrew the spark plug and start the cultivator, using a manual starter. In most cases after the above steps, the cultivator will start. Finally screw the spark plug back in and continue operating the machine.

Troubleshooting with your own hands

The success in the independent repair of a power tiller largely depends on how properly you will conduct a diagnosis of the unit. The causes of the fact that the single-axle tractor does not start, can hide in the following:

  • Due to clogs, the air does not pass through the air filter;
  • The hole in the fuel tank lid is clogged;
  • Debris has accumulated in the fuel channels;
  • Carburetor failure.

Each of these problems can be quickly and easily solved with your own hands. If that is not the cause of the malfunction and the machine still fails to start, you should unscrew the spark plug and check for oil spots on it. If you find oil or thick soot on the spark plug, clean and dry it. You also need to dry the engine cylinder by pulling the starter rope out quickly and several times.

Often a single axle tractor does not start well because of the lack of fuel in the combustion chamber. If so, the spark plug is completely dry. If this is the cause of the breakdown, then you will need to take the following measures:

  • Drain the old fuel completely;
  • Flush the fuel tank thoroughly;
  • Clean the air filter from clogging;
  • Blow out the fuel hose with compressed air;
  • Blow out the carburetor jets;
  • Fill the tank with fresh gasoline;
  • Open the fuel tap;
  • Blow the air duct inside the fuel tank lid.

Before restarting you must manually pump the fuel by pressing the fuel pump primer several times. After starting the engine, be sure to give it time to warm up, after which you can start working with the tractor.

If all the above actions did not help and the single axle tractor still does not start, check the inlet and outlet valves. if they do not adhere to the seats, the parts need to be adjusted by turning the appropriate screws clockwise.

Also in case the single axle tractor does not start, we advise to pay attention to its muffler. after prolonged work there is a build-up of soot on its walls, which must be regularly removed with compressed air.

Why won’t the single axle tractor start. why?

Before the start of the season, both gasoline and diesel single axle tractor needs to be prepared. To do this, the unit owner must make sure that all parts necessary for operation are present in the unit’s design and that each part is seated firmly in its proper place.

Often many power tillers equipped with Subaru or other well-known engine brands refuse to work after a long winter downtime. Improper storage conditions also have an impact. if the machine has been parked in a cold, damp place, it will most likely fail to start before the start of spring works. This is due to a number of these faults:

  • Oxidation of contacts in the electrical wiring;
  • Breaking the integrity of the wiring insulation;
  • Oil and fuel watering;
  • Debris in the carburetor jets.

Before starting a single axle tractor, its owner must carefully inspect all connections in the machine’s design. You need to check the throttle, reverse and clutch cable travel. it should be soft. If during inspection you find clips or kinks in the cables, then you must not start the single axle tractor.

Check the oil level in the crankcase before starting the tractor for the first time. If there is no lubricant, it will cause severe damage to the piston group. Judge for yourself: At 1400 rpm on the crankshaft./min., it will only take a fraction of a second to form a few burrs on the cylinder surface.

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Oil left over from the winter is one of the main reasons for an unstable machine’s engine. To be sure that a single-axle tractor does not start well due to this very reason is quite simple. after starting the machine there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe for several seconds, after that the machine stops. Do not forget that both diesel and gasoline single axle tractors do not start well because of insufficient oil. Some models are equipped with low level protection; owners of other machines should independently monitor the oil volume inside the tank.

Another important factor is the gasoline that you use to fuel your power tiller. If you regularly pour fuel of a different brand than recommended by the manufacturer of the machine, it may also be the reason for the lack of starting.

The reasons why a single axle tractor does not start and how to fix them

There are several reasons why motor equipment does not start when starting. These can include:

  • Damage to the carburetor (in gasoline-powered power tillers);
  • Faulty ignition/incandescence devices;
  • Low lubrication level.

When there are strange changes in a power tiller and its work becomes unstable, first of all check the carburetor. In this important node occurs the formation of the fuel-air mixture (FAM) and dosing it to feed the cylinders of the internal combustion engine (ICE). And if the jets get clogged, the fuel system becomes clogged, so the carburetor loses its ability to start the engine. To correct the problem, repair the fuel line, which involves partial disassembly of the carburetor, washing the pump, blowing the nozzles through the fuel nozzle.

Sometimes the reason that the single-axle tractor does not start, lies in the fault of spark plugs, which play an important role in starting the carburetor engine, or glow plugs, which provide the start of the diesel engine. If the ignition devices become wet, which is due to the filling of fuel, they begin to lose the spark. In the absence of spark formation does not occur ignition of the air-fuel mixture, and therefore the engine can not start. There are various ways to solve such a problem:

The motorized equipment does not start also because of the fact that there is a damage of glow plugs. In a diesel engine the fuel ignites on contact with the hot air, which is heated in the cylinder through compression of the piston. It happens without problems when the diesel engine is already warmed up and the working temperature is maintained by the heated cylinder walls. But in cold weather, especially in winter, the engine is heated with the help of glowing devices and if they are out of order. you won’t be able to start the single axle tractor.

If the examination of the carburetor engine or diesel was not found defective plugs, but the problem remained, and even accompanied by popping into the muffler, you should check the performance of all devices responsible for the ignition of fuel. Failure in them can also be the cause of the fact that the single-axle tractor won’t start. It is better to make diagnostics in the service center, where professionals will find the cause of damage and competently conduct repair.

Motor vehicles won’t start if the level of lubrication fluid in the engine is insufficient. Some models are equipped with special control sensors that prevent the engine from starting in the event of lack of lubrication. Particular attention should be paid to those versions of machines that do not have such sensors. Sooner or later the level of the lubricating mixture will reach a critical value and if it is not filled up to the norm, it will soon lead to component wear and, as a consequence, to complete engine overhaul.

Repair sequence

Check the continuity of the wire from the (On / OFF) button on the control levers of the tiller to the spark plug. Check the integrity of the wire

Take the spark plug off and clean the contact with sandpaper. Check the gap between the contacts. Unscrew the spark plug

When I assembled the single axle tractor and cutters, I left the keys in a drawer, and forgot, so a long time looking for a ring spanner that is included.

When I unscrewed the spark plug I found soot. probably the quality of gasoline is not very good.

Screw the spark plug back in. Single axle tractor won’t start. bleed fuel system

You hear a rumbling noise in the tank.After this operation the single axle tractor started.

I think I should have flushed the fuel filter as well, because.ะบ. there may have been a clog in it that is blocking sufficient fuel flow into the combustion chamber. Anyway at the moment the single axle tractor starts and runs and I hope you can also start the single axle tractor if you don’t have it start.In my case, the single axle tractor would not start even after cleaning the spark plug.So I opened the flap of the fuel line and blew into it.

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The easiest ways to revive a single axle tractor:

which can happen with both old and new equipment. In this case you will need to troubleshoot the engine of your power tiller.

One of the possible causes is a lack of spark between the electrodes or a spark breakdown (breakdown). In that case you need to replace the spark plug with a new one.

If the spark is there, but the engine won’t start, check the spark plug insulation. If the spark plug gets wet, the tip (or rather its insulator) may be defective. Remove the shield and put on a new lug.

Frequent breakdown of the power tiller. pops and flames coming out of the muffler (the engine will not start). This may be caused by a deformation of the flywheel key. Replace it by disassembling the starter’s ratchet. Open the flywheel coupling housing, remove the flywheel, remove the old key, install a new key and tighten the housing.

If the starter cord pulls out without applying any force when starting, the cylinder seal may be worn or the gasket between the filter and carburetor may be incorrect. Replace the gaskets and check that they are properly fastened.

Single axle tractor also stops after winter or when not in use for a long time. If this occurs, no gasoline is flowing into the carburetor. The malfunction is caused by a blocked shutoff needle. Sludge and tarry build up near it and prevent it from opening when the engine starts.

Poor-quality or improper gasoline can cause your engine to malfunction. In this case, the spark gets wet and requires replacement of the tip. If you smell uncharacteristic for fuel replace it. If a single axle tractor fails to start and shuts down?

After starting, the single axle tractor periodically shuts down with a popping noise. Make sure the spark plug is dry. If a conductive substance appears on it, it can cause a lack of sparking between the electrodes. The candle can be replaced with a new one or clean the old one. To do this, it is washed, blown and calcined.

The engine starts for a few seconds and then stalls again. Check the clarity of the sump. If the valve is blocked, it should be blown and cleaned (with gasoline). Water can also get in the fuel. In this case it must be drained and refilled with new.

The device motoblok Mole

The simple design of this technology began more than forty years ago. The first models were equipped with an underpowered engine and could only be used in a narrow range of applications.

The first buyers of the Mole were not very happy with the lack of power unit, as a result of numerous complaints single-axle tractor began to improve. To date, the Mole model is the most successful and versatile model of domestic cultivators, among all those on the market.

Small in parameters, it can be used for different purposes: weeding, loosening, harrowing, leveling. The single-axle tractor can be used even on a small plot of land, the area of which does not exceed 10 acres.

Mole, Carver, Champion, LANDER, Profi, Huter, Don, Sadko power tillers can be used with a wide range of additional attachments.

Standard equipment for the Mole includes a coulter and tiller. Additionally, you can buy a plow to plow the land, a dugger for potatoes.

What are the main advantages of this machine?

  • simple design,
  • high efficiency,
  • reasonable price. This has contributed to the fact that the model has become insanely popular among domestic buyers,
  • there is nothing superfluous in the Mole, thanks to which it correctly copes with all the tasks assigned to it.

For more information on the performance of the Molek power tiller, see

Peculiarities of adjustment for different brands

As noted earlier, the carburetor of the motoblock is adjusted similarly, regardless of the brand: Neva, Cascade, Agros (or Argo, as it is called since 2012), Lifan and others.

If after all the above manipulations, the carburetor continues to work incorrectly, it will need to be removed and inspected. Perhaps the assembly will need repair, cleaning or flushing parts.

After adjustment, be sure to check the spark plugs for contamination: clean them from fouling or replace them if they are found to be defective, adjust the NW.